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Asked: 2 years ago

Why won't Skyrim load after downloading Dawnguard?

My son and I have no problem loading and playing our own seperate games but when my wife tries hers the music will play but "loading screen" with smoke background freezes. We are hours into it and my wife is level 51 and pretty upset. she cannot load an older game either. same result. Is there anything we can do besides her starting totally over from scratch? thanks in advance

Additional details - 2 years ago

If I uninstall DG will it wipe my sons game and my game out? Thats the problem. My son completed the DG tasks and I am pretty well into it as well.

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Well if you haven't been able to DO anything since downloading the add-on you could delete it from your console, if it is dawnguard causing the problem then deleting should fix it, if it then loads, could try re downloading DG, if it then messes up again you know DG is the definite cause and can hit the helpsite for resolution

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