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Asked: 2 years ago

Can i use camo for my guns offline?

I've looked around and people say that you press Y over your gun, but it doesnt say " Y for Camo" and when i press Y it does nothing. i Also read that people offline can't play turbine? I can. Can anyone help me out? And when i say i play offline, i mean i can only play offline, i have dial-up internet so no modem to connect to. thanks.

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You cannot earn camos or equip camos offline. Sorry :(

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QuailiT is technically right, you can't unlock anything- because everything already IS unlocked in offline local Multiplayer. To get camo for a gun, you have to select a gun, and hit "Y" over it. You have to highlight the gun itself, not an attachment, so check that. If this isn't working, something is wrong. And i have no idea why people say you can't play Turbine offline. Also, if you swap a gun is a class, you have to put the camo on again every time.

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When you hit "Y" it shows you the camos. You cant use gold and diamond camo offline though. You can only use those online.

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