Question from atomica5

Ok, so after Black Ops 2, what next?

Ive been thinking about it and im just wondering...will there be another Call of Duty after Black ops 2? Another Black Ops? Another Modern Warfare? Maybe a new title? Call of Duty 10? I myself think that the Call of Duty franchise is dead after Black Ops 2...


bobbychez answered:

This is probably a better question to post in the discussion boards, but I'm pretty sure you'll see another Call of Duty game. Likely next year.
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iwantnukezombie answered:

A infinity ward game next year. MW4 perhaps.
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rafizard answered:

MW4 will probably come. The MWs always come after one game. MW then WAW, MW2 then BO1, MW3 then BO2. Who knows?
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Villimax answered:

No, bobbychez, he ABSOLUTELY has to fill up the "Answers" board with a theorizing question that has nothing to do with anything.
The pattern is obvious. Infinity Ward releases a game on November, and then next November Treyarch releases one, and then Infinity Ward again, and so on and so forth, until they finally decide Call of Duty is not a marketable game.
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GFSAM answered:

MW4 is next. WAW2 will follow. BO3 is being planed, and won't continue the story.
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Plutoguy9 answered:

Activison has announced they will not be making any more Modern Warfare games. Sad because I truly enjoy the Modern Warfare series. Search it up if you don't believe me.
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riceboyee12 answered:

COD Ghosts has been revealed a long time ago
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demigod1987 answered:

Hopefully nothing they really failed with BO2. Hackers are ridiculous. No one plays without lag switches. CAll of Duty has been around to long i say no more
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