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Asked: 2 years ago

When does Fort Dawnguard get fully restored?

I keep completing quests and progressing through the story, but every time I come back to the fort all that's changed is that a few fences and gates were added to the outside. What I want to know is when the inside of the fort gets cleaned up and everything looks good. Anybody gotten that far?

Additional details - 2 years ago

You're absolutely sure it can't be fixed? I find it hard to believe that you can use the fort as a player home but it stays riddled with cobwebs and junk piles throughout the game. Maybe there's someone you can buy upgrades from like other player houses after the main questline is over?

Accepted Answer

From: MuffinzRCool 2 years ago

Eh , all you get are a few wooden walls, but you do have a player house in the second floor of the fort (go right up the staircase after entering the fort), your house (room) is also israns room

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sadly we cannot fix up the inside of Fort Dawnguard, no matter how many quests we take, the inside will always look the way it does.

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