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Where can I find (DLC items)?

Where can I find the DLC items that I downloaded,I am as far as the town where I got my first quest for the trowl

guvnordisney asked for clarification:

The bottom row cannot be selected. Do I need to earn the DLC weapons like the other treasures?


dragonman72963 answered:

Hold the B button in either Free Play mode, or when free roaming the map, to pull up the available weapons. Go to the bottom option, treasure trove, and select it. The dlc weapons are the bottom row. Some are cosmetic, it seems to me, buy some have their uses.
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Perseus88 answered:

The DLC items will appear in the treasure trove only after you've completed the first Fetch Quest in Bree (the mithril trowel). Also, they aren't available in Story Mode missions after that, though you can immediately begin using them in the open world areas. They don't need to be earned individually. When you complete the quest all of them are available.
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