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How do you do the choke slam as attitude era Undertaker?

Finisher is the tombstone, signature is 'old school.' Several matches require you to do the choke slam, but I can't find it.


panterafan2003 answered:

Hold left on the left control stick (what you use to move around with) when u hit triangle.
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BirthOfDeoxys17 answered:

Yeah, you definitely need to be moving around while you're pushing the finisher button, not standing still.
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reymad18 answered:

As I know, chokeslam is his 2nd finisher.. You need to move around when hit the finisher button
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crazyseandx answered:

Xbox 360: Move the Control Stick(left one) in a direction and press Y when you have a finisher stored.
PS3: Roughly the same but with the Triangle button...maybe D-Pad in the case of pressing a certain direction.
Wii: ....who the f*** plays this on the Wii? ...okay i shouldnt insult the Wii but i never knew anyone who had a Wii and a wrestling game for said console.
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graemefinley answered:

It's an alternate finisher so simply press a direction when you press Y instead of Y on it's own.
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JaronGreen answered:

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WweRocks1477 answered:

To do the choke slam you have to press y and them move the left analog stick up or sidewards
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dagamer31 answered:

After nearly 30 minutes failing this menial task in Attitude Era, I can confirm at least the following...
With a Finisher Stored
Down+Y - Tombstone
Y - Chokeslam
Left+Y - I don't know
Right+Y - I don't know
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