• Achievements

    Coliseum ChampionCleared THE DUEL in Golden Axe II.45
    Come forth, King of Fire!Used Tyris's strongest magic in Golden Axe II.20
    Golden Axe ForeverGot the true ending in Golden Axe III.45
    I summon thee, Dragonhead!Used Tyris's strongest magic in Golden Axe.20
    Law of GravitationKnocked an enemy into a hole in every game.20
    Master of BeastsRode every type of creature in Golden Axe II.30
    Pacifier of CreaturesRode every type of creature in Golden Axe III.30
    Tamer of the WildsRode every type of creature in Golden Axe.30
    Temporary PartnersCleared a stage while riding a creature in Golden Axe.20
    This One Stands AloneCleared VS MODE in Golden Axe III.20
    Utter ObliterationHit an enemy with magic after knocking him into the air in Golden Axe.20
    Wielder of the AxeCleared every game.100

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

Golden Axe Cheats


  • Get 27 lives

    Start arcade mode. When you get to the character select screen, hold down+left and hit A+C+Start. Nothing really confirms the code except until you get game over. If you input it correctly, the next time you get Game Over, it should say you have 9 credits instead of 3.

    Contributed By: Skarz89.

Golden Axe II Cheats


  • Full Magic

    Enter the options menu and select the ''Special Magic'' option. Begin game play and Hold A when the music for the Bosses on levels 1 to 4 begins to play. Defeat the Boss while holding A. Release the button when the screen turns black and your character is transported to the bonus level. Do not press any buttons or move the D-pad. When the next level begins, player one will cast a spell that will increase the magic points to 255. Note: Do not use more magic points that what your character normally is allowed to use. Doing so will freeze the game.

    Contributed By: Cory Wilkie.

  • Level Select

    While the opening screen scrolls, simultaneously hold down a, b, c and start. Still holding A, realease b and c and press them again. This will bring you to the options screen. Still holding a, let go of the other two, pick 'exit,' and press b and c once more. You'll be back at the main menu. Still holding a, release b and c and hit them again to choose the number of players. Keep all the buttons down and press start. Release only start, select your character, then still holding down a, b and c, press up and hit start. You can now select the level you want to play.

    Contributed By: BanjoKazooie.

  • Level select & 8 credits (ultimate procedure)

    With the cursor go to ''options'' sign.
    Now press & hold A+B+C.

    In the options screen relase only B & C

    Now configure game if you want.

    From now on ever use B to confirm successive selections,
    until the warrior selection.

    For the 8 credits, the cheat is identical, but you must relase only A and use START to confirm successive selections.

    Contributed By: Dynamite DUX.

Golden Axe III Cheats


  • Level select

    Level SelectAt the character select screen highlight the character you want to use and press A, A, A, A, Start, C, C, C, C, C, C

    Contributed By: steamliner88.

  • Secret Message

    To view the secret message, go to the title screen and enter the following code.

    Secret MessageUp, C, Up, C, Up, C, C, C, B, A, Left, Down

    Contributed By: Bombman.

  • SEGA License Screen

    In the options press Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B, C, A, B, C, A, B, C, A, B, C, A, B, C. The mnemonic is: UDLR 5 times then ABC 5 times.

    Contributed By: GManiak.


  • Good Ending

    Choose any difficulty and any path. Defeat the first form of the final boss with at least one continue left to unlock the good ending, even if you drop down to your last continue on the second form.

    Contributed By: Mr_X1992.

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