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I cannot start the game?

When I go to Add-ons it says Dawnguard, but it won't let me play it. It just dawnguard at the screen but it won't let me select it. I have the DLC downloaded, but it won't let me play dawnguard.

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jontayvious answered:

i got dawnguard on the 1st day it came out. once you download it, you dont select it. you continue where you left off in Skyrim. You must be a level 10 or higher to trigger these events. If you talk to a bar tender, innkeep, guard etc, they well tell you that the Dawnguard order has return. Or you go to a major city, a Dawnguard Recriuter will be there. Try Solitude, it worked for me.
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MuffinzRCool answered:

When you go to "add-ons" o nthe main menu, the list shows what add ons you have currently active, they arent seperate games, just talk to any guard if youre level 10 or higher, or fast travel to whiterun, as ther will be a guy waiting ot talk to you there
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