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Touching the skies?

I cant get to the last ewer to fill. i got the the restoration one, then fought the 2 dragons on the ice, and then went through the fallen glaciers. then it takes me where, high above, i see a bridge that looks like it goes to my objective. but i dont know how to get to the bridge.. plz help???

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Wheres the word of power?

Z0S01968 provided additional details:

i did go north into mountains. it led me to glacier crevice. Which turns into a dead end as far as i can see

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bluedragon619 answered:

Sorry you've gone the wrong way, the only reason to go onto the ice is to get the word of power and fight the dragons. So go back to the 4th shrine bit and head north that way, you encounter falmer and the path is pretty set out, just keep following, the last shrine is a fair while away but its right outside the temple, you'll know when your there. Also be on the lookout for special books, I think there is 4 and they can be given to the orc at the college.
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