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I for the life of me can't do this.. It's HHH v.s. Kane in a cage match, and one of the historical moments is a corner 10 punch combo I need to perform on kane.. I even switched the difficulty to easy, but all HHH throws is power punches, I can't get 10 for the life of me on kane without him falling to the canvas. Anyone else stuck with this??

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From: DaTrueRaiderFan 2 years ago

To do this its actually a grapple you do in the corner (Right and A) I believe and then you have to hit X ten times in a row but if he is still strong he can reverse out of it.

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dude ive tried that, nothing is worjking i cant seem to even start corner do u corner punch wit tripleH i can do it wit other wrestlers but for some reason it aint confused btw i have it for ps3

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I've been able to do it a few times by just mashing X like a cheetah. Not really sure if there's supposed to be a proper way to do it besides that honestly.

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You need to make sure you're actually climbing up on him and then punching him; not just punching him while he's slumped in the corner. I'm not sure which exact move it is, but when he's slumped in the corner, try holding different directions and grappling him. One of them should make your guy climb up on him and then it'll ask you to push X (360) or whatever punch is for PS3 (Square?) to punch the guy repeatedly. Getting 10 shouldn't be too difficult if you've worn him down a bit first but he can still reverse it.

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Beat him up, perform your signature, and immediately throw him into the corner. Get up o nhim and start mashing X. You should be able to get 10 following a signature.

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Diagonal + A will get you on top of Kane in the corner. repeatedly press X for 10 punch

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Irish whip him to turnbuckle- with opponent facing towards the center of the ring. Then grapple, I believe it's holding any direction+grapple. HHH will stand on the 2nd rope, and you have to hit X to punch. I recomend doing them in groups of 2 or 3 as you will see his hand go to block/reverse after every couple punches. Don't button mash! Hope this helps.

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