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How do I solve the first frickin puzzle in the first quest?

I get to the torch puzzle in the dimhollw crypt and start pushing the sconces to light them. 3 light, two dont and there is a line of fire leading to/from the center along one of the tracks the torch slide on. I have not "cured" myself of lycanthropy yet from that i need to? Is there a pattern to pushing them? the screen shakes when i push the three, but then nothing. Any help would be really appriciated.....


elmangos answered:

You have to push them all until the light up. I know this seems simple but you'll know when they are lit up. It took me a bit to finish this part as well. They each only lock in to 3 positions. Near the pedestal, in the middle, and on the edge. Keep pushing them until they each light up, like light up individually.
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MuffinzRCool answered:

There should be a line of purple fire coming from the center towards a pillar. Move the pillar to where the fire trail ENDS, if it's in the middle, it doesnt work. If the pillar is in the right spot, the screen will shake and another fire trail will appear. Move the pillar to the end of the new fire trail, and continue
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