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Asked: 2 years ago

Back in time ?

How do you use a future weapon in the past in campaign?

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Once you have completed a future mission (the first is level 2 - celerium) you should unlock your first future weapon. On the next level or replay, chose this future weapon in the loadout screen before the mission then complete it to get the achievement (or just to use it).

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I tried to do what BahumautZero says but it didnt work for me. The future weapon wasnt an option in the loadout screen in the past missions. Maybe you can do that if you go through the future mission without dying

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Beat the game first. Then go to Replay Mission, choose a past mission, and get a future weapon in your loadout. It doesn't have to be a primary weapon, just a future weapon. You won't get the Achievement until you beat the level.

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