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How do I Shutdown Most Wanted Cars?

How do I Shutdown Most Wanted Cars? I tried slamming them they just keep getting back on track.

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Spideymaster answered:

Once you've beaten them, they'll drive around the city until you take them out.

If they get away, don't worry, because they'll randomly spawn near your car again a few moments later and will keep doing so if they get away until you take them out.

Now, as for actually taking them out, I'd suggest you switch to a car that's either not super light or has the impact protection mod equipped, as it'll make it easier to take down the car that way.
You won't be able to take them out at low speeds, as the impact won't be enough to do anything, so try to get to a decent speed before attempting to slam them. Once you're driving at 100+, a quick sideswipe should do the trick, and again, having the impact protection mod equipped with increase your chances of taking them down.

Another tactic would be to get close to their rear bumper with the powershot nitrous mod equipped and trigger it so that the burst of speed causes you to slam into their rear bumper. That should also take them out if you're going fast enough.

Hope this helped.
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