Question from lobodav84

How do i level up my skull pic in zombies?

Do u level up your skull pic in zombie mode regurlar or can u do it in survial mode also???


btrrocks answered:

To level it up you have to "do good" in any zombies mode. That means u have to do things benificial to the team like opening doors, reviving players, headshots, kills, ect. This has not been confirmed but some people tested this theory and said it works so if you want to level up just be sure to open the doors, aim for headshots, and revive as many times as possible =D
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GFSAM answered:

btrrocks is right. Also, 1 slash can be earned a day, and 1 is lost every day you don't play.
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Jwmgreen answered:

Play forever...
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jaoman69 answered:

Levels are based on how far you get if you get as far as usual you don't lose ranks or rank up but if you do worse then usual you get deranked and if you do better then usual you get ranked up.
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G00fy131 answered:

I would definitely say level up your emblem is hard to say. I had two bones and 5 tally marks and i played one game of survival on Town. Only got to like round 15 i believe and after that game i had had the skull with blue eyes and 5 tally marks. No idea how that happened in one game but i was pretty stoked about it. Play every day and your rank should go up. Its what ive been doing and i think it works.
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Alpha117 answered:

You have to be a boss at zombies, and play the rest of your life away...
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ItzPlazma answered:

You have to get to a high round with the least amount of downs as possible
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