• Unlock 10 bonus foil cards for each original deck

    On the Player Status screen, click "Magic the Gathering Promo Unlocks". Then click on 'Enter Code' and punch in the codes listed below. Each code will unlock a bonus foil promo card for each original deck. These codes work on all systems.

    Unlock free foil bonus promo cardWMKFGC
    Unlock free foil bonus promo cardPCNKGR
    Unlock free foil bonus promo cardNCTFJN
    Unlock free foil bonus promo cardHTRNPW
    Unlock free foil bonus promo cardGDZDJC
    Unlock free foil bonus promo cardFXGJDW
    Unlock free foil bonus promo cardMWTMJP
    Unlock free foil bonus promo cardFNMDGP
    Unlock free foil bonus promo cardKWPMZW
    Unlock free foil bonus promo cardGPCRSX

    Contributed By: MTGxerxes.


  • Avatar Awards

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Avacynina BreastplatePlaneswalk to Innistard.
    Garruk Wildspeaker HelmetDefeat Garruk Wildspeaker in the Revenge Campaign.
    Nicol Bolas HornsDefeat Nicol Bolas in the Revenge Campaign.

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

Easter Eggs

  • Free Deck Key

    If you have Magic 2012 on your hard drive you will get a free Deck Key in Magic 2013 for being a "Loyal Customer".

    Contributed By: Ashtitan.


  • Achievements

    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

    ArchmageUnlocked 30 cards for one deck15
    Avatar of SlaughterWon a duel when an opponent controlled no creatures10
    Beast WithinWon a duel controlling a creature with at least 10 power10
    Challenge MasterSolved ten challenges10
    Dragon SlayerDefeated Nicol Bolas in the revenge campaign20
    Fearless ExplorerDefeated ten encounters10
    FlawlessWon a campaign duel with 20 or more life10
    Jack of All TradesUnlocked a card for each of ten different decks15
    Last Mage StandingWon a 3-player, 4-player, or Two-Headed Giant duel10
    Maelstrom WandererWon a Planechase campaign duel10
    Magic: The PuzzlingSolved a challenge5
    Master of the Wild HuntWon a duel controlling at least ten creatures10
    Memory AdeptEntered the deck manager5
    MythicCast a mythic rare card10
    Otherworldly JourneyWon a duel on Xbox LIVE10
    Praetor SlayerSolved the Say Your Praetors challenge in all five ways10
    Savor the MomentWon a campaign duel with an opponent's library empty10
    Sky SummonerDefeated Talrand in the campaign5
    Time of HeroesDefeated an encounter5
    Two-Headed GiantWon a Two-Headed Giant duel10

    Contributed By: Similac.

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