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     MM       MM           VVV           VVV           CCCCCCCCCCC
     MMM     MMM            VVV         VVV           CCCCCCCCCCCCC
     MMMM   MMMM             VVV       VVV           CCC          
     MMMMM MMMMM              VVV     VVV            CCC
     MM MMMMM MM               VVV   VVV             CCC
     MM  MMM  MM                VVV VVV              CCC
     MM   M   MM                 VV VV               CCC          
     MM       MM                  VVV                 CCCCCCCCCCCCC
     MM       MM                   V                   CCCCCCCCCCC

                 FFFFF             A            QQQQ
                 F                A A          Q    Q
                 FFFF            A   A         Q  Q Q
                 F              AAAAAAA        Q    Q
                 F             A       A        QQQQ Q

                      |     Marvel Vs Capcom     |
                      |           FAQ            |
                      |            By            |
                      |           Sabre          |
                             Version 2.5
                     E-mail:  sabre_y@usa.net

Revision History:
Version 2.5 (3/1/99)  --   Happy New Year.  Tis the year of rabbit!  
                          I've added a new B.S. section.  What is it?  
                          Check it out.

Copyright 1998 by H. C. Yu
Copyright information:      Please.
              (1)  DO NOT use this FAQ for your commercial use.
              (2)  DO give credits where they're due.

+Table of Contents:+

     Character Ranking
     Chun Li
     Captain Commando
     Captain America
     War Machine
     Shadow Lady
     Orange/Ice Hulk
     Mega War Machine
     Strategy against CPU


     Arrhhhh...  Just when will you all stop bothering me w/ junk mails?  Also, 
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       only with a say on what's written.  None of your jack-ass 
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     --Mails that include 2-on-1 combos.  Guys, the only reason I don't 
       include them because they rarely connects, and posting them will 
       take way too much spaces.  I rarely use 2-on-1's, except in 
       tournaments.  IMO, they're useless and rather cheap (don't get 
       started on saying how wrong my opinion is, again).  For all 
       those interested in how to anti-2-on-1, e-mail me (new address, 
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     Well, this concludes the current message section.  I probably won't do much 
updates, because MCAT is coming up.  Good luck to you all and have fun!


     In its third installment of the versus fighting series, Capcom brings 
together the heroes in both Marvel and Capcom universe against the evil 
Onslaught, a being forged together by Professor X and Magneto.  Since I am not 
an avid comic reader, so please allow rooms for some error in story line.  
Basically, this game houses only the good guys!
     IMO, this is the most balanced game put forth so far by Capcom.  Every 
character has his or her distinctive style of game-play, and everyone of them is 
as good as others when used correctly.  In another words, there are no underdogs 
and there's no "joke characters," except for Roll of course.  I have 
experimented with every character, and am quite proficient in using most of 
them, if not all ^_^   BTW, I'm assuming that you know the basics of this game; 
thus, I won't bother with talking about them.
     Now, before I go on, I need to say a word or two about playing with honor.  
The bottom line is DON'T BE CHEAP!  This is especially important when your 
opponent isn't a cheap player.  What's cheap?  Well, there're a few guidelines I 
stick to and you honorable players should too.  HOWEVER, if anything is on the 
line (i.e. money, honor...etc.), by all means win any way you can ^_^
(1)  Throwing.  This is a BIG NO-NO my friends, especially those walk-
   up throws 2 or more times in a row!  Yeah, you can tech-hit out of 
   it, but that's no excuse for your lack of skill, you scums!  Air 
   throws are fine with me, and most good players, because they require 
   more skill than ground throws.  Ground throws are OK ONLY IF you are 
   fighting a turtling player.  Even with that, I still rarely throw!  
   Lately, I've become more tolerant of this as long as they don't 
   over-abuse it.  Hey, it's part of the game!
(2)  Infinity.  While visually impressive and requires MAD skill, 
   infinity is nevertheless cheap.  So far, I have only learned one 
   infinity with Chun Li, but I ain't gonna "endorse" it because I 
   hated it.  The bottom line is DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!  You ain't 
   gonna get any info out of me on this!
(3)  Another cheap maneuver is to launch opponent, walk under, launch 
   from the other side, walk under, launch again, and so forth.  THIS 
   IS EXTREMELY CHEAP!  While I don't fall for this more than twice, 
   it's still annoying, especially when they throw when I come down!  
   From my experience, Ryu players use this VERY often.
(4)  Probably the cheapest thing anyone can do is taunt your character.  
   I have seen this happened to me twice, and the only thing that 
   prevented me from knocking those guys out is that they are my 
   friends.  Well, those were for good laughs, but I hated it.  Why do 
   people do this, because THEY'RE GETTING THEIR BEHINDS WHOOPED :-)  
   My advice is don't do it, especially when your opponent is big ^_^

     Now, shall we begin?


     An aspect of vital importance is switching characters.  I cannot emphasize 
just how important this is and how many people lose because they made wrong 
decision about switching.  Because of this, I've decided to help you guys out 
and teach you something about switching.  Learn it well and you'll be able to 
kick some ass.
     Before going onto some techniques, let me say a few things.  First of all, 
DO make sound judgement.  When you are running low and feverishly looking for an 
opportunity to switch, the chances are that your opponent is waiting for you to 
do so too.  My advise is, DON'T switch.  Sometimes, it's better to sacrifice one 
character for a full energy character.  Another thing you can do is to attack 
like crazy to throw him off guard.  You know that they'll play more 
conservatively because they're waiting for you to make your move.  Punish them 
and switch out when they least expected.  Make the most out of your already 
dying character!
     Here're the best ways to switch:

< Alpha Counters >
   Without any doubt, this is the best way to switch, IMO.  You can switch out 
while being attacked and hit your opponents for some often minor damages.  Learn 
the motion in order to pull off successfully.  It'll come in handy.  Here's a 
list of character who I think have excellent Alpha Counters: CapCom, Spiderman, 
Megaman, CapAmerica, Wolverine, Gambit, and Hulk.  All these Alpha Counters have 
great priority and fairly quick; however, some might have lag times afterwards.  
So, start practicing those motions (back to SFA2 style, not SFA3's)

< Combo Switch >
   What I mean by this is that adding a hit onto a combo with switching.  There 
are 2 ways.  The first one is more archaic and risky, because it involves OTG.  
Basically, you knock them down with tripping, and OTG them with your incoming 
character in switch.  This is risky in many respects.  Most good players will 
roll out of OTG, thus making the switch whiffed.  Also, some characters' switch-
in attack is slow and awkward (Zangief), and it won't combo.  The second method 
is much better and safer, and it involves switching after a launcher.  Even if 
blocked, there isn't much the opponents can do to tag you while you're taunting 
because both of you are in the air.  Thus, this way is fairly safe.  Another 
thing to be noted is that, again, some characters have slow switch-in attacks.

< Super-jump Switch >
   Yeah, I know what you are thinking.  What the hell is this guy talking about?  
Well, what I am saying is that when your opponent super-jumps, take the 
opportunity and switch out.  By the time they land, your character has finished 
the taunt and ready to dance.  This method is very useful against super-jump 
happy people.

< Team Super >
   This is both a great way to kill opponents while switching.  However, if it 
doesn't connect, one or both your characters are wide open for major counters.  
Thus, try to put Team Super into a combo for best effect.  Certain characters 
can combo team super easily, so try to have them as one of your characters.  
BTW, if you want to use this as chipping damage, have Megaman as one of your 
character because there's literally NO WAY people can tag any of your characters 

+Character Ranking:+

     Well, I've decided to help you guys out by breaking down each character 
into the four categories.  Keep in mind that they are subjected to my prejudice, 
and therefore might be different from your own ranking.  Thus, please accept my 
apology if my chart offend you :-)
     The scale I'll be using is from 1~10, with 10 being the best and 1 being 
the worst.  Durability refers to the amount of beating the character can 
sustain.  In another words, it's how well the character takes damage.  The other 
2 categories are pretty much self-explanatory.
***Remember, these are my opinions!  So quit e-mailing me about how
   wrong my scales are!  Only I, no one else, have a say on this 
   scale!  Don't like it, go piss up the <you know what>!
                             Speed     Durability     Strength
Chun Li                        8            7             6
Ryu                            5            5             6
Ken                            7            7             6
Evil Ryu                       6            3             7
Zangief                        3            8             8
Iron Body                      1           N/A            8
Morrigan                       6            5             4
Captain Commando               6            3             7
Megaman                        6            4             4
Strider                        9            3             8
Spiderman                      8            7             8
Jin                            5            8            7/9
Captain America                7            7             8
Venom                          7            6             6
Hulk                           2            10            10
Gambit                         8            7             8
War Machine                    5            6             8
Wolverine                      10           7             4
Shadow Lady                    8            6             7
Roll                           2            4             1
Carnage                        10           1             10
Orange/Ice Hulk                7            5             7
Mega War Machine               3           N/A            8
Lilith                         6            5             4

*NOTE:  Mega War Machine and Iron Body CANNOT block!  Thus, their 
      durability is denoted as N/A.  Against certain attacks and 
      character without beam supers, they are very resilient.  However, 
      they are as good as Carnage if the opponents have beam super.
*NOTE:  Jin's strength varies.  In normal fights, he has a strength of 
      7.  When powered up, his strength jumped up to 9.  Steroid-taker!


J.      ==> jump-in
S.J.    ==> super jump
S.      ==> standing
C.      ==> crouching
D.S.    ==> dashing-standing
D.C.    ==> dashing-crouching
J.DN.   ==> jump then hold down
S.J.DN. ==> super jump and hold down

+Chun Li:+

     Possibly one of the best characters in the game, Chun Li is extremely 
powerful.  She has speed, power, and priority on her sides.  IMO, super combos 
are where she really shines because she can't do long and powerful ground and 
air combos.  Air Demon is a very painful way to end her air combos, and 
Lightning Kicks Super is especially deadly in ending ground combos.  Chun Li has 
very little weaknesses.  Both her offensive and defensive capabilities are 
awesome!  I would think her only weak spot would be her lacking of an effective 
keep-away pattern.  Learn her if you want to kick mucho asses!
     As of recently, my interest in her is dying.  I think it's because I 
haven't been a Chun Li fan and thus still ain't comfortable with her style.  
Nevertheless, I still acknowledge her strength.

--High aerial priorities.  Her air throw range is just amazing.
--High priority launcher.  Literally, nothing can pass through.
--Powerful super combos.  Super Lightning Kick and Air Demon are very 
  combo-friendly and does above average damages.
--Fairly strong.
--Quick foot-speed.
--Nice chipping potential.
--Well-balanced.  She's capable of playing both offensive and defensive 

--No effective keep-away pattern.  Her Kikoken just doesn't cut it.
--Ground combos isn't up to par.  She's very limited in that category.

< Kikoken > = Chun Li's version of Hadoken.  The speed of this move 
     isn't too great, but can nevertheless combo into ground magic 
     series.  Try not to rely on this move as much as you would with 
     Ryu.  Though there's some initiation time, you can cancel this off 
     any blocked ground combos.
< Mini Kikosho > = Chun Li's SFA series super has been demoted!  
     Kikosho isn't too great a move at all, possibly worse than 
     Kikoken.  Its purpose of air defense is greatly diminished due to 
     air-blocks, and people often block it then punish Chun Li.  The 
     recovery of this move is terrible!  Nevertheless, this is a great 
     attack against Onslaught form 1!
< Lightning Kicks > = Chun Li's signature move, dated from God knows 
     when, is back!  This move OTG easily and does very good chipping 
     damage.  One setback is that Chun Li pauses a bit before 
     retracting her legs after the move, so be careful.  Do not use 
     this as much as you had done in previous games, or you'll get 
< Axe Kick > = IMO her best move.  Not only is this an overhead hit, it 
     has virtually no recovery time.  You can do this as much as you 
     please without any worries!  One caution though, master the range 
     of this move or she might suffer some punishment.  This move does 
     not combo, but it goes nicely with Chun Li's signature low pokes.  
     This alternating blocking in low and high will often frustrate 
     some opponents.  Also, don't be predictable with it.  Experts 
     often see this coming from afar, and use the time to switch out.
< Neck Kick > = This is another overhead kick that's very useful.  The 
     range is kind of bad, but is still useful as surprise move.  Be 
     careful if you're playing a throw-happy opponent, because Chun Li 
     will end up right in front of them.  You can buffer Lightning 
     Kicks after this for some chipping damage.
< Stomp Kick > = This is Chun Li's best jump-in attack.  Not only can 
     it chain into roundhouse for three hits, the priority of this move 
     is superb.  Not many attacks can beat out this move.  Even if that 
     happens, usually it'll trade hits.  You can also jump around and 
     Stomp Kick a few times before landing.  It's very annoying.
< Spinning Bird Kick > = This is Chun Li's version of Dragon Punch, 
     except it's even less effective as one.  I think this move is 
     designed as air defense, but it seems to do a better job in the 
     offense category than in defense category!  This move combos 
     nicely, but is a bit risky.  If opponent manages to block, Chun 
     Li's up for the beating :-(

< Kikosho > = IMO a rather useless move offensively speaking.  The 
     combo and damage potentials of this super just aren't worth one 
     super meter!  IMO, the greatest use of this move is protection.  
     Chun Li is virtually untouchable, with the exception of beam 
     supers, while engulfing herself in this gigantic sphere.  Also, 
     the chipping damage is quite good.  Thus, this is a good super to 
     pull off during those last 3 ~ 4 seconds of the game.  BTW, this 
     super is great against Onslaught form 2.
< Super Lightning Kick > = This super is the key to Chun Li's success!  
     It is very combo friendly and can whip up to 50% damage!  One 
     caution though, she is not invulnerable to attacks like the 
     previous games if the super is blocked.  SHE'LL BE PUNISHED!  
     Therefore, don't do this move as if there's no tomorrow.  Like 
     always, the chipping damage is excellent!  Another incentive is 
     that this super will always push opponents toward the corner if 
     you keep slamming the buttons.  I don't think it'll go from one 
     corner to the other though (unsure)?
< Air Demon > = Possibly the coolest super of the game, Air Demon adds 
     onto the chaos by being comboable!  This super is fairly powerful, 
     and chains into Chun Li's air combo nicely.  The damage is roughly 
     45%, I think.  One intriguing aspect of this move is that CPU can 
     block this move fairly consistently while human opponent can't 
     block it at all!  Hmmm, I'll have to find out why?
< Super Bird Kick > = The damage of this super has noticeably decreased 
     compared to previous games.  This super is still fairly combo-
     friendly, and can OTG in corner as well.

--Stomp Kick --> J. Roundhouse
  *Probably her best jump-ins.  The stomp is really hard to counter, 
   and Roundhouse will often surprise others with 2 hits; thus breaking 
   their block.
--J. Jab --> J. Fierce
--(Air Dash) --> J. Short --> J. Forward --> J. Fierce
  *This is tough to do, and often not worth it.  I cannot seem to tag 
   on a Roundhouse instead of Fierce, but should be manageable.

1.  Stomp Kick --> J. Roundhouse --> D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> C. 
    Fierce --> Lightning Kick Super
    *This bread-n'-butter combo is just wrong!  If you keep smashing 
     those buttons, she'll whip up to 50% of damage.  This is a must 
     learn combo if you want to kick ass with Chun Li.  This is one of 
     her best combos.  If the range is bad, just skip the Forward and 
     go straight to Fierce.
2.  J. Jab --> J. Fierce --> D.C. Short --> S. Roundhouse --> S.J. Jab 
    --> S.J. Short --> Air Demon
    *This is yet another must learn combo.  It's flashy and inflicts 
     solid damage.  For some reason, CPU can easily block the Air 
     Demon but human opponents can't!?  Another of her best combo.
3.  D.C. Short --> S. Roundhouse --> Super Bird Kick
    *Sadly, this combo no longer hurts.
4.  D.S. Jab --> S. Roundhouse --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. 
    Strong --> Stomp Kick --> Air Lightning Kicks
    *This is often referred to as the "Razor Wind".  This also looks 
     pretty cool.  Another of her best combo.  This will need some 
5.  D.S. Jab --> C. Short --> C. Forward --> C. Roundhouse --> 
    Lightning Kicks (OTG)
6.  D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> C. Roundhouse --> Lightning Kick 
    Super (OTG) --> Lightning Kicks
    *Basically, the Lightning Kick at the end is for chipping damage.  
     Since opponents will be pushed all the way back to the wall, they 
     can only block and suffer the "massive" chipping damage of 
     Lightning Kicks.  This is a cheap maneuver and can be hazardous to 
     your own health.
7.  (In corner) --> D.C. Short --> S. Roundhouse --> Super Bird Kick 
    --> C. Short (OTG) --> S. Roundhouse --> Super Bird Kick --> C. 
    Short (OTG) --> S. Roundhouse --> Super Bird Kick --> C. Short 
    (OTG) --> S. Roundhouse --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. Strong 
    --> S.J. Forward --> S.J. Roundhouse
    *Personally, I HATE this combo because it's just wrong :-(  If 
     done correctly, you're looking at a near death combo!  Super 
     cheap!  But thankfully, it can be rolled out like any OTG combo 
8.  D.S. Jab --> S. Strong --> Mini Kikoken
    *Well, here's a wacky combo for all you die-hard players.  Use this 
     at your own risk.
9.  Stomp Kick --> J. Roundhouse --> Air Demon
    *Uh, no comment :-|
10. D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> C. Roundhouse --> (Juggernaut) (OTG) 
    --> Air Demon
    *Landing Air Demon will take some practice.  Chun Li'll have to 
     jump up and air dash.  This combo does insane damage!
11. J. Roundhouse --> Air Lightning Kick
    *This does LOTS of chipping damage.  It's useful when you know the 
     opponents will block.
12. (In corner) --> D.C. Short --> C. Strong --> Super Bird Kick
    *You know what to do afterwards '_' (Hint: Combo#7)

-Don't forget about Chun Li's triple jumping, air-dashing techniques!  
 She can stay up in the air a LONG time.  This ability is fairly useful 
 sometimes to confuse and piss off opponents.
-Cancel any normal moves into Axe Kick for chipping damage and 
 confusion, especially after low hits.  "Low pokes" are her signature 
 strategy, and canceling into the overhead will often frustrate her 
 opponents because they'll need to block high-low-high-low.
-After finishing a character off, jump up and do Lightning Kicks in the 
 air as the other character comes in.  This is a bit cheap, so be 



     This ageless classic is back once again.  This time, Capcom decided to
add in new twists by combining three characters into one: Ken, Ryu, and Evil
Ryu (I like to refer to this instead of Akuma).  Depending on which mode, Ryu
is played a little different.  IMO, Ken-mode is the best because he is pretty
powerful and takes minimal damage.  Evil Ryu-mode is probably the most
powerful, but takes damage like a sissy!  Ryu-mode is very balanced, but no
     Overall, Ryu is an average fighter.  He is fairly strong, has good foot
speed, and inflicts average damage.  Personally, I'm not a Ryu player and I
don't like to use him too often.  However, he is a solid character capable of
all-around game play, and he certainly cannot be overlooked.  When I do use
Ryu, I usually switch to Ken-mode for some fancy eye-popping combos!

--Capable of adapting different styles of fighting.  The ability to 
  switch between three characters can sometimes frustrate opponents.
--Capable of playing both keep-away and offensive themes effectively.
--High priority launcher.
--Well-balanced.  Ryu is average in literally all categories.

--Too lethargic.  Simply put, he's just too BORING!
--His combos are weak.
--His trip (C. Roundhouse) has noticeable lag time if not canceled 
  into a special.

< Hadoken > = The classic fireball is back, and is as large as before!  
     This is the key to Ryu's keep-away pattern, and he can dish two 
     fireballs on the screen.  Though annoying, it can be easily 
     avoided.  This move, like always, combos nicely.  However, the 
     damage sucks and you have a MAJOR problem if you want to combo 
< Dragon Punch > = Again, need I say more?  This is a good defensive 
     counter-attack ONLY!  Offensively, it just sucks.  Usually, 
     opponents will fall for it not more than twice.
< Hurricane Kick > = Geez, what can I say?
< Hadoken > = Same thing except that the range sucks.  Ryu cannot play 
     keep-away in this mode.
< Dragon Punch > = More powerful than Ryu-mode's Dragon Punch.  
     Otherwise, same thing.
< Hurricane Kick > = This is a vast improvement over Ryu-mode's 
     Hurricane Kick.  For one thing, this move gives more hits and 
     looks more impressive!  BTW, Ryu can block on the way down even if 
     opponent blocked the Hurricane Kick.
(Evil Ryu)
< Hadoken > = What is this? (J/K)  This is the ultimate keep-away 
     fireball for Ryu.  This is even more annoying than Ryu-mode's 
     keep-away pattern!  Beware of FISTS :-) (I'm serious!)
< Dragon Punch > = More like Ken-mode's Dragon Punch.  Nothing more.
< Hurricane Kick >= This is multi-hitting and does solid chipping 
< Shotoken Warp > = Basically, this is what I called the teleport.
< Demon Knee Dive > = This move is good as surprise attack and does 
     great chipping damage.  Ryu is fairly safe if blocked.

< Shinku Hadoken > = Sadly, this super has been toned down in terms of 
     damage potentials.  It still combos, but inflicts pathetic damage!  
     BTW, it no longer OTG.
< Super Hurricane Kick > = Basically, this move remains unchanged.  It 
     still OTG, and does good damage.
< Lightning Dragon Punch > = While visually impressive, this super does 
     not combo easily and inflicts less-than-expected damage.  I 
     usually use this against jump-ins and pop their guts out!  This 
     won't connect more than twice per round.
< Super Dragon Punch > = This move is extremely combo-friendly and, 
     thankfully, inflicts above-average damage.  If blocked, however, 
     Ryu is up at opponent's mercy!
< Flaming Dragon Column > = Strangely enough, people seemed to have 
     forgotten this killer move!  Not only is this the best defensive 
     move of the game, it also does excellent damage.  However, if 
     putted in a combo, the damage isn't that hot!
< Super Funky Kick > = This is the funky dance!  The damage is average 
     and the super is comboable.
(Evil Ryu)
< Shinku Gadoken > = Uh, you need to know anything about this?
< Super Dragon Punch > = Same comment as above.
< Super Air Gadoken > = I need some help on this one guys, does it 
< Raging Demon > = I have only seen this connect once.  Though 
     unblockable, this super is easily avoided.  Seriously, I don't 
     think it's worth the three super levels.

--J. Jab --> J. Fierce
--J. Short --> J. Forward

1.  J. Jab --> J. Fierce --> C. Short --> S. Fierce --> Team Super
    *This combo can hurt a lot, depending on who your partner is!  Try 
     this with War Machine as your partner, it's evil!  His best combo.
2.  C. Short --> C. Fierce --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. Forward 
    --> Hurricane Kick/Hadoken
    *Very basic, nothing fancy.  It might be easier if you hold up 
3.  D.C. Short --> C. Fierce --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. 
    Forward(Hold up) --> Strong Air Throw
    *Looks awesome in Evil Ryu-mode!
1.  C. Short --> C. Fierce --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. 
    Strong(1 hit) --> Shinku Hadoken
    *This combo is weak, period!
2.  C. Short --> C. Roundhouse --> Super Hurricane Kick (OTG)
    *This combo is still in there!  The damage is tweaked down, but 
     still powerful.
3.  S. Jab --> S. Fierce --> Shinku Hadoken
    *So-so damage.
4.  C. Short --> C. Fierce --> Lightning Dragon Punch
    *The damage is pathetic.
1.  D.C. Short --> S. Forward (1 hit) --> Hurricane Kick(Roundhouse)
    *IMO a very flashy combo!
2.  D.C. Jab --> S. Fierce --> Super Funky Kick
    *Another fancy, though ugly, combo.
3.  C. Short --> C. Fierce --> Flaming Dragon Column
    *One of his better combos.
4.  C. Short --> C. Forward --> Super Dragon Punch
    *Another good combo that does good damage.
5.  D.S. Jab --> S. Strong --> Dragon Punch(Fierce)
    *Though a bit risky, this combo is very flashy and does great 
     damage, about 25%.  Being such a big fan of Ken's Dragon Punch 
     combo from other games, I love this combo despite its 
6.  D.C. Short --> C. Fierce --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. 
    Strong (2 hits) --> Dragon Punch
(Evil Ryu)
1.  D.S. Jab --> S. Fierce --> Shinku Gadoken
    *More powerful than Ryu's.
2.  C. Short --> C. Forward --> Super Dragon Punch
    *Another of his better combos.
3.  D.C. Jab --> C. Forward --> Hurricane Kick
4.  C. Short --> Hurricane Kick --> C. Short (OTG) --> Hurricane Kick
    *Just so you know, this ain't an infinite!  The OTG is tough so 
     it'll require some practice on its timing.  After the 2nd 
     Hurricane Kick, you can't OTG any more.
5.  J. Fierce --> Super Air Gadoken.

-I really don't have much for this guy, but one thing is to cancel any 
 normal moves into Hadoken for chipping damage.
-Ah, another one.  Try this for an amazing result: Short Hurricane Kick 
 --> Jab Dragon Punch.  For some reason, many people fail to block the 
 Dragon Punch!?  *NOTE*  This only work with Ryu-mode Ryu.
-Another trick with Ryu is to launch the opponents and do Super 
 Hurricane Kick.  You might hit them sometimes, but does great blocking 
-BTW, do take advantage of his overhead attacks.  Here's a wacky 
 "combo" you can try: D.C. Jab --> C. Short --> (overhead)


     This Russian meathead hasn't been pumping his iron lately, because he is
noticeably weaker now!  The damages on his throws are now pitiful, and he no
longer strikes fear into people's heart.  I hate what Capcom did to Zangief in
this game.  Yes, he's way too powerful in XmenVsSF, but I thought he was OK in
MSHVsSF.  Why did Capcom tone him down even more?  Anyway, in place of power,
Zangief traded for speed, a level 3 super, and Iron Body transformation.  IMO,
a most unfair trade indeed!
     Following what they did to Ryu, Capcom decided to make Zangief into two
characters by giving him the power to turn Iron Body.  Wow :-(  In the Iron
Body mode, Zangief is stronger and adds power into his throws.  BUT, he can't
block and is slower!
     The key toward playing Zangief well is to learn the art of reversal. 
What's reversal?  It's to block then reverse with your own attack immediately,
mainly in the form of throws.  Against jump-ins, you need to first learn how
to regular throw afterwards.  Strong throws are easiest and can set up some
nasty tricks.  Personally, I prefer using Strong throw because even if I
missed, Zangief won't be wide open.  Then you can try the specials throws,
then move on to FAB and DFAB.  Of course, experts can do other things to
thwart the reversals, but is sometimes tough to do.

--He's pretty strong, though his special throws might suggest 
--He takes damages fairly slowly.

--Slow.  Although Zangief is faster now, he's still too slow to compete 
  with other guys.
--Size.  Zangief is a big guy, thus making him an ideal punching bag.
--Combo.  Combo just isn't Zangief's theme!  He relies heavily on those 
  special and super throws.

< Spinning Pile Driver > = This move sucks really hard now, because it 
     does pitiful damage.  A regular throw will probably do more damage 
     because he can OTG!  Anyway, the range seemed to have increased 
     and, thankfully, it's still unblockable.  Due to the increased 
     range, comboing the SPD in air combos is a bit easier now.
< Running Bear Grab/German Suplex > = This move is even weaker!  Though 
     has better range than SPD, this move is easily avoidable and can 
     be hazardous to Zangief.  If you don't know how to do 360, then 
     this is the throw of choice.  Then again, you shouldn't be using 
     Zangief if you don't know how to do 360 :P
< Glowing Green Hand > = Thankfully, Zangief still has this awesome 
     move.  This move combos easily, advances Zangief safely, and can 
     lead to SPD afterwards.
< Lariat > = Yippee, Zangief still has this excellent air defense!  
     This special will knock out any jump-in attacks, at worst trading 
     hits.  The short version is better for two reasons.  One, it last 
     shorter so doesn't leave Zangief vulnerable for too long if 
     blocked.  Second, it can combo into special throws or super!  A 
     nasty maneuver indeed ^_^
< Leaping Air Grab > = This move can still combo, but is very weak.  
     One use is to advance Zangief quickly, but isn't as good as 
     Glowing Green Hand though.  As before, Zangief can block while 
     coming down, but cannot block while going up.
(Iron Body)
< SPD > = Same as regular Zangief, with more power.
< RBD/GS > = Same as regular Zangief, with more power.
< Psycho Flame > = The only use I find with this is to cancel keep-away 
     fireballs.  Combo?  I don't know.  It's a nice reminder o Dhalsim!
< Lariat > = Same as Zangief, but why bother?  He can't block anyway so 
     why not sacrifice the hit and tag them with SPD or super?
< Leaping Air Grab > = Same as Zangief, except this is even less 

< Final Atomic Buster > = Although not as good as it was in previous 
     game, FAB is still a very powerful super.  The damage can go up to 
     about 45% if you keep spinning the joystick and jamming the 
     buttons.  Comboing this super is a little tricky and can sometimes 
     be avoided.
< Ultimate Final Atomic Buster > = The range on this super really 
     sucks, but it's impressive to see Capcom giving Zangief new styles 
     of super.  The damage is roughly 50%, but I would rather save the 
     3 levels for 3 FAB's :-)
< Double Final Atomic Buster > = This popular move from MSHVsSF is 
     back!  The damage might have been toned down a bit, but 
     nevertheless still powerful.
(Iron Body)
< Final Atomic Buster > = Same as regular Zangief
< Siberian Blizzard > = This is where Zangief does a vertical Lariat.  
     The use of this move is yet to be seen.


1.  J.DN. Forward --> C. Strong --> S.J. Short --> S.J. Forward --> 
    Short Lariat --> C. Roundhouse (OTG)
2.  J.DN. Forward --> C. Strong --> S.J. Short --> S.J. Forward --> 
    Short Lariat --> S. Roundhouse (1 hit) --> Short Lariat --> 
    *Well, this is about the fanciest combo Zangief will get.  If you 
     can pull this off, you'll have everyone's respect!  The key will 
     be the S. Roundhouse because you'll need to position Zangief in 
     such way that the opponent will fall right next to him (about 1/2 
     character's width away).  If you want to tag in the Lariat, cancel 
     after 1 S. Roundhouse hit.  If you want to skip the Lariat, you 
     can cancel after 2 hits.  BTW, you cannot use SPD and UFAB if 
     skipping Lariat, because they have no range.
3.  C. Fierce --> Glowing Green Hand --> SPD
4.  S. Roundhouse (2 hits) --> Leaping Air Grab (Short)
5.  Short Lariat --> SPD/FAB/RBG/UFAB/DFAB
    *Cheap, again!  This is extremely useful.  Lariat will beat out 
     many jump-in attacks, setting Zangief up for an easy throw.  
     However, it can be avoided by attacking on the way down.  If so, 
     simply throw another Short Lariat and try again.
6.  Strong Throw --> SPD/FAB/RBG/UFAB/DFAB
    *Cheap, again and again!  But hey, do we care?  Some people will 
     anticipate this and attack on the way down.  Well, simply whip up 
     a Short Lariat into another throw!
7.  C. Strong --> S.J. Short --> S.J. Forward --> SPD
    *This combo is very tricky.  Depending on character, Zangief needs 
     to wait a bit before doing SPD.
8.  (In corner) --> Fierce Throw --> C. Roundhouse (OTG) --> Glowing 
    Green Hand(Jab)
    *The Green Hand acts as a juggle.  Cool!
9.  C. Short --> FAB/DFAB
    *Well, this isn't exactly a combo, because most human opponents 
     will simply jump away.  However, CPU ain't so smart and will often 
     be tagged.  Also to be noted, SPD and UFAB in this combo DOES NOT 
10. (In corner) --> C. Roundhouse --> (Michelle Heart) --> FAB
    *Heh, heh!  This is by-far the cheapest combo in Zangief's arsenal!  
     Michelle Heart will effectively pin down opponents and set up for 
     an un-escapable FAB!  Well, the only way out is roll after the 
11. (Against corner) --> S. Roundhouse --> (Colossus)

-Strong throw all the way!  Throw, then walk up and throw, repeat!
-Turn to Iron Body (NOOOOOO!!!)  Kill one character than do FAB when 
 the other guy comes in.  Belief me, there's absolutely ZERO chance of 
 escaping FAB!
-If you don't want to do that, then try this.  Kill one guy near 
 corner, then immediately switch to Iron Body.  FAB Baby!  Afterwards, 
 turn back to Zangief.
-Here's a down right dirty way to play Zangief.  This is sort of a 
 trap, with very little opportunity to get out.  Try this: C. Strong 
 --> Glowing Green Hand(Jab) --> C. Strong --> Glowing Green Hand(Jab) 
 --> repeat.  If you see them keep blocking and absorbing chipping 
 damages, whip up a SPD after Glowing Green Hand to wake them up!  This 
 tactic is kind of cheap, but hey, you're using Zangief!
-Here's another trick:  C. Strong --> Leaping Grab(Short)  Very often, 
 people will try to jump, only to be tagged!  Don't worry if missed, 
 Zangief is invulnerable afterwards.
-Well, I just have too many tricks for this guy.  The only reason I'm 
 sharing them with you guys is that Zangief is so much of an underdog.  
 Here it is: activate variable team super --> have the partner do his 
 super (something like Strider's Legion, for example) --> have Zangief 
 walk up and FAB!  Super cheap!


     Basically, Morrigan is yet another Shotoken clone with some new twists. 
She is fairly agile and capable of many types of game-play, but she is a bit
weak in power category.  Her combos are OK, but IMO keep-away is where she
really shines.  Her nifty air dash is pretty cool and can confuse many people.
 Use it often in her jump-in attack.

--Excellent keep-away character.  Her aerial Firebats are annoying.
--Well-balanced.  What did you expect?  She's basically a Ryu taking 
  estrogen hormone! (Oops, sorry.  The MCAT really gets into me ^_^)
--Well, I don't know about this one.  Many people mentioned that she is 
  a distracter?!  Yeah, I guess she does look a bit provocative.

--Lack of effective super and ground combos.  Both rarely connect, and 
  inflict below-average damage.

< Firebats > = This is her version of fireball, and is the key to her 
     keep-away pattern.  She can jump in the air and shoot tons of them 
     at her opponent without much difficulty.  This move combos well, 
     and is fairly safe.  I've heard that it must be blocked high, but 
     I don't think that's true.
< Shadow Blade > = Morrigan ripped off Sagat by copying his Tiger 
     Uppercut.  The move hits multiple times and combo fairly easily.  
     Sometimes, Morrigan can use this as a defensive move, but it often 
     ends up trading hits.  Defensively speaking, it's not up to par 
     like Ryu's Dragon Punch.
< Vector Drain > = This is an awesome move to embarrass your opponent 
     with.  Though the range sucks, the damage is quite good.  Yes, 
     since this is a special throw, it's unblockable.  So, learn to be 
     cheap with this if you want to!  BTW, this throw is more powerful 
     than SPD?!
< Shell Drop > = There are two versions of this, one with horizontal 
     range and the other one with vertical range.  I think the use is 
     as surprise attack and quick landing.  Personally, I rarely use 

< Soul Eraser > = Often, this is used only as a surprise move.  Due to 
     the fact that her guns came out of nowhere, she can catch 
     opponents by surprise.  This super doesn't combo, and does OK 
< Silhouette Blade > = This uppercut super can combo, but does poor 
     damage.  BTW, Morrigan is very vulnerable if blocked.
< Darkness Illusion > = This super is visually impressive, and does 
     solid damage.  However, comboing this super is very tricky.  I'm 
     still working on it.
< Eternal Slumber > = The ultimate embarrassment of the game!  This 
     move will definitely gets the crowd laughing, because it's kinky!  
     While funny, this super sucks because it's easily avoided and does 
     pitiful damage, especially for a level 3 super!  However, it's 

--J. Jab --> J. Strong
  *You must be DEEP!  Otherwise, the jump-in won't combo.
--J.DN Forward --> J. Roundhouse
  *While this has lots of priorities, you must be good at dash-in 
   combos because Morrigan will land too far to combo regularly.
--J. Strong --> J. Fierce
  *Combo nicely and reliably.

1.  J. Jab --> J. Strong --> C. Short --> C. Fierce --> S.J. Jab --> 
    S.J. Short --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. Forward --> Shadow Blade --> 
    Vector Drain (if corner)
    *Heh, another cheap shot!  Vector Drain them as they land!  IMO, 
     this is one of the few good combos Morrigan can pull off.
2.  D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> Silhouette Blade
    *This is very risky.  Sometimes the super whiffed!
3.  Kill one opponent --> Eternal Slumber
    *Though cheap, it's easily avoided.  Besides, it's a good laugh!
4.  D.S. Jab --> S. Strong --> Darkness Illusion
    *Cancel FAST or she'll miss!
5.  D.S. Jab --> S. Jab --> S. Jab --> S. Strong --> S. Fierce --> 
    *The fireball doesn't really combo, but is good for chipping 
     damage.  The multiple jabs can be annoying to some people, so be 
6.  D.C. Jab --> S. Short --> Shadow Blade(Fierce)
    *Do it at your own risk ^_^ (i.e. not very reliable)
7.  D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> C. Roundhouse --> Silhouette Blade 
8.  J.DN. Forward --> J. Roundhouse --> D.S. Jab --> S. Strong -->
    S. Roundhouse
    *If versus a big opponent, Morrigan can throw 3 jabs instead 
     (Hello, Cyclops)
9.  D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> C. Fierce --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short 
    --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. Forward --> Strong Air Throw
    *Much better damage than regular air combo!
10. (In corner) --> D.S. Jab --> S. Strong --> Vector Drain
    *Believe me, I ain't no BS-ing about this combo.  I've done it more 
     than 3 times, and the combo meter counts 3 hits!  I still can't 
     get it down consistently, so if anybody out there knows how to do 
     this consistently, please e-mail me!  It seems it works best 
     against large characters.
11. D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> C. Roundhouse --> (Juggernaut) (OTG) 
    --> Soul Eraser
    *Well, you must cancel right after Juggernaut start hitting!  
     Otherwise, they'll be able to block after a few hits by Juggy.
12. C. Roundhouse --> (Michelle Heart) --> Eternal Slumber

-I don't know, probably combo 1.
-Like Ryu, cancel any normal move into Firebats.

+Captain Commando:+

     He's another keep-away character that'll frustrate many people.  Cap is
fairly powerful because of his powerful moves and supers.  His speed is fair,
and most of his moves are combo-friendly.  One caution about using this guy is
that he doesn't take hits very well.  You'll often find yourself looking for a
tag-out if not careful with this guy.  Also to be noted, Cap's priority is
awesome, especially his air throw range!

--High aerial priorities.  Just check out his air throw range.
--Great combo abilities.
--Powerful combos.
--Fairly strong.
--Good foot-speed.
--Capable of playing both offensively and defensively.  His Captain 
  Fire can effectively pin enemies to the corner.

--Doesn't sustain damage very well.  He just cannot take the heat!

< Captain Fire > = This is an excellent projectile.  The "fireball" 
     comes out quickly, and the impact is immediate.  The damage is 
     pretty good, and Cap can chain it into any of his normal move.  
     Cap can pin down opponents with this move, because of its instant 
     impact.  However, don't get too predictable with this or they'll 
     anticipate it and avoid it.
< Captain Corridor > = This is an excellent anti-air defense.  No move 
     can penetrate this, not even Spiderman!  The damage is great, and 
     it combos fairly easily.  One caution about this special, it has 
     lag time if blocked.  Therefore, don't be too predictable with 
     this move or Cap will be whipped.
< Commando Helpers > = Well, I rarely use this move because its use is 
     very limited.  Combo-wise, ninja is the only person that will 
     combo.  Baby and Spinner will not combo.
< Captain Kicks > = Again, I rarely use this move because, basically, 
     it sucks.  Cap has major lag time if blocked, and the damage isn't 
     too great.  This move can combo and is very quick in getting to 
     the other side of the screen.  Use with discretion.  The Forward 
     Captain Kicks will go over projectiles, so that's a plus.

< Captain Sword > = I consider this as Cap's sole comboable super.  It 
     combos nicely and does solid damage.  If you want chipping damage, 
     don't even consider this move, because it does next to nothing!
< Captain Storm > = This is Cap's most powerful super and it does 
     nearly 45% by itself.  Besides, Cap can tag in a tricky OTG combo 
     afterwards for mega damage!  However, the combo is tricky and 
     often will not work.  It's best to combo after helper attack.  If 
     blocked, Cap is open to opponents' mercy!

--J. Strong --> J. Fierce
  *Check this out, it looks funky but effective!

1.  J. Strong --> J. Fierce --> C. Short --> S. Roundhouse --> S.J. Jab 
    --> S.J. Short --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. Forward --> Captain Fire / 
    Strong Air Throw
2.  D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> C. Fierce --> Ninja Helper
    *Best if done in corner, but not necessary.
3.  C. Short --> S. Roundhouse --> Captain Sword
    *One of his best combos.  Very easy to do and does great damage.
4.  D.C. Short --> C. Fierce --> Captain Storm
    *Very tricky and risky.  I would recommend using it only against 
     large opponents near corner.
5.  J. Fierce --> C. Fierce --> Captain Fire/Captain Corridor
    *This is his bread-n'-butter combo.  IMO, this is one of his best 
     and very easy to do.
6.  S. Roundhouse --> Captain Corridor
7.  Captain Storm --> C. Short (OTG) --> S. Roundhouse --> Captain 
    *While Cap's posing, keep hitting C. Short.  Once it connects, 
     immediately chain into Roundhouse.  It'll take some practice.  
     BTW, Captain Sword does virtually no damage.  So, you decide 
     whether this combo is worth it.
8.  D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> C. Roundhouse --> Captain 
    Corridor(Fierce) (OTG)
9.  C. Short --> S. Forward --> Captain Kicks / Captain 
10. (In corner) --> Captain Storm --> C. Short (OTG) --> S. Roundhouse 
    --> Captain Sword --> C. Short (OTG) --> S. Roundhouse --> Captain 
    Sword --> C. Short (OTG) --> S. Roundhouse --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. 
    Short --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. Forward --> S.J. Fierce
    *100% combo?  NO WAY!!!  The damage after first super is virtually 
     ZERO!  You'll be lucky if you can get even 70% damage!  
     Nevertheless, this combo is tough and visually impressive.
11. D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> C. Roundhouse --> (Juggernaut) (OTG) 
    --> Captain Storm
    *Hit the super right after Juggy connects or it'll whiff!  If
     you've supers left, tag it in after the Captain Storm for more 
12. Captain Storm --> C. Roundhouse (OTG) --> Captain Corridor(Fierce)
    *Easier than Combo#7.

-Punch throw all the way!  Throw, then walk up and throw again, repeat!  
 However, the damage is VERY weak :-(
-Cancel all normal moves into Captain Fire.  Once the opponents catch 
 on, throw in the Spinner (Commando Helper) instead to catch them if 
 they attempt to hop over.  Better yet, use Ninja instead!  He'll chip 
 multiple times and cover both ground and air.  However, his range 
-This is a glitch of the game, but also the biggest BS in the game.  
 Cap can do a 100% throw that'll kill instantly!  How?  I ain't telling 
 because it's way too cheap (considering how many cheap-ass there are 
 out there)!  Thanx Damien!



     This little guy can be a major headache if used correctly.  He's the
master at keep-away, but can go into offensive if necessary.  Aside from his
turtling technique, Megaman can be virtually untouchable with his solid
defense.  Mega-charger and Tornado Holds and especially annoying because it
inflicts good chipping damage without doing any harm to Megaman himself.  Also
to be noted, his supers does insane blocking damage without leaving Megaman to
any retaliation (besides Rush Drill).  A favorite scheme of Megaman player is
to team super when they want to switch character.  There's absolutely nothing
people can do to hit any of the two characters on the screen.  IMO, the
cheapest character of the game!  (If you don't think he's cheap, then you
haven't seen how my friend Desmund and I play Megaman.  He's virtually

--Small size.  It's harder to combo on him because he's so tiny.
--Master at keep-away.  Come one, his Fierce punch is his fireball!
--Excellent air defense.  His launcher is nearly impenetrable.
--Great chipping potential.

--He isn't very strong.  His combo doesn't pack a punch.
--No range.

< Mega-charger > = The fact that Megaman can charge indefinitely is the 
     reason this is his best weapon.  Megaman can effectively pin 
     opponents down with 2 or 3 fireballs on the same screen.  Megaman 
     can cancel a charged fireball any time to surprise opponent or 
     simply chip some damage off.  BTW, charged fireball also OTG!  
     This is a deadly and annoying move indeed.
< Tornado Holds > = This is Megaman's second best weapon.  This move 
     effectively keeps opponents at bay, if not overshoot the tornado 
     of course.  It OTG nicely, and does good damage.  This move 
     cancels nicely.  BTW, this inflicts no chipping damage.  
     Thankfully :-)
< Leaf Shield > = What's this for?  I don't know, I rarely use it.  It 
     will protect Megaman for 1 lousy hit, but often the next hit will 
     hit him.  This move has insane initiation time, and does no 
     chipping damage.  BTW, if you feel fancy, combo this into air 
< Rock Ball > = This and Mega-charger are what make Megaman deadly!  
     Rock Ball, when kicked by Megaman, will bounce around the screen 
     and literally zone-in on the opponents.  It's hard to avoid not 
     getting hit.  Heck, it'll even bounce all the way up to super-jump 
     height to hit opponents!  Check out the trick section for its 
< Mega Upper > = Supposedly, this move is for defense.  But, like all 
     uppercuts, it's lousy as a defense because often it'll just trade 
     hits.  Megaman's launcher is a better defense than this move.
< Weapon Switch > = This allows Megaman to select Tornado Holds, Leaf 
     Shield, or Rock Ball.

< Hyper Megaman > = Surprisingly, Megaman can combo this super into air 
     combos!  Doesn't that remind you of someone? (Hint: Shotoken)  The 
     damage of this move is pretty good, and it does great chipping 
     damage.  Another use of this move is as defense.  Against jump-
     ins, simply pull this move off and watch Megaman uppercut their 
     ass into fireball cannon!  BTW, it doesn't OTG.
< Beat Plane > = The fact that this is controllable makes it a 
     worthwhile super to pull off.  The major problem of this super is 
     that Megaman can get hit when coming out of the super even if he 
     hits the opponent!  Luckily, this can be remedied by simply steer 
     him away from the opponent.  This move packs a whollop in hits, 
     but only does average damage.  The chipping factor of this super 
     is, again, great.
< Rush Drill > = This is often where Megaman gets kill!  Though the 
     chipping damage is great, he'll often get hit when coming out of 
     the drill.  Again, this super can be controlled.  Although it can 
     combo, opponents will often be able to block midway through the 
     super; thus, making comboing dangerous.  BTW, the best advantage 
     of this move is that Megaman is completely untouchable while 
     inside the drill.  He can even drill past a fireball super!

--J. Jab --> J. Strong
--J. Short --> J. Forward

1.  Charge Mega-charger for 50~60 seconds --> D.C. Short --> C. Forward 
    --> Release Mega-charger --> Charge Mega-charger --> D.S. Jab --> 
    C. Forward --> D.C. Short --> C. Strong --> D.C. Short --> C. 
    Forward --> Release Mega-charger --> D.C. Jab --> C. Forward --> 
    Beat Plane
    *Heh, how about this, my very own self-invented combo!  Though it 
     doesn't hurt too much, this combo will get you up to 80+ hits if 
     done correctly!  This is an excellent show-off combo that'll get 
     you a round of Wow's.  My personal best is about 130+ hits.  Damn, 
     is my pinky sore!  BTW, it's best if you start at one corner and 
     work your way to the other corner.  If you want, throw in a helper 
     in the middle for more hits.
2.  J. Jab --> J. Strong --> D.C. Short --> C. Roundhouse --> Tornado 
    *If you feel cheesy, walk up and throw them afterwards!  Another of 
     Megaman's best combos.
3.  C. Short --> S. Roundhouse --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> Hyper 
    *Mmm, does this remind you of someone's combo?  Cancel into Hyper 
     Megaman fast or it'll miss!
4.  D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> C. Roundhouse --> Rush Drill (OTG)
    --> C. Short (OTG) --> C. Roundhouse --> Tornado Hold(Jab)
    *Personally, I would stay away from this combo because sometimes 
     opponents can block Rush Drill even if they initially got hit by 
5.  C. Roundhouse --> Beat Plane (OTG)
    *This is probably a better substitute because it's less risky, even 
     if blocked.  Remember, steer Megaman away from opponents toward 
     the end of the super!
6.  Charge Mega-charger --> Activate Leaf Shield --> D.C. Short --> C. 
    Forward --> C. Roundhouse --> Release Leaf Shield (OTG) --> Release 
    Mega-charger --> Beat Plane
    *Depending on the amount of charging you did with Mega-charger, you 
     can do some fancy combo before Beat Plane.  BTW, do remember to 
     steer the plane away when the super almost ends!
7.  J. Short --> J. Forward --> D.S. Short --> S. Forward --> S. 
    Roundhouse --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. 
    Forward --> Strong Air Throw
    *Megaman ripped off Dan by copying his air throw!  I just love that 
8.  Charge Mega-charger --> D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> C. Roundhouse 
    --> Release Mega-charger (OTG)
    *This is a must learn technique with Mega-charger.  Utilize this 
     basic to invent your own dirty tricks with Megaman!
9.  (In corner) --> S. Roundhouse --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. 
    Strong --> S.J. Forward --> Strong Air Throw --> J. Roundhouse
    *The J. Roundhouse is tricky to connect.  You must hit the button 
     right after the air throw.  If not in corner, you can still tag in 
     a hit after the air throw with Jab.
10. S. Roundhouse --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. 
    Forward --> Beat Plane
    *Not all hits of the super will connect.  Opponents seemed to slip 
     through after 20-some hits.

-Oh right, since most of you guys know this trick, so I might as well 
 spill the bean.  Switch to Rock Ball and do this trick over and over:  
 Charge Mega Buster --> Rock Ball --> C. Short / C. Roundhouse --> J. 
 Fierce (hold to charge Mega Buster immediately) --> Rock Ball --> C. 
 Short / C. Roundhouse --> J. Fierce (hold to charge Mega Buster 
 immediately) --> Rock Ball --> (Repeat)    This trap is very hard to 
 break, especially with a large slow character.  To add onto the 
 cheapness, use the next trick with Beat Plane for more chipping 
 damage.  Then start the trap over from a distance.  Fast characters 
 have a better chance of breaking it, and those with Beam Super can 
 also hurt Megaman in the process, so be careful!  If you see opponents 
 on the verge of getting too close, throw in a helper attack to push 
 them away.  I've developed a tactic of thwarting this trick, e-mail me 
 if you're frustrated by this trick and want to turn the table against 
 whoever is using this.
-Activate Beat Plane in air.  DON'T press anything (i.e. don't shoot 
 anything out) and steer the plane to their back before hitting the 
 buttons.  Often, opponents expect you to start jamming and won't 
 expect you to attack from behind.


     For some reason, this is by far the most popular character used by most
players.  Yes, Strider is quick, powerful, and has crazy combos; however, he
doesn't take damage too well!  Strider is probably quicker than Spiderman, and
has better comboing ability, with the exception of supers, than Wolverine. 
His priority also rivals Chun Li, and his range is amazing.  Besides all these
advantages, Strider has tons of moves at his disposal.  With effective use of
them, Strider can be very annoying.
     Strider is an offensive maniac, and he'll go after his opponents
continuously without giving them a break.  Strider is a bit weak in defense,
but his launcher and Satellite Orbit Super will keep aggressive opponents at

--Speed.  Strider is the second fastest character of the game.  He's 
  very quick on the draw.
--High priorities.  Both in air and on ground, Strider has great 
  priority on throws.
--Range.  His sword gives him those extra reach.
--Combo.  He is a combo maniac!  Strider can do both air and ground 
  combos with little effort.
--Style, baby!  Though not the coolest, Strider sure has a distinct 
  style.  All his combos and attacks looks awesome.
--Traps.  Strider is very good at trapping opponents and chipping 

--Strider is a sissy.  After taking a few punches and he'll be crying 
  mommy :-)
--Lack of a reliable super combo.  One must connect with Satellite 
  Orbit or helper in order to connect other supers.
--Defense.  Strider relies heavily on offense.  He doesn't have much of 
  a defense when faced with an even more aggressive opponent.

< Rainbow Slash > = This is a cool looking move that combos nicely and 
     does good damage.  However if blocked, Strider is up for major 
     punishment.  The air version is very dangerous, because even if it 
     connects, opponent can still hit Strider when he lands.
< Sword Swipe > = Though not as cool looking as Rainbow Slash, this 
     special is a lot safer and has the option of high or low slash 
     (style pt).  It combos nicely and does good damage.  Even, if 
     blocked, Strider can't be tagged.
< Teleport > = Strider can teleport to six different places on the 
     screen.  This can be dangerous because he is completely vulnerable 
     while coming out.  The only time this move should be used is when 
     Satellite Orbit is activated, which then will protect Strider 
     while hitting opponents.  This is a great surprise tactic.
< Satellite/Flaming Satellite > = I always active the Satellite 
     whenever I can, so I can use the "fireball" when needed.  The 
     damage is OK, and it's flashy to use it in air combos.
< Wall Cling > = Upon doing this move, Strider can dive down for 
     surprise attack, move up and down, or fly from wall to wall.  The 
     use of this move is yet to be realized, because Strider is wide 
     open for any attacks.  BTW, Strider can still slash when cling to 
     the wall, so that's a plus.
< Split Dive > = The only use for this is a surprise attack, nothing 
< Jaguar > = Can we say this is Strider's fireball?  This move can be 
     easily avoided due to its slow speed.
< Parachute Bombs > = This can come handy when you want to chip off 
     those energy with Legion super.  This will make sure the opponent 
     stays on their feet while the mechanical animals chip away their 
     energy.  BTW, the damage is insane - nearly 30%!
< Ground Slide > = This can go under projectiles and combo nicely.

< Legion > = The main use of this super is to chip off damages during 
     those last few seconds.  The super can't combo due to its slow 
     speed, and the damage isn't too hot.
< Satellite Orbit > = IMO Strider's best super.  This can stack up some 
     impressive number of hits and damages, and does nice chipping 
     damage as well.  Against experienced players, it's best to 
     activate this and teleport behind them for a nasty surprise.  BTW, 
     this super can chain into Ragnork or Legion if timed correctly.  
     Also, this super can be used as defense against those overly 
     aggressive opponents.
< Ragnork > = This super looks pretty cool and does good damage.  
     However, it can't combo.

--J. Fierce --> J. Roundhouse
--J. Short --> J. Roundhouse
--J. Short --> J. Forward --> J. Roundhouse
  *This seems to work only on big characters.

1.  J. Short --> J. Roundhouse --> D.S. Jab --> C. Short --> S. Strong 
    --> S. Forward --> S. Fierce --> S. Roundhouse --> Rainbow Slash / 
    Sword Swipe
    *Sweet looking combo!  The damage is solid as well.  This is my 
     personal favorite due to impressive sword display!
2.  D.C. Jab --> C. Short --> C. Strong --> C. Forward --> C. Fierce   
    --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. Forward --> 
    Rainbow Slash(Jab) / Strong Air Throw / Sword Swipe(Jab)
    *Another of my favorite combo with Strider.  The damage is good 
     too.  Against smaller opponents, you might want to skip C. Forward 
     because the launcher might miss.
3.  Satellite Orbit --> D.C. Jab --> C. Short --> C. Forward --> D.S. 
    Jab --> S. Short --> S. Strong --> Ragnork / Legion
    *This is a combo meter stacker!  If done correctly, it'll get you 
     nearly 50+ hits!
4.  Have the Satellite ready --> D.C. Jab --> C. Strong --> C. Fierce 
    --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. Forward --> 
    Flaming Satellite
    *Basically, this should be used only if you feel like being fancy.  
     The damage isn't too great, but looks nice.  If in corner, Strider 
     has the possibly to land into another jump-in combo.
5.  D.S. Jab -->S. Short --> S. Strong --> S. Forward --> S. Fierce --> 
    Ground Slide
6.  D.S. Jab --> S. Strong --> S. Fierce --> S. Roundhouse --> Sword 
    *Personally, I think this combo does way too much damage!  Nearly
     1/3 of life-bar!  This simple of a combo shouldn't inflict that 
7.  D.S. Jab --> S. Short --> S. Strong --> S. Forward --> S. Fierce 
    --> C. Roundhouse --> Rainbow Slash (OTG)
    *How could I have forgotten this classic combo?  How silly of me!
8.  Satellite Orbit --> D.C. Jab --> C. Short --> S. Strong --> D.S.
    Jab --> S. Short --> S. Strong --> S. Forward --> (Michelle Heart) 
    --> Satellite Orbit --> Teleport (near opponents) --> S. Jab --> S. 
    Strong --> S. Forward --> D.S. Jab --> S. Short --> S. Strong --> 
    S. Forward --> (Repeat)
    *Whew, what a combo!  Timing WILL be the key to successfully 
     pulling this combo off.  You must know when the super will end and 
     throw out the helper early -- so she'll still be hitting opponents 
     when you do another super and teleport.  This is very hard to time 
     and require lots of practice.  To my experience, you can tag in 
     4+ supers in this combo if done right.  My personal best is 
     about 90+ hits!  Hell, keep doing it even if blocked.  This'll do 
     lots of chipping damage!
9.  Punch throw (into corner) --> Sword Swipe(Jab/Short)
    *This is wrong!  How much damage?  Nearly 30%!!!!!  The Sword Swipe 
     does LOTS of damage and it cannot be avoided (except when tech-
     hits).  At first, "juggling" will be hard; but practice will make 
     perfect.  I personally find the Jab version easier to connect 
     because Short version is low, but it can still hit.  BTW, be 
     careful of the input command because Rainbow Slash might come out 
     by accident!
10. Punch Throw --> (Character Switch) (OTG)
    *This will take some practice and is risky.  For one thing, it can 
     be rolled out of and leaving your character vulnerable.  Also, 
     only those with quick switch-in attack will OTG (i.e. no Zangief).  
     I wouldn't use it too often, but decided to throw it in here 
     because it exists.
11. Parachute Bomb --> C. Fierce --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. 
    Strong --> S.J. Forward --> S.J. Fierce
12. S. Forward --> S. Fierce --> S. Roundhouse --> Sword Swipe
    *You think combo#6 was wrong?  Just wait till you see this one.  I 
     think it does nearly 40% damage, but I could be wrong.  Another 
     plus is that S. Forward is an excellent dash-in stopper!

-Try this for a nasty surprise: Satellite Orbit --> Teleport behind 
 them!  At first, use the low teleports (w/ kick) to see how opponents 
 are reacting.  If you see them super-jumping (experts), use the punch 
 version so they can't jump.  Of course, you'll have to be lightning 
 quick on the teleport.
-Cancel any normal move into Sword Swipe for chipping damage.  Also, 
 you can throw in a mid-range Parachute Bomb instead because it does so 
 much damage if connect and is well worth the risk.  Usually, opponents 
 won't rush in on you.
-When in corner, end any air combo with Sword Swipe.  Strider will land 
 later than the opponents, so tag them with another jump-in chain for 
 another combo of choice.
-If you dare, try this sacrificing maneuver: Parachute Bomb (make it 
 land near opponents) --> Teleport (near opponent).  This trick is to 
 sucker the opponents into hitting you when you come out of Teleport, 
 only to be nailed by the bomb.  From there, you can whack them into 
 air combos.  One caution though, expert players can easily counter 
 this with super.


     IMO, Spiderman is extremely overpowered in this game.  His priority is
just amazing, and his combos inflict tons of damages - especially the air
combos!  Overall, Spidey is more offensive oriented than defensive.  His
jump-in priority is high, and he has quick foot-speed.  He's both agile and
strong.  However, against those offensive opponents, Spidey is in trouble! 
His launcher, S. Strong, is a good defense, but the priority isn't too great. 
In order to win with Spidey, keep the pressure on with flurry of Web Balls,
dash-ins, and jump-ins.

--High aerial priorities.  Spidey's air throw range is insane, and his 
  J. Roundhouse will beat out most defenses.
--Speed.  Though not as accomplished as Strider and Wolverine, Spidey 
  is still one of the quickest fighter.
--Combos.  Spidey's air combo does way too much damage for a simple air 
  combo, and his super combos does excellent damage.

--Spidey sort of lacking a good air defense.
--His super combo isn't very reliable.  Hey, it's an OTG!

< Web Ball > = This is a good projectile attack because it can leave 
     opponent vulnerable for a few seconds.  The fierce entraps the 
     longest but is slow, and the jab virtually doesn't trap at all but 
     is the fastest to come out.
< Web Swing > = This move combos nicely and OTG, but is dangerous if 
     opponent manages to block.
< Web Throw > = This is another humiliating move.  The combo 
     possibility of this move is slim.  The main use is to trap 
     opponents and catch them by surprise.  Sadly, this inflicts no 
     chipping damage.  A curious thing about this move is that in Easy 
     Mode, Spidey can combo this off S. Roundhouse; but, he can't do so 
     in Regular Mode?!
< Spider Sting > = This is more of an offensive uppercut than defensive 
     one.  It can combo, but does pitiful damage.  BTW, Spidey can't 
     OTG after this move.  Also to be noted, lots of people seem to 
     forget that Spidey has this uppercut; thus, they jump in 
     recklessly.  Hey, throw this in once a while to remind them this 
     move!  The damage is great when not done in a combo.

< Crawler Assault > = Capcom has vastly improved this super.  Once hit, 
     all hits will connect!  This super still OTG and does great 
     damage.  However, Spidey is open to attack if missed or blocked.
< Maximum Spider > = Sadly, this super still can't combo regularly.  
     The damage is still good, but Spidey is dead if blocked.  Again, 
     Spidey can aim with this super.
< Ultimate Web Throw > = This super just does insane damage!  Nearly 
     50%!  Thankfully, it doesn't combo.  This super almost never 
     connects because of its initiation time.

--J. Jab --> J. Strong --> J. Fierce
  *IMO, this is his most effective jump-ins.
--J. Short --> J. Forward --> J. Fierce
  *This is wacky, the J. Short hits awkward.

1.  J. Jab --> J. Strong --> J. Fierce --> C. Short --> C. Forward --> 
    S. Roundhouse --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. 
    Forward --> Web Swing / Web Ball(Jab) / Strong Air Throw
    *This combo just hurts!  It does nearly 35% damage!  His best 
     combo, period.
2.  J. Roundhouse --> C. Short --> C. Strong --> C. Roundhouse --> 
    Crawler Assault (OTG) / Team Super (OTG)
    *Yeah, this is also a must-learn and does lots of damage.  However, 
     the OTG is risky against rollers.
3.  D.S. Strong --> Web Throw(Fierce)
4.  Web Ball(Fierce) --> Maximum Spider
5.  D.C. Short --> C. Strong --> C. Fierce --> Web Ball(Jab)
6.  C. Jab --> C. Strong --> C. Roundhouse --> Web Swing (OTG)
7.  D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> S. Roundhouse --> Spider 
    *Just so you know, THERE'S NO INFINITY ANYMORE!!!!!
8.  D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> Spider Sting(Fierce)
9.  (In corner) --> Ultimate Web Throw --> D.C. Short (OTG) --> S. 
    Roundhouse --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. Fierce
    *This is a combo you won't have much chance of practicing due to 
     its conditions.  I don't think you can do a full air combo, but am 
     not too sure.
10. D.C. Short --> C. Strong --> C. Roundhouse --> (Juggernaut) (OTG) 
    --> Maximum Spider
    *This is actually pretty easy to connect!  Don't aim the super 
     because you want Spidey to attack horizontally to hit opponents.  
     The combo will do damage near 60%!
11. C. Short --> C. Forward --> Web Swing
12. (In corner) --> C. Roundhouse --> (Juggernaut) (OTG) --> Ultimate 
    Web Throw
    *This is REALLY hard to connect and you must do the super right 
13. (Against corner) --> C. Jab --> C. Forward --> (Colossus) --> 
    Maximum Spider
    *Again, don't aim the super.  You'll want Spidey to hit 
     horizontally.  Reliability on this combo is kind of bad, so use it 
     at your own risk.

-Finish air combos with Jab Web Ball, then on the way down tag them 
 with J. Roundhouse.  Surprisingly, many people didn't block high for 
 the Roundhouse!
-Finish air combos with Fierce, then after landing nail them with 
 another combo.  Spidey will cross them up upon landing from air combo.  
 Though tricky, this doesn't work as good as the previous trick. 
 Another thing is to stick out J. Short before landing.  Opponents will 
 often land first, so Spidey can stick out a quick jump-in attack 
 before landing.  Alternate between the 2 tricks here to confuse the 
-Finish any ground combo with Jab Web Ball, preferably that they block, 
 then tag in a Strong Web Throw.  Sometimes, people will be caught by 
 surprise.  People have a bad habit of jumping after blocking an 
 attack, so capitalize on it!
-After any combo with Spider Sting (1 hit), do a Fierce Web Throw.  
 Doing the Web Throw will take some getting use to it, because you 
 don't want to throw a Fierce Web Ball instead!  Often, opponents won't 
 expert the Web Throw and get tagged.



     Jin is a very very weird character to use.  Often called the Dan of this
game for obvious reason - HE SUCKS!!!  I still am a terrible Jin player, good
players still regularly whipped my ass when I use Jin.  So, if there are
indeed any good Jin players out there, help me out guys!
     Anyway, Jin relies mostly on his regular attacks because they are fairly
powerful.  The priority is high and they even inflict chipping damage. 
However, strong attacks have TERRIBLE recovery time and canceling into a
special might be a good idea sometimes.  Jin is fairly strong, and has descent
speed.  Combo isn't Jin's forte, but he can't rely on defense either because
he got none.  So, what's my take on Jin?  He'll need to rely heavily on
chipping damage and constantly chip away damages with regular punches and

--High priority attacks.
--Strength.  Jin's normal combos inflict amazing damage.

--Recovery time.  Though Jin has average speed, his recovery time on 
  most normal and special attacks really sucks.
--Defense.  Jin needs to keep pressure on by constantly attacking.  
  However, he'll be dead in the water against offensive characters.

< Saotome Typhoon > = Well, this move be comboed and inflicts descent 
     damage.  However, Jin is wide open to attack if blocked.
< Saotome Dynamite > = Hehe, this move is kind of funny!  Anyway, this 
     can also be comboed and does good damage.  It can also be used as 
     a defensive counter-attack against jumpers.  But, it'll often be 
     blocked and Jin is then up for something painful.
< Saotome Power-up > = Basically, this happens when you are about to 
     lose your quarters.  Jin charged up and he now has super-armor and 
     does lots of damage with his normal and special attacks, possibly 
     even stronger than Hulk!  When you are in this mode, I'd say to GO 
     CRAZY!  Keep on attacking the opponents with your heart out.  Jin 
     will have superior priority and inflict major damage.  Don' know 
     how?  Just watch how CPU Jin played!
< Saotome Crush > = Well, this is a rather useless move.  It's a 
     blockable throw that inflicts pathetic damage.  Besides, Jin is 
     very vulnerable if blocked.
< Typhoon Drill > = This move has very high priority.  It'll beat out 
     many moves, but is risky due to recovery lag.  Very useful!
< Saotome Fire > = IMO, this is the best taunt of the game, no wonder 
     Jin is called the Dan of the game!  Basically, Jin does his taunt 
     and then caught on fire!  He is vulnerable during the move, but 
     can cancel out anytime once he is on fire.  To be honest, this 
     move is for show only.  BTW, there's nifty trick to do with this 
     move.  Yes, it does hit, three times!  Kill one character, then 
     before the other character comes in, start the fire.  Time it so 
     they'll jump in on your back for a hilarious round of belly-

< Blodia Punch > = This is his primary super and it does good damage.  
     It combos fairly easily and leaves Jin fairly safe from harm.
< Blodia Vulcan > = Well, this is a bad super (I mean as a bad bad, not 
     a good bad).  It combos awkwardly and isn't too reliable.  The 
     damage is OK, but Jin is up for punishment if blocked.
< Saotome Cyclone > = This is often called the new Chaos Dimension 
     because of it holds the opponent up for a while.  I primarily use 
     this as a defense, because it can cross.  This is very useful 
     against super-jumping-happy opponents.  The damage is great.

--J. Jab --> J. Strong
--J. Short --> J. Roundhouse
  *A nice 3-hitters!

1.  J. Roundhouse --> S. Strong --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. 
    *Although it looks easy, it's a tough combo to connect with Jin 
     because his normal attacks are slow!  This combo does good damage.
2.  Air Tornado Drill --> C. Jab --> Tornado Drill --> Saotome Dynamite 
3.  D.S. Strong --> Saotome Cyclone
    *Note, this works but is tricky.  First of all, you must dash into 
     his launcher!  If you dash into Jab then launcher, the super will 
     miss.  Also, you must cancel FAST!!
4.  C. Jab --> C. Strong --> Blodia Punch / Saotome Typhoon / Team 
    *IMO, this is Jin's best combo.  Blodia Punch does good damage, and 
     team super can do even more damage.  Saotome Typhoon should be 
     used if there's no super.
5.  C. Jab --> C. Fierce --> Blodia Vulcan
    *This is a very tricky combo.  Cancel into super FAST!
6.  (In corner) --> C. Strong --> Blodia Punch --> Tornado Drill (OTG) 
    --> Saotome Dynamite (OTG)
7.  C. Roundhouse --> (Juggernaut) (OTG) --> Blodia Vulcan
    *You must cancel the super fast or it'll miss!

-For some reason, Tornado Drill --> Saotome Dynamite combo works 
 extremely well against most players!  They often tried to nail Jin 
 after the drill, only to see Jin take off his cloth in front of their 
 face!  Use this to your advantage!  Confuse them up by delaying the 
 dynamite a little or not doing it at all.  Experiment with the timing 
 to confuse your opponents.
-Another nasty maneuver to use is to do this: S. Fierce --> Punch 
 Throw.  This is a bit cheap, but you can pat yourself in the back and 
 say that you're only trying to tech-hit out of any throw attempts 
 (yeah, right)!  This trick will need some practice.  For some reason, 
 those button-smashing beginners can do this very well?!
-Here's a nifty trick to use will Saotome Cyclone.  When opponents is 
 near you, about 1 character away, do the super.  Yeah, it'll miss 
 alright.  Now, steer it toward them.  Usually, opponents will block if 
 they see the frames for super, but let go if they know they won't get 
 hit and ready to counter-attack you.  Let them have it with the super!
-Forward --> Punch throws.  This is rather cheap in that there's 
 nothing opponents can do against it except tech-hit.  Forward attack 
 recovers really fast.

+Captain America:+

     This guy can kick major ass if used correctly.  Cap has good priorities,
powerful moves and combos, and descent speed.  He's probably the next
strongest character after Carnage, Hulk, Zangief, and Jin.  He has great air
combos, solid ground combos, and extremely powerful supers.  When teamed with
War Machine or Gambit, Cap can bust a 75% death team super combo!
     Shield is Cap's key to victory, so be sure to pick it up whenever he
loses it.  Also, if you do lose it, DON'T PANIC!  Cap can do some combos he
can't normally do!  BTW, the shield will drop back to you if Cap has gone
without a shield for a while.  Though a formidable force in offense, Cap's
weak in defense.  Uppercuts just don't cut it in this game, and his other
launcher, S. Strong, isn't too hot.  Try to stay on offensive with Cap, or
he's toast!

--Power.  Cap is one of the strongest characters in the game, and his 
  combos can really pack a whollop!
--Combos.  Cap has an awesome air combo, one of the deadliest super 
  combo, and descent ground combos.  IMO, he's one of the combo kings!
--High priorities.  With shield, Cap will beat out most attacks.  His 
  air throw range is pretty amazing.

--Defense.  IMO, this is the only area Cap really lacks.  His "mini" 
  launcher, S. Strong, just doesn't cut it, and uppercuts are obsolete 
  in this game.

< Shield Slash > = This is a great move to pull off after every normal 
     attacks.  It combos nicely and inflicts solid damage.  The only 
     setback is that Cap has to retrieve his shield, but that shouldn't 
     be any problem at all.  Hey, it might be good sometimes to lose 
     shields!  How?  Read on, my friends!
< Cartwheel > = I love this move!  Not only can this move cross up 
     opponents for a nasty surprise from behind, it also passes through 
     many specials and normal attacks.  One caution though, Cap can now 
     be thrown out of this, so study your opponent's style before 
     pulling this move off.  IMO, an effective usage of this move will 
     ensure victories!  I just cannot emphasize just how important and 
     useful this move is.
< Charging Star > = This move is OK, but not very useful.  It combos 
     nicely and does good damage, but is dangerous if opponents managed 
     to block.  With shield, Cap can beat out any attacks, except 
     supers of course, and nail the opponents.  Also this is an 
     excellent alpha counter.
< Star n' Stripe > = This is Cap's uppercut, and it's not too useful.  
     Defensively, it sucks.  Offensively, it sucks too.  In another 
     word, it's useless.

< Hyper Charging Star > = The chipping damage of this move is just 
     amazing, and Cap can recover fast enough to prevent any 
     counterattacks.  Another plus is that when Cap has the shield, he 
     can ram through anything, even supers!  This super doesn't combo 
     easily due to its initiation lag, and does average damage.
< Final Justice > = While visually impressive, this super has been 
     toned down a little in damage if not comboed.  Cap also has a 
     small lag time afterwards if blocked.  Comboing this super is very 
     tricky, and often won't work, except when without any shield.
< Hyper Star n' Stripe > = This is IMO Cap's best super.  It's very 
     combo-friendly and does tons of damage, nearly 50%!  However, if 
     blocked, Cap is up for anything terrible.  BTW, Cap can also combo 
     with team super instead of this one for mega damages!

--J. Jab --> J. Strong
--J. Short --> J. Roundhouse

1.  J. Jab --> J. Strong --> D.C. Jab --> C. Strong --> C. Fierce --> 
    S.J. Jab --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Jab --> (Double Jump) --> S.J. Jab 
    --> S.J. Short --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. Forward --> Strong Air 
    Throw / Shield Slash
    *My personal favorite combo of the game!  It looks awesome and does 
     nearly 45% damage.  Hell yeah!  One caution though, it'll be wise 
     not to try this on opponents with high air throw priority because 
     they can tech-hit or throw Cap fairly easily.
2.  D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> Charging Star
    *Why bother with this combo?  Use the next one!
3.  C. Short --> C. Forward --> Hyper Star n' Stripe / Team Super
    *This combo is purely wrong!  With super by itself, it'll go up to 
     50% damage.  With team super, heh, you're looking at a instant 
     slaughter!  Depending on the partner, Cap can do more damage.  
     With War Machine or Gambit, you're looking at a 75% kill, baby!
4.  D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> C. Roundhouse --> Shield Slash(Jab) 
    *This is a very basic must-learn combo for Cap.  Use it even if 
5.  D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> S. Roundhouse --> Final Justice
    *This combo is REALLY hard to connect!  I can only do it on Hulk, 
     and that's only SOMETIMES!  Help, guys, I need tips on this one.  
     BTW, the damage isn't too hot either.
6.  (Lose Shield) --> D.C. Short --> S. Fierce --> Final Justice / 
    Hyper Charging Star
    *Yeah baby, this combos!  Well, so it's OK to lose shield huh?  
     Anyway, this combo just rocks!  With Final Justice, you're looking 
     at a nearly 60% damage, possibly the most damaging single super 
     combo in the game (yeah, better than Wolverine) ^_^  Hyper 
     Charging Star can rack up to nearly 50%, but isn't too impressive.
7.  D.C. Jab --> S. Strong --> S. Fierce --> Shield Slash(Jab)
    *The shield at the end is for chipping damage, it won't combo.  
     Amazingly, this simple combo does very good damage!
8.  C. Short --> C. Roundhouse --> Hyper Star n' Stripe (OTG)
    *Well, this is a bit risky because it's an OTG combo.  I found it 
     best if you pause 1/4 sec before the super to ensure all the hits 
     go through.
9.  (Lose shield and near corner) --> D.C. Short --> S. Fierce --> 
    Hyper Charging Star --> C. Short (OTG) --> C. Fierce --> S.J. Jab 
    --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. 
    Forward --> S.J. Fierce
    *Yup, you can tag in a full air combo afterwards!
10. D.C. Short --> C. Fierce --> Star n' Stripe(Fierce)
    *OK, here's a combo for all you hard-core uppercut people.
11. D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> C. Roundhouse --> (Juggernaut) (OTG) 
    --> Hyper Charging Star
    *Final Justice won't work due to short range.  Darn!
12. J. Jab --> J. Strong --> D.C. Jab --> C. Strong --> C. Fierce --> 
    S.J. Jab --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Jab --> (Double Jump) --> S.J. Jab 
    --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Jab --> C. Short --> C. Fierce --> (Repeat)
    *Well, this is more of a trick than a combo.  The second triple 
     jabs will bring opponents higher than Cap; thus, he'll land first.  
     Simply walk under, than hit them up again from the other side.  
     Usually, this trick won't work twice in a roll.  So the second 
     time you hit them up, do the complete air combo.  Start the trick 
     over next time!
13. D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> S. Roundhouse --> Charging 
    *Wow, this simple combo does tons of damage - nearly 40%!

-Finish all ground combos with Jab Shield Slash, even if blocked!
-Kick throw all the way, preferably in corner.  This is harder to do 
 than other people's, but works wonderfully if in corner.
-I won't reveal my best trick with Cap, because they're pretty nasty 
 and always work like a charm! (Don't worry, they aren't cheap!)  All 
 I'll say is that it involves tricky maneuvering of Cartwheel.


     Well, I have finally learned how to use Venom effectively.  He's awkward!
 Anyway, though often called the "Sabertooth" of the game, I don't find that
name very fitting.  He's nowhere near Sabertooth!  Yeah, he's very quick for a
big guy, but he can't combo as good as Sabertooth.
     IMO, Venom is an average character.  His speed and priorities are
probably his keys to success.  Combo-wise, he isn't too great.  His launcher
can't be linked into, which makes comboing a little difficult, especially on
Hulk.  When jumping in, Venom has multi-hitting Fierce and Roundhouse, which
IMO requires absolutely NO skill.  In defense, his S. Roundhouse will stop
most jump-in attacks, but can't be linked into anything else.  BTW, did I
mention that throws are necessary if you want to win with Venom?  His punch
throws sets opponents up for a combo, very useful!  Also, his air dash is
useful in setting up combos as well.

--Speed.  Well, you've got to applaud him for moving that quickly for a 
  big guy!
--High priorities.  Venom's J. Roundhouse rules the air, and his throw 
  range is pretty amazing.  
--Excellent air defense.  His S. Roundhouse will stop most jump-in 
  attacks, setting up for an easy combo.

--Combos.  Venom's really lacking in combos, with the exception of air 
--Size.  Come on, one with that kind of size will easily be others' 

< Venom Fang > = While comboable, this move doesn't do too great a 
     damage.  This is multi-hitting, and inflicts good blocking damage 
     as well.  The recovery time, while short, still exists.  So, be 
     careful.  Jab version is probably the best.
< Venom Throw > = While powerful, it rarely connects.  Many characters 
     can even avoid it completely when standing!  Although it doesn't 
     combo, there are some nifty tricks Venom can use to sucker 
     opponents into this move.
< Venom Bite > = IMO a very dangerous move for Venom.  While it does 
     good damage, the recovery sucks!  While Venom is retracting his 
     symbiote, he's up for people's wrath!  Try not to use this move at 
     all.  Short recovers the fastest (duh)!

< Venom Web > = Well, I got to admit that it looks pretty cool, but 
     otherwise I just don't know.  The damage isn't too great, and it 
     doesn't combo regularly.  One trick is to do it when opponents are 
     jumping in, so Venom will cross them up for a surprise.
< Death Bite > = The same problem exists in this super like Venom Bite.  
     The recovery just sucks!  This super does good damage, and can go 
     up to 45% if done from one wall to another.  Another risky move.

--J. Fierce / J. Roundhouse
  *Yup, one button multi!  No skill indeed!

1.  Punch Throw --> S. Strong --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. 
    Strong --> S.J. Forward --> Venom Fang(Fierce) / Strong Air Throw
2.  D.C. Jab --> C. Forward --> C. Roundhouse --> Venom Bite(Short) / 
    Death Bite (OTG)
3.  D.S. Short --> C. Roundhouse --> Venom Fang(Jab) (OTG)
4.  (In Corner) --> J. Roundhouse --> S. Strong --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. 
    Short --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. Forward --> Venom Fang(Fierce) --> 
    Strong Air Throw
    *Let me explain, the air throw is done by jumping straight up and 
     time the throw.  Since Venom'll land first and near corner, the 
     air throw can be done fairly easily.
5.  S. Roundhouse --> Venom Fang(Jab) / Venom Bite(Short) (OTG)
    *This is VERY useful!  S. Roundhouse is an excellent air defense, 
     you can use this combo to punish those jump-happy opponents!  
     Personally, I like to use Venom Fang in that it's more reliable 
     (not an OTG) and much safer even if blocked.
6.  Kick Throw --> Venom Bite (OTG)
    *Depending on where they land, the button for Venom Bite will 
7.  C. Roundhouse --> (Juggernaut) (OTG) --> Venom Web
    *Cancel the super fast or it'll miss!
8.  (Kick throw into corner) --> S. Fierce --> Venom Fang(Strong)
9.  Punch Throw --> S. Strong --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. 
    Strong --> S.J. Forward --> S.J. Roundhouse (1 hit) --> Venom 
    *This is probably this most damaging regular combo.  The Roundhouse 
     into Venom Fang is tough to do.
10. D.S. Jab --> S. Forward --> Death Bite / Team Super
    *This is a reliable method of comboing the super.  It'll do much 
     more damage is done where one corner to opposite corner.

-After air combos and in corner, similar to combo 1, walk up and punch 
 throw them into another air combo then repeat.  If they caught on and 
 tried to counter on the way down, follow through combo 1 to Web Throw 
 their ass.
-Take advantage of his J. Roundhouse priority.  Cancel that into Venom 
 Fang(Jab/Strong) for some chipping damage.  You can sometimes do this 
 over and over.


     Boy, does he kick ass!  I've finally mastered this big guy, and he is
just too damned powerful!  Along with increased speed, Hulk still retains his
priority, strength, super armor, and size.  Because of his size, he's the
subject of all combos.  Even tricky combos work well against him, so beware. 
However, since Hulk has his super armor, he can withstand LOTS of damages and
cannot be comboed on easily (unless you made some mistakes).
     Hulk can be very offensive because of his priority, speed, and strength. 
He isn't afraid of trading hits because he'll always win.  BTW, his launcher,
C. Fierce, might not launch small characters if too far.  So, be careful! 
Another place to watch out is his recovery on normal moves.  Fierce needs to
be canceled into some special EVERY TIME!!!  Otherwise, opponents will block
and dash in for an easy combo.
     IMO, Hulk's major enemy is Megaman.  Megaman's keep-away tactics can be
frustrating to Hulk because Hulk ain't too quick on the foot.  Otherwise, Hulk
can kill almost anyone easily!

--Power, baby!  One whack and they're dead (i.e. lots of damage).
--Super armor.  Thanks to this, Hulk can safely trade hits with others 
  and still come out on top.  Also, this feature makes comboing on Hulk 
  an uneasy task, except when you leave yourself wide open of course!
--Hulk has an incredible tolerance to pain.  It takes LOTS of hits and 
  combos to kill him.

--Speed.  Although he's faster now, Hulk still isn't fast enough to 
  match most characters.
--Size.  God damn it, he's just too big!
--Lag time.

< Gamma Charge > = Although the damage has been toned down, this is 
     still Hulk's primary combo special.  However if blocked, Hulk is 
     as good as dead.
< Ground Rip > = This does great chipping damage while being hard to 
     combo.  Always cancel any normal move into this because normal 
     moves leave Hulk wide open for those quick characters.  Although 
     can be avoided by jumping, this special has very little lag time 
     if blocked.
< Gamma Tornado > = While doing good damage, comboing this move is 
     tricky as well.  Being a blockable throw, this move isn't too 
     useful.  BTW, Hulk will be in trouble if blocked, but the Jab 
     version has only little lag.  Oh, did I mention that this can be 
     ducked?  For some reason, I'm having a tough time comboing this 
     move, can anyone out there help me?

< Gamma Wave > = This super version Ground Rip should be use only as 
     counter-attack because it does more damage that way.  It can go up 
     to 50% if done from one end of wall to another end.  In combos, 
     however, the damage really sucks, probably 35% at best.
< Gamma Crush > = This is both an excellent offensive and defensive 
     super.  It combos nicely and does good damage.  However, Hulk is 
     up for grab if blocked, because the recovery is SOOOO slow.  BTW, 
     did I mention that Hulk can control where to land the meteorite?  
     So, don't freak out if Hulk whiffed, simply direct Hulk to land 
     behind them for a nasty cross-up.  I have a tough time directing 
     Hulk, but am working on it!  The chipping factor is above average.  
     One thing I hate about this is that opponents can roll after 
     getting crushed by the meteor and do some damage to Hulk before he 
     lands.  Why?
< Gamma Quake > = I don't know what this is for!  It does combo, but 
     doesn't do too great a damage.  Pretty safe to use it as chipping 

--J. Short --> J. Forward
  *Very high priority!

1.  J. Short --> J. Forward --> C. Short --> C. Forward --> Gamma 
    *The Gamma Charge is tricky if you want to connect both hits.  Play 
     around with it.  Sadly, the damage no longer hurts as much.
2.  D.C. Jab --> C. Fierce (1 hit) --> Ground Rip / Gamma Wave / Team 
    *This is a tough combo, it'll take some practice.  The damage is 
     pretty good, especially if you do the super from one corner to 
3.  C. Short --> C. Fierce --> Gamma Crush / Gamma Quake
    *Very basic, the only tricky part is planting the meteorite.  With 
     Gamma Quake, no tricks at all!
4.  C. Short --> Gamma Quake
    *This is weird.  I tried this combo out, and the damage isn't too
     good.  However, there's some juggling ability afterwards.
5.  (In corner) --> D.S. Jab --> S. Fierce --> Gamma Quake
    *The damage is much better!  I've heard about doing the Gamma Crush 
     afterwards, but can't seem to get it!?  Help, guys!
6.  D.C. Short --> C. Fierce --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. 
    *This air combo does excellent damage.  Strong, not just Fierce, is 
     his finisher!  Personally, I prefer Fierce instead of Strong 
     because of more damage.
7.  C. Short --> C. Fierce --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. Forward 
    --> S.J. Fierce
    *This air combo is harder, but does better damage.  It might be 
     easier to skip the Forward.
8.  S. Jab --> S. Fierce
    *Believe it or not, this combo HURTS! For extra chipping 
     damage, throw in a Fierce Ground Rip.
9.  Air Throw (low) --> J. Roundhouse (OTG) --> S. Fierce
    *OUCH!!!!!  Guess how much this combo takes?  Nearly 35%!  Three of 
     it and you're a goner!  However, this is really hard to do.  The 
     air throw must be a low one, so Hulk basically regular jump-up and 
     throw.  Thanks to his high priority, you can jump up and air throw 
     when people jumps toward you.  The J. Roundhouse must hit early, 
     right after the air throw, to OTG the opponents.  S. Fierce will 
     tag when opponents bounced into air from J. Roundhouse.  Believe 
     me, this IS the combo!  BTW, don air throw too low because the 
     Roundhouse won't connect.  Practice the throwing height a little 
     bit and you're ready to "graduate" onto the next 2 combos.
10. (In corner) --> Air Throw (low) --> J. Roundhouse (OTG) --> S. 
    Fierce --> Gamma Quake
    *DOUBLE OUCH!!!  Adding a super?  How wrong can this be?  This'll 
     take off about 55% of life.  Super deadly!
11. C. Short --> C. Fierce --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. Forward 
    --> Air Throw (low) --> J. Roundhouse (OTG) --> C. Fierce --> Gamma 
    *Whew, this is by all means Hulk's best combo!  The low air throw 
     will be much harder in that it's so easy to read (Hulk must fall 
     down along-side with opponents for a while).  The C. Fierce will 
     only hit once, so it's perfect to set up for the super.  How much 
     damage?  Oh, it's just about 70% at best, depending on where you 
     do the super.  Against certain opponents, you might want to skip 
     S.J. Forward.
12. (Against corner) --> Gamma Tornado --> S. Fierce
    *I'm not sure if you can OTG, so stay tuned.  However the Fierce 
     will connect.
13. Throw into corner --> C. Short (OTG) --> C. Fierce --> Gamma Crush
14. (In corner) --> C. Fierce --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. 
    Strong --> S.J. Roundhouse
    *Only in corner can you connect Roundhouse after Strong.  Hulk's 
     Roundhouse kick does tons of damage!

-Remember, cancel all normal attacks into a special!  Ground Rip will 
 work fine, but if predicted, people will simply hop over it for an 
 easy combo.  For me, Jab Gamma Tornado works better.



     Sadly, my favorite from XmenVsSF has been vastly toned down.  His speed
is slower now, and he lost his countering ability in this game.  However,
Gambit is still a good character.  He's fairly strong, and can do some fancy
combos.  Hey, he still has his range!  BTW, he has, IMO, the best normal throw
in the game!  Also to be noted, Gambit's chains are a bit awkward.  It'll take
some practice to get down his air combos and ground combos.  Oh, did I mention
that he's still the OTG king of the game?
     Another important aspect of Gambit's game-play is style.  Being the most
stylish character of the game (yes, even more so than Strider), Gambit needs
to be played with style.  Ugly combos are to be forbidden, and only fancy
combos are desired.  Thus, experiment around to find those fancy combos. 
Remember, it's all about style!

--Style, baby!  Gambit is just too stylish that he dazzles opponents 
--He's pretty strong and quick as well.
--His specials, except the supers, have literally no lag time.
--Range.  His S. Fierce has excellent range!

--Defense.  Though his launcher, C. Fierce, will often suffice, his 
  range is too short and not too high on priorities.
--No reliable super combos.  OTG combos just isn't too reliable.

< Kinetic Cards > = This is Gambit's fireball.  The initiation is a bit 
     slow, with Jab being the fastest, but its impact is immediate.  
     The combo is very tricky, but is worth trying because Gambit has 
     nothing to lose.
< Cajun Slash > = Gambit's signature move is back, but not up to par.  
     Jab is still a quick slash, but not quick enough for a 
     counterattack.  Its recovery time is still great.  Strong and 
     Fierce can combo and OTG, but the recovery time is, like before, 
     not too great.
< Trick Card > = The only use I found with this move is to beat out 
     those air fireball trapping opponents.  However, it's too slow to 
     keep up with those fireballs.
< Cajun Strike/Dive > = This can be a confusing move if used correctly.  
     The fact that Gambit is controllable makes it worthwhile.  Try 
     jump from wall to wall, come down to the middle of screen, then 
     bank hard toward the opponent with an attack for a surprise.  
     Gambit can recovery fast enough to block any attacks.  BTW, I've 
     heard that you can OTG after the Cajun Dive, but needs 

< Royal Flush > = This super still combos, and still has lag time 
     afterwards.  But, the recovery time is faster now, but still long 
     enough for a switch out and beam super.
< Cajun Explosion > = This super does good chipping damage and can be 
     confusing sometimes.  The fact that Gambit can perform this super 
     from either wall will sometimes confuse opponents as to which way 
     to block.  Sadly, it doesn't combo.  If opponents are grounded, 
     the blocking damage of this super is a lot!

--J. Fierce --> J. Roundhouse
--J. Short --> J. Roundhouse

1.  J. Fierce --> J. Roundhouse --> D.S. Short --> S. Strong --> S. 
    Roundhouse --> Cajun Slash(Jab)
    *Connecting Roundhouse might be tricky on some characters.  If so, 
     simply skip Strong.
2.  D.C. Short --> C. Strong --> C. Roundhouse --> Cajun Slash(Strong / 
    Fierce) (OTG)
3.  C. Short --> C. Forward -->  C. Roundhouse --> Royal Flush (OTG)
    *For some reason, most people don't roll out of OTG!  I guess that 
     they forgot about this combo of something.  Personally, I rarely 
     pull off super combos with Gambit.
4.  D.C. Short --> C. Fierce --> Royal Flush
5.  D.C. Short --> C. Fierce --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. 
    Strong --> S.J. Forward --> Roundhouse Air Throw
    *Another must-learn good combo for Gambit.  The air throw must wait 
     1/2 second after the Forward.  Or, skip the Forward and throw 
     after Strong.
6.  Kinetic Card(Jab) --> Cajun Slash(Jab) --> (Repeat)
    *Well, it doesn't actually combo, but this is a great tactic to pin 
     opponents down.  Often, they will not block the Cajun Slash.  
     Besides, it'll drain some chipping energy!  One caution though, 
     this can be VERY hazardous to your own health because it's so 
     frustrating!  Also, try throwing in a S. Roundhouse before Kinetic 
     Card to make sure the opponent doesn't jump.
7.  D.C. Short --> C. Strong --> C. Forward --> Cajun Slash(Jab)
    *Very basic, and is a must-learn combo.  The damage is fair.
8.  D.C. Short --> S. Strong --> S. Roundhouse --> Kinetic Card(Jab) 
    --> Cajun Slash(Jab)
    *In order for all hits to connect, it's best if done near corner.  
     If not, that's OK.  The Kinetic Card will do chipping damage, and 
     allows you to follow up with Cajun Slash for a nasty surprise!  
     This combo does great damage.
9.  D.C. Short --> C. Strong --> C. Fierce --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short 
    --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. Fierce
    *Gambit's air combo is a bit weird.  He'll sometimes whiffed if you 
     throw in a S.J. Forward.
10. Punch Throw into corner --> C. Short (OTG) --> C. Fierce --> S.J. 
    Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. Roundhouse
11. D.C. Short -->S. Roundhouse --> Kinetic Card(Jab) --> D.C. Short 
    (OTG) --> S. Strong --> C. Fierce --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Strong --> 
    S.J. Fierce
    *This is a cool combo that'll take some practice.  The OTG will 
     always hit if timed correctly, because opponents can't roll out of 
     it!  Again, Gambit's air combo is weird and what I've written will 
     always connect.  You can add in regular air combo instead if you 
     can time it perfectly.  Often, Gambit'll whiff the S.J. Fierce.  
     IMO, this is by far his best combo.  Very stylish!
12. D.S. Short --> S. Roundhouse --> Kinetic Card(Jab) --> Royal Flash 
    *Well, this is a way to nail those supers, because opponents can't 
     roll out of the OTG.  The greatest challenge will be in timing the 
     super.  You must time it so Gambit will execute the super while 
     opponent is falling, or at the latest while opponent just hits 
     ground.  If you can pull off Combo#11, this shouldn't be too much 
     of a problem.  However, it's harder still.  Even I can't pull this 
     off every time!
13. Punch Throw --> Royal Flush (OTG)
    *The timing is very tricky, thus this is risky (hey, it rhymes 
     ^_^)!  If you can get this combo down, people will definitely call 
     you a cheap bastard!  Just imagine, throw into a super?  How wrong 
     can that be? (VERY WRONG)  Sometimes, all hits will connect, but 
     other times only some will connect.
14. D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> C. Roundhouse --> D.C. Roundhouse 
    *Well, here's a wacky combo CPU likes to do.  Though it's really 
     hard to pull off, the damage sucks so bad and combo so ugly that 
     it's not usually worth the effort.  But hey, it takes great skill!
15. Trick Card --> D.C. Short (OTG) --> C. Fierce --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. 
    Short --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. Fierce
    *Here's combo to pull off for those rare opportunity when Trick 
     Card actually connects!
16. D.S. Jab --> S. Strong --> Cajun Slash(Fierce)
    *This is a very safe combo to pull off.  Even if blocked, opponents 
     can't do much to Gambit!
17. D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> C. Roundhouse --> (Juggernaut) (OTG) 
    --> Royal Flash / Cajun Explosion
    *You must cancel into super fast!  Royal Flash  will only hit a few 
     times, but Cajun Explosion will connect easily.

-Combo 6, baby!
-Cancel any normal moves into Jab Cajun Slash for chipping damage.
-I also had a nifty trick with his Cajun Explosion.  Launch them up and 
 do the super so they'll get hit from behind!  It'll work a few times 
 before people catches on.  If they happened, do it from the other side 
 so they'll block wrong!  BTW, this trick is often useless against 
 experts, but is worth a try!
-OK, here's how you set up Trick Card: Cancel it after Kinetic Card!  
 Usually, people will sooner or later learn their lessons from Kinetic 
 Card --> Cajun Slash(Jab) and attempts to jump over after the 
 projectile.  Nail them with Trick Card!  Or, you can substitute Trick 
 Card instead of Kinetic Card for nasty surprises if opponents is smart 
 enough to predict when you will throw Kinetic Card.  Another plus is 
 that you can OTG combo after Trick Card!  See combo#15.
-Here's a rather cheezy trick: Cajun Strike --> Throw.  This combo is 
 rather cheap in that a blocked Cajun Strike will position Gambit right 
 next to opponents for an easy throw.  This'll be even more cheap if 
 you know how to super after the throw.

+War Machine:+

     This Iron Man-clone is, uh, just like Iron Man!  He is pretty strong,
probably a little less so than Captain America, and is fairly quick
considering all those metals he wears.  War Machine can pack a whollop if used
correctly.  Also, he's said to be the next Cyclops due to his ability to play
keep-away with his beam.  However, I'll say that he's much less accomplished
compared to Cyclops.
     Also to be noted, War Machine is a VERY good partner to anyone with a
team super combo.  His super will guarantee a 50%+ of damage!  So, learn him
if you want to kick major ass ^_^

--Power.  War Machine is pretty strong.
--Great aerial priorities.  Just look at the air throws!
--Keep-away.  Soldier Cannon acts much like Cyclops's Optic Blast, and 
  you all know what that means ^_^

--Combos.  They suck!
--Major lag time.
--Speed.  War Machine is too slow to combo easily.  He has a hard time 
  with dash-in combos, especially.
--To my amazement, War Machine doesn't take damage very well.  A few 
  hits, and his life bar is flashing red!

< Soldier Cannon > = Can we say Cyclops?!  This move does good chipping 
     damage and goes through fireballs.  It can combo, but is better at 
< Repulsor Blast > = This is great defense against those jump-happy 
     opponents.  However, if they blocked, War Machine is dead.
< Smart Bombs > = This is War Machine's version of those air fireballs!  
     It's great at pinning opponents down on the ground and does good 
< Flight > = I rarely use this move, so I can't say much about it.
< Knee Dive > = This is his vest jump-in attack.  It's very safe and 
     has high priority.

< Proton Cannon > = This super does lots of damages, nearly 45%!  
     However, it doesn't combo due to its long initiation time.  Also, 
     it has terrible recovery time!
< War Destroyer > = This is a good super to use with War Machine.  It 
     can combo and does solid damage.  Also, it's chipping potential is 
     also good, especially when the missiles kind of track down the 

--Knee Dive --> J. Roundhouse
--Knee Dive --> J. Fierce (Hold down)
  *Hard to combo afterwards!

1.  Knee Dive--> J. Roundhouse --> D.C. Short --> C. Strong --> S. 
    Roundhouse --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. 
    Fierce(Hold Up) --> Soldier Cannon(Jab/Strong)
2.  D.C. Short --> S. Roundhouse --> War Destroyer
3.  D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> S. Fierce --> Soldier Cannon
    *Soldier Cannon doesn't combo regularly, but can drain some
     chipping damage.  For it to combo, it's best if performed near 
4.  Kick Throw --> C. Forward (OTG) --> S. Fierce --> Soldier Cannon
    *Again, Soldier Cannon is for chipping damage.
5.  D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> War Destroyer (OTG)
    *This combo is still tricky.  You have to cancel into War Destroyer 
6.  D.C. Short --> C. Strong --> S. Fierce --> Soldier Cannon
    *If canceled fast, Soldier Cannon will combo (in the corner, I 
7.  D.C. Short --> C. Strong --> S. Roundhouse --> War Destroyer
    *This combo is weird.  Sometimes the super will connect, but other 
     times it'll just whiff!  Not very reliable.  I recommend to use it 
     only near corner.  Combo #2 is a better substitute.
8.  D.C. Short --> C. Strong --> S. Roundhouse --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. 
    Short --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. Fierce (hold up) --> Flight --> S.J. 
    Jab --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. Fierce (hold up) --> Soldier 
    *You must hit the Jab right after doing Flight in order to connect 
     the combo.  This is very tough combo!
9.  D.C. Short --> C. Strong --> War Destroyer
    *Well, this is a rather reliable way to connect super!  You must 
     dash-in and cancel fast.
10. C. Forward --> (Juggernaut) (OTG) --> Proton Cannon
11. D.C. Short --> C. Strong --> Repulsor Blast(Jab) --> D.C. Short 
    *Depending on distance, you can follow up on the OTG Short.

-Cancel any normal moves into Soldier Cannon for chipping damage.
-Whenever you're in the air, throw them a Smart Bomb!
-Try this maneuver:  any ground combo (no special) --> Flight --> Smart 
 Bomb --> Knee Dive --> J. Roundhouse --> any ground combo (no special) 
 --> Repeat.  This combo will be very frustrating for the opponents, 
 because they cannot do anything but block!  Smart Bomb will do 
 chipping damage without leaving War Machine open for counter-attacks.
-OR, try this: any ground combo (no special) --> Smart Bomb  This is 
 much easier and does the job better.  They can't retaliate at all!  
 This can be rather cheap.


     Yippee, my personal favorite is back!  Wolverine, once again, is the
combo king of this game.  He has tons of ground, air, and super combos waiting
to be unleashed!  Wolvie is the fastest character of the game, and he has
powerful combos.  Capcom decided to tone him down a little because he was way
too over-powered in MSHVsSF.  He now has lag time in some specials, and his
multi-strongs is, to some extent, taken out.
     Wolvie is an offensive combo machine, but he also has great defense as
well in his excellent launcher.  Although he's weak in terms of normal
attacks, his speed and combo ability often makes the game seem short.
     Since I'm an avid Wolverine player, I need to explain to the world that
HE AIN'T CHEAP!!!  I have heard so much B.S. about how Wolverine is the
cheapest character of the game when he is not.  How is he cheap?  Yeah, he can
combo like mad all day long, but the damage doesn't do jack!  Only his
Fatalclaw combo, just one only, does powerful damage.  All the rest sucks! 
His air combos are weak, and his ground combo ain't that great either. 
Besides, he no longer enjoys the invulnerability he had in MvSF on certain
specials or supers.  Some people say that Wolverine is too quick and thus hard
to counter.  Well, you'll just have to live with it.  Wolverine has very
limited tactic, and is very easy to read.  For example, if you see him dashing
in, be sure to block low.  If jumping in, be sure to block 2 or 3 jump-in
hits.  If super jump, you can bet that he'll dive down so block high for 2
hits.  That's all!  Be a good blocker and Wolverine can't do jack to you!  He
can't chip damage like some characters, and he can't play keep-aways!  Yeah,
some Wolverine player likes to throw (but I don't) a lot and that's indeed
cheap.  But hey, everyone can throw a lot too, and Wolverine's throw doesn't
do too much damage!  Basically, Wolverine is almost like Sabertooth from
XmenVsSF in that he can't do much if you block good.  BTW, I've heard that any
beginner can kick major ass with Wolverine even without prior knowledge of how
to play the game.  Well, all I got to say is that those people must have
sucked REALLY BAD for losing to a beginner :-)
     Anyway, it's time to move on!

--Speed, baby.  Wolverine is the fastest character of the game, period!
--High priorities.  Both in air and on ground, Wolverine has superior 
  priorities.  His throwing range is amazing, and his launcher makes an 
  effective defense.
--Combos.  More so than with anyone else, you've got to learn combos 
  with Wolverine, because he's simply the king!  He has tons of combos, 
  whether it be throwing, air, ground, or super!

--Strength.  Despite his vast collection of combos, Wolverine is very 
  weak.  His combos often does below-average damage, except for ONE 
  Fatalclaw combo; thus, I mentioned that you've got to learn all the 
  combos!  It takes lots of combo to kill an opponent.
--Wolverine has no effective keep-away tactics; thus, he's got to 
  dazzle opponents with speed and combos.  He cannot turtle!

< Drill Claw > = IMO, this is Wolvie's best weapon.  It combos nicely 
     and does solid damage.  The recovery time of this move is still 
     good, but some supers will tag Wolvie before he recovers, so be 
     careful.  Overall, it's safe to tag this into any normal move for 
     chipping damage.  It's especially effective after S. Fierce, 
     because, for some reason, people often forget to block the Drill 
     Claw.  BTW, don't use this against quick characters or those with 
     range attacks.  They'll simply block and counter-attack easily!
< Berserker Claws > = Capcom has toned this move down a little.  
     Although it still combos nicely and does good chipping damage, 
     this move now has terrible recovery time.  Jab version is the only 
     one that will recover fast enough.
< Tornado Claws > = This is a good offensive uppercut that'll combo 
     from any normal attacks.  The damage is OK, but the recovery time, 
     like all uppercuts, sucks!
< Berserker Slash > = I do not know why Capcom put this move in, it's 
     virtually useless!  It can't combo very well, and Wolvie is as 
     good as dead if blocked.  Lately, I've found that it can be used 
     as chipping damage if you use Jab version.  Usually, Wolverine 
     will recover fast enough to block.
< Head Stomp > = This is a very useful "jump-in" attack in that it's 
     virtually un-counterable by launcher!  However, the range is 
     straight vertical and thus is useful only when you super-jump.  
     This can chain into roundhouse.
< Claw Slide > = This is Wolvie's knock-down move.  It'll go under 
     projectiles and combo, though they're tough to do.

< Fatalclaw > = This devastating super is back, with a little twig in 
     combo system.  Some old combos will not work while others still 
     combo nicely.  The damage this super inflicts now varies 
     dramatically.  Only certain combos will do macho 50% damage, while 
     others inflicts only about 30%.  Like before, it can't combo into 
     air combos and has major lag time if blocked.
< Berserker Barrage > = The oldest super of the game, dating back to 
     XmenCOT, is back again.  While it combos nicely, the damage of 
     this super isn't too good!  Also, Capcom put in recovery time 
     after this move as well.  Overall, try to avoid this super.
< Weapon X > = Sadly, this darn super still doesn't combo regularly!  
     While visually impressive, this super seems to inflict less damage 
     now.  However, that's still a lot.
< Berserker Rage > = The cheap infinity no longer work, so the use of 
     this super vanishes as well.  While this makes Wolvie super-fast, 
     it's almost impossible to utilize it because YOU CAN'T CONTROL 
     WOLVIE IN THAT SPEED!  It's just too darn quick!  As of lately, 
     I've began to realize the advantage of the super.  Wolverine is so 
     darn fast that he can be confusing.  One second he's across the 
     screen, and a second later he's finished a combo on you!  This 
     requires LOTS of finger-work ^_^

--J. Fierce --> J. Roundhouse
--J. Jab --> J. Short --> J. Strong
  *Can tag on a J. Fierce if against Hulk.
--Head Stomp --> J. Roundhouse
  *Very high priority, this is virtually un-counterable!

1.  J. Jab --> J. Short --> J. Strong --> D.S. Jab --> C. Short --> C. 
    Strong --> S. Roundhouse --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. 
    Strong --> S.J. Forward --> Drill Claw(Up-forward)
    *This is a must-learn kick-ass combo.  However, the damage isn't 
     too great.
2.  D.C. Short --> C. Strong --> S. Roundhouse --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. 
    Short --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. Strong --> Strong Air Throw
    *Yeah, just keep hitting Strong and you'll eventually air throw 
3.  D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> C. Fierce --> C. Roundhouse --> 
    *Oh boy, this is a killer!  It can rack up to 50% damage if you 
     keep smashing the buttons.
4.  S. Short --> S. Forward --> Berserker Barrage
5.  D.C. Jab --> S. Strong --> Berserker Claws / Tornado Claws
    *With Berserker Claws, this combo is a combo-counter stacker.  Lots 
     of hits!
6.  D.S. Jab --> C. Short --> S. Strong --> C. Forward --> C. Fierce 
    --> C. Roundhouse --> Fatalclaw
    *Not as powerful as combo #3 but is harder to do.
7.  D.C. Jab --> C. Forward --> C. Fierce --> Fatalclaw / Berserker 
    *Actually, the damage is comparable to combo#3!  BUT, this one is 
     probably a little less.
8.  Head Stomp --> J. Roundhouse --> D.S. Jab --> C. Short --> S. 
    Strong --> C. Forward --> S. Fierce
9.  D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> C. Fierce --> Team Super
    *Well, the damage isn't too great because Wolverine is doing 
     Berserker Barrage, but, depending on his partner, this combo can 
     pack quite a punch (Hint: War Machine).  Also to be noted, this 
     combo can be risky because some partner's super will be blocked, 
     leaving both characters vulnerable to counter-attacks.  For 
     example, with Spiderman.
10. Strong Throw --> Berserker Slash(Fierce) (OTG)
    *This is a risky combo only for show-off!  This can be done 
     anywhere as long as Wolverine doesn't throw opponent into the 
     corner.  The next combo should be used if such is the case.  You 
     must do the Berserker Slash fast or they'll be able to block.  
     BTW, I found this combo out BY MYSELF!  I'll bet you can't find it 
     anywhere before reading my FAQ.
11. Strong Throw (into corner) --> C. Short (OTG) --> C. Strong --> S. 
    Roundhouse --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. 
    Forward --> Drill Claw(Up-forward)
12. Strong Throw (into corner) --> C. Short (OTG) --> S. Forward --> 
13. C. Short --> C. Strong --> Team Super
    *Compared to combo #9, this is much weaker.  However, it's much 
     safer to do.
14. (In corner) --> S. Roundhouse --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> 
    S.J. Strong --> S.J. Forward --> Head Stomp --> S.J. Roundhouse -->
    C. Short (OTG) --> C. Strong --> S. Roundhouse
    *This combo is a bit tricky.  The key is to hit opponents in such a 
     way that when you are about to do Head Stomp, you'll be half a 
     body on top of them.  The OTG cannot be rolled out, but Wolverine 
     cannot do anything extra damaging.  You cannot jump up afterwards, 
     you cannot super, you cannot switch out, heck, you cannot do 
     anything!  BTW, a tip for you cheese-balls out there, throw the 
     opponents when you come down into another combo.  An awesome 
15. D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> C. Fierce --> Berserker Slash(Jab)
    *This looks pretty cool, but the damage isn't too great.
16. C. Short --> C. Strong --> Fatalclaw
    *Another cool looking Fatalclaw combo.  IMO, this is the best 
     looking Fatalclaw combo!  However, the damage really sucks :-(
17. J. Fierce --> S. Roundhouse --> D.S. Jab --> C. Short --> S. 
    Strong --> C. Forward --> C. Fierce --> C. Roundhouse --> Tornado 
    *Looks easy?  Actually, it's quite tough!  You must constantly 
     switch between standing and crouching!  Also to be noted, Tornado 
     Claw will best combo if in corner.  Otherwise, it'll only hit a 
     few times.
18. (Back against corner) --> C. Short --> C. Strong --> (Colossus) --> 
    Weapon X
    *Awesome combo!  C. Strong sets up Colossus nicely, which in turn 
     sets up that elusive super!  One thing to note is that you must do 
     the super early.  Don't be greedy and want Colossus to do all 5 
     hits, because it'll be too late to connect the super!  3 hits by 
     Colossus is a safe bet.
19. D.S. Jab --> S. Strong --> Claw Slide --> Berserker Barrage / 
    Berserker Claws (OTG)
20. Berserker Rage --> D.S. Jab --> C. Short --> C. Forward --> C. 
    Fierce --> C. Short --> C. Forward --> C. Fierce --> (Repeat)
    *Thanx to the help of a player I met, I've finally found the 
     missing piece of the puzzle!  BTW, this is NO infinity and it 
     won't dizzy opponents.  Nevertheless, this is an impressive combo 
     to do and my personal best is around 25 hits!  Before the 
     Berserker Rage runs out, chain the C. Fierce into a super for 
     better damage.  In case you're wondering, just how much damage can 
     this 30+ combo inflicts?  Well my friends, it does a lousy 25% 
     damage for all those work :-(  IMO, this should only be used to 
21. (In corner) --> S. Roundhouse --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> 
    S.J. Strong --> S.J. Forward --> Head Stomp --> S.J. Roundhouse -->
    C. Short (OTG) --> C. Fierce --> Air Throw
    *This is a variation of combo#14.  The air throw requires mad skill 
     to time it right!
22. (In corner) --> D.C. Short --> S. Strong --> S. Fierce --> Drill 
    *Oh yeah, the Drill Claw will count in the combo!
23. (In corner) --> D.C. Short --> C. Strong --> C. Fierce --> 
    S. Roundhouse --> --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. Strong --> 
    S.J. Forward --> Head Stomp --> S.J. Roundhouse --> C. Short (OTG) 
    --> C. Strong --> S. Roundhouse
    *Awesome!  Only in corner can you chain C. Fierce after C. Strong 
     and then into the launcher, reliably.
24. (Rogue) --> Claw Slide (OTG) --> C. Roundhouse --> Fatalclaw
    *You must dash into the Claw Slide.  After Rogue finished punching, 
     opponents will drop like a rag doll onto the ground.  For some 
     reason, Claw Slide OTG will always connect -- you can't roll out!  
     Don't expect to land this combo often, because who'll ever get 
     tagged by Rogue?
25. Strong Throw (into the corner) --> Claw Slide (OTG) --> C. 
    Roundhouse --> Fatalclaw
    *Like the above, Claw Slide can't be rolled out.

-Again, I'm too good with this guy and I've got tons of nasty tricks up 
 my sleeves (BTW, they aren't cheap).  It would be very unfair to those
 playing against you guys if you know my tricks.  They're dirty! (i.e. 


+Shadow Lady:+

     Let me say beforehand that I don't like to use secret characters that
much.  I use them only when I'm bored with regular character; thus, I ain't
very good with them.  Nevertheless, I can still use them effectively.
     Shadow Lady (did she marry Shadow?) is a lot like Chun Li in terms of
speed and priority.  However, she isn't as effective because her attacks isn't
too great and her combo sucks.  Overall, she can be played much like Chun Li
except she can't combo as good.  BTW, for those of you who knows Chun Li's
infinity, Shadow Lady got it too you cheap-ass ^_^ (J/K)

--High priorities.  Mrs. Shadow inherited Chun Li's high aerial 
  priorities and defense.  She rules the air as effectively as Chun Li, 
  and her launcher is equally impenetrable!

--Combo.  Shadow Lady really lacks combos.  Yeah, you can pull off some 
  ground and air combos, but they don't do jack!  And she has no super 
  combos that I know of.

< Drill > = Basically, this should be Shadow Lady's primary weapon.  It 
     does excellent chipping damage and leaves her safe from any 
     counters.  This can combo and does good number of hits, but the 
     damage isn't too great.  Best used as chipping damage.
< Lightning Kick > = Same as Chun Li's.
< Axe Kick > = Same as Chun Li's.
< Neck Kick > = Same as Chun Li's.
< Butt Missiles > = The greatest advantage of this move is that the 
     opponent can't run away from it because it has a tracking 
     mechanism!  The damage and chipping damage are both good, but it 
     can't combo due to her long initiation time.  This is best used as 
< Electric Shock > = Basically, this is Shadow Lady's "uppercut" in 
     that it'll pop any jump-in attack if not blocked.  The recovery of 
     this move is much better than ordinary uppercut, so Shadow Lady is 
     safe from most counters.  One setback is that this move doesn't 
     last very long.  You must time it so she'll execute it right 
     before the opponent hits her.
< Stomp Kick > = Same as Chun Li.

< Big Bang Laser > = Damn, Shadow Lady likes to rip people off!  First 
     she rip off Chun Li, now War Machine :-)  Anyway, this is 
     basically War Machine's Proton Cannon, except for the gun part.  
     Shadow Lady Does the super with her bare hands (she's a machine).  
     This does good damage and chipping damage, but doesn't combo 
< Galaxy Missiles > = Well, this is just lots of Butt Missiles coming 
     out.  It's best for chipping damage, especially during those 
     decisive last few seconds of the game.  Shadow Lady is fairly safe 
     from harm after the move.  BTW, the initiation time is still 
     insane; thus, it can't combo.

--Stomp Kick --> J. Roundhouse
  *Probably her best jump-ins.  The stomp is really hard to counter, 
   and Roundhouse will often surprise others with 2 hits; thus breaking 
   their block.
--J. Jab --> J. Fierce

1.  D.S. Jab --> S. Roundhouse --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. 
    Strong --> Stomp Kick --> Stomp Kick --> Lightning Kicks
    *This is Chun Li's combo.
2.  D.S. Jab --> C. Short --> C. Forward --> C. Roundhouse --> 
    Lightning Kicks (OTG)
    *Again, Chun Li's combo.
3.  Stomp Kick --> J. Roundhouse --> D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> C. 
    Fierce --> Drill(Fierce)
    *This is her best combo.  The forward can be omitted if the 
     character is small.
4.  Stomp Kick --> J. Roundhouse --> Lightning Kicks
    *Lots of chipping damages!
5.  C. Roundhouse --> (Juggernaut) (OTG) --> Big Bang Laser
    *Yikes, this'll definitely hurt!

-Same as Chun Li.
-Throw her Butt Missiles whenever you can to zone-in on your opponents.  
 Best if you're far away.


     Geez, this has got to be a joke!  Roll has absolutely no range, and she's
weak like hell!  Hmm, what can I say?  Well, the only advantage is that she's
too tiny that jump-in chain can only go at best 2 hits.  That's about it.

--Size?!  She's just too small to combo on.  Certain combo won't work 
  on her.

--Everything else, you name them!

< Roll Buster > = Very similar to Megaman's fireball, except that Roll 
     can't charge.  BTW, it'll do chipping damage.
< Flower Bomb > = This is the most useless move of the game!  The bomb 
     does literally no damage at all.
< Tornado Hold > = Same as Megaman.  IMO, this is her best attack.
< Leaf Shield > = No comment.
< Rock Ball > = No comment.
< Item Switch > = This, like Megaman's, allows Roll to switch between 
     Tornado Hold, Lead Shield, and Rock Ball.

< Hyper Roll > = This is very pathetic.  It doesn't combo and doesn't 
     even do any chipping damage!
< Beat Plane > = Finally, this is a useful super.  However, the 
     initiation time is longer than Megaman's.  BTW, this has the same 
     problem like Megaman's.
< Rush Drill > = Same as Megaman's, except with longer initiation time.


1.  J. Jab --> J. Strong --> D.C. Short --> S. Roundhouse --> S.J. Jab 
    --> S.J. Short --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. Forward --> Roll Buster / 
    Strong Air Throw
2.  J. Jab --> J. Strong --> D.C. Short --> C. Roundhouse --> Tornado 
    Hold (Short)
    *Hmm, did I see this combo somewhere??? ^_^



     Basically, this is what'll happen when you drink WAY TOO MUCH coffee!!! 
Carnage looks like a Venom on caffeine, except that he's played totally
different.  Carnage is unquestionably one of the fastest character of the
game, but also the wimpiest of the bunch.  Carnage is more fittingly called
the "Sabertooth" of the game because of his speed and combos.  Carnage has
great combos and attacks, but the fact that he doesn't take damage well makes
him almost a suicidal character to use.  One simple combo will make you
wanting to switch out.  Despite this, he can be annoying if used correctly due
to his speed and priority.  BTW, ALWAYS use Carnage first because if you
switch him in and opponent blocks it, Carnage is looking at a 100% Team Super
instant death!  A plus of Carnage is that he's extremely strong!  His simple
combos will often do LOTS of damages.  Also to be noted, his "walk" is his
dash, so comboing dashing combos are much easier.  You just have to hold
forward at all time!  BTW, I think Wolvie's dash is faster than Carnage's, but
Carnage is quicker in combos (just like good old Sabertooth!)
     Carnage, like Venom, relies heavily on punch throws.  It gives a free
guaranteed combo of choice!

--High priorities.  Carnage enjoyed the same priorities as Venom.
--Speed.  Though I'm very doubtful that he's faster than Wolverine, but 
  he is in a constant berserker rage mode, making him really quick on 
  combos and stuff.
--Power, baby!  His combo does tons of damages to opponents.
--Psychological warfare.  Often, people just laugh whenever I pull out 
  Carnage.  They get all cocky and start making mistakes.  Punish them!

--He takes WAY too much damages.  One combo and he'll be crying mommy 
  ^_^  Because of this, you should NEVER use Carnage as your second 

< Carnage Rush > = Basically, this is Venom's S. Fierce attack, except 
     that Carnage rushes many times if keep jamming the button.  IMO, 
     this is even better than Venom's Venom Fang, because it combos 
     easily, inflicts great damage, and leaves Carnage safe from 
     counters if using Jab.  BTW, it OTG.  For it to do blocking 
     damage, you must ram on the buttons a few time.  Again, the more 
     you ram, the closer Carnage is to the opponents (and that means 
     death).  Jab is the best bet.  By itself, the Fierce version will 
     rack up to 1/3 of life!
< Carnage Dive > = Well, Carnage ripped off Evil-Ryu on this one.  This 
     can be think of as Ryu's diving kick.  It'll chip multiple times 
     and very safe.
< Carnage Shield > = This looks like Venom's S. Roundhouse shield 
     attack and can hit MANY MANY times if keep hitting the buttons (I 
     saw 10 hits)!  The combo potential isn't very clear due to short 
     range, but still is an excellent air defense.
< Carnage Throw > = Uninterestingly, this is Venom's Web Throw.  Same 

< Death Bite > = Like Venom's.
< Carnage Web > = Very much like Venom's, except Carnage seems to cover 
     a little bit higher.  Sadly, it doesn't combo regularly.

--J. Fierce / J. Roundhouse

1.  J. Roundhouse -->S. Fierce --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. 
    Strong --> S.J. Forward --> S.J. Roundhouse
    *Very basic.  Note that Carnage's launcher is different!
2.  D.C. Jab --> C. Strong --> C. Roundhouse --> Carnage Rush (OTG)
3.  C. Roundhouse --> Death Bite (OTG)
4.  C. Roundhouse --> (Juggernaut) (OTG) --> Venom Web
    *This is made much easier compared to others for Carnage due to his 
     superior speed.  You can allow Juggy to hit 1 or 2 more hits 
     before the super because Carnage is very quick on draws.
5.  D.S. Jab --> S. Short --> S. Strong --> S. Forward --> S. Fierce 
    --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. Forward --> 
    S.J. Roundhouse
    *Can you believe it?  A near full-chain launcher!  Nobody can do 
     that!  It might help if it's in corner, but not a must.  You can 
     do it simply by folding joystick on constant forward position!  
     About 45% of life!
6.  D.S. Short --> S. Forward --> S. Roundhouse --> Death Bite / Team 
    *Excellent damage and reliability!
7.  D.S. Jab --> S. Strong --> Carnage Rush(Jab/Strong)
    *Fierce Carnage Rush has too much delay that it won't combo.  This 
     does lots of damage, nearly 35%!
8.  D.S. Short --> S. Forward --> S. Roundhouse --> Carnage Rush
    *Much better.  The Fierce version can be used and will do nearly 
     40% damage and near 20 hits if keep ramming the button!

-You MUST stay on top of the opponent at all time!  Keep attacking and 
 canceling into Carnage Rush for chipping damage.
-Whenever you jump, hit Roundhouse.  Why?  Because it has excellent 
 priority and that people can't counter it without getting hit.  
 Remember, you don't want Carnage to be touched at all!
-Near corner, end all air combos with S.J. Roundhouse.  Carnage will 
 land first, so web them up with a Punch Throw then send up for a 
 repeat air combo.  Do it 3 times and the character is gone!  There're 
 ways to get out of it, but only experts and CPU can pull it off.  
 After using it once or twice, throw in a Fierce Web Throw instead.  
 Usually, opponents will learn and come down w/ an attack and you know 
 what that means -- instantly death for Carnage :-(  
-Utilize his punch throws a lot!  

+Orange/Ice Hulk:+

     Well, it's impressive seeing a big guy busting a 6+ hits air combo, but
Hulk just isn't Hulk without the super armor!  Orange Hulk is a lot faster
than Hulk, but is obviously weaker and lose his armor.  Being such a big
target and without any armor to protect him, Orange Hulk is everyone's
favorite lunch!
     Also to be noted, Orange Hulk can't do some of Hulk's combo.  So, it'll
to your advantage to know what he can't do and what he can do.  With Orange
Hulk, you really need to be a good blocker.  One false block and you'll eat a
major combo.

--Speed.  He's faster now.
--Combos.  Orange Hulk can do more impressive combos now.

--Strength.  Orange Hulk is really weak now.
--No super armor.

< Gamma Charge > = Although the damage has been toned down, this is 
     still Orange Hulk's primary combo special.  Same problem as 
     regular Hulk.
< Ground Rip > = This does great chipping damage while being hard to 
     combo.  Always cancel any normal move into this because normal 
     moves leave Orange Hulk wide open for those quick characters.  
     Although can be avoided by jumping, this special has no noticeable 
     lag time if blocked.
< Gamma Tornado > = While doing good damage, comboing this move is 
     tricky as well.  Being a blockable throw, this move isn't too 
     useful.  Besides, it can be ducked!

< Gamma Wave > = This super version Ground Rip should be use only as 
     counter-attack because it does more damage that way.  It can go up 
     to 50% if done from one end of wall to another end.  In combos, 
     however, the damage really sucks, probably 35% at best.
< Gamma Crush > = This is both an excellent offensive and defensive 
     super.  It combos nicely and does good damage.  However, Orange 
     Hulk is up for grab if blocked, because the recovery is SOOOO 
     slow.  BTW, did I mention that he can control where to land the 
     meteorite?  So, don't freak out if you whiffed, simply direct 
     Orange Hulk to land behind them for a nasty cross-up.
< Gamma Quake > = I don't know what this is for!  It does combo, but 
     doesn't do too great a damage.

--J. Short --> J. Forward

1.  J. Short --> J. Forward --> C. Jab --> C. Strong --> Gamma Charge
2.  D.C. Jab --> C. Fierce (1 hit) --> Ground Rip / Gamma Wave
3.  C. Short --> C. Fierce --> Gamma Crush
4.  C. Short --> Gamma Quake
5.  D.C. Short --> C. Fierce --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. 
    Strong --> S.J. Forward --> S.J. Fierce

-Same as Hulk's.

+Mega War Machine:+

     Well, it's nice to see someone willing to join Iron Body Zangief as being
totally unblockable!  Mega War Machine is very strong, almost rivaling Hulk,
and takes damage very slowly.  If you want to use this character, you must
play smart!  Mega War Machine differs from War Machine in many ways, and you
must use this difference to your advantage!  Always super jump to get close,
and don't forget to use those throws (yeah, they're OK with him because he's
very much an underdog).  Be patient and wait for mistakes.  Since Mega War
Machine can't be comboed, people will often rely on keep-aways.  Well, you'll
just have to find a new tactic against that (i.e. I don't know how ^_^ ).  To
be honest, I rarely use this guy.

--Mega War Machine is really strong.

--Can't block.
--Everything else.

< Missile Launcher > = Mega War Machine shoots out a missile instead of 
     laser.  IMO, this switch sucks.
< Repulsor Blast > = Same as War Machine, except that you don't need to 
     worry about it being blocked, BECAUSE MEGA WAR MACHINE CAN'T BLOCK 
     ANYWAYS :-)
< Smart Bomb > = Same as War Machine, except Mega War Machine depends 
     on it even more.
< Knee Dive > = Same as War Machine.

< Missile Cannon > = Mega War Machine shoots out LOTS of missiles from 
     his cannon.  This is the super to use to punish mistakes like 
     doing a beam super at Mega War Machine.  If opponents pull of a 
     beam super, do this as soon as possible to punish those cheap-ass!  
     Excellent damage potential!
< War Destroyer > = Same as War Machine.

--Unknown, but assumingly same as War Machine's.

1.  Knee Dive--> J. Roundhouse --> D.C. Short --> C. Strong --> S. 
    Roundhouse --> S.J. Jab --> S.J. Short --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. 
    Forward --> S.J. Roundhouse
    *This is probably his best combo, but the timing is tough because 
     of his slower speed.
2.  D.C. Short --> S. Roundhouse --> War Destroyer
3.  D.C. Short --> C. Forward --> War Destroyer (OTG)
    *You must cancel fast!

-Super jump at all time, counter fireballs with S. Fierce, and kill 
 those super goers with Missiles Cannon.


     Well, what can I say?  Yet another Shotoken clone?  Lilith is very much
like Morrigan, except that she isn't as accomplished.  However, it seems like
Lilith is stronger (unsure).  Again, I rarely use her.

--Her look?!

--Everything else.

< Heart Attack > = This isn't as good as Morrigan's projectile in that 
     it doesn't cover that much of range.  However, it does more damage 
     and is still an effective keep-away weapon.
< Shadow Blade > = Same as Morrigan except that it can't be done in 
     air.  Darn!
< Vector Drain > = Same as Morrigan.

< Brilliant Shower > = Sucks big time.
< Darkness Illusion > = Same as Morrigan.
< Soul Embracer > = While visually impressive, this uppercut super 
     doesn't combo and takes forever to come out (just like Brilliant 


1.  J. Jab --> J. Strong --> C. Short --> C. Fierce --> S.J. Jab --> 
    S.J. Short --> S.J. Strong --> S.J. Forward --> Heart Attack
2.  D.S. Jab --> S. Jab --> S. Jab --> S. Strong --> S. Fierce --> 
    Heart Attack
    *The projectile doesn't combo, only to chip damages.

-Same as Morrigan.


     By far, you might have noticed that I sometimes say some super can't
combo regularly.  What does that mean?  Well, that means it can only combo
with the help of helpers!
     IMO, Capcom did a marvelous job this time by having helpers.  They are so
useful!  In this section, I'll discuss my personal favorite helpers and how to
use them!

     Colossus is very powerful and can combo into any full-screen super
easily.  He's used mostly as a defensive counter-measure that'll caution
others about jumping in recklessly.  I like to refer this ability to attack
while Colossus is ramming opponents as passive offense.  It can be frustrating
when those turtling players use this to turn your offensiveness into your
demise.  Be especially cautious when jumping in when your opponent uses
Colossus!  Recently, I find using Colossus boring.  People use him or Psylocke
all the time!  No fun!

     Another good helper that will combo into most supers.  However, Psylocke
isn't as good as Colossus because she is NOT a defensive helper.  Rather,
she's used often as chipping and poking helper.  Again, her damage is above

<Michelle Heart->
     This is definitely a poker character that should be used if you are an
offensive player.  The chipping damage is good, and she'll make sure the
opponent stayed on their feet for another combo attempt.  BTW, she can't combo
very well.  Lately, I find myself using her more often than using Colossus.  I
guess it's because everyone uses Colossus.  Her arrows will pin down
opponents, and can give those pesky air-fireballers some surprises.  You
should've seen this guy's face when I tagged his Morrigan when he start
showering me with Air Fire Bats after super jump.

     This little guy is cool!  He is mainly a poking character, but isn't very
effective sometimes.  It takes some time before he shoots out the arrows.  Lou
can be used as defensive character as well.  When opponents jump in, call him
out.  You'll get hit, but the opponents will get hit more by Lou and you can
combo right off!

     Mainly, this character should be used if your opponent lacks skills and
shoots fireballs at you all day long.  Though there are ways for you experts
to get around it, try to add some variety and let your helper in for some fun
too!  Come on, don't hog all the fun ^_^

<US Agent->
     The fact that he can go through some attacks makes him useful sometimes. 
Besides, he does great chipping damage!

<Pure n' Fur->
     Actually, she's very much under-rated.  She's quite good against those
players that like to super-jump all day long!  Shower them with some dice and
slice them up with your characters!

     Rogue is supposedly an defensive helper, but I don't think she'll fare
too well.  However, when connects, she can be comboed afterwards.

     IMO, this is a good helper for an offensive player.  With quick
characters like Wolverine, you can call out Iceman to shower the opponent with
Avalanche then dash-in with a low attack.  This is hard to block and nearly
CHEAP!  Why?  Because the opponent needs to block high for Iceman's attack
while you're going in with a low attack!  The timing is tricky and I can only
manage this trick with Wolverine (Oops, did I just share one of my nasty
Wolverine tricks with you ^_^ ).  This is very cheap, but, luckily, you can
only do this trick 4 times per match.

     Although both Sentinel and Juggernaut can do OTG combos, I think Juggy is
better in that he's overall more useful.  Juggy is, as his name implies,
unstoppable!  He does great damages and can be comboed easily.  However, he
can only be used 3 times.

+Recommended Teams:+

     Teamwork is very important in this game.  It takes careful choosing in
order to succeed.  In picking your team, you must take into account the pros
and cons of each character and try to balance them out.  Here're some teams
that I think are very balanced and deadly, if used correctly that is.  I'll
add some more if I found another good couple.  Here're some of my best

< Wolverine / Spiderman >
     This is my number one team, and I'm nearly unbeatable with them (I ain't
bragging or nothing, but it's just that I'm too good with them)!  This team
can finish a game really quick because they have both speeds and power on both
characters.  They can combo like crazy, and inflicts major damage with super
combos.  Usually, I use Spiderman first.  He relied less on super combos and
more on air combos; thus, he can charge up super meter for Wolverine. 
Wolverine, IMO, should rely heavily on super combos if you want to finish the
game quickly.  His other combos, though powerful, aren't as damaging as
Spiderman's.  Nevertheless, his air and ground combos are still powerful. 
Also, he's so full of trick that he can still be annoying even if you don't
have super meters.  My record win with this team is an impressive 89.  It
could've been more if people didn't "chicken out" and stopped wasting their

< Captain America / Gambit >
     Wow, this team is even better than Cap/War Machine!  That deadly team
super combo does EVEN MORE damage with these two!  I like this team better
because it's more balanced.  Both Gambit and Cap can kick major ass, at least
in my hands :-)  BTW, this team can also pull off those cheesy Variable Supers
like Strider/Gambit.  For your own info, my record is 105 wins (but they're
still my 2nd best team)!

< Chun Li / Wolverine >
     This used to be my best team, but people began to catch on to how I play
Chun Li after a while (a LONG while that is).  With this team, I recommend
that Wolverine go in first.  He can charge up super meters really quick with
his lightning quick combos.  If needed, throw in a super combo just for the
heck of it.  Chun Li should be the main "super combo unleasher" because that's
her best attack.  Air and ground combos aren't too hot for Chun Li.

< Captain America / War Machine >
     The fact that you can bust a 75%+ super combo with this team should be
enough to make this a good team!  Cap should go first to build super meters
and beat the first character to a pulp.  The opponents will often be forced to
switch out, only to be nailed by a deadly super combo.  Cap went out to
recharge and War Machine came in.  Meanwhile, the opponents has one guy out
just beginning to recharge and their second guy has literally nothing left to
fight with!  Very deadly indeed!  If you want to use this team, you must be a
good Cap player and an OK War Machine user, though preferably good with both
characters.  Also, War Machine can chip lots of damages.

< Strider / Gambit >
     Thanks to a cheap-ass player I met, I've learned the usefulness of this
team.  If used right, they're super-cheap!  Remember that variable super which
people with skill shy away from?  The one where both characters come out and
have infinite number of supers for a period of time?  Well, this team needs to
rely on this more than any other team.  It's not that you can't win honorably
with this team, it's just that this team has a downright dirty trick with
variable super - "fireballs" with all kicks!  While Strider sends out his pets
from one side, Gambit throws his Cajun Explosion from your back.  Though it
can be blocked, but the direction to block can sometimes be confusing!  This
player added onto the cheapness by walking up and throws during this mode. 
What kind of bull sh!t is that?  Anyway, try not to do this because this team
can really kick ass even without this cheap trick.

< Strider / Megaman >
     This is the ultimate chipping team.  Both characters are capable of doing
lots of chipping damage without leaving themselves too widely for
counter-attacks.  I usually use Strider first to quiet down my opponents with
dazzling combos and to build up the super meters.  Then, I use Megaman for
even more chipping damage and super combos.

< Carnage / Orange/Ice Hulk >
     This is a cool team, especially if you pick the same color!  Orange or
icy color?  You pick!  Other than for coolness, nothing too special about this
team except for the wave-like team super for LOTS of damages.

< Wolverine / Strider >
     Well, this team will soon become my number 1 team!  I've yet to try it
out in major arcades, but am pretty sure they'll fare even better than
Wolvie/Spidey!  Strider has damaging combos, and has more tactics than Spidey.
 Everyone is getting used to my Spidey, so I'll need to switch up a little


     What's this?  Well, this is my new glitch section that includes all the
B.S. (you know what that stands for -- and it's not bachelor of science) I
know about this game.  Remember, they're super cheap (even much more so than
infinities) so use them at your own discretion.

<100% throw>
     This is basically a f-ed up version of Captain Commando's kick throw (the
one w/ electrocution).  Usually, CapCom electrocute for a second before
kicking opponents upward.  In the glitch, CapCom will freeze in the stance,
continuing draining the life out of opponents -- fast!
     How to do this?  Basically, you just rock the controller and smash the
buttons really madly!  Just don't break them.  Note, this is a glitch and only
works sometimes!  Usually, I find it to work most often when it's the first
throw of the match.

     Remember Guile's infamous handcuff back in SF2?  Well, it's back!!! 
Carnage and Spidey, or Venom and Spidey, can pull this off.  What will happen
is that the opponent is immobilize while your characters are free to roam. 
Opponent will remain immobile as long as you don't hit them.  During the time,
by all means charge up to 3 levels of super, run the time down, and finally
pull off a team super combo to end the match.
     Basically, you'll need to do a 2-on-1.  Have Carnage/Venom punch throw
the opponent (web'em up!) then have Spidey throw an immediate Web Ball. 
Voila!  It's done!  After charging up the super, you can push the opponents to
the corner then jump over them.  Now, do the team super for severe damage.
     This is what you can do to get a crowd roaring.  If you've handcuffed a
female character, jump over them to their rear and push them all the way to
the corner.  He, he, he...


+Strategy against CPU:+

***Disclaimer***:  the following is not my work, thus you might find some
conflicting point of view.  I only change the format to fit my FAQ style.

< Chun Li > = CPU Chun Li can be a pain in the ass.  She's an excellent 
     blocker and it's hard to land a combo on her.  Attempts to throw 
     her are also futile because she'll most likely throw you instead 
     or tech-hits.  Chun Li loves to do the Axe Kick and Spinning Bird 
     Kick often, and you'll usually expect the C. Short --> C. Forward 
     --> C. Fierce --> Super Lightning Kick combo from her!  
     Interestingly enough, Chun Li throws lots of fireballs.  Also, 
     whenever you try to jump in at her, she'll tag you with air 
     Lightning Kicks.  How did she do it so well?
< Ryu > = CPU Ryu almost never switch mode.  As usual, Ryu throws tons 
     of Hadoken and Dragon Punch occasionally.  He doesn't do combos, 
     so rest assure.  He dashes backwards a lot, and you can 
     confidently expect some Shinku Hadoken after a backward dash.  
     BTW, Ryu throw a lot!
< Zangief > = CPU Zangief is pretty easy to beat.  If lucky, he'll even 
     turn into Iron Body!  Zangief will usually does a Lariat if you 
     jump in, so block then punish him.  Sure enough, he'll land a 
     couple SPD on you, but no matter -- they don't hurt anyway!  If 
     you're unlucky enough to be victimized by FAB, DO NOT roll!  
     Zangief will simply do another FAB to throw you!
< Morrigan > = CPU Morrigan likes to air-dash a lot and throw lots of 
     air Firebats.  When you jump-in, she'll pull off the uppercut 
     (usually Fierce) so be ready to block.  Morrigan likes to do Punch 
     throw --> Vector Drain trick, so roll out of the first throw.  
     Interestingly, she pulls off the Darkness Illusion at the moment 
     you least expected, so beware.  Sometimes, she'll throw in a Soul 
< Captain Commando > = CPU CapCom usually falls into a simple pattern: 
     Captain Fire and Captain Corridor.  Nothing too major here.  
     Occasionally, he'll bust out some combos -- including the S. 
     Roundhouse --> Captain Sword super combo!  This is an easy match.
< Megaman > = CPU Megaman is piece of cake for experts.  He'll just 
     throw lots of Fierce fireball and other stuff.  Megaman switch 
     items a lot, but so what!?  He can do some simple ground and air 
     combos, but never super combos.  Also, he likes the drill super a 
< Strider > = CPU Strider isn't as accomplished as expert players.  
     Strider likes to teleport all over the place unprotected, thus an 
     easy target.  His priority is still high as hell, and he throws a 
     lot!  He does lots of ground combo, the one with zigzag into the 
     special slash.  He does the slash even when the combo is blocked, 
     so take the opportunity to punish him!  Also, Strider likes the 
     Parachute Bomb Drop, but so what?!
< Spiderman > = CPU Spiderman throws LOTS of Fierce Web Balls, and lots 
     of air combos.  He'll dash back and forth to confuse you, and 
     tries to combo in the Spider Sting occasionally.  When you see him 
     doing air Web Balls, you can bet that he'll do a Maximum Spider 
< Jin > = CPU Jin can be really hard to kill.  For some reason, it's 
     really hard to counter-attack him.  Jin'll just throw you instead 
     or block!  When you jump in, he'll try the tornado super to 
     confuse the heck out of you.  When powered-up, Jin'll go berserk 
     and reverse the table quickly.  This can be a tough match.
< Captain America > = CPU Cap is a real nut-case.  He's so hypered-up 
     that he'll keep dashing back and forth and do lots of crazy stuff.  
     Cap likes to do the Charging Star a lot, and will often try to get 
     behind you with his Cartwheel.  Also, dragon punch is one of his 
     favorites as well.  In term of supers, Cap won'' combo them, but 
     will do them when least expected.  Beware of dashing into Cap, 
     because he just might whip out the Hyper Star n' Stripes right in 
     your face!  Also, he'll tag in Hyper Charging Star once a while.
< Venom > = CPU Venom can be really pain in the ass.  He's quick and 
     hard to combo on.  If you jump-in, he'll 95% of the time stop you 
     with his S. Roundhouse.  Venom throws a lot, but won't go into the 
     air combo.  When doing air combo, he'll do the impressive chain 
     ending with Roundhouse --> Fierce Venom Fang.  Rather cool!
< Hulk > = CPU Hulk is wiser now compared to in previous game.  He's 
     more patient and waiting for an opening to do major damage.  If he 
     has a super, beware of jumping in due to his meteor super.  
     Surprisingly, CPU Hulk can do air combo nicely.  Most player have 
     trouble landing 3 hits in air!  Also, Hulk uses a lot of S. Jab 
     --> S. Fierce combo, too much damage for such a simple combo!
< Gambit > = CPU Gambit throws tons of Kinetic Cards!  He likes OTG 
     combos, and will usually try long-range attacks.  Also, he's cheap 
     in that he throws a lot with S. Short --> S. Short --> Throw.  
     Rather cheap!
< Wolverine > = CPU Wolverine sucks compared to what he could have 
     become!  Wolverine does lots of Drill Claws, and dashes back and 
     forth a lot.  When dashing in, he'll often counter you with a 
     Tornado Claw, so be careful.  Wolverine doesn't do much combos, 
     heck, he doesn't even to air combos!  No worries here.
< War Machine > = CPU War Machine is generally easy but can be a pain 
     in the ass.  As expected, he throws lots of Soldier Cannon and 
     Smart Bombs.  When you jump in, he'll usually counter with the 
     Repulsor Blast.  Also, he flies around a lot, but you'll probably 
     have a hard time tagging him.  War Machine likes to throw (the one 
     that pushes you to corner) and OTG from there, so roll out!

+Credits and Thanks:+

My buddies over at UCR, Magic and Games, Gameworks, and Tilt for 
     letting me whip their butts for practice (J/K)!  I want to thank 
     Magic and Games especially because it has excellent control and 
     inexpensive (a quarter a game on all games).  About the players 
     ~cough, cough~ they're pretty good (but not good enough to hang 
     with me of course ^_^)
Desmund Wu for showing me that killer combo#3 with Wolverine and some 
     cheap maneuver with Megaman
Jason (?) for getting me started with Captain America's awesome air 
     combo (combo#1).
Mark (?) for his Spiderman tricks.  No, I ain't gonna give you credit 
     for combos because I FOUND THEM MYSELF :-)  Fine, my bad, I'll 
     give you credit for Spiderman's combo#3 you whiner.
Ken (?) for showing me Strider's combo#2.
This one guy at Tilt (w/ glasses) who showed me Wolverine's combo#14.
Damien (?) for showing me how wrong Strider's combo#7 is, and the 
     CapCom glitch with his throws.
Polo (?) for helping my figure out combo#20 for Wolverine, and the 
     handcuff trick.
Mike Coi for contributing the strategy against CPU.
Donnie Wells for helping out my Carnage.