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Time Traveller's Trial?

Somebody else had this problem on the board, but they took it off: I killed the dinosaur and am now standing in a puddle of oil. I don't know if it's relevant, but my teammates are the Knight and Hillbilly and I forgot to grab the water bucket before ditching the Miner.


sinker_dl answered:

In prehistory find the place with the water dripping on the stone and move the stone. Leave that character exactly where they are (holding the stone out of the way) and then go to that spot in modern times. There should be a well there now, if not go back to the prehistoric character and futz with it till it works. When you get the well have the modern character turn the crank. Again leave them exactly there and move the third character to that spot in the future. There should now be a rangfust there. ^_^
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ineedaweapon answered:

Also, to get the well, the person in the past must be actively holding the rock (holding x) when you switch to the person in the present.
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