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Moth priest/ Dragon bridge?

I am a member of the dawnguard. I am at dragon bridge and have asked all residents about moth priest. All told me to ask guards. I have tried to ask all the stormcloak guards, but I can't get a dialogue menu to open up. Where to now???

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bluedragon619 answered:

Okay if you can't ask the guards, head south over the bridge following the road and you should come to a caravan attack site, search around for a note that will tell you where to go next, please note theres is an attack site that was in the game before this quest that has a dead merchent with a journal, the new attack site is before this one
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Al_Madjus answered:

I had the same issue... look for a child, a boy if I recall. I talked to him (out of desperation) and he said they passed the dragon bridge earlier and the quest updates.

he doesn't show up with the arrow or anything, the quest marker was pointing directly at the town until i got close and it disappeared completely
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