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Asked: 2 years ago

How can I find the last car jack spot location??

I have a map that I got from another site on the location of all the car jack spot locations. According to my map when I compare it to the other one, I have all 123 car jack spot locations, however in my driver stats, it is showing I only have 122 of them. How do I know which one I need to go to in order to find the last one I need?

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Go through the Easydrive car menu and check how many options are available for each car. The car that has only 2 options is the one you're missing a jackspot for.

Once you figure out which car it is, I might be able to help you find the jackspot.

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All cars have 3 possible locations. Once you have unlocked a Most Wanted car it automatically gives you all 3 locations for each one, so you can ignore those. Just look through the list and find the car with only 2 found locations, and that's the one you need to find.

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