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Full Game Reedeem Code Anyone? 0
how do I join a league play team? 0
How do i redeem the code right to where it'll download? 0
How Exactly Does the Pack-A-Punch Machine Work? 0
License Transfer? 0
Who wants to do all of rictofens easter eggs? 0
Who wants to do all of rictofens easter eggs? 0
Anyone have Season Pass? 1
Black Ops 2 availible on Xbox Live? 1
Can anybody answer a question for me? 1
Can I fight the FBI vs Navy Seals or Militia and Mercs?(On Multiplayer) 1
Can i use camo for my guns offline? 3
Can someone help me out? 3
Can you level up your elite clan yet? 1
Clan ? 1
CTF. Does Ghost hide you while flag carrying? 3
Does anybody know? 1
Does anyone still plays this on Xbox ? 1
Extra slots in local? 1
Getting the Workbench? 4
Help with unlocking weapons? 3
How do i go down ladders? I have an xbox 360 on default button layout 1
How to do well with M27? 1
How to get more maps? 3
I don't understand?? 1
I have a question about the perk a colas? 2
I need an answer? 1
Majoras mask emblem? 1
Need 3 People do to zombies Easter Eggs? 1
Need help,preordered blackops 2 started a career then did nuketown dlc, shows on the console but not on the game? 4
Number of lives in 1 in the chamber? 2
Ok, so after Black Ops 2, what next? 8
Question about zombies dlc? 3
What are the slash marks on the tranzit leaderboards for? 2
What is the current Black Ops 2 emblem copy glitch? 3
What time of day is dlc released? 2
Whats the name of the sad song? 4
Where is the nuke town map? 5
Zombies map question? 2
Zombies Rank? 1
About the new update? 1
Any new Guns? 3
Any other zombie maps besides the Farm, Bus Station/TranZit and the Town? 11
Creat a class ? 2
Do you keep your guns when you prestige or do you have a prestige token? 3
Does Fresh Start re-lock all callsigns and emblems? 1
Glitches? 3
How do you survive an enemy RPG blast which causes collateral damage? 2
I have maxed out level 55, and was wondering how to prestiege now that i am ready to? Please help. 1
Is there a way to choose your character at least offline in zombies mode? 1
Is there glitch for diamond camo? 1
My SPM? 2
Perma ? 1
Transit aceivements? 1

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