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Asked: 2 years ago

What's the hidden objective in the Rock/Mankind Raw match?

On the 1/4/99 Raw match against Rock, I can easily beat the tar out of Rock and complete the other objectives. But no matter what I do, the 1st historical objective remains hidden, so I clearly haven't done the right thing to trigger the requirements. What is the objective please?

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Can you post more info? What other objectives do you h ave to do?

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IIRC i believe you have to send him through a table...or get his damage really low. Vince should come out.

if this is the match i believe it is

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Need more info what are the objectives

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After you perform the hit him with 5 objects and your finisher. Stone Cold runs out and chases Vince. Keep beating up The Rock. Eventually the hidden objective comes up and it simply says win the match in under 1 minute.

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