Zangief by sCruB

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  ZANGIEF AKA Gief, Beef, Charlie Brown (Good grief!)

1. Introduction
2. Normal Moves Analysis
3. Command Moves Analysis
4. Special Move Analysis
5. Super Analysis
6. Combos 
7. Gambits
8. Mega Zangief
9.  VS
10. Good Partners and helpers for Zang
11. Zangief in a nutshell 
12. Miscellaneous
Zangief is one of the more avoided characters in the game Marvel 
Vs Capcom, primarily because the nearly everybody in the game is 
overpowered (except for him), besides, there are lots of boring 
scrubs whoíve stuck to pixies throughout the entire crossover 
series. This FAQ is meant to help the few people who are tired of 
the pixies and CapComs get used to using the most enjoyable to use 
character in Marvel Vs Capcom.

Before you read this FAQ, please keep in mind a few things.

1. This FAQ was written by me with no intention to profit monetary 
wise. If I hear of it being sold by anybody, Iím going to be 
very pissed and I, um, will hate you very much. Scary, huh?

2. Marvel vs Capcom, Zangief and all Capcom characters are 
registered trademarks of Capcom. Ditto Marvel characters to 
Marvel. I have absolutely no affiliation with the above two 
companies. If you do decide to be a heartless bastard and sell 
my FAQ (I flatter myself, donít I?) you will have to answer to 


This is a list of the jargon I will be using in this FAQ.

P- Any punch
K- Any kick
LP- light punch
MP- middle punch
HP- heavy punch
LK- light kick
MK- middle kick
HK- heavy kick
PPP- Two or all three punches together, both are fine
KKK- Two or all kicks together

Joystick Commands: (numbers refer to computer keypad)(assuming 
player is on right, reverse if on left)
270- Turn the joystick in a 270 degree motion starting from 
anywhere, ending anywhere in a fluid motion. An example- 6321478. 
The essential Zangief motion. MASTER IT!

j. (as a prefix)- Jump towards your opponent and perform the   
c. (as a prefix)- crouch and perform the attack
sj.(as a prefix)- perform a super jump towards your opponent and 
    perform the attack.
(air)- move may be performed in the air
 /- buffer into, in other words, to cancel the previous attack by 
     performing the motion of the next one.
>- follow up with

Normal Moves

The only of Zangís moves worth doing constantly are his HP and HK. 
The rest suffer from poor range and damage and he can always use 
his command moves and special moves to gain priority. Since Zang 
is not Mr. Combo Lord, the LP, MP, LK and MK wouldnít see much 
action except in air combos.

LP- Zang does a weakish jab. Has poor damage, range and 

MP- Zang does a chop. Ho hum. The crouching version is his 
launcher but should not be used as an anti-air like other 
launchers because it stretches out from his body.

HP- Zang does a straight punch. Good damage but suffers from lag 
time and poor recovery. It usually better to cancel it with the 

LK- A short range kick.

MK- A kick similar to the light version. The crouching version is 
an okay poke because of itís range but this is MvC, not SF3 so and 
pixies can still punish you while youíre recovering.

HK- Zang does a roundhouse kick that does 2 hits when close. This 
move has good range an can be used as an air defence. When close, 
it lifts the opponent slightly allowing you to inflict more 
damage. More on this later.  

Command Moves

These are the most useful yet ignored part of Zangiefís arsenal. 
In general, they allow him to set up his combos and slams and even 
allow Zangief to quite literally get the drop on his opponents...

1. Swan dive- jump then 2+HP
Basically, Zangief does a swan dive, his chest spread liberally. 
This move has great priority (but loses to anti-airs and 
launchers). This moves biggest asset is the fact that it causes 
the opponent to reel but does not knock him far from Zang. Sets up 
most of his combos.

2.Knee dive- jump then 2+MK
Zang stretches both knees out. Similar to the swan dive, this is 
another combo starter. The only difference is that it leaves Zang 
even closer to the opponent but requires a little more accuracy to 

3.Elbow drop- 6+MP
Zang suddenly has his body take a horizontal position and 
stretches his elbow out before dropping down. Unlike the earlier 
2, this does not set up anything. Its main use is to suprise the 
opponent for a quick hit. It has a start up delay. This fakes most 
people out who will dash to attack Zang and get soundly elbowed 
instead. In the air, it is ok to Ďget the dropí on the opponent. 
Itís damage is quite pathetic though, and even though it pushes 
the opponent away and is relatively safe, pixies can dash while 
Zang is recovering and you can kiss half you life bar good bye... 
This moveís biggest use is itís psychological value. Knock and 
opponent with it at least twice in a row and I youíll get them so 
paranoid, theyíll be leaving themselves by blocking constantly or 
attempting to anti-air you (which you can block and 

Special Moves

Spinning Piledriver(SPD)(air)- 270+p

This is the MOST lethal attack in Zangiefís arsenal. A special 
throw, Zang performs a piledriver which spins and takes off one 
fifth of your opponents life. This move has been significantly 
weakened since MSF but its range has been somewhat increased. Can 
be tech hit out off but Iíve yet to meet an opponent who can do it 
100% of the time. The lighter punches will result in faster SPDís 
but less damage and vice versa. Use this move as a counter attack, 
a combo ender and a Ďserves you right for getting close to meí 

Spinning Lariat(SL)(air)- PPP or KKK

Zang spins around, his fists outstreched. This is another Zangief 
essential as it gives him priority and a is an excellent counter 
attack. Punch version is slower and lasts longer. Kick version is 
faster, ends faster and does not leave Zangs legs vulnerable which 
the punch version does. In, the kick version knocks the opponent 
very high up allowing for some serious combos. Do not overuse this 
move or youíll be kissed by a beam super. Use as an anti-air only.

Banishing Punch(BP)- DP+P

Also a Zang essential, Zangief spin so that his back faces the 
opponent his hand spinning along with him, catching green fire. 
This moves cancels all Zangs normal attacks and leaves him safe, 
even when blocked. It might be possible for a REALLY good pixie 
player to dash and combo you but chances are youíll block in time 
and punish him, more on punishing later. This move ticks into his 
SPD and FAB and even when it connects, leaves the opponent stunned 
just enough for you to pull an FAB or SPD just as they come out of 
block stun. Avoidable but hard to do so. Lighter punches will have 
a punch that comes out faster but inflicts less damage and reel 
time. Vice versa applies.

 The Flying Grab(FG)- DP+K

Zangief floats upwards. Heavy kick at a 45 degree and has good 
range. Light kicks goes almost vertically upwards and has short 
range. If his overides his opponent, as in his body, or at least 
his arm superimposes the opponent, his grabs the opponent and 
performs his punch air-slam. This move suffers from poor priority. 
A single heavy slash by Strider will leave Zang reeling. Can be 
used to get Zang closer to the enemy and is relatively safe if 
used that way. If you want to use it as and anti- air, it will 
only work against those who use light attacks and Ryu players who 
jump and throw fireballs and rarely anything else. Use it very 

Running Bear Grab(RBG)- HCF+K

Zangief lumbers forward and if  he touches the opponent will 
perform a powerbomb. If it connects close, he will do a flying 
suplex before the powerbomb. This moves activates the super 
armour. This moves serves two purposes. Firstly as and SPD 
substitute if you havenít got the 270 yet, less grab range than 
the SPD though. Secondly, it  serves as walking 
unblockable attack, which is just what it is. Which means, you use 
it just as your opponent is going to leave himself open to you. 
The best example for this use is just after you connect his HK 
close. This lifts the opponent slightly of the ground and if you 
follow with a RBG, you grab him just as he lands. Of course the 
FAB would be better... Performs this from far and get whacked big 
time. You deserve to be....


These supers use those little bars at the bottom of your side of 
the screen which say charge up as the fight proceeds. You start 
with one. Unlike other characterís, Zangís supers are not cheese 
fests and donít allow you to eat half your opponentís life in a 
combo (a real combo anyway) or after launching your opponent. They 
must be setup properly. So donít flail for a super the moment the 
opponent comes into range... 

The Final Atomic Buster(FAB)(1 level of meter)- 270+PPP
Zangief lumbers forward like in the RBG. If the get within SPD 
range, his grabs the opponent, performs 2 suplexes, a light SPD, 
then throws the opponent up and jumps after him, coming down with 
a final SPD. This move is THE super of the game. Once you get the 
270, you can cancel into the move easily and grab the poor sucka. 
It takes of 30% odd life on the lowest settings. As with the RBG 
and the SPD, you cannot such flail the moment you opponent comes 
within range and hope to grab. Set it up with a tick, grab Ďem 
just as they stop reeling or just as the opponent is in your face. 
Continuously rotating the controller after the grab connects 
causes Zang to turn red, inflicting around 5 more % of damage but 
looks so undignified. Combing your hair as Zang slams the opponent 
silly is so much better... Can you tell I just luv this super?

Iron Body(IB)(1 level)- RDP+LK

Activating this super causes Zang to taunt. Just as the taunt ends 
Zangís flesh turns to iron and blood vessels to wires. Heart to 
engine and you get the general idea. In this mode, Zang gains a 
new special, new super and loses one of each in return. He is now 
Mega Zangief (MZ). In this mode Zang cannot block but gets Mega 
armour. This means hitting him will not cause him to reel but 
slows  him down slightly. Moves do considerably less damage on him 
and spazz supers (Final Justice, Max Spider) donít get beyond the 
first hit. He is much slower, jumps slightly lower, and if Zangís 
dash was bad, this guyís is a virtual death trap for himself. 
Needless to say beams supers and the like are totally devastating 
to him. DO NOT PLAY HIM LIKE YOU WOULD ZANGIEF!!! See the tactics 
section on how to play him effectively. He loses the BP and the 
UAB but gains the Siberian blast and blizzard. Do the motion to 
change to normal Zang again at the cost of another level. Oh yes, 
if you get hit while morphing into MZ and the taunt gets 
interrupted, you do not morph. However, since MZ does not reel, 
this does not apply when switching back to normal Zang.

Siberian Blast(SB)- HCF+P

Zang huffs and puffs and blows out a blast of flame suspiciously 
resembling Dhalsimís Yoga Flame in the crossover series but is 
blue in colour. If it hits, it will juggle 2- 3  times. Damage is 
ok and is used to whack beams super fellows from a far and play 
keep away (but why would want to do that with the SPD?). Will 
trade hits with jump-in and since you have armour, you come of 
better (but why would you want  to do that with the SPD?). Its use 
is rather specialized (Wolvie teleporting away from you? Wolvie 
constantly throwing fierces to knock you away? Anticipate a beam 
super?) thus it must not be overused. Sometimes, it is more of a 
liability than a help since itís similiar motion  and poor 
detection by the machine will result in you pulling it off instead 
of the SPD occasionally and will result in major damage to you if 
the opponent avoids it since they can you a running dash to combo 
you without being hit, jump behind you and.... You get the general 
idea. Iím not saying this move suxs, it doesnít but must be used 

Siberian Blizzard(SBZ)(1 level)- 270+KKK

Zang does a vertical spinning lariat setting the opponent on blue 
flames. Has a vacuum effect and is not unlike Kenís shinryuken. Ho 
hum. It is a semi-effective air defense though and is comboable 
and since Zang lands first after it... More in the gambits 

Ultra Atomic Buster(UAB)(3 Levels)- 270+KKK

This move can only be done in normal Zang mode for the simple 
reason that in MZ mode he does the Blizzard. When I first heard 
that Zang would be getting a level 3 super, I was so excited. The 
UAB, however is a sad disappointment. Zang reaches out directly in 
front of him. If he grabs, he does a power bomb, 2 suplexes then a 
SPD. It takes of a disappointing 60% life considering itís poor 
range and the 3 levels it eats. Damage can be increased the same 
way you do for an FAB. Generally, avoid in real competition and 
use it only for impressing scrubs...

Team Supers(2 levels)- QCF+P+K
Like Captain America, Zangief has 2 different team supers. When he 
is called in or when he starts the teams super more than 1/2 a 
screen away from the opponent, he does the Super Lariat, which 
cannot be done normally but is created for the team super for the 
sake of fairness (Imagine Zang FABing the opponent while he is 
blocking a Shinkuu). This move is okayish and does good chipping 
damage but unless itís a desperate fight where chipping counts 
itís much more worth your 2 levels to do the double final atomic 
buster(DFAB). This comes to effect when Zang is the one starting 
the super and he is close to the opponent. Zangief walks forward, 
his partner coming from the opposite side. If they connect they 
perform a single piledriver that super jumps and takes off 50% of 
the opponents life. Unlike the RBG or FAB the DFAB moves 
reasonable fast and can be used to counter blocked Maximum 
Spiders, and blocked ground-based attacks which have reasonable 
recovery time. Use it with reasonable disgression. For example, 
donít try to DFAB a Wolverine with a super meter or youíll be 
eating a Berserker Barrage X, EVEN if youíve just blocked a c.HK.  
Also keep in mind that IF successful, Zang will switch after 
slamming the opponent. This is a good safe way to switch safely. 
The DFAB does more damage if youíve got stronger teammates.

COMBOS (more to come)

Zang is not exactly Mr. Combo Machine but a simple 5 hitter takes 
of a lot considering he is the 2nd strongest character in the game 
next to Hulk.

Easy Combos

1.jpin 2+HP or 2+MK> c.MP (launch)> j.LP> j.MP> j.HP
2.jpin 2+HP or 2+MK> c.HP/ BP
3. MP/ SL
4. RH (close, 2 hit)> Light FG/ Siberian Blizzard 

Intermediate Combos

1. jpin 2+HP or 2+MK> c.MP (launch)> j.LP> j.MK> SL (kick 
version)> you land  before opponent, as he comes down, RH (2 
hits)> Light FG or Siberian Blizzard
2. jpin 2+HP or 2+MK> c.MP (launch)/ Siberian Blast
3. jpin 2+HP or 2+MK> c.MP (launch)> j.LP> j.MK> j.light SPD
This combo is short does ok damage but is darn hard to connect. 
Iíve only done it once but ending with a HP SPD. According to 
Banshee, using a j.LK instead of a j.LP makes the SPD much easier 
to connect. Also, this is the only Ďtrueí combo as far as I know 
that will land an SPD.

As you can see, Zangiefís combos are pretty much the same. This, 
does not mean he must be predictable to land good damage. Most 
players will find themselves relying on Zangs wide range of  
gambits to win...


Here are mainly the ways to attack Zangief as well as dealing out 
the most damage per sortie you make.

Juming in and Tagging That Slam:
Zangief can be played very offensively, especially with the aerial 
command moves. Jumping in for combos is simply the most damaging 
and a very affective way to play with him. When jumping in, 
remember his ďBig ThreeĒ and know when to use them. The j.HP does 
incredible damge but pushes the opponents away quite a bit so is  
best used against big guys like Hulk. Conversely, the diving knee 
lets you get the most out of any opening you get on pixies. The 
swan dive is a good balance betwwen the two and also has good 
priority for ariel duos. If you found Zangís combos pretty short 
and lacking in damage, itís because itís usually quite easy to tag 
and FAB, SPD or RBG at the end of them. For example, after doing 
the 2nd Ďeasyí combo listed in the FAQ, pulling of an FAB or SPD 
will usually connect just as opponent comes out of reel time since 
they wouldnít jump after being whacked and attempt a counter 
attack. You can setup such slams easily if youíve got the 270 
master. For example, c.HP/ FAB will usually connect, grabbing the 
opponent out of block stun. The ending combos with the BP will 
also allow you to tick into the SPD and FAB if blocked, grabbing 
Ďem just as they get out of block stun. Doing this constantly will 
make you a very dangerous because of the sheer damage you do. 
Creativity helps. Besides those mentioned above ,try these:
1. RH(2 hit)/ FAB or RBG. Here, Zang reaches them just as they 
2. (With MZ) Siberian Blizzard when the opponents in the corner> 
you land first> FAB/  RBG as they fall. This has been confirmed by 

The Flying Turtle:
As the name suggest, you play an aerial defensive game which you 
will be used to employ against you Ryu clones and Capcoms who try 
to play keep away. Jump forward, and block their anti-air. Once 
you land you can do a few things:
1. FAB, RBG or DFAB. Strictly only if the opponent used an anti-
air which left him wide open like the heavy DP. Otherwise, forget 
it unless you want to whiff or in the worse cases get whacked. 
2. The BP. This is your best choice. The BP covers good distance. 
If you are not that close, itís advisable to use the fierce punch 
or forget about it. The point of the BP is to gain distance safely 
and to allow you to tick into a SPD or FAB. Thus, try to make sure 
it connects, even if blocked since an opponent not in blockstun 
can combo half your life off while youíre recovering. 
3. Taunt. Purely for psychological purpose. This will force the 
opponent  to come out of his shell. Also note that unless youíre 
fighting a good opponent, youíll probably eat a quick dash-in 
combo so use with disgression.
4. Switch out. This is a tactic listed on Marvel Vs Capcom, The 
Site. However, all red life your partner has disappears 
immediately. The damage done is pathetic, and you canít combo 
anything of it, so watch it...
The  Slamminí Turtle:
This gambit is basically used against pixies. When you block an 
opponent combo and leave him open in front of you, IMMEDIATELY 
pull of an SPD of FAB. Example, Wolverine dasheses in for a 
crouching zig-zag, you block all hits and pull the 270 and hit P 
just after you block his c.HK. Geddit? You should cancel your 
block stun and grab the recovering opponent. Dangerous but 
effective, this is hard to pull of with 100% efficiency but can be 
very unnerving for an opponent. Keep in mind that Urosburos makes 
Strider neigh invulnerable and Wolvies can cancel out of their 
recovery time anytime they are on the ground with the Barrage X. 
For this purpose, do not use RGB as it has poorer grab range. If 
you need breathing space, the SL will knock opponents away. Make 
sure it hits though (i.e. use it on jumping attacking opponents). 
Again, if the opponentís combo leaves him quite far from you, use 
the BP to get close and tick. If you cannot do this, just push 
block then BP into SPD. Another variationis to push block as they 
start their combo allowing you to BP and punish them just as their 
combo ends. 

The Wake Up Call:
When youíve got the opponent on the ground (e.g. SL with opponent 
in  corner, after an SPD) you might want to consider occasionally 
trying a wake up slam. Basically, you just do a RBG or FAB and 
time it so that you reach the opponent just as he gets up. It IS 
escapable even when youíve timed it very well but if say an 
opponent tries to jump away a well-timed one, his feet will 
suddenly feel like molasses and heís nailed ala Cyber Goukiís 
infamous Shining Gou Shock. This is especially good against 
rollers since they can be slammed. Most people, however can escape 
this with a well times quick super (e.g Barrage X, Rush Drill, 
Shinshoryuken). Even better is that you can wake them up with a 
tick like the BP and slam them.  

Generally, playing with Zangief only one of the above mentioned 
gambits will result in death. It would take good coordination of 
the 4 to get a convincing win over the harder opponents. Switching 
between an aerial turtle and aerial killer is a good idea since 
characters like Chun, Capcom and Warmachine will try to launch you 
and kill off half your life. Master the SPD motion and canceling 
you Hps with the BP and then into an SPD to do maximum damage, 
both when ticking and when punishing. Also, bear in mind that 
there are  occasions where switching to MZ might just be the best 

Mega Zangief

The most important thing is to think of MZ as what he is, a super 
who gives Zang added flexibility. He is not a character in his own 
right and should not played like one. But do not keep on switching 
between the 2 like an idiot. Remember, you only have ONE 

The Iron Body-
Getting the Iron Body means you should play like you have one and 
continuously advance (by super jumping) and going for SPDs and 
FABs and interrupting combos with  SPDs. You must keep in mind 
that this is the only true way to play with MZ. Do not overuse the 
SB. Iíve explained itís uses already and using it any other way is 
simply inefficient and Zang will come out the worse in terms of 
damage. The Lariat is used to knock away character who play mid 
range keep away (i.e Wolverine), not an anti-air (you simply SPD 
the opponent when he lands. Also remember that the SPD does not do 
the damage it used to be and you must interrupt combos quickly if 
you want to come out the better. You can also consider 
interrupting combos with the SBZ for good damage since they can 
the FAB away. Character you should not do the Iron Body when 
fighting are obvious- Megaman, Morrigan and suprisingly, Strider. 


I havenít played against good players of many characters so Iíll 
just list the major ones.

Ryu- There are many types of Ryuís. The combos kings who dash in 
for combos constantly, the turtles who throw fireballs and anti-
air constantly, and the comboing turtles who launch you the moment 
you jump at them. The first type will be constantly dashing in try 
to launch you. Just block and use the BP to tick into SPD when 
they leave themselves open. A good Ryu can keep the pressure by 
mixing overheads, sweeps and constantly dashing in with shorts. 
You can try using the light BP or you can try jumping vertically 
as they dash. They will try to launch you. Just air-block. If Ryu 
stops attacking and walks towards you, throw him or get ready to 
tech. The turtles can be defeated using the Flying Turtle method. 
FG can also be used to get close. Watch out though since it leaves 
you vulnerable. Comboing turtles are similiar to their scrubbier 
counter parts except getting launched can be very painful. Turning 
into MZ can work well against all three but watch out for the 
Shinkuus and try to reach them in one super jump. Gouki mode and 
Ken mode are generally faster but arenít very much different. 
Super jump over air-fireballers and Swan dive them. Also, the 
Reppa means he can punish even a BP so play carefully.

Wolverine- Play him like you would a combo happy Ryu. Except that 
you have to really watch out for when he starts walking towards 
you to throw. ĎGoodí Wolverines (really ultimate losers) can eat 
up half your life the moment you let them connect a short. If 
youíre turtling low, they can also suddenly do a regular jump then 
dive into a Fatal Claw so be prepared to slam the punches and SL 
him. In all, play a slamming turtle but counter only when heís 
open. Also, the push block will be an invaluable ability since you 
can push him away and BP him. If given the chance, use the flying 
turtle. Itís always better to be on the offensive. Switching to MZ 
is fine but do it only after knocking him down (most Wolvies like 
to jump in so SL and morph with impunity). Also watch out so that 
the flame doesnít come out at the wrong time or he can crouch 
combo you without getting singed. Once in MZ mode, jump in like 
crazy and deal with the Barrage X with the SBZ or an FAB! Just 
donít let down or you wouldnít damage him enough to break even.

Spiderman- This one is a cinch. Two words, Iron Body. Spidey can 
only do two things. 
1. Try to continuously jump and hope to keep you away with the web 
ball. No problem, just keep jumping with the fierce. Whack him if 
he air dashes.

2. Attempt to use his normal attacks long range to keep you at bay 
with lots of ticking attacks. Just use the lariat or better still, 
the SBZ when he attacks. SPD and FAB should work since they have 
excellent grab rage (2- 3 inches) though you must have good timing 
since a good Spidey can combo you without getting in front of you. 

3. Crawler Assault. SL, SB or SBZ. ĎNuff said.

Strider Hiryu- Basically, play him like you would Wolvie except 
for a few differences. Firstly, his sword gives him good range and 
priority so the SL is not too effective against jump-in. The 
flying turtle works well since all Striders will try to launch you 
and his launcher takes a bit of recovery and does not knock you 
very far. DO NOT TURN INTO MEGA ZANGIEF! The SB does not stop the 
Legion and Urosburos... Just use normal Zang. Strider, like Wolvie 
does not often leave himself open very much. Punish him when he 

Hulk- Zangís easiest. Just mix between offensive jumping and 
offensive turtling (watch for his launcher... he recovers slowly 
from it and if you air- block it, FAB him!!). Due to his size, 
itís very easy to follow even a jumping fierce with a combo into 
SPD or FAB. If he takes to the skyís, you j.FP should beat him 
since his attacks are primarily for air to ground. Donít let him 
combo you or you might eat a Gamma Quake. He canít if you keep him 
on the defence anyway, heh, heh. Tick, combo, tick and victory is 

Morrigan/ Lillith- Tricky. She can play offensive and super 
turtle. Play her, er, deal with her like you would Ryu in Ken or 
Gouki mode. Turning into MZ should work but again try to reach her 
in one jump and she canít Soul Laser you. If she tries the air 
fireballs, deal with her the same way you would Spidey. Sheís got 
a trickier air-dash but that shouldnít be a problem. Super jump 
the Eternal Slumber.

Captain Chee, er, Commando- Capcom players go either for combos or 
turtling. Much like very specialized Ryu players. Against the 
first, play defensively. If they go for the launcher, block 
(believe me, you donít want to be launched) and go straight for 
the FAB since Capcomís launcher leaves him vulnerable. If he goes 
for a ground combo, push block then punish the minute he is open. 
Same goes for Cap Corridor ground combos which are safe but can be 
punished with BPís. Against turtlers, use the flying turtle. 
Corridor recovery is longer than it seems. Donít even think of 
going full offensive. I havenít tried yet but theoretically, MZ 
should be very effective against this guy. Just keep going in for 
the SPD.

Gambit- Again, similiar to Ryu. Except you donít want to be 
tripped since Gambit has got a million ways to otg you. You could 
go all out on the offence but watch out for the launcher. Also, 
his kinetic cards do lots of damage to MZ so you might want to 
take to do a double take before switching. Donít allow yourself to 
get thrown since he can otg you after that.

Jin- Jinís biggest strength is his priority. Good Jin players will 
constantly be keeping the pressure on you hoping to catch you with 
a Blodia punch combo. If he foot drills you, push block. This 
should also last to push against the Dynamite that a decent Jin 
player will tag at the end, allowing you to catch him with his 
pants down. Literally. If he tries to barrage you with his jump 
attacks, you could play slamminí turtle which should work because 
of his recovery. SL will at least trade hits and give you some 
breathing space. Most important, donít allow him to constantly 
pressure you. Push, SL, SPD when youíve got the chance. MZ would 
work pretty well. Jump straight at him. If he tries to cheese you 
with the Vulcan, walk in. You wouldnít take much damage, and the 
moment he is out of the mech, FAB him.

Zangief- Ooohh, this is VERY fun. All I can say is play offensive 
like you would against Hulk. Have fun trying to tick each other. 
In the end, he who can mix Flying Turtle and Mr. Offensive the 
best will come in victorious. If you have two MZs... Heh, heh.

Megaman/ Roll- MM has no seriously good anti-air so you can play 
offensive. Watch out for the Hyper MM though. Do not play turtle. 
Your jump- ins REALLY can bank on the length (or lack of it) of 
his limbs by playing offensive. His height means that wake up FABs 
can catch him quite easily (watch out for Rush Drill). Contrary to 
popular belief, morphing to MZ is not necessary a death wish but 
watch out for the drill. FG to get out of itís way if you have to. 
Roll is just an easier MM with a better anti- air which does next 
to zilch damage. 

Venom/ Red Venom- Nice big fellow. Play offensive like you would 
against Zang but throw in the air block occasionally Ďcos his ACs 
hurt. His aerial moves have good priority but your FP will beat 
him if he takes to the air. Donít flail with the SL since youíll 
just be inviting a web coffin. Punish the Venom Fang with the BP 
tick. Again, MZ works well. SL the Venom Fang or FAB him at the 
end of it. Jump in and attack continuously for Red Venom. You j.FP 
should trade with his launcher, but only if timed properly (i.e- 
released when closed).

Warmachine- Play him like you would Capcom when it comes to 
turtling. You donít want to get launched. SL the diving knee. If 
he throws Smart bombs first, push block and suddenly his Ďsafeí 
jump-in wouldnít be very safe when you cancel the block with a SL. 
When you anticipate a soldier beam, jump in and punish him. MZ IS 

 Chun-Li/ Shadow Lady- Very dangerous. Your hardest fight (she 
seems to be that way for everybody doesnít she?). Your best bet is 
the Flying Turtle. BP into SPD when you land. DO NOT JUMP IN TO 
ATTACK UNLESS SHEíS OPEN. Against a decent Chun player, this will 
allow her to eat half your life. Donít turtle, she can overhead 
and throw you with impunity, and since she has got two supers that 
otg so you wouldnít want to get knocked down. If the opponent 
throws the infinity, you can either wait for it to end then fight 
trying to not get caught in it or you can play another machine, 
letting the bas**** rot and play against the computer his whole 
life. The Thousand Burst Kick acts as a long range Reppa, so you 
donít want to doing things that will leave you open, even from far 
(e.g SLing from far, pulling a c.RH for no good reason...) Her 
Bubble super means MZ will just die against her. You also wouldnít 
want to use the FG to get near her with normal Zang. Ditto Shadow 

Captain America- Play him like you would get against Ryu except 
with a few differences. Capís got both priority and speed.  His 
launcher is not too effective as an anti-air so it wouldnít hurt 
to mix up offense and Flying Turtle especially since the Stars and 
Stripes leaves him open for a quick c.HP/ BP combo into an SPD. MZ 
should be okay, just super jump when he does the Hyper Charging 
Stars and SL or SBZ the Hyper Stars and Stripes. Block his dash in 
combos since he can tag a super at the end of it then punish ala 
Slammin Turtle.

Helpers and Teammates for Zang


Captain America: My favourite! I call them Hands Across the Iron 
Curtain since they represent two total different ideologies across 
the Atlantic. Anyway, Both of these guys are VERY strong, which 
means your opponent will be taking lots of damage no matter which 
member you are using. Cap also has the keep away capabilities Zang 
lacks and their DFAB just kills. Also, Cap can combo supers making 
him extremely dangerous if you know how to use him.

War- Machine: Again, War- Machineís keep away abilities compliment 
Zangís close range ones. Also, I you know how to play WM properly 
(i.e. Combo Machine) you can also use him to do some serious 
damage while Zangs rests, especially since he can combo the 

Chun- Li: Chun Li has speed, and priority, making her an excellent 
teammate for anybody. The only problem is that she is too easy to 
use and stands along, even above the likes of Wolverine and 
Strider as the cheapass pixies of the game. 

Megaman and Captain Commando should also be good teammates for 
Zangief but I havenít tried them with Zangief before, I think. 
Still, you could try.

Characters to avoid: Jin and Roll. These 2 are generally, like 
Zangief and take extra effort to play well with. So unless you 
have confidence  in your skills with them (i.e. can combo the 
Blodia Punch and Rush Drill consistently) avoid them.


Generally,  the best helpers for Zangief are those who barrage 
their opponent over a short period of time. These are the best 
In order of best to okay- Unknown Soldier, Lou, Saki, Michelle 
Hart and Arthur. These guys allow you to trap the enemy as they 
constantly barrage him, giving you some breathing space. Also, can 
you say FAB while they are blocking... The codes  to access them 
can be obtained at Marvel vs Capcom, The Site, its address is at 
the end of this FAQ.
Of couse evergreens such as Colossus, Juggie and such are still 
good but since Zang does not have the means to whack the opponent 
while theyare being hit by them (except in the corner) they just 
arenít as useful as they would be for other characters.

And generally people with projectiles.
Zangief in a Nutshell 

Launcher- c.MP
Ground Magic- None, so buffer to do combos
Air Magic- Stronger
S.Jump Magic- Stronger
Throws- HP (air), MP*
Grabs- HK
Dash- PPP+ Forward or 66. Zangs dash is exceedingly slow. Itís 
only saving grace is that he will have the opponent in a hold if 
he connects during the dash. The hold can be followed with any of 
his normal slams. Cute but impractical.
*The MP throw throws the guy way up. When he comes down, he can 
block, and thus can be slammed. Pulling of an FAB here would 
connect most of the time. Even harder for opponents to escape when 
you are MZ.

Ending- Zangief walks up to Blodia (Jinís mech) who looks like he 
has no driver controlling him.

Zang- Hey Red Robot, Wanna fight? 

Blodia- ...

Zang- (Switches to MZ) Grrrr... Iím the Red Cyclone! (Approaches 

Screen shows a globe with a mushroom cloud sticking out...


Honorable Mention: 

Migs- If you didnít get this FAQ at his page, his is simply one of 
the better MvC Sites out there, Marvel Vs Capcom, the Site run by 
its ever friendly webmaster, Migs Rustia. Most of my combos were 
taken from there. Thanks Migs.

The guys at Migís message board, especially Banshee and Kei who 
gave me little bits of advice on the board.

MvC FAQ writers. In case you didnít realise, a lot of my anti- 
character strats are tactics I concieved to deal with the anti- 
Zang strats you write your FAQs! 

And of course you if you actually spent that 100th of the amount 
of time I used to create this FAQ during my exam period! (Hint)

Sites worth your time:
Marvel Vs Capcom: The Site- As mentioned above, this page is 

The Game Faqs Archive, many very useful FAQs,

The Arcade Games Page. A great page on arcade games in general. 
Currently, its webmaster, Lancer is busy with the real world, so 
no updates. Nevertheless, still a great page.

This FAQ is proudly made in Singapore and written by sCruB. I can 
be reached at or better yet at Migís