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How to use breaking point submission system?

How do you use the Breaking Point thing?

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ICanHearTheHead answered:

Lock them in a submission by holding down the grapple button, while in chain grapples, your opponent's in a groggy state, and near the head, side and feet of a downed opponent. Then mash the buttons like mad. Same to get out of the submission. Also, if you are locked into a submission, and you're near the ropes, you can use the L stick to crawl towards them.

They will get out of the submission quite easily if they haven't been worn down, so depending on the submission, work the intended body part. For example, if you want to use a figure four, work the legs. Once the intended part is in the red, they will tap out more easily.
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kbdogge answered:

If your asking how to start the move, hold the A button while either; in a chain grapple, facing a groggy opponent, or have your opponent on the ground. If you're asking how to win at the mini-game, you have to mash A,B,X, and Y faster than your opponent.
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