Question from recallshifter

Asked: 1 year ago

(Deceiving the herd help?)

I'm currently doing this quest and i want to forfill the two optional conditions, the irst one is simple but finding a high profile target out in whiterun is providing to be difficult, can anyone list off the high profile targets that walk the streets would be helpful?

Accepted Answer

From: bluedragon619 1 year ago

Okay high profiles in whiterun are Adrianne, carlotta, fralia gray mane, mikael the bard and the war bear guy, your best off killing carlotta as she sells nothing important and has no other main quests to help in whilst adrianne is a blacksmith, fralia start a sidequest, mikael never leaves the pub and it needs to be done in the streets. I would also say Anoriath is a high profile target however ONLY kill him if you don't plan on doing the dark brotherhood missions as he is a main quest, P.S sorry if thats a spoiler

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