• Achievements

    A Clash With EvilDefeated the Round 1 boss without using the 8-way Shuriken Attack in Revenge of Shinobi.20
    Boat CruiseCleared Stage 9 while on the Suisui Boat in Alex Kidd in Miracle World.15
    Copter RiderHad a snack on the Petit-Copter in Alex Kidd in Miracle World.15
    In ControlRode for 1 minute without hitting anything in Super Hang-on.20
    Melodies of the WindListened to all 4 songs in Super Hang-on.5
    Mission CompleteCleared every stage in Alex Kidd in Miracle World.25
    Octopus SushiDefeated both giant octopi in Alex Kidd in Miracle World.15
    Shinobi Forever!Rescued Naoko without using a continue in Revenge of Shinobi.25
    Shinobi WatchesStood atop the brick pillar in 3-1 in Revenge of Shinobi. Ninja style!15
    Shuriken StarburstDemonstrated Joe Musashi's 8-way Shuriken Attack in Revenge of Shinobi.5
    The Goal Is Just the BeginningFinished a course in Super Hang-on.25
    Totally Radical!Rode for 10 seconds on turbo in Super Hang-on.15

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World Cheats


  • Continue

    If you lose all your lives, have over $800, and wish to continue, hold Up on the D-Pad, and press Button 2 8 times.

    Contributed By: stonedwal.

  • Continue code

    I used this on the version of the game that came hard-coded into the 2nd model of Master System. It works on that version at least.

    When you get the Game over screen (which happens way too often to make the game any fun...) you can continue if you hold up and hammer the 2 button about a dozen times before the game actually resets. It costs $400 to do.

    Contributed By: Raistlin212.

  • Janken challenges

    This is how to beat the Janken bosses when you play against them, without having to fight them if you lose.

    1st: Choose Rock in the first game, then Scissors in the second
    2nd: Scissors, then Paper
    3rd: Rock, Scissors
    4th: Paper, Paper
    5th: Rock, Rock
    6th: Rock, Scissors
    7th: Paper, Paper

    (Must be done in that order from the start of the game, if you choose one different along the way all the rest will be different)

    Contributed By: Karpah.

The Revenge of Shinobi Cheats


  • 30,000 Bonus Points

    If you want to earn 30,000 bonus points, make sure you end a level with eleven times more shurikens than the number of lives you have left.

    Contributed By: BanjoKazooie.

  • Extra Lives

    One the second stage of level four,fire at the base of the first conveyer belt.A special Musashi symbol will appear.Hop onto the conveyor belt and let it carry you to the end.You lose a life but you gain 2.Keep doing this until you have as many lives as you want/need.

    Contributed By: WWE.

  • Infinite Shurikins

    Go to the Options Screen, move the pointer up to Shurikins and set them to 00, wait about 30 seconds (without moving the pointer). You will here a sound and the ''00'' should change to an infinite symbol. Start the game and you will have unlimited Shurikins.

    Contributed By: Javster.

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