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Skyrim dawnguard: isran won't speak to everyone ?

So iv'e just completed the quest to get auriel's bow and i went back to dawngaurd to speak to isran, I've looked online and most people can't talk to him because they became a vampire to go in the soul cairn but that isn't the problem for me, The problem is that when he calls all the members of the dawnguard he wont initiate the speach, He just stands there, I know he is meant to talk to everyone because i've seen youtube vids.


bluedragon619 answered:

Have you tried going to dashboard then checking it? When i started a new game a week ago, Alduin wouldn't land at helgen and was just flying around, save and reload didn't work, but dashboarding did
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MuffinzRCool answered:

yeah, if oyure a vampire, the members of the dawnguard won't talk to you. is uppose showing isran the bow overode this via quest progression, but the quest then refused to progress due to your vampirism. I suppsoe the only way to solve this is to cure yourself, by talking to any bartender in skyrim and asking for rumors. then perforn the curing ritual with falion in morthal, and this should fix your bug.
at least, thats my theory, it could jsut be a random quest npc bug, and restarting the xbox, clearing cache, etc should help
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666baja666 answered:

I have the same problem. It is not about vampirism I am not a vampire and Isran won't speak to others when he should. He just stands and doing nothing.
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muska121 answered:

Entering and exiting and loading a few times seemed to work for me. Took like 4-5 tries though.
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