Question from purevil88

Asked: 1 year ago

Multi kill ribbons?

Ive played all modes and havnt got one multi-kill ribbon. And ive got mutli kills many times, What gives?

Additional details - 1 year ago

I did all that. In all game modes. Wait...dont tell me you can only get that ribbon online? :s

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I'm not sure but I've got shishkibob from killing more than one mob with a single oneshot bullet and cluster luck for multiple kills with a frag.

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I played earlier, mantle kicked two people and punched them both once. Got a double kill, so I don't know. Maybe you just need to do it with one kill after another and multiple kills at once with an explosion or something don't count? Maybe go to the map with the helicopter and grab the Vulcan on top....I got a triple and first blood in like my 3rd match.

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