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How to have my own music in easydrive ?

I have a usb key with a lot of mp3 on my xbox. Oki, i can select my key to listen to my selection, no playlist, just play all shuffle, but in audio options, when paused, i can not change the audio soundtrack, always on "game soundtrack"... How can i change it to have titles in easydrive and be able to swap it with RB ?
Thank you.

MinunSS asked for clarification:

Can you try to make that post a little more comprehensible please?


Virtual_Erkan answered:

Go to options and in Audio Section, switch it from EA TRAX to Music Library.
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dcsreach answered:

well i don't know if you can access what you want to do in the game, but if you plug it in click you xbox button (the one on the center of the controller) and scroll once to your left and you should see music etc.... click on that, select device and play the music.

Hope this helps
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sakuraix answered:

The only way to have your music show up in the Audio Options and for you to switch tracks with RB is to actually have the music ripped to your Xbox 360. The only way to do this is to burn the tracks you want onto a CD as AUDIO CD format, and not an MP3 CD. Load it into your Xbox, select "Rip" to rip the tracks, then name them appropriately. Create a playlist with the tracks. After that, you can select this playlist in-game via Audio Options, and your music will function exactly the same way as the game soundtrack, and your music titles will show up on Easy Drive when the tracks switch.
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