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I  - Basic Game System
II - Assistance Characters
III- Who Is The Last Boss
IV - Beta Testing Results
V  - Moves List
VI - Author's Notes


Controller moves-

Front- Walk
Back- Walk Back, Guard
Down- Duck
Up- Jump

Front x 2- Front Dash
Back x 2- Back Dash
Down, Up (quickly)- Super Jump


Button Moves-

PPP- Dash, Advancing guard (only when guarding), starter select (only
before match begins)
KKK- Super Jump


Variable Assist
Mid P + K

As long as there are stocks left, a third character can come out to assist
the player.


Variable Change
Fierce P + K

The fighting member can be changed.
Whoever is not fighting can regain their life bar up to the red point.


Variable Combo
QCF + Fierce P + K (Lv.2)

Both members of the team can do their hyper combos together.
The fighting member swtiches after this has been done.


Variable Cross
QCB + Fierce P + K (Lv.2)

When Having More than 2 power stocks, both team members can appear on the
screen to fight against the opponent for a limited time (a time meter will
appear above the power bar). When this is done, both characters will be
controlled at the same time with the same controller, and an unlimited
number of super combos can be done.


Down Roll
QC from back to down + P

When falling down from an attack, the character can escape from some
further attacks by rolling away.


Variable Counter
QC from back to down + P (Lv.1)

Can attack from guarding. Takes away a power bar.


Auto Aerial Rave
Weak P + K

Works only on easy mode.


Assistance Characters

                             Capcom Characters

 Unknown Soldier                      Lou
 [Forgotten World]                    [Chariot]
 Shoots out a number of beams.        Little elf, shoots out Arrows

 Tia                                  [Vampire Hunter, MSH]
 [Capcom Mascot]                      Rotates a number of objects around
 Drops Dices from the air.            herself as she walks forward. Acts
                                      like a barrier.

 Michelle Heart                       Aurther
 [Wings of Ales]                      [Ghosts N' Goblins]
 Shoots out beams in about 3 forward  Shoots out 3 spears horizontally.
 directions.                          Loses armor and gets half naked if

 [Nigiirochou no Kiseki]              Ton-Fu
 Shoots out lazer. Check The          [Strider Hiryu]
 Appetizer section for info on game.  Jumps in middle of the screen and
                                      does a long range kick.

 Devirod & Gang
 Comes out in a mechanical robot but
 self destructs in explosion by
 accident. Works as a land mine.


                             Marvel Characters

 Psylocke                             Ice-man
 [X-men]                              [X-men]
 Does her old super X' .              Drops a number of ice blocks from
                                      the air, front to back.

 Cyclops                              Storm
 [X-men]                              [X-men]
 Not Confirmed.                       Shoots out Hurricane

 Jubilee                              Rogue
 [X-men]                              [X-men]
 Shoots oyt energy balls (starts out  Jumps in middle of screen and does
 slow but has wide range), then pops  rapid vertical punches upwards out
 her bubblegum and leaves.            of the screen.

 Juggarnaught                         Colossus
 [X-men]                              [X-men]
 Does a weak Juggeanaut Headbutt.     Does a Body Tackle.

 Magneto                              Thor
 [X-men]                              [Marvel]
 Shoots out EM Destruptor.            Shoots out Lazer.

 Does a Charging Star.


Who Is The Last Boss?

The Last boss is Onslaught from the X-men series. For those of you who do
not know Onslught, he is the creation of Professer X and Magneto's
weaknesses in their hearts. It took about half of the lives of all the
Marvel's characters to beat onslught (this took place in Central Park of
New York, my ol' hometown), including characters such as Dr.Doom and Hulk.
Spiderman was one of the few who were lucky enough to survive.
In this game, Onbslaught comes in 2 forms:

Level 1 Form
About 1/3 the size of the screen. Fights using special moves similar to
Magneto back in the X-men game. This means gigantic ShockWaves, quadruple
unguardable Hypergrabs with strong homing, and Magnetic Tempest with high
tick damage. He also has a sinku-hadoken like move which is double the
size, and also a dash attack with multiple hits. Onslaught cannot guard,
but he tends to teleport in the middle of getting hit multiple times.

Level 2 Form
About the size of the full screen. Very similar to Apocalypse in the sense
that only his upper half of the body fits in the screen and he cannot
guard, but Onslaught is much more agile and flys around the whole stage,
and he does not always have his hand on the ground- thus hitting him is not
as easy. There are no helper sattelites but each of his attacks takes away
lots of energy even upon guards. When beaten, professer X' lies where
Onslaught was beaten, all ripped and bruised.


          "Howlin Mad'"  Henry Moriarty's Beta testing report on
                              Marvel VS Capcom

  Since I am quite the pessimistic one and don't always trust the crock I
hear from others, I just had to check out Capcom's latest installation to
their "Vs" series, Marvel VS Capcom with my own eyes. Yes it was good, and
here's the lowdown on it. By the way this report is to be read in
conjunction to the Perfect Player's Guide, since one fills in details for
the other.

  It was on January that I've played the beta. It's late considering that
the game was already out in LA back in October, which makes me speculate
that Capcom actually gets more income from the States than they do in Japan
so that they're fixing the game in American interest.
  Anythus there were not many people lining up to do the beta testing.
Actually there was no lines whatsoever, which is distinctly different from
the time I went out to beta "The Last Blade", as it was in the same

The Basics

  After inserting a credit and pressing start you see the usual character
select screen, where you get to select from a range of 15 characters. After
that you get to pick your assistant character out of a selection of 20, but
this is done in a random cursor roulette style -this means that if you were
good enough to always get identical characters back in X-men VS Street
Fighter, you will always be able to get the assistance character that you
like in this game as well. Also, the assistance character does not stay the
same throughout the whole game-- you must reselect after each match,
including times when you are interrupted by a human player. It doesn't
matter if you are using a Capcom character or a Marvel character, you will
able to get an assistance character from any side- it has nothing to do.
Other things you set up are the usual normal/easy mode and the speed of the

  Each match in the game starts out with one level of the meter already
pumped up. I speculate the reason to this is that some players would like
to do mode changes on characters as soon as the game starts- more on this
later. At the start of the match each player has 7 stocks of assistance-
these stocks does not go up, even if a partner dies. This assistance is
basically done in the same way as in M'vsST' : medium punch + kick. But as
mentioned before it is a special character which does the assist, and the
normal partner does not come out in M'vsC to do the assistance (the partner
will come out in the variable combo and the double-up attack so don't
worry). The Assistance is actually very useful and each are unique, having
different uses. For instance Psylocke's assist hits multiple times but goes
only horizontal on the ground, making it very useful for the player to jump
at the opponent, whileas Tia's attack is dices from the air, being
effective against opponents that jump a lot. here is a list of the
characters I can remember-

Unknown Soldier [Forgotten World]- Shoots out a number of beams.
Lou [Chariot]- Little elf, shoots out Arrows horizontally.
Psylocke [X-men]- Does her old super X' .
Tia [Capcom Mascot]- Drops Dices from the air.
Anita [Vampire Hunter, MSH]- Rotates a number of objects around herself as
she walks forward. Acts like a barrier.
Ice-man [X-men] - Drops a number of ice blocks from the air, front to back.

Cyclops [X-men]- ???
Michelle Heart [???]- Shoots out beams in about 3 forward directions.
Arthur- Shoots out 3 spears horizontally. Loese armor and gets half naked
if attacked.
??? [Nigiirochou no Kiseki] -Character from a Japanese Quiz game (check out
appetizers for more info). Shoots out laser.
Thor [Marvel]- Shoots out Laser.
Storm [X-men]- Shoots out Hurricane
Jubilee [X-men]- Shoots out energy balls (starts out slow but has wide
range), then pops her bubblegum and leaves.
Rogue [X-men]- Jumps in middle of screen and does rapid vertical punches
upwards out of the screen.
Juggernaut [X-men]- Does a weaker Juggernaut Headbutt.
Colossus [X-men]- Body Tackle.
USAgent [Marvel]- Charging Star.

The whole list should be up in the Perfect Player's Guide since I've
diecided to make one for this game.

  So what else is new in this game? The new variable cross system of
course. When the player has 2 pow meters, both members can be put in the
screen at once to beat the crap out of the opponent, literally. I say this
because as long as the time limit doesn't run out and the character becomes
alone (or if one of the character miraculously dies), they can use their
super moves infinitely. I myself was able to beat many challengers thanks
to this system-  it shouldn't be effective once people learn to actually
guard. One of the problems that this system has is that the player must
control both characters at the same time, so if both the characters are not
on the same side of the screen, it may be confusing as hell. But most
people I have seen playing the game did not bother to worry about it.

  The lag time when the partners are changed has been greatly decreased, so
there is not as much worry of being the crap beaten out after switching in
tight situations.


  Almost each character in the game has some kind of specialty. One of the
interesting one is Ryu's, who now has learned to be like Sakura and mimic
the hell out of other shodokan characters. That's right, now Ryu can fight
like Ken and Akuma by changing "modes".  When he's Ken, Ryu's costume turns
red and he can do Ken's kicks and other moves- his Hadouken only goes a
limited length too. I'm sure that he has all of Ken's supers. When he's
Akuma he looks a bit like Evil Ryu and he can shoot out fireballs in the
air, do all of Akuma's Supers including the raging Demon. Ryu can change
modes whenever he wants to, as long as he has a stock of power.

  Now here are info on the other characters--

Good ol' Chun-li. Doesn't seem to have changed much except that she can
easily be countered after her dash n' kick super combo.

Man has his Screw degraded! It takes of very small damage and the same goes
with his super screw. He can change mode to his mech Zangief form, where he
won't even budge when he's attacked (but he can't guard either).

She's totally gone Shodokan. Basically another Ryu/Akuma type character, as
she can shoot from the air, from the ground and has an uppercut. She has
two new supers, one where her bats turn into a laser cannon and she shoots
out a super hadou-ken, and another where she summons out Lilith to do a
multi-uppercut. Players of Vampire Savior should have no problems adopting
to her. Morrigan seems to be merged with Lilith as they form in to each
other in the beginning of the round and Lilith appears in taunts. Her new
victory pose is a bit ecchy, as she wears a bondage type costume and has
lilith tied by her hands.

Captain Commando
His appearance is very cool- comes out as a business man (1P) or a cowboy
(2P) and transforms into his super costume as he puts oh his glasses. He
has a flame thrower which is similar to a short range projectile, he has
multi-air kicks similar to Dan's, and he has a anti-air attack where he
hits the ground and an energy blast comes out upwards (kind of like
GingisKarn from World Heroes, or Heavy D! from KoF94'). CapCom' can also
call out for his friends in 3 moves, one of them a normal special and the
others as supers. In one super he shoots out a laser beam and slices the
opponent from top to bottm (like a huge light saber from Star Wars ), and
in the other he dashes forward, and if he makes a hit, does a rush combo
with his three friends Genity, Hoover and Sho.

Known as Megaman in the States. A bit bigger than on the NES but still
dinky compared to the other characters in modern fighting games. Rockman
his his dog with him all the time (which by the way is always sticking its
tongue out) and can make it shoot out items. When Rockman gets hold of the
item (if he misses it just stays on the floor like in action games), he can
use it as a special move. Of course the item is from previous Rockman
games- for instance he can use the leaf barrier. Also, Rockman can make his
dog attack like Galford form SNK's Samurai Shodown. In one of his supers,
Rockman turns to the size of half the screen and shoots out a number of
missiles. In another Super, he he goes into a drill machine and
drills/ticks the opponent to death.

Strider Hiryu
Although I do not know the original game that well, strider still uses his
sword as his main attack, and even slices in a couple of his specials. He
can call out his mechanical Leopard to attack, and he also has a super
where he can call out a hideous number of them mechanical animals. The
super move "ragnarock" turned out to be a semi-land throw, where Strider
dashes to the opponent like Cap' America's Final Justice and if it hits, he
does the rest. Although I hoped strider to be as tricky as Rolento, he
seems to be more of a standard character. No hoe does not have any
projectiles but his sword lets him have middle range. He can hang on to the
edge of the screen (seems like his hover is there) and he has a special
where three images of himself jump up, and one of them attacks back down.

Jin Saotome
He is the "must use" of this game. If you are tired of the same old serious
fighters and also of stupid characters like Dan, then Jin is definitely
your choice. Jin is not a fighting game character but does his best to win,
meaning that he uses all his might to the match. He will spin around so
much that nothing can be seen except his face (with dizzy looking eyes), he
will take off his cloths and use it to attack the opponent, he will leg
tackle the opponent like SF3's Sean and then roll them all around the
screen, and he will even call out for his robot have it annihilate the
opponent. Having the same kind of craziness as Ralf from the King Of
Fighters series, Jin's moves do not have in consideration such thing as
"recover time" and lots of it has burning flames. Doing chain combos on the
ground? Don't really think about it- all his normal moves on the grounds
except for the weak attacks are so unique from other character sthat they
are not to be comboed- only aerial raves. For instance is fierce punch is a
dashing flaming straight that does not look like a normal move, his fierce
kicks are flaming drills, his middle kick is a Dan- like multiple air kick
combo, etc. His throws are interesting- in one he goes on top of the
opponent who is laying on the ground and beats them, and in the other he
throws the opponent and calls his robot to punch them. He also calls his
robot in his supers, one where the robot punches the opponent and another
where Jin jumps out the screen, the robot shoots the crap out of the
opponent, and the robot's control panel actually comes out in front of the
screen. There is also another Super where Jin turns into a gigantic
Jin also powers up in hard situations- this seems to give him more power,
more defense and a super armor. Although the situation for this is unclear,
it seems to be when the partner is beaten and  he comes out to fight with
low energy.

Captain America
Not much different from before.

Not much different from before, and not many people picked him.

Not much different from before, but his Kinetic Card seems to stun the
opponent longer, he has an additional super combo where he jumps to the
wall and does a powered up version of his aerial Kinetic Card. His Royal
Flush does not have anywhere as much lag time as before( if it's Gambit VS
Gambit and  the Royal Straight gets guarded, the opponent can't counter
with a Royal Flush).

War Machine
Not Really different from Iron Man. From what I've heard as a rumor, Marvel
can't lease out the license to Iron man so they licensed out War Machine as
a solution. He has a new Super where he shoots out missiles upwards, then
they fall down to the opponent.

Not much different, but he may have weakened a bit.

Still Cheaply strong as ever.  I've seen two people getting 20+ of a
winning streak with him and Morrigan.

Thought he was like Spiderman? Well that was what I was afraid of until I
actually played with him.
Venom is bulky as hell when compared to Spidey. He is nowhere as fast when
walking or jumping and he does not have a projectile. In fact he seems like
a power based character-  for instance when his Web throw hits, he does not
swing around the opponent but bang them on the ground like Omega Red's
Carbonadium Coil but with much more speed. Actually many of Venom's special
moves are very fast, and this can be a problem to the opponent. In his
venom fang he hops forward (distance depends on button) and attacks. This
doesn't sound like much when written in paper, but consider this: his hop
attack comes out very quick, it has an attack detection the moment it is
out, it hits multiple times and it takes pretty good damage. Now do you
know what this sounds like? It sounds like the perfect Shodokan killer, as
projectiles can easily be countered with. Unfortunately characters without
projectiles may have problems too.  Although Venom can easily be countered
if this move is guarded, there is no doubt that the Venom Fang is going to
be one of his primary weapons. His venom thrust also works as an anti-air
attack and his supers have minimal lag time when guarded, making him a very
strong character. At this time I would consider him very strong, if not

The Last Boss

  The last boss of this game is Onslaught- yes, the nightmare created by
Professor X' and Magneto which virtually wiped out half the Marvels
characters in the fight at Manhattan (oh man my ol' city!). He's very
strong but like Apocalypse, he can't guard. He's nowhere as corny looking
as Apocalypse too- in fact he looks very evil and ready for the kill.
  Apocalypse has two levels- in the first level you see Professor X' (in
his black costume, just like in the Onslaught comics) fading inside/into
Onslaught who is about 1/3 the size of the screen-- about twice the size of
a standard  character. He uses moves similar to X-men's Magneto. When I say
this I am referring to the game "X-men". So he can use The ol' Quad
Hypergrab balls which homes into you, the really gigantic Shockwave, the
tick damaging Em Pulse, and two additional moves- one which is similar to
Thanos' (MSH) Dash attack except that Onslaught is way bigger and it takes
way lots more of damage, and another which is a Sinkuu-hadouken type move
about twice the size of Ryu's. When you try to attack Onslaught, he takes
the punishment but may cheaply teleport in the middle of getting hits
multiple times. This means that if Ryu was doing a shinkuu-hodouken,
Onslaught can teleport to his back and do massive counters. Also, Onslaught
seems to be able to summon out other characters to fight for him, although
he rarely does so.

  In the second level, Onslaught is about the size of the full screen.
Basically he's another Apocalypse type enemy this time around. Luckily he
isn't that ball of pure energy like what happened in the comix so the
player can be physical with him... only a bigger Onslaught with a Skeleton
looking head.
  But Onslaught is nowhere as weak as Apocalypse. He has no assistance
satellite, but he doesn't need it at all-  he is strong enough, and the
damage done to the player from the 1st level still remains intact. His
attack methods are not really that different from Apocalypse except he has
a few specials like the Quad Hypergrab.  So what makes him strong? For one
thing he doesn't always have his hand on the ground so attacking him may be
a problem, and he tends to fly all over the stage at a very fast pace and
he doesn't stay so still on land either. Plus add the fact that Onslaught's
attacks are strong as hell. But if you are lucky enough to beat him, you
get to see Professor X laying on the ground, all rippled and crippled.


  One problem I found with the game was that novices can beat the crap out
of advanced players. I've seen a little kid slaughter a game fanatic who
was getting 10 plus games in a row. There seems to be a definite level of
unfairness between the game characters too, such as Zangief and Morrigan.
But the game in overall seems to be very fun, and players who restrained
themselves from Marvels VS X-men because of the weird hit detection can
come back to play, because it's back to the X-men VS Street Fighter style
again. Expect this game to be a long lasting hit, and hopefully there will
be some interesting secret characters as well.

  Finally I would like to say thanks to Daimos- one of the "Fighting
Gamers" (a gamer's coalition in Japan- I myself am not a part of it since I
am a Lone Wolf to the bone) member who've I've met at the location and was
very helpful in figuring out some of the old characters. He was quite a
loud and unique fella and I think that we'll be having more encounters in
the future for he does not live too far from Tokyo.

                                                            -Henry Moriarty


Notes From the Author-

  Wow, the year's just started and I've already wrote a PPG, and I've even 
changed it to text! I must be really in the mood right now. Currently as 
I write this it is snowing here in Tokyo. Snow is something that I haven't 
seen much during the past 3 or so years that I have been here. Snow wasn't so 
rare back in New York, but perhaps because of the Global warming, I haven't had 
many times in the past 7 years where academic facilities were closed down because 
of such occurrences. Yet I'll never forget that nasty snow in the Winter 2 or so
years ago when I had to do Xmas shopping up there at seventy something
street. Makes me want the hot days...

   And so changing the subject a little bit, writing this Marvel article
made me remember a little incident back during last summer.  My good friend
who's currently doing studies in Binghamon, and myself often busy ourselves
with trivial experiences to kill time during the hot season, and so one day
we had decided to go visit Marvel Co, which is supposedly located at Park
Avenue South. We figured that to be somewhere near Grand Central of
Mid-Manhattan, and we walked around hoping to find the building. As much as
we looked and looked, we just couldn't find the building with the correct
address although we came very close. To this day (which is only about 3 or
4 months from the incident, really), I still wonder where it was.
By The Way, if this certain "someone" -perhaps the damn laziest person I
know who never writes, is actually reading this, post me a note or two on
the BB'.



QCF- Quarter Circle Forward
QCB- Quater Circle Backward
HCF- Halk Circle Backward
HCB- Half Circle Backward
UCM- Uppercut Motion
DHU- Down Hold, Up
BHF- Back Hold, Forward
PP-  2 Punch buttons Simultaneously
KK-  2 Kick  buttons Simultaneously
PPP- 3 Punch buttons Simultaneously
KKK- 3 Kick  buttons Simultaneously




Hurricane Kick

Shunkuu- Hadouken

Shunkuu Hurricane Kick

Mode Change (Uses 1 Lv)
HCB + P Weak = Ryu, Mid = Ken, Fierce = Akuma




Hundred Kick
Rapid K



Thousand Kick

Aerial Seven Stars Kick
QCF  + KK In Air

Air Dash


Screw PileDriver
1 Circle + P

Double Clothesline

Flying Power Bomb

Vanishing Flathand

Final Atomic Buster
1 Circle + PP

Ultra Final Atomic Buster (Lv.3)

Iron Body (Mech Zangief Mode Uses 1 Lv)
UCM Backwards + Weak K


Soul Fist

Shadow Blade
UCM  + P

Vector Drain

Shell Pierce
Down + K in Air

Soul Eraser

Silhouette Blade

Darkness Illusion

Vertical AirDash

Captain Commando

Captain Fire

Captain Corredar

Captain Kick

Captain Sword

Captain Storm

Commando Strike
QCF + K (Genity, Hoober or Sho comes out depending on Button)

Rockman (Megaman)

Rock Uppercut

Rock Buster
Fierce P (Hold to Power Up)

Item Attack

Hyper Rockman

Rush Drill

QCB + KK Then shoot with button

Item Change

Strider Hiryu

Ame No Murakumo

UCM + P or K


Formation A



Uroboros (Satellite Options)
QCF + PP (Uses 1 Lv)

Jin Saotome

Saotome Typhoon

Saotome Dynamite
DHU  + P

Saotome Crush

Brodia Punch

Brodia Vulcan

Saotome Cyclone

Automatically becomes strong in Pinch situations


Web Ball

Spider Sting

Web Swing

Web Throw

Maximum Spider

Crawler Assault

Ultimate Webthrow

Specialty- ???

Captain America

Shield Slash

Stars & Stripes

Charging Star

Final Justice

Hyper Charging Star

Hyper Stars & Stripes

Can pick lose & pick up shield.


Venom Fang

Web Throw

Venom Rush

Venom ????

Venom Web

Death Bite

Air Dash


Gamma Tornado

Gamma Slam

Gamma Charge
DHU + K (Anti-air)

Gamma Wave

Gamma Crush

Gamma Quake

Super Armor at all times


Kinetic Card

Trick Card

Cajun Slash

Cajun Strike
DHU + P or K

Royal Flush

Cajun Explision
QCF + PP (Right of Screen)
QCB  + PP (Left of Screen)


War Machine

Shoulder Cannon

Repulser Blast

Smart Bomb
Mid P + Weak K

Proton Cannon

War Destroyer

Fly in Air


Berserker Barrage

Tornado Claw

Berserker Slash

Drill Claw
Mid P + Weak K  + Controller

Weapon X

Fatal Claw

Berserker Barrage X

Berserker Rage (Uses 1 Lv)


About this Guidebook-

  The Perfect Player's Guide (PPG) is a rank given to the best quality FAQs
that I make, simply because I believe in Quality more than Quantity. About
one PPG is written per year, and thus so far there has been only 5 of them.
Each time the PPGs get better and better, and in the case of Marvel VS
Capcom, a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor was used for the
first time- unfortunately you can't get to see the nice stuff if you've got 
this crappy Text version.The same system as the KoF97' moves list was used 
for the viewer's convenience, but unfortunately there are no voices which can
be posted up as Capcom does not release any from a Marvel related game,
perhaps because of copyright and license problems related to the American
Voice Actors and Actresses. Hopefully the next PPG will be on a sequel to
Fatal Fury in 2D, the reason to why I began writing PPGs in the first

                                     [Wanna See me? Come to da Cafe then!]

                                              "Howlin' Mad" Henry Moriarty

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