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How do I kill defalco without saving Karma ?

How do I kill him without saving Karma ?

hipershadow5000 provided additional details:

It's in the Karma mission .

Accepted Answer

OrlandoMagician answered:

If you don't rescue Chloe in Karma or Second Chance, she will live, but cannot be recaptured again. If both Chloe and DeFalco are on the Obama, DeFalco will kill her. If Farid is present, he will shoot DeFalco, but in turn the latter will kill him as well. DeFalco can also be killed in Judgment Day if he lived up to that point.
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fakesound answered:

you cant, he ends up dying on the bridge of the SS Obama if he lives

Not sure why you would want to kill him and let her die!
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