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How do I do a succesful Meter Burn?

How do I do a meter burn? I'm trying to get the shazam 52 costume, but every time i try it wont work for the bolt of zeus


Pollyisdumb1 answered:

When ur about to use the move hit rt
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XxxxHakunaxxxxX answered:

Its easy as long as you can pull off a super. First check the Special Moves in the movelist while your game is paused its after combo moves & before power moves & check to see which moves are mb or Meter burnable not all moves can be meter burned some characters only have two or three & some all. It will say mb underneath next to a white dot indicating that the move is meter burnable. Then perform the special move pressing Rt or also known as right trigger as fast as possible immediatly after you have performed your special move. Dont do it at the same time it will not work(At least shouldnt, but Injistoce
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XxxxHakunaxxxxX answered:

Injustice has alot of bugs) Sorry uk!πg;g phone is so tiny I swear it was made for little girls or spider monkeys. Also wish this site would let people swear not like Im an advid swearer & not like were on a kids website or family site. Taking our freedom of speech away. Wouldnt want gamers to start a mass anarchy over the greedy gaming companys. Anyways after that your good. But remember you need at least one meter bar from your meter. Also if you've done the move correctly then youll see a purplish round flash clear white in the metwr near you or your opponent. Finally if you cant see the flash you can tell by watching your meter lose a bar also known as a meter burn. Becauae the only other moves that will deplete a meter are Supers & Clashes.
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XxxxHakunaxxxxX answered:

Oh I c gamefaqs I will spell vk!π9
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XxxxHakunaxxxxX answered:

v!π9 couldnt put ing on it but oh well. the = f
V=u, =c, looks like a k kinda if you look closesly & !π9 was my ing.
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XxxxHakunaxxxxX answered:

Oh there doing this on purpose good administraters taking out whole words & adding others with #960;9
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green_abobo answered:

Burns have different timing then others.

Some moves, you pull the trigger AS SOON AS it fires, others, it takes a little longer, like as it connects.
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