Gold Beetle FAQ by Moth366

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                                     Sonic Adventure 2 

                Gold Beetle FAQ

Brandon Prager a.k.a. Moth366

1.	Intro

Hello. I'm Brandon Prager. This is my first FAQ and probably my only 
one. I have decided to do this FAQ with the motivation of a few 
GameFAQS companions. They will be mentioned in my Special Thanks 
This FAQ will reveal the Gold Beetle locations in each level in 
Sonic Adventure 2. Ok, then let's begin! :)

2.	Contents

1.	Intro 
2.	Contents (You're reading them)
3.	Version History
4.	What is a Gold Beetle?
5.	Characters 
  6. Moves 
7.	Beetle Locations
7a. Hero
7b. Dark
7c. Last
8.	Special Thanks
9.	Legal Babble

3.	Version History

V 0.25 9/30/01 

Just got started. Adding as much info as I can. I'm already almost done!

4.	What is a Gold Beetle?

Simply put, A gold Beetle is a Beetle-shaped enemy in Sonic Adventure 2 
that is gold-colored. There is only ONE gold beetle in a stage, but it is 
well worth the effort to get at it because it is worth 1000 points. The 
gold beetle can make or break an A rank.
They only appear in one spot on the stage ever. The catch is, they only 
come out when you near their vicinity, and then disappear if you don't get 
them quickly.

5.	Characters

Of course, you can't name a game with the main character's name if the 
main character isn't in it. Our hero, Sonic The Hedgehog, Opposite Shadow 
The Hedgehog, is, well, a hedgehog that runs really fast. This guy has 
over 10 games bearing his name. His job is to save Earth from a 50 year 
old space colony, ARK. His best friend is Miles "Tails" Prower. I'll get 
to him next. 


Miles "Tails" Prower, long time friend and companion of Sonic, his prime 
goal in life is to live independent of Sonic. He has proven himself in 
many ways in previous titles. In this game he opposes Dr. Ivo Robotnik, 
long time hated enemy of Sonic. He uses a mech, the Tornado, A 
transformable biplane.


Knuckles The Echidna, (EE-kid-nuh, for those who weren't sure), is the 
lone protector of the Master Emerald, An emerald with the power to 
neutralize the 7 Chaos Emeralds. Opposite Rouge, he breaks the Master 
Emerald in an effort to save it from Dr. Robotnik. His purpose is to hunt 
down the pieces of the Master Emerald.

Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Ever since the creation of Sonic The Hedgehog, this guy has been trying to 
ruin our hero's day, whether it's turning Sonic's animal friends into 
robots or destroying the Earth.
He hijacks ARK and the dreaded Eclipse Cannon.
His most common invention is the Egg Capsule, the floating egg shaped ship 
that he rides in.
He has an IQ of 300 and specializes in robotics. He opposes Tails in his 

Shadow The Hedgehog

Shadow is the creation of Dr. Gerald Robotnik, Ivo Robotnik's grandfather. 
He is around 50 years old and was awakened by Dr. Robotnik. Opposite 
Sonic, he challenges Sonic, whom he believes is a faker. He has an 
underlying memory in ARK. Maria Robotnik, Gerald Robotnik's daughter, 
tells him to keep the Earth a happy place. 

Rouge The Bat

Secret Agent Rouge is a spy from the president who is obsessed with 
jewels. Opposite Knuckles, she aims to have the Master Emerald for her 
very own. She has a crush on Knuckles though, while Knuckles has 
absolutely no crush on her. Her second mission is to uncover Project 
Shadow, the plans of Shadow's creation.

Secondary Characters

Dr. Gerald Robotnik

Dr. Gerald Robotnik is Ivo Robotnik's grandfather. He went mad after his 
daughter, Maria, is killed in the shutdown of ARK.


Maria Robotnik was Gerald Robotnik's daughter. She was killed when ARK was 
shut down. Her last request to Shadow was to make the people of Earth 


A military organization that is but a constant thorn in the side of the 
main characters. Sonic is apprehended and jailed by them twice in the 

Amy Rose

Amy was a main character in SA1. She is only in the storyline now. She has 
a serious crush on Sonic, who saved her life on numerous occasions.

6.	Moves


A: Jump
A+A: Jump Dash
Tap B: Somersault
Hold B: Spin Dash\Crouch
B(near a row of rings): Light Speed Dash 
A+B: Bounce Attack*
Analog: Move 


A: Jump
A+Hold A: Jet Boost*
B: Volkan Cannon
Hold B: Lock On
Release B: Bazooka
B(up close to enemy): Propeller Punch
Analog: Move


A: Jump
A+Hold A: Glide
B: Punch
360 degree Analog + B: Spiral Punch
Analog: Move


Same as Sonic except:

Has no Bounce attack

B after Jump Dash: Fake Jump Dash

B after Spin Dash: Fake Spin Dash

Same as Tails except:

B(near enemy): Punch


Same as Knuckles except:

B: Kick

360 degree Analog+B: Spiral Kick

7.	Beetle Locations

Hero Side

1.	City Escape

After the first checkpoint, go down the road and grind the rail to build 
up speed. At the end of the rail, run up the wall and the gold beetle is 

2.	Wild Canyon

Go up the wind vent and glide to the left. In the area with the big head 
half buried in the sand, go down and walk to the area with the thing that 
goes up and then falls. The gold beetle is on the other side.

3.	Prison Lane

After the second checkpoint, pass the gauntlet of gates and enemies. 
You'll come to two lifts, one directly after the other. Go up them. You'll 
come to one more gate. Pass through and as you step onto the next lift the 
gold beetle will appear nearby in plain sight.

4.	Metal Harbor

After the first checkpoint, hit the springs and you'll come to a platform 
with a string of beetles. Home in on the first four, then, instead of 
going forward, go to the deft and down, THEN home in on the next beetle. 
Following it will be a 1-UP container and the gold beetle.

NOTE: If you take shortcuts, you might miss the first checkpoint. First 
find the gold beetle then get used to the shortcuts.

5.	Green Forest

After the first loop-the-loop, there are three robots. The gold beetle is 
there in plain sight when you home in on at least one of them.

6.	Pumpkin Hill

Coming soon! (Near impossible to find)

7.	Mission Street

After the first pulley in the level, jump on to one of the hexagonal 
platforms that go up and down. Once on the fifth one, the gold beetle will 
appear in plain sight.

8.	Aquatic Mine

Man, this ones easy. On the floor you start on, just glide to the opposite 
end, then to the left corner. It's there.

9.	Route 101

Well, to find the NEXT gold beetle, you have to beat this level, go to the 
next level, and look for it there, or you can look at the FAQ, under 
Hidden Base. =P

10.  Hidden Base

Right before the first checkpoint, you'll find a destroyable block. Blow 
it up and go down the path. Take the pulley and the gold beetle will be 
visible at the end of the pulley ride.

11.  Pyramid Cave

After the third checkpoint, run through the two loops and you'll be in a 
room with an enemy and a spring. Don't go on the spring. Instead, go to 
the right and the gold beetle is there.

12.	Death Chamber

In the first room, go to the right and break the metal boxes. Dig through 
the picture and, in the new room, destroy the spike enemy. In that same 
room, hit the button to launch the missile into the crates. The gold 
beetle is near where the crates used to be. 

13.  Eternal Engine

After the fifth checkpoint, in the zero-g floaty, enemy-infested area, 
jump on the platform. It'll fall from under your feet and you'll start 
floating. The gold beetle will appear. Try to get it. It's not too easy.

14.  Meteor Herd

Coming Soon! (This level is MASSIVE!)

15.	Crazy Gadget

After the fourth checkpoint, take the warp tube, cross the string of 
electric beetles, continue going until you come a room with a Chaos-type 
enemy. Kill it, and hit a spring.
Grind down the upside-down rail and you'll come to a room with another 
Chaos enemy. Hit a spring and go on to the ledge. STOP! Don't run. 
Instead, Lightspeed Dash across the row of rings to avoid falling into the 
pit. In this room, break the metal boxes until you find a spring. Hit it 
and you'll fall to the floor. Kill this Chaos enemy to open the locked 
door. Now Lightspeed Dash to the next room. Here, there is a Bubble shaped 
Chaos enemy. Kill it and continue. Avoid or kill the electric beetle and 
grab on to the ceiling rail and at the end the gold beetle will be in this 
room.(whew :D|)

16.	Final Rush

Coming Soon (once again, this level is MASSIVE!)

Dark Side

1.	Iron Gate

Coming Soon!

2.	Dry Lagoon

Coming Soon!

3.	Sand Ocean

Coming Soon! (Man, these are hard to find!)

4.	Radical Highway

After the second checkpoint, go down the double-loop and jump on the ramp. 
On the platform you land on, don't jump at the swinging bar. Instead run 
up the edge of the bridge. You can hit the bar to swing on, but make sure 
you hit the bar directly to the right of the sign, or you'll miss your 
If you do land on one of the hexagonal things, jump to the top and time 
your homing attack to get across the string of electric beetles. After 
that, hit one of the three springs, and at the top the gold beetle will be 
in front of you.

5.	Egg Quarters

In the Egg Snake Chamber, go to the left wall  of boxes. Break them, and 
the gold beetle is right there.

  6.  Lost Colony

After the second checkpoint, go through the door. You'll come to a room 
with  enemies and boxes. Kill the enemies and destroy the wooden boxes and 
hit the switch to open the locked door. You'll now come to a segmented 
catwalk. Cross it and you'll come to a room with a bunch of small lights. 
Those are beetles so destroy them. Step onto the floating platform. As the 
camera changes view, the gold beetle will pop up. Get it quickly. 

7.  Weapons Bed

Coming Soon! (Ugh.)

  8.  Security Hall  

Coming Soon! (I think.)

9.  White Jungle 

After the second checkpoint, you'll swing on some vines. After the SECOND 
vine, go straight and there it is, the gold beetle of course.

10.	 Route 280

If you think there is a gold beetle here, then you're probably never going 
to find it.

11.	 Sky Rail

Right after checkpoint three, on the rail you get on, there will be a 
winding turn. Jump when you get to that turn. There will be a string of 
enemies. The third enemy is the gold beetle.

12.	 Mad Space

Warning: Only get the beetle if you have a piece of the emerald near 
there, otherwise it could take you FAR out of the way.

Turn left and break the metal box. Hit the button and then the spring. 
Take the rocket and when falling, avoid the spring. You should be on the 
Holy Planet now. Clime the structure at the top ant take the rocket. Take 
the next rocket, too. And the next rocket. Climb up the wall and make your 
way to the right. Land on the platform with all the floating boxes. Keep 
going until you're on a platform with a Chao Box and a rocket. Keep going 
forward until you find the gold beetle suspended in mid-air. 

13.	 Cosmic Wall

Coming Soon (Almost done with the prototype)

14.	Final Chase

I found this by far the easiest gold beetle to find. 

As soon as you hit the second checkpoint, jump as high as you can. Land 
yourself on the gravity cylinder suspended high above the normal path. 
Jump to the next cylinder up ahead and run to the end of it. The gold 
beetle is waiting above you.

Last Side

Cannon's Core

Coming Soon (err... later.)

8.	Special Thanks

This section is for who I especially thank(obviously).

Zeromavhunter a.k.a. Singing Fish
New Noise Tank

All for wanting me to make it in the first place.

My computer - For without it, none of this could be possible.

My Dreamcast - Same reason as my computer. - For giving me a place to put the FAQ.

Sega - For creating Sonic The Hedgehog. 

9.	Legal Babble

This unpublished document Copyright 2001 Brandon Prager a.k.a. Moth366. 
This document is for use on and ONLY! 
Reproduction and distribution AND especially sale are not welcome here in 
ANY WAY. You may view it on, but if you see it anywhere else, 
be sure to inform me via e-mail at This document is for 
private or personal use ONLY. Any magazines, CDs, or basically anything 
else with this FAQ other than can and will be punished by