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I'm stuck at Dead Marshes an Warg Attack--I've completed both twice, but I can't advance the story...."Continue" always brings me back to the to blue arrow pointing to the same levels....Anyone know how to fix this?

tsukinobiki asked for clarification:

I'm having the same problem too, only I'm stuck at Helm's Deep.

jjh198 provided additional details:

I tried restarting the Xbox, but that didn't work. I ended up playing through those two areas a total of three times and I finally was able to move on. I didn't skip through anything at all; I just played the level once more like I hadn't played it at all. Didn't even skip through the treasure tally at the end or anything. I can't say whether it was that or just having played it three times.


jhall179 answered:

Saw something like this posted before you need to save and restart your xbox. The game glitches if you play to long without a break.
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