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I killed a couple of Frost Giants and they had various paragons on them. Is there a use for them or is it just valuable clutter?

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DrNewcenstein answered:

There's a specific receptacle for them which opens a portal to a different area. The Paragon you use determines which location the portal leads to.

Go here and click the links for the different Paragons to find out.

F.T. to Forgotten Vale from outside (say from Dawnstar or wherever), and you'll appear next to a shrine portal. Head away from the portal, staying to the right (with the shrine behind you - can't recall which compass heading it will be), and there's a path up the mountain some ways down just before the whole area curves to the left. Keep going up the mountain and you'll be at the top of the whole Vale area and see some waterfalls (and more Giants). The Paragon shrine is kinda like a ruined shrine on the opposite side of the top-most waterfall.
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