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Zombies/Why did I lose my perma quick revive?

The quick revive that you get from reviving a teamate multiple times (faster different color without buying the perk) is gone now. How did I lose it?

KaosKiller asked for clarification:

crazycodyo just answered it all pretty much, I never new about metal barriers or metal carpenter. I will have to try them out, but the rest is all legit.


MrAnswer99 answered:

I think the answer to your problem is that you died. When you die you lose all your perks, so you will have to buy it again sorry =[ I think the quick revive revives teammates faster not multiple times. The perks last forever until you fall or die.
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keyblade_lord answered:

No, he's talking about the Permanent perks. I don't know honestly.
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toy813 answered:

If you don't play online for a few days or you back out of a game before the game ends you lose everything now. NEW UPDATE and if you back out more then three times in a week you won't be able to play online for that week so good luck to everyone who backs out of a game(bettlejuice911 xbox live) if you want to play black ops 2 with my team??????? send me a txt to the game tag above
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btrrocks answered:

The whole thing is very strange, no one knows for sure how it works, a lot of people were saying that with all of the perma perks =D
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Haseo001 answered:

I was in a game with one of my friends and he lost it in the middle of a round for no apparent reason. He had not been downed the entire game either.
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crazycodyo answered:

To get the invisible permanent Quick revive you ahve to revive teammates 15-20 times in one game, then you will get a greeen flash. You will keep that upgrade throughout multiple games. The way you lose it is by starting to revive a teammate but then get interupted and stop. Then you have to do the process all over again.

There are a few other permananet upgrades such as
Headshot - Get 2 headshots with 1 bullet - increased headshot damage - (lose it by not getting headshots for a while)
Extra Health - So in a solo tranzit game and buy quick revive, get downed and repeat the process until you see a green flash - take 4 hits instead of 2 - (lose by making it to wave 15)
Metal Barriers -Repair around 50 windows in one game and get points for it - Replaces wooden boards with metal ones that take zombies longer to pull down - (lose by not repairing any windows for a wave or 2)
Metal Carpenter - Get a kill while a carpenter is repairing the boards - Repairs all boards with metal boards instead of wood when carpenter is obtained- (don't knwo how you lose it)
Red INsta Kill - Pick up and instakill and dont get any kills, then get another instakill and dont get any kills, at the end of the second you get the green flash - Effect: when you get an instakill there is an extra red skull, while this red skull is active if you touch any zombies they die. - (Lose it by getting hit whileinstakill is active, doesn't matter if it's red or not you will lose it for next time)
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SkY_RIMZZZZZ answered:

It is not Permanent.
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Jwmgreen answered:

It isnt permanent.
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Saumpro answered:

If you go to revive someone and it fails, you will lose your quick revive.
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Vulture1a7 answered:

Sometimes you just lose perma perks...
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