Question from Lord_Drake1980

Asked: 2 years ago

Why does the kinect functionality does not work?

I have a kinect sensor that works perfectly with any other games, but I don't get any options to use or calibrate the sensor for this game

Additional details - 2 years ago

I know only the voice functionality is used...but it does not work for me...there is no voice recognition. Nothing works

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From: Rezalution141 2 years ago

You must use certain key words with the Kinect to make it work.
Some examples
"Start car" or "Ignition" Starts the car
"Easy Drive" opens up the easy Drive menu
"Next" & "Previous" Lets you choose what you want (Which is stupid I think)
"Yes" & "No" Confirm your choice
"Map" Opens up the map
"Tire" "Transmission" "Body" Etc.... Open up the corresponding menu

I hoped this helpd

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Only voice functionality of the Kinect is used with this game.

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