• Streets of Rage 2: Unlock Stage Select, extra lives, and extra difficulties in Options

    Hold Down, A and X (Default controller settings) and select Options as player 2 to access the stage select, extra lives, and extra difficulty options

    Contributed By: Cactuar.

Streets of Rage Cheats


  • Extra continues

    Press Left,Left,B,B,B,C,C,C, Start at the title screen.

    Contributed By: Desert eagle.

  • Level and Lives Select

    Go to the main menu. Hold down (A) + (B) + (C) + RIGHT on controller 2 while selecting Options on controller 1 (best if done with two people). You can now select how many lives you start with and which stage to start on.

    Contributed By: NTsui.


  • Final Boss Duel

    When you get to the final boss playing 2-player mode, have one player choose ''yes'' and the other choose ''no''. You will be forced to duel against each other.

    Contributed By: MrSoluble.

  • Receive the Bad Ending.

    To get the Bad Ending, you must be playing as 2 players. You must also be in 2 player mode before Level 8 or else player 2 can't come into the game on Level 8. When both players reach Mr. X in the final room and he asks his question, make sure one player answers yes and the second answers no. Mr. X will have both players fight each other to the death. Have one player lose and choose game over. Afterwards, Mr. X will ask a second question. Be sure to answer NO to that question as well to trigger the final boss battle. When you beat him, you will become the Boss. NOTE: If you answer yes, you will again be shut back 2 levels and still not be ale to get the bad ending.

    Contributed By: Skarz89.

Streets of Rage 3 Cheats


  • Extra Lives Select

    Go to the options screen and select the ''Lives'' option. Press and hold UP + (A) + (B) + (C) on Controller 2, and press LEFT or RIGHT on Controller 1 to select the number of lives you can start the game with. You will now be able to select 9 lives, past the default max of 5.

    Contributed By: NTsui.

  • Get Roo

    At the title screen, hold Up and B, then press Start. A kangaroo named Roo will now be available at the character select screen.

    Contributed By: Retro.

  • Play as Super Axel

    Press C to select a player, then quickly hold A and sweep the D-pad in a clockwise circle until Axel appears. Then press A.

    Note: This cheat is very hard to get working.

    Contributed By: megabassxz.

  • Play as Super Zan

    On the Character Select screen, hold C button on both gamepads when selecting Zan and keep holding them until the game start. You will have Super Zan afterward.

    Contributed By: LethalRedArmy.

  • Play as the same character

    Hold Down+C on controller 2 as you enter 2 PLAYER mode with controller 1.

    Contributed By: Truncated.


  • Shiva's infinite combo

    When playing as Shiva, you can hit the opponent over and over again until they die without them being able to escape you by pressing Z on a 6 button pad or B and C together on a 3 button one over and over again. This will work on any opponent apart from the ones that can block and the bosses (excluding Jet)

    Contributed By: Rugal.


  • Another way to get Roo

    When you fight the clown and Roo, defeat the clown first and Roo should hop away off the screen. When you lose all your lives and continue, cycle through the characters and Roo will now be available.

    Contributed By: Retro.

  • Ending 1

    To get Ending 1, successfully rescue the Chief in Stage 6 before his health runs out. Then, at the end of Stage 7, defeat Robot Y before the time limit runs out. You will see the true ending.

    Contributed By: Wild Gunman.

  • Ending 2

    To see Ending 2, manage to rescue the Chief before his health runs out in Stage 6. Then, in Stage 7, defeat Robot Y but let the time limit run out. You will see Ending 2.

    Contributed By: Wild Gunman.

  • Ending 3

    To see Ending 3, let the Chief's health run out in Stage 6. When you go to Stage 7, you will see that it is changed. Make it to the last boss and defeat him. You will see Ending 3.

    Contributed By: Wild Gunman.

  • Ending 4

    To see Ending 4 , simply set the difficulty on Easy Level and beat Robot X in Stage 5.

    Contributed By: megabassxz.

  • Get Super Skate

    Pick Skate. As the first level starts, lose a your first life having 0 points. You will now be Super Skate, with a much more powerful combo.

    Contributed By: Truncated.

  • Secret Items

    In Stage 1, at the Warehouse Area, go to the bottom-left most region blocked by the crates in the background and press B in the area. You'll get 5000 PTS. and a 1-UP.

    Also in Stage 7, (City Hall) there are lots of hidden items as well. Search in areas blocked off by the background such as lampposts, flower pots, etc.

    Contributed By: REIKANE 6379.

  • Secret Passageways

    On Stage 5, in the first room with all the ninjas, there are three secret routes you can take other than the normal route. You can access them by killing all enemies here. These rooms have more items than the normal rooms. The way to get to the rooms are as follows:

    1.) Above the door where you follow your normal route, there is a white wall in front of you with cracks near the top. Punch it to access Secret Route 1.

    2.) At the bottom of the screen is a very unlikely secret that most of you won't suspect until reading this. Go to the bottom center part of this room and punch a few times. You'll eventually bust a hole in the floor leading you to the basement of Stage 5 and also Secret Route 2.

    3.) Go to the top of the screen and go up to the red walls. There is a certain red wall with a few cracks in it. Punch it to access Secret Route 3. Beware. There are a lot of enemies here, so be careful.

    Contributed By: REIKANE 6379.

  • Stage Select

    Hold B and Up, then press Start. The Stage Select will appear on the options screen.

    Contributed By: I c h i r o.

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