• Achievements

    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

    2 Deaths - 1 GunKill two enemies in the same room with a rocket in DOOM 3 Multiplayer10
    All of UsFind the id logo secret room in DOOM 310
    Berserked!Use Berserk to kill a player in DOOM 3 Multiplayer10
    Big BoyDefeat Cyberdemon boss in DOOM 315
    BoomtasticBlow up 50 barrels in the DOOM 3, RoE, or Lost Mission campaigns10
    Bot BuddyKeep a Sentry Bot alive to its destination in DOOM 3, RoE, or Lost Mission (except Mars City)10
    Clean SheetComplete a DOOM 3 Multiplayer match without dying15
    Cookie StealerDefeat Guardian boss in DOOM 315
    Crushed!Catch an enemy player in the Reactor of Frag Chamber in DOOM 3 Multiplayer10
    DOOMed CollectorCollect every PDA in DOOM 315
    DOOMed MarineComplete the DOOM 3 single player campaign on Marine10
    DOOMed NightmareComplete the DOOM 3 single player campaign on Nightmare20
    DOOMed RecruitComplete the DOOM 3 single player campaign on Recruit5
    DOOMed VeteranComplete the DOOM 3 single player campaign on Veteran15
    Double the Fun!Kill 2 Imps with one shotgun blast in DOOM 3, RoE, or Lost Mission10
    Eat This!Defeat the Maledict boss in RoE15
    Evil CollectorCollect every PDA in the RoE campaign10
    Evil MarineComplete the RoE campaign on Marine10
    Evil NightmareComplete the RoE campaign on Nightmare20
    Evil RecruitComplete the RoE campaign on Recruit5
    Evil VeteranComplete the RoE campaign on Veteran15
    Fists of FuryUse the Artifact with Berserk ability to punch out 20 enemies in RoE10
    Gimme Power!Defeat the Berserk Hunter in RoE15
    Gimme Time!Defeat the Helltime Hunter in RoE15
    Goody FinderOpen all storage lockers in DOOM 315
    I Like to WatchFind all video logs in DOOM 315
    Killing timeScore 25000 on Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 in DOOM 3 or RoE5
    Lost CollectorCollect every PDA in the Lost Mission campaign10
    Lost MarineComplete the Lost Mission campaign on Marine10
    Lost NightmareComplete the Lost Mission campaign on Nightmare20
    Lost RecruitComplete the Lost Mission campaign on Recruit5
    Lost VeteranComplete the Lost Mission campaign on Veteran15
    Ninja KillerKill 5 enemy players while using Invisibility in DOOM 3 Multiplayer10
    Not a ScratchComplete a level without taking any damage in DOOM 3, RoE, or Lost Mission (except Mars City)20
    Play CatchKill 20 enemies with projectiles launched from the Grabber in RoE10
    RAGEFind the RAGE logo in the Lost Mission10
    Ready for Action!Get the BFG-9000 from Security Chief's office in DOOM 310
    Ripped!Use the chainsaw to kill 20 enemies in DOOM 310
    Shocking!Defeat the Invulnerability Hunter in RoE15
    SoulfoodUse the Soul Cube to defeat 20 enemies in DOOM 310
    Speed RunComplete the DOOM 3 single player campaign in 10 hours or less20
    Sticky SituationDefeat the Vagary boss in DOOM 315
    Telefragged!Kill an enemy player by jumping into a teleporter after them in DOOM 3 Multiplayer10
    That was Close!Kill an enemy with 1 health remaining in DOOM 3, RoE, or Lost Mission15
    To Be or Not to BeKill the scientist trapped next to the Reactor Control Room in DOOM 35
    Too Slow, Fool!Kill 5 enemies at once while in Hell Time in RoE10
    TurncoatGet 2 demons to fight each other in DOOM 3, RoE, or Lost Mission10
    Unarmed BadassKill 20 enemies with the fists/melee hands in DOOM 310
    You Laugh, It WorksFind the bloody handiwork of Betruger (in Delta 4 Hallway) in DOOM 35
    You're Not My Boss!Defeat Sabaoth boss in DOOM 315

    Contributed By: Similac.

Doom 3 Cheats


  • Multiplayer: Command Cheat.

    This cheat allows you to give voice repsonds in the multiplayer mode it can be used in all game types but is good to use in team death match since it does use responses for commanding your team.

    You must use the console for this cheat to become activated. By pressing ctrl+alt+~(tilda) this opens up the console. You press the Num Pad keys to give the command.

    "Attack Now"Press 7 (Seven)
    "Cancel That"Press 1 (One)
    "Cover Me"Press 5 (Five)
    "Die Already"Press / (Backslash)
    "Grab the Armour"Press 4 (Four)
    "Great Game"Press 0 (Zero)
    "Hack"Press * (Asterisk)
    "I'll Take That"Press 9 (Nine)
    "Move In "Press 8 (Eight)
    "Over Here"Press 6 (Six)
    "Prepare for Attack"Press 3 (Three)
    "Pull Back!"Press 2 (Two)
    "That Sucked"Press . (Period)
    Activates the cheat.exec mp_vchat

    Contributed By: Kenster102.

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil Cheats


  • Storage Locker combinations

    There will be quite a few times in Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil where you will find various Storage Lockers in the facility. You can find the codes from various peoples' PDA's, but here's a quick reference. The first number will be the Storage Locker number, the second will be the combination required to open it.

    Box of Shotgun Shells, Chaingun rounds#042 - 714
    Bullets, Shotgun Shells, Armor Shards#035 - 134
    Bullets, Shotgun Shells, Hand Grenades#105 - 769
    Bullets, Shotgun Shells, Small Medikit#407 - 937
    Chaingun rounds, Machine Gun ammo#034 - 134
    Machine Gun ammo, Security Armor#029 - 516
    Shotgun Shells#408 - 937
    Shotgun Shells, Cells#116 - 634
    Shotgun Shells, Chaingun ammo#117 - 634

    Contributed By: MorpheusDV.


  • Nightmare difficulty

    Harder version of the game in which your health is constantly going down.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Nightmare DifficultyBeat the game on any difficulty once.

    Contributed By: SuperSamusAran.

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