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Can't get Durnehviir's shout?

I beat him then talked to him then left the Cairn without looking to see if I had the shout but didn't get it so I came back to find out what I have to do and can't find Durnehviir so now what do I do?

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MuffinzRCool answered:

Summon the dragon using the shout he gives you three times in tamriel (not necessarily in combat). He teaches you a new word for "soul tear" each time you do so

Just keep in mind that the summon shout works like a conjuration spell, you have to point where you want him to appear, and he can't only be summoned from so far away. I would recommend just pointing the summon shout at your feet and summoning him there.

As a side note, the shout doesn't summon bone men, it tears the soul out of whoever it hits, giving it to you, and filling a soul gem. The victem then becomes a minion for a short whole before disintegrating.
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jontayvious answered:

I defeated Durnehviir today and got his shout. It was on my shout list, but I still had to unlock all 3 words to it with my dragon souls (had 7 in stock) Check your shouts list. If you still dont see it, try loading back to before you battel Durnehviir, if you still have it.
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bluedragon619 answered:

The shout it means isn't the shout to call Durnehviir, but the shout he used to summon bonemen and you get it by summoning him into tamriel, the first 3 times you do you will get a word of the shout. You need to unlock the three words to call him, then call him to get the first word, then second etc
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