Captain America by Swift

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Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 19:36:04 PDT

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Capcom characters trademark of Capcom, Marvel characters trademark of 
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I     Intro
II    Legend and moves
III   Strategies with the shield
IV    Strategies without the shield
V     Helper Strategies
VI    Combos
VII   Versus
VIII  Best Partners
IX    Conclusion & Thanks

7/21/98  Updated a few of his regular moves and supers and 
         fixed a lot of screwy punctuation and spelling.

7/30/98  Add some info to the strategy section add a helper strategy 
         section and the vs sections.


          Well I started playing Captain America on MvsSF, after one of 
my friends kept kicking my butt with him and shadow.  So after awhile I 
decided to give him a try, I liked him right away.  Cap is not a beginners 
character in order to master him you have to play him for what he is, 
A SUPER SOLDIER!!  Cap has everything he needs to match skill and wits 
with every fireball throwing, gamma crushing, and slash slash supering 
players in the game. And if you get really good with him then you will 
have the pleasure of having one of the toughest teams to beat at your 
local arcade. So lets get this ball rolling!


S.    stands for standing
C.    stands for crouching
OC.   stands for offensive crouching
DN.   stands for holding down on the controller while attacking during a 
UP.   stands for holding up on the controller while attacking during a jump
T.    stands for holding torwards on the controller (direction you're 
J.    stands for jumping
SJ.   stands for super jumping
D.    stands for dashing before performing the move
AD.   stands for air dash
F.    stands for flying
QCF   means quarter circle forward or what's known as a fireball motion.
QCB   means quarter circle back or what's known as a hurricane kick motion.
DPM   means dragon punch motion which is Forward, Down, Down+forward.
HCB   means half circle back or yoga flame motion. 
(OTG) means this will hit the opponent off the ground
(FS)  means that the move you just did will send your opponent flying 
      across the screen

 -All directions noted in the moves section assume that your character is 
  facing right, when facing left all move commands are reversed!
 -For more info on the game engine and universal moves for all the 
  characters visit


**Normal Moves**

These are Cap's normal button attacks, each have there own unique purpose.  
Plus if you happen to be playing on a messed up joystick and can't even 
throw a fireball then knowing each button and what's it good for comes in 
really handy.

Jab- One of the best jabs in the game, it quick and sets up Cap's combos 
     beautifully. When he's on the ground the jab is just a normal punch.  
     His crouching jab is good for stopping people who like to dash in a
     lot.  In the air he punches downward.  It's great to use for opponents 
     jumping in on you and when you're in the air it'll strike them if 
     they'reattacking from below.

Strong- This was Cap's original launcher in MSH and MvsSF.  But now it is 
        only an air launcher.  Great as air defense against jump ins.  
        On the ground you can work it into his combo's.  In the air it's 
        good for attacking opponents that are attacking from your side.  

Fierce- The big daddy of them all!!  This is the move that you have to 
        rely on the most.  Its range is one of the best in the game, plus 
        it does insane damage! The priority of the fierce is only second 
        to strider's sword.  In the air is were it works it's magic the 
        most.  Cap does a huge arc motion that protects his entire front, 
        plus you can use it to swat those annoying players who love to 
        run-away all day. On the ground, the crouching fierce is his ground 
        launcher and you can combo it without breaking a sweat.

Short-  This move is written off by alot of Cap players.  But this move 
        like all his others can be deadly when used right. In the air it 
        has decent range, he does a kick that's pointed slightly upwards 
        it will catch those opponents that just happen to be higher than 
        you in the air, and you can do a nasty 4 hit air combo after it 
        connects to teach them not to be so jumpy.  :)  On the ground this 
        is a sneaky little move because Cap does like a kick that hits right 
        below the knee area.  His animation for this moves makes it look 
        like Cap is just standing there in your face and the opponent never 
        sees this move coming. When he's crouching he does a quick little 
        stab kick that has pretty good range.

Forward- Cap does a standing high kick.  This is another good air defense 
         for jump ins.  As an added bonus when you hit the button again he 
         does a low kick that hits if your opponent is blocking low.  His 
         crouching version he does a quick sweep.  This works great for 
         stopping dash in opponents.  In the air Cap does a kick that's 
         pointed down.  This is great for quick jump ins and also for 

Roundhouse- Cap is a great gymnast and he shows it with this move.  
            He balances on one hand and swings both his legs together in 
            the air.  This move is great at setting up his supers in the 
            corner.  It combos well and does good damage.  His crouching 
            version knocks his opponent to the ground.  Cap is one of the 
            lucky few who can direct one of his attacks in the air.  When 
            you jump and hold up Cap will do a "L" shape kick. If you leave 
            the joystick neutral then Cap will extend his leg straight.  
            Pointing the joystick down will make Cap extend is leg pointing 
            almost straight down.  This has as much range and priority as 
            Spidey jumping roundhouse.  One bit of warning make sure this 
            move connects before sticking it out because small characters 
            like Megaman and Spiderman can actually duck under it.  So 
            becareful using is against them.


  Cap's punch throws have not been changed.  Cap can also hit his opponent 
  after a throw with his jab shield slash.  In the air Cap grabs his 
  opponent and throws them down like a dirty sack of laundry.

  Cap's kick throws have him toss his opponent in the air.  And you can 
  hit them with a fierce stars and stripes.  But the timing takes a little 
  practice.  If you feel dirty, then do this throw when you're doing a 2on1 
  to throw your opponent right into your partners supers.  But make sure 
  it's a super that attacks high.  (Ex. Ken Shinduu Ken, CapCom Cap Sword, 
  or Jin's great cyclone.


This are moves Cap does with the help of motions on the joystick.  These 
moves are the keys to victory.  So learn them inside and out.  


 This is what Cap is known for! Cap tosses his shield at his opponent.  
 Some attacks can knock the shield away, which makes you have to go and 
 play fetch.  But if the shield hits it will automaticly come back to him.  
 The shield has a lot of priority, I've actually knocked Spider-man out of 
 a maximum spider with it.  Only thing is you'll have to have thrown it at 
 the same time that he does his super.  So it's a mixed blessing. Cap 
 recovers pretty fast after he throws his shield which allows you to be 
 ready to defend yourself in case your opponent jumps over the shield. 
 The shield can be thrown in three directions like cyclops optic blast 
 and they each have there own unique purpose:

Jab- Cap will throw his shield at ground level.  It should always be used 
     to OTG your opponent after a punch throw or a C.roundhouse.  And always 
     keep in mind that people can roll out before getting hit by the shield 
     so you have to decide when to throw it and when not to.  Since the 
     shield is traveling so low it's great for going under mid height 
     attacks. (Ex. War Machines standing shoulder cannon.)  Also this is 
     the toss of choice when you play Megaman, Roll, Spidey, and Wolverine!!  
     In the air Cap throws his shield down which makes this a great move to 
     use when you're jumping in on an opponent.

Strong- This is for those fireball happy shotokans.  This is Caps high 
        shield toss.  It will knock out all fireballs and projectiles, 
        except War Machines shoulder cannon!  Always toss this when you 
        hit someone with the standing fierce.  Because they'll be sent 
        flying across the screen and won't have enough time to recover 
        to jump over it. So they end up getting a little chipping damage.  
        But use this wisely because Cap's feet are left wide open and any 
        small character can easily duck the shield and kick your butt.  
        In the air Cap tosses it straight.  This works great against akuma 
        and anyone who loves to run all day.

Fierce- Cap tosses his shield at an upward angle.  This is best used as 
        a counter to air fireballs and opponents that love to air dash.  
        Also the best shield slash for getting rid of the shield!!  I'll 
        get more into that in the strategy section.  In the air Cap
        tosses it up at an angle to nail those pesky runners.

Stars n' Stripes- DPM any punch

        This is Cap's best air defender.  This is his version of the 
        dragon punch.  With the shield he's invincible while going up.  
        The punch used determines the height he'll go.  The jab is the best 
        one because it has hardly any holding time. But like all moves use 
        this wisely because the stronger the punch the longer it'll take you 
        to recover.  The fierce can be put in ground combo's, and can also 
        hit your opponent after his launcher or a kick throw.

Charging Star- QCF any kick

        Cap puts up his shield and charges at his opponents.  With the 
        shield he will go through any projectile even war machines shoulder 
        cannon.  And he can also run through helpers.  The different buttons 
        determines the speed and range that he'll go. This move can be easily 
        comboed off his standing roundhouse and will OTG opponents.  Without 
        the shield this move will comeout faster and have less recovery time 
        but since he doesn't have his shield he won't be invunerable to 

Cartwheel- HCB any punch

         This move should be second nature to any Cap player.  Cap is 
         invunerable to all moves, projectiles, and supers while doing this.  
         But sadly he can be thrown out of it.  The cartwheel has many 
         purposes.  Your opponent has you in the corner, well cartwheel 
         and give him a taste of his own medicine.  Wolverines dashing in 
         to try and combo you?  Cartwheel and nail him with a 
         Hyper Stars n' Stripes.  The only limits to this move is your 
         imagination.  The button used determines how far he'll go.  



    This Cap's most powerful moves.  They're great at punishing mistakes, 
going thru other supers, and showing off in front of big crowds.  Now some 
people put that you have to use all three punch or kick buttons in order to 
do supers, it's not true you only have to use two.  But if you happen too 
use all three because it's more comfortable for you then go ahead, this was 
just in case you didn't know.  

FINAL JUSTICE!!!!!- QCF 2 punches

       This is the Super that makes people love or hate Cap.  Cap shouts 
       FINAL JUSTICE!!! then he charges at his opponent and does a short 
       combo, after that he throws them up in the air and slams them back 
       down to earth with a big bang!  This is what is called an all or 
       nothing super.  If the first hit doesn't connect then Cap will just 
       stop in front of his opponent.  If you time it just right this will
       go through fireballs and some supers if you're close enough.  Be extra
       careful doing this super from long distance because he can be hit with 
       a super, or if he's fighting Ryu he can be dragon punched out of it.  


       This is Cap's version of Ken and Akuma's shoryuu reppa!  This is 
       the least damaging of his supers and can be comboed the easiest 
       and can OTG an opponent as long as he doesn't roll.  The recovery 
       time though is horrible.  But on the up side this is his fastest 
       starting super.  Making it a great counter for mistakes.  
       If Cap is the one leading the team super then this is super he'll do!! 


       This is the same as his regular charging star, but he'll have a huge 
       energy shield around him!  The start up time on this super is the 
       worst of all three.  The upside is that this super CAN GO THROUGH 
       EVERY BEAM OR WAVE SUPER!!!!!  Strider getting on your nerves with 
       those stupid orbs and animals then do this super and you will either 
       hit him or at least chip off some damage and you escape without a 
       scratch.  And it takes off the most energy, almost 50%!!  The downside 
       to this super is that any physical attack can knock Cap out of
       it. (Ex. Ryu's dragon punch, the switch hit when you change characters, 
       the gun from War Machines proton cannon when it's forming, or even a 
       normal jump kick if timed correctly.) This is the super Cap will do 
       if your partner starts up the team super.  My advice is pick someone 
       who can combo their team super for some heavy damage!

                        -=STRATEGIES WITH THE SHIELD=-

O.k. this is were you learn to be a super soldier.  
	Always remember to mix-up your ways of attack.  I've seen many Caps 
that all they do is rely on that jumping and standing fierce.  Well that's 
all fine and dandy but any true player will find some way to get through 
all that.  Use his double jump often this helps to confuse your opponent 
and escape some supers and helpers.
	99% of the challengers you'll face will have a pattern.  Once you 
learn it use your shield slash to keep your opponent in one place.
	Keep the shield whenever you face a fireballer.  And make them pay 
with the charging star.  Just make sure it hit's or you'll be looking to 
get hit by a super.  Practice on the computer to learn the timing and 
distance of each charging star.  
	If you face someone who likes to dashin alot then you can do one of 
two things, hit them with the standing fierce, or you can dash in on them 
and do a crouching jab or strong then follow with a combo.  Since Cap has 
his shield his moves have alot of priority.
	When ever you're in the air use the fierce wisely.  Even though he 
has alot of priority with it.  Cap still has a short start-up delay on his 
jumping fierce because he has to start low and swing forward.  Anyone with 
a straight forward attack can knock him out of his fierce when timed right.
	Knock down you're opponent and see if he knows how to roll.  If he 
doesn't then always finish your knock downs with a jab shield slash or the 
hyper stars n' stripes.
	Try to fake out your opponent, use your dash, cartwheel, and double 
jump and the ability to cancel into your special moves to keep your opponent 
second guessing. Just try not to get to repeatitive though. One of the things 
I like to do is dash up to my opponent and do a Cjab, Cstrong, Sfierce then 
cancel into the strong shield slash.  Many opponents try to attack Cap after 
the Sfierce because they think he's left open that's when they get a shield 
slash in the mouth.
	If you happen to lose your shield you have the choice of getting your 
shield back or fighting without it. "BUT CAP SUCKS WITHOUT THE SHIELD!" 
you say!  Well let's move on to the next section soldier!

                       STRATEGIES WITHOUT THE SHIELD

Remember in the beginning I said you have to play Cap for what he is.  
In the comics Cap is the ultimate soldier he's taken out whole squads of 
bad guy's by himself.  Well thank you Capcom they decided to make that true 
in the game as well.  One bit of warning these strategies are for the skillful, 
if you feel you don't want to try it then go ahead and get that shield back. 
But for those that dare to be different.  Then here we go.

	When Cap loses his shield he loses priority, range, and his projectile.  
But what he gains is awesome.  Cap gains speed, more combo's, and he can 
combo all of his supers without breaking a sweat!
	You have a total of about 20-30 secs before you get you're shield 
back so use this time wisely.  The best way to get rid of your shield is 
to either get to the corner and throw a fierce shield slash.  After you 
release the shield you'll beable to move freely.  Or you can super jump 
and then throw-away the shield.
	Now every Cap player has come across that time when we do lose that 
shield.  And our opponents try to keep you from getting it.  This is what 
you use to you're advantage when you don't have your shield your opponent 
will do everything including attacking you to keep you away from it.
	Now lets say you don't have a level of super, you can always rely 
on your combo's.  Cap can easily do 7 hit combos without his shield!  And 
you can use his charging star to OTG an opponent after a knockdown like 
you would with the jab shield slash, but the timing and distance is a 
little different but once you get used to it you'll pull it off everytime.
	Use your double-jump alot to confuse them.  
	Get them to the other side of the screen and use your cartwheel to 
get behind them and set them up for big combos!
	Also know who you can afford to lose the shield against and when to 
do it.  Losing you're shield will make fighting all the mid-size to large 
characters a little easier to beat.  Think twice before doing this against 
fireballers.  If they don't have a level then go ahead and do it but if 
they have a super waiting it's best to have that shield close by. 
	Now knowing which super to combo can make the difference of winning 
with style or losing with shame.  If you happen to be fighting a scrub or 
a guy who's getting on your nerves then it's FINAL JUSTICE all the way.  
If it's a tough fight and you're opponent has more energy than you then 
after they miss a super up close or are really low on energy because that's 
the only super that will hit your opponent in time.



There are some helpers that go great with Cap.  Know what there good for
and how to use them will add a little edge to your game play.


This little elf is one of the dangerous ones of the pack.  He comes out
shooting little arrows that go all the way across the screen.  As
an added bonus he has a little flame that covers his head which can
hit your opponent for massive damage. 

The best way to set up Lou is to call him out then cartwheel behind
your opponent.  They will get hit by the arrows allowing you to get
in a nice combo.  Also if your opponent super jumps then do the 
same thing but this time if you do it just right you'll make your opponent
land on the flame.


Man I wish he was playable, he would have made a great partner for Cap.  
Well any how atleast he's in the game.  He has a high attack that works
great for large opponents, and a great counter for jumping opponents.

To set Thor up just call him out then do a jumping attack on your opponent.
Most opponent block low so that way they don't get chipped by Thor letting
you jump in for a combo.  Since they're blocking low the jumping attack will
act like a overhead attack.  Another thing is cartwheel and then do a jumping
attack your opponent will have no choice because if he stands up he will get
hit in the back by the beam or by get hit by the jumping attack.


This Cap reject comes in pretty handy.  He's is one of the only helpers
that cannot be pushed blocked.  Letting you get close to your opponent and try 
to set up a combo.  He also goes through projectiles and beam supers if he
is already charging forward.

There is no sure fire way to set up agent because he has a huge start up
time.  So most of the time he will be blocked.  But like all the others
try to cartwheel behind or do a jumping attack or if they happen to be 
blocking high do a low attack and they will get hit by agent.


                                        MAGIC SERIES
                              GROUND MAGIC: Zigzag
                              AIR MAGIC: Stronger
                              SUPER JUMP MAGIC: Zigzag
                              AIR LAUNCHER: S.Strong
                              GROUND LAUNCHER: C.FIERCE
                              AC FINISHERS: Fierce,Roundhouse
                                            air throw, shield slash




1)J.Fierce,D.S.Short,S.Forward,S.Forward,S.Fierce, strong shield slash
2)D.C.Jab,D.C.Strong,S.Fierce, strong shield slash
3)D.C.Short,S.Forward,S.Roundhouse, charging star
4)D.S.Jab,C.Forward,C.Roundhouse, jab shield slash(OTG) 
5)J.Fierce,jab air shield slash
6)J.Fierce,S.Forward,S.Forward, Hyper Star n' Stripes

For this next combo you must first get rid of your shield.

1)D.S.Short,S.Fierce, charging star or any super



  AC Finisher
2)J.Forward,J.Fierce,D.S.Short,S.Forward,S.Roundhouse, charging star
3)J.Jab,J.Strong,D.C.Short,C.Forward, Hyper Stars n' Stripes or team super
4)J.Fierce,D.C. Short,C.Fierce, SJ.Jab,SJ.Jab,SJ.Jab, double jump, SJ.Jab, 
  SJ.Short, SJ.Strong,SJ.Forward,SJ.Fierce  (This combo takes a little 
  getting used too.  You have tap up on the joystick after the third jab 
  and press jab again immediately, then continue with the rest of the combo.)


1)J.Jab,J.Strong,J.Fierce,D.S.Short,S.Fierce, super or a charging star
2)J.Strong,J.Forward,S.Short,S.Forward,S.fierce, charging star
3)In the Corner J.Jab,J.Strong,S.Short,S.Fierce, Hyper Charging Stars,
  D.S.Short,S.Strong,SJ.Jab, SJ.Jab,SJ.Jab, double jump, SJ.Jab, SJ.Short,
  (For this combo, after the Hyper Charging Stars finishes immediately dash 
   toward your opponent and OTG with a S.Short.  You have to be in the corner 
   for this combo to work.  Also your opponent can roll after the Hyper 
   Charging Stars so use this combo wisely.)



This section will give you some idea on how to match and hopefully beat 
your opponent's favorite characters.  Unfortunately not all the matches 
will be even fights, some characters are a little too over-powered and 
have slight advantages over other characters.  Just keep a cool head and 
remember to plan your attacks ahead of time.

VS. Chun Li

She's been given a little power boost since the last verse game.  She has a 
new air super that can be comboed and takes off ton's of damage.  To say try 
not getting launched would be asking alot.  Players like to jump around alot 
and try to cross you up and hit you with big combo's.  Your best bet is to 
stay on the ground mostly.  Hit her with a stars and stripes when she jumps 
in attacking.  If your opponent get's wise and starts blocking jumping in, 
then do a jab cartwheel to get behind them and hit them with a combo.  
Use your shield slash to keep up with her fireball or if you're close enough 
hit her with the final justice.  If she does her super lightning kick super 
and misses counter with the hyper stars n' stripes.  If she misses her 
super fireball or rising kicks then hit her with either a final justice or
a hyper charging stars.

VS. Ryu

Boy Capcom has down a number on the old street fighter.  They've given 
him the fighting styles of Ken and Akuma.  But with each form comes it's 
own weakness and strength.
Ryu Mode- In this mode he has alot of strength, but he's slow and can't 
launch that easily anymore. If you happen to fight who shoots a lot of 
fireballs counter with either the charging star or if you're close enough 
the final justice.  Careful if you do get launched, Ryu maybe slow but his 
air combo's can do a lot of damage and watchout he can still combo his super 
Ken Mode-In this mode he gains speed.  But he's a little weaker.  His 
fireballs don't have good distance on them.  But what you have to look 
out for is his feet.  Ken is one of the best foot fighters in the game, 
they have alot of reach and priority.  Just make sure you block low alot 
so that way you don't get a shoruu reppa in your face.  And careful 
jumping in attacking cause you'll get sucked in by the Shinduu-Ken. 
Ken also can do a dragon punch in the air.  So try and stick to a ground 
Akuma Mode-This mode will give you the most headaches.  A smart opponent 
can run-away all day in this mode.  Akuma has the speed of Ken and almost 
as much power as Ryu, but on an up-side Akuma can't take damage well so 
always watch for mistakes and make every hit count.  His hurricane kick, 
and diving kick are two of the hardest moves to counter in the game.  But 
alot of Akuma players like to jump in attacking alot.  So keep that 
stars n' stripes handy.  And if your opponent likes to dive kick from a 
long distance hit him with hyper charging stars.

VS. Zangief

Zangief is a real treat in the hands of a master, and even a scrub.  His 
spinning pile driver has alot of range and can grab you out of the middle 
of your combo's.  If your opponent those a Final Atomic Buster from far
away don't run up and hit him, because he has armour on in this pose so
the only thing that stops him is a jumping fierce.  Use your double jump 
more then your cartwheel because he can piledrive you if you try to 
cartwheel by him to much. Capcom has decided to give him the ability to 
change his body into iron.  In this mode he can't block but nothing will 
stop him. He can knock you out of your supers and the final justice will 
just bounce off.  It's safer to play more of a keep away game then being 
totally offensive against him.  And also use a long range helper, like 
michelle hart or cyclops.  If he happens to do his running grab then get 
behind him and do a hyper charging star since he can't be hit out of his 
moves in this mode he can't stop walking forward.  Heh heh :)

VS. Morrigan

Playing her like you would play Ryu in Ken mode.  She plays almost excactly 
like Ken with a few different moves.  Use your fierce shield slash if your 
opponent likes to air dash toward you alot.  Watch your head, because morrigan 
players like to hit you with her shell kick alot so simply block it and do a 
final justice as they come down.  Try not to use a lot of high attacks against 
her, she's a small size character and she can easily duck under your strong 
shield slash and hit you with a super if she's close enough.

VS. Captain Commando (CapCom)

Capcom's old mascot!  He's packes a lot of power, speed, and a team!  
One of the best defensive characters in the game, you'll have to work really 
hard to get to this guy.  His captain corridor goes the entire two screens 
up, the captain fire can hit you across from the other side.  And his 
commando's can easily pin you down in a second.  The key to beating him is
pressuring him into a corner and keeping him there.  But you have to switch 
up alot.  Because if all you do is jump in and attack he can launch you, 
then hit you with the captain sword.  So use a mix of air and ground combo's 
and use your cartwheel and double jump alot to get around his captain fire 
and his commandos.  Jump at him blocking and try to make him do a captain
corridor because he has a huge recover time on it, just enough for you to 
hit him with a super or a combo.  Mixing up your shield slashes can keep 
him from jumping out of the corner.  

VS. MegaMan

One of my favorite characters has finally made it into a fighting game.  
This little guy packs alot of tricks.  And his size will make it really 
hard to jump in on him.  It's best to stick to the ground against him.  
And if he does a tornado hold that just lands in front of you, just hit 
him with a standing fierce or a final justice.  If he throws out alot of 
fireballs use your charging star or final justice up close.  If your opponent 
does a beat plane a bit far from you super jump and hit him with a jab air 
shield slash to knock him out of it.  If he does a rush drill try to block 
it and hit him with a hyper charging star after it.  Remember his regular
fireballs do no block damage, only if it's charged up.  Oh and if you happen 
to fight someone who can actually fight while charging his mega buster, try 
your best to take him out because he's trying to set you up for either a team 
super or a 2on1.  Those are the ones to watch out for.  

VS. Strider

You either love this character or you hate him.  He has alot of power, 
speed, tons of moves, and supers that can be really dangerous.  But good 
news Captain America is one of the characters that can beat the crap out 
of Strider.  Now there are two types of Strider players, those that
like to charge up there super meters and chip you to death with supers, 
and those that rely on his combos then his supers.  Capt. A's shield has 
just as much priority as Strider's sword.  So if your opponent likes to 
dash in alot hit them with a C.Jab and do a combo, or if he jumps at you 
try to hit them with a S.Strong and do an air combo.  Just try to make sure 
all your hit's count because like Akuma, Strider doesn't take damage well.  
But he's alot faster then Cap so in this match play a little more defense 
then offense.  Learn Strider poses for when he get's ready to do a super.  
Because you'll know how much time you'll have to either jump or do your
super.  If he does the orb super, hit him with the hyper charging stars.  
You'll either hit him or atleast cause some block damage.  When Strider 
does the Legion from far away without pinning you down with a helper.  
If you don't have a level then super jump all the way across the screen
and before you land double jump back. All the birds and cats will miss if 
you do it right.  But if you do have a level then do the hyper charging stars 
to go right through and hit him.  Now for those times that you fight a 
Strider player that likes to do the orbs then teleport behind you.  
Super-jump and try and get yourself into a corner so that way you can work 
on your game plan.

VS. Spider-Man

He's fast, small, and just as strong as you.  You'll have to be on the 
defensive alot against Spidey.  If you notice that he end's his air combo's 
with a fierce then he's trying to get to your other side, so keep a close 
eye were he lands.  Try not to stay in the same place to long, you can bet 
he won't be.  Counter his jump ins with the stars n' stripes.  If he misses 
his maximum spider hit him with the final justice or the hyper charging stars, 
and counter a missed crawler assault with the hyper stars n' stripes.  
Samething as all the other fast characters in the game--

VS. Jin

A fellow soldier in arms.  There aren't that many people who can use Jin 
effectively, so he won't pose that much of a threat.  Alot of his move 
have a huge recovery time on them so you'll be countering him alot.  Try 
not to dash in alot because his fierce comes out really fast, and he'll 
have you set up to get hit by his blodia punch super.  Now Jin can jump 
in with more than one hit so if you happen to get hit when he jumps in 
attacking then that means you didn't stand long enough.  Now Jin weakness 
is he has to be on top of you in order to win.  Try to keep him away from 
you with your shield.  And if he starts glowing, then that means he's like 
the hulk now.  In this mode you can't launch him, and jab and short will 
have no effect on him so use your stronger attack buttons.  The farther 
Jin is away from you loosing energy the faster you'll win the match.  
Now this little trick comes from Miguel Raya. 
First learn the amount of energy Jin has to have before he starts glowing 
and time your hit's so that way you can get close to him to chip him.  
Now make sure you have a level.  Then chip him and go into a 
hyper charging star his glowing pose has a recovery time on it so you should 
be able to hit him if you're close enough.  

VS. Captain America

This can be a tough fight. (Especially if you play some one who's read this 
FAQ :)  But most Cap players are mostly defensive.  Keeping you away with 
the J.Fierce.  Getting past this won't be a problem.  Everytime your opponent 
jumps at you with it, jump at him with a straight roundhouse.  90% of the 
time you'll beat him out because of that delay that I mentioned earlier 
in the FAQ.  Another thing you can do is mix around playing with and without
the shield so that way you can eliminate him as soon as possible.  Because 
without your shield you can use your speed to keep constant pressure on him.

VS. Venom

Venom is one of the few characters that can kick butt while staying in 
one spot.  He has alot of long range attacks.  Your best bet is to keep 
alot of pressure on him and try to stick him in a corner and try to keep 
him there.  His venom fangs can be countered by your star's n' stripes.  
Play without the shield every once in a while and try to combo a super.
The faster you get rid of this monster the easier the fight will be.

VS. Hulk

A fellow Avenger and all around nice guy!  This guy just screams COMBO.  
If you fight someone who likes to use that fierce all day just get in there 
and combo away.  Hulk will be out of the picture before you can say 
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!  But if you run into those lucky few who happen to know 
how to play with Hulk, then you'll have to watch yourself.  Don't try to 
trade hits with a good Hulk player because they'll win everytime.  Hulk 
has super armour that will brush off a jab, short or a shield slash up close  
in a second.  Stick with your heavier attacks.  Watch his super meter when 
you're jumping in, because he'll try to hit you with the gamma crush.  
If you happen to block it on the way up then as soon as you touch the 
ground do a cartwheel so that way you don't get any block damage, and hit 
him with a super while he's recovering.  But if you screw up and get hit by 
the gamma crush good news you can roll and hit him while he's recovering!  
The gamma wave and gamma quake can be countered by the final justice or 
the Hyper Charging Stars if you're quick on the joystick. 

VS. Gambit

Gambit is one tough cajun!  He has speed and a lot of range with that staff.  
Stick to a ground game when going against him.  And careful jumping in, he 
has one of the best launchers in the game, and he can set up his royal flush 
super with it.  Most Gambit players have simple patterns so just take a few 
seconds and block for a bit and see what he likes to do.  But try not to dash
in blindly, his kinetic card is one of the fastest projectiles on the game 
and he can set you up for an air combo.  And learn how to tech hit out of 
throws, because you aren't allowed to roll after he throws you.  I've run 
into gambit player that all they look for is to throw you into a corner 
and do a super or a team super.  So keep ramming that strong and 
fierce buttons to tech.

VS. War Machine

War Machine has a lot of moves that leave him open for a long time. Giving 
you a chance to nail him with a super.  If your opponent likes to fly and 
do smart bombs cartwheel so that way he doesn't pin you down and meet him 
in the sky and kick his butt.  Also watch your jump in attacks you can 
either be launched and hit by his war destroyer or you'll get hit by colosus 
and get a proton cannon!  Jump in blocking and try to make him do a repulsar
blast if he does then hit him with a super or a combo if you don't have a
level because he has a huge recovery time.

VS. Wolverine

El Cheapo!!  The love of all scrubs, and thorn of all good players.
He has a lot of speed, he can combo all of his supers with no effort, 
and his size makes it hard jumping in on him.  But not all is lost.  He 
doesn't have a projectile which means he'll have to fight close.  So stick 
to your light attacks buttons to trade hits with him or set him up for a 
combo. And catch him every once in a while with the S.Fierce, because wolvie 
players love to dash in blindly. Patience and a lot of blocking is the only 
way to beat him.

VS. Onslaught

First Form- Do this little simple combo every few seconds of breathing 
room you get.  S.Short,S.Forward, charging star.  This combo will make 
him reel and stop is super and hyper gravs.  But it won't stop the sentinals 
so just keep an eye out for them.

Second Form- Jump and hit him with a J.Jab,J.Strong,J.Fierce.  If you 
happen to see him shoot his eye beam stop your combo and block.  If you 
see him go off screen to do his "BEHOLD MY MIGHTY HAND" bit then do your 
hyper charging stars.  As long as you keep it simple you'll have him beat 
in no time.

  Now these are only general strategies for the characters.  Nothing I say 
can make up for just pure experience.  The more different styles of players 
you face the better you'll be.


Well this is a team game isn't it.  And Cap is going to need a little help 
every so often.  These are the best partners in my opinion for him.


With the new shotokan switch, ryu adds a lot of new diversaty as a partner.  
He's also great for 2on1's.  And can combo a team super in any mode.


The mini Hulk.  He may be a mid size character but Jin packs so much power, 
by the time the match is over your opponent won't know what hit him.  Jin 
can also combo a team super.


A another fellow Avenger, He adds a good keep-away game to Cap's massive 
offense.  And also provides a power backup super for the team super.


The third Avenger in the game, he provides raw power, while Cap is the 
speed in this team.


Lot of speed, long range attacks and powerful supers makes this cajun and 
awesome partner for Cap.  Also another power backup for the team super.

**Conclusion and Thanks**  

I hope this FAQ will be of help to you.  Remember to always fight fair, 
and to be a good sport no matter what.  And don't spend too much just 
trying to beat one person.

First I'd like to thank my buddies Will and Cal for getting me into the 
VS games.  Without there competition and help I wouldn't of gotten as 
good as I am now.

Thanks to the guys at Wizards Arcade and the regs on the MvsC message 
board, for helping me learn the crazy tricks and combo's of the game.

Thanks to Migs Rustia for having the best MvsC site on the net.  I suggest 
you all go and visit at

Thanks to Daemon23 for having one of the best Cap FAQ around, it 
helped alot with mine.  I advise you give it a read.

Thanks to Miguel Raya for providing some helpful info for the strategy, 
team, helpers, and vs sections.

And last but not least Thanks to Capcom for making the game, and Marvel 
for putting one of my favorite characters in it.

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