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Qaud feed kill?

I need help i dont know what a quad feed kill is cause ive gotten 3 of them but i have 16 fury kills what is the difference?

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TypH_ answered:

Quad feed is when you get 4 uninterrupted kills in the kill feed, so you have to get 4 kills and have it show your username getting 4 kills back to back without someone else getting kills. Fury kill is 4 kills that can be interrupted in the kill feed, much like a normal double kill.
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Jwmgreen answered:

Wha the is quad kill?
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Regardless answered:

You receive a "Quad Kill" by getting 4 kills in a row without ANYONE else getting a kill to interrupt the kill list. Score streaks (like Hellstorm Missle) do not count. I'm assuming that lethals and rockets are acceptable, but I couldn't say for sure.
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Shadamence254 answered:

Quad Kills are when you take up the killboard with 4 kills of your own WHILE uninterrupted.
Bottom line,you get 4 kills without anyone else in the entire match getting a kill showing on the killboard.
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