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Where can I find the new shouts? Vampire lord.

Where is the locations of the new shouts? How do you become a vampire lord, if you sided with the dawnguard.


bluedragon619 answered:

The first word of power is in the cave where you found Serena, after you have gotten her in the big room that looks similar to an arena/theatre setting. To become a vampire lord, you ask Serena to make you vampire, i think you have to have gotten a fair bit into the story before you can, btw the second word of that shout is in the forgotten vale on the ice lake, and the other two shouts you get from a dragon you;ll meet
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rpbraley868 answered:

The last shout for Drain Vitality is at Arcwind Point. Summon Durnehviir is learned during the storyline and Soul Tear is learned by Summoning Durnehviir 3 times.
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