Question from djumbreon

How do you get the engine in the mob of the dead map?

I'm trying to finish the plane, but the only item I don't know how to get is the engine. I can get in the whartons office but thats as far as I get.

Accepted Answer

Skyrim1012 answered:

To get the Engine, of course, you need the Wardens Key and the Wardens Office unlocked. Then, to the Docks Hellhound wall and unlock the door next to it. Now go into afterlife and there are 3 generators you need to overload, you should be able to find them by following the wires from one of the motors in the room. After all generators are overloaded, head back to the Wardens Office and the door you needed to unlock with the Wardens Key will no longer be electrified. Unlock the door and collect the Engine.
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