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What is the best combo to wiegh 666 pds for achievement in carnival?

I guess there is a combo of characters & held objects to get this.

Accepted Answer

sinker_dl answered:

There is literally only one way to get there. The four people who weigh the most are the Knight (229), the Time Traveler (194), and the Monk/Hillbilly (tied at 175). You have to take the Hillbilly, and if you add the Knight and the Time traveler you wind up with 598 which is 68 short. The wrench is 3, the sledgehammer 15, and the barbell is 50 (which equals 68). So the three heaviest people, plus all the extra weight you can muster equals 666.

Just in case you're curious, the Adventurer is 142, the Scientist is 138, and the Twins are 114.
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