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Who will be the DLC Characters?

Will there be other Titans to play as or any other justice league characters?

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The_Great_Atlas answered:

The only 2 confirmed are Lobo and Batgirl.
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GoldenFalcon155 answered:

the only confirmed character is Lobo and three others whor are unkonwn at the moment.
Ed Boon also says they might make more than just the four scheduled characters. It could be anyone elese really
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thethiny answered:

The 12 DLC characters are:
-Subzero (MK9)
-Subzero MK1
-Subzero MK2
-Subzero MK3 (UMK3)
-Subzero MK4
-Subzero from the mythologies.
-Subzero from Deadly Alliance
-Subzero from Armageddon
-Subzero From Shaolin Monks
-Subzero vs DCU
-Subzero (In Scorpion Costume)
-Subzero (In the flash costume).

No but for real , maybe we'll finally see the true power of Brainiac? or the Scarecrow or the Riddler. and the martian?

I really hope for an MK cameo/DLC
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Karmabitesback answered:

Lobo is the only one confirmed so far , I guess we'll just have to see who they announce
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GamerZeke88 answered:

The only one they've truly confirmed is Lobo, however, NetherRealm has stated they have no plan to add NPC's (such as background characters, victory scenes, or Transitions) to the playable roster. However, rumor is that the remaining three will be Batgirl, General Zod, and Scorpion, though this is merely rumor and has NOT been confirmed by NetherRealm.
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tyquan224 answered:

the three dlc characters Are scorpion,batgirl,and zod.a reliable person i kno broke the codes on his xbox and got them already.
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