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"Black Ops II Master" achievements not unlocked?

Just finished the game for he first time on hardend & no cheevo. Any ideas? Always do my first go on hardend & never play any easier than that. Will be playing on veteran so it might unlock then.

DudeElLoco provided additional details:

Also second chance SF mission did not become available.


arcinguy answered:

I believe your first assumption to be correct, you must play through on Veteran. To respond to your second inquiry the "Second Chance" strikeforce mission only becomes available if you fail to rescue the girl "Karma" in the mission "Karma". Similarly, "Dispatch" is a Strikeforce Mission that is only there if you manage to record all 4 of the Menendez conversations in the "Fallen Angel" mission.
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rafizard answered:

Try it on veteran. u cant get second chance unless you are too slow to catch Defalco and save Karma in the Karma mission. Also i learned that in the Karma mission u can retrieve ziggy where he fell right before the computer on which u find Karma. It didnt give me an achievement but maybe it does something. If it does plz let me know. If my answer helped by the way then im just here to help
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HowlingCargo144 answered:

The Achievement is for completing the game on Hardened OR Veteran. Also, once you beat the game, you can go to Replay Mission and Second Chance will be there, even if you saved Karma on the Karma mission. And rifizard, retrieving Ziggy is a challenge on the level, not an achievement.
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