Chun-Li by Ryu

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By Ryu

Table of Contents
1.  Intro
2.  Update Info
3.  Misc. Info
4.  Legend
5.  Moves
6.  Combos
7.  Tips
8.  Strategies
9.  Best Partners
10.  Acknowledgment and Thanx
11.  Disclaimer

Welcome to my Chun-Li FAQ! This guide has Chun-Li's moves, combos, strategies,
and other helpful info. I hope you find this FAQ very helpful.


1.  I added this updates section.
2.  Added a new combo and more strategies against Onslaught!
3.  Did some combo editing.

Regular Color: Blue Outfit
Alternate Color: Red-Orange Outfit
Air Dash: F, F in air
Triangle Jump: tap F when meeting the screen side in air
Triple Jump: tap U twice at any time during any jump
Team Counter Attack: Kikoken
Team Super Attack: Kiko-Sho (if she starts) or Senretsu Kyaku (if her partner 
First Appearance: Street Fighter II
Taunt: "Gomen Ne" (Her taunt actually does damage!)

Origin: Chun-Li's father was killed by Bison when she very young. She trained 
and tracked Bison down, only to be defeated by him. She then joined and trained
with Interpol, and now she is ready to face Bison once more!

HCF- Half Circle Forward (from back to down to forward)
HCB- Half Circle Back (from forward to down to back)
DP- Dragon Punch Motion (forward, down, down-forward)
QCF- Quarter Circle Forward (from down to forward)
P- any punch button
K- any kick button
3K- all 3 Kick buttons
3P- all 3 Punch buttons
The Button Layout:
                                  (  )      (  )      (  )
                                   Jab     Strong    Fierce
                                  (  )      (  )      (  )
                                  Short   Forward  Roundhouse

C.- Crouching (or Ducking)
D.- Dashing (F,F)
S.- Standing
J.- Jumping
SJ.- Super Jumping (D,U or 3K)
\/- land
/\- jump


Kikoken: HCF+P
This is Chun-Li's fireball move. It comes out pretty quick. Don't use it for 
keep away though. Best to use after a you've blocked a ground combo.

Rising Bird Kick: DP+K
Chun-Li rises into the air while kicking. A good anti-air move.

Axe Kick: HCB+K
Chun-Li flips over her opponent and hits them with the back of her leg. It 
can't be blocked low.

Lightning Kick: tap K rapidly
Chun-Li kicks so fast that her legs form energy blades in front of her. This
move can be done in the air.

Mini Kiko-Sho: F+Punch
A mini version of Chun-Li's super from Street Fighter Alpha. Good anti-air 

Stomp Kick: D+Forward in air
Chun-Li stomps on her opponent's head.

Neck Breaker: DF+Roundhouse
Chun-Li jumps up and hits the back of her opponent's neck with her knees. A 
very good surprise move.

KIKO-SHO: QCF+3P  (Level 1)
Chun-Li forms a huge bubble of throbbing energy around her body. It is an 
extremely powerful chipper. Tap P for more hits.

Chun-Li charges forward while rapidly kicking her legs. Tap K and shake the 
joystick for more hits.

A Super version of Chun-Li's Rising Bird Kick. It comboes perfectly off her 
S.Roundhouse. The best thing is, she'll land at the same time as her opponent,
so you can combo them again! Excellent anti-air move. Tap K for more hits.

Chun-Li's best Super in my opinion! She charges forward in the air and kicks 
her opponent. The background disappears and Chinese letters appear all around 
her. Her opponent then falls down with half his life bar gone! Use it in an 
air combo for mega damage!


1.  C.Short, C.Roundhouse, Lightning Kick
Keep on hitting Roundhouse after you've knocked them down and maybe you'll hit
them while they're on the ground!

2.  C.Short, C.Roundhouse, Kiko-Sho
Cancel immediately into the Kiko-Sho for the best effect!

3.  J.Fierce \/ C.Short, Rising Bird Kick

4.  J.Roundhouse, Lightning Kick
Ram on the Roundhouse button and maybe you'll hit them with the Lightning Kick
while you're still in the air!

5.  D.C.Forward, C.Fierce, Senretsu Kyaku
This is Chun-Li's "bread and butter". An excellent and damaging combo!

6.  D.S.Short, S.Roundhouse, Hazan Tenshou Kyaku
Another "bread and butter"!

7.  D.S.Short, S.Forward, Hazan Tenshou Kyaku

8.  S.Short, S.Short, S.Strong, S.Fierce, Senretsu Kyaku
This is a variation of Chun-Li's "bread and butter".

9.  Stomp Kick, J.Roundhouse \/ D.S.Short, S.Roundhouse /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, 
Shichisei Senkuu Kyaku
This combo has damage written all over it! Once you Stomp them, immediately 
cancel into the J.Roundhouse. Also, you must be extremely fast when canceling 
into the Shichisei Senkuu Kyaku. It won't connect if you're a split second too

10.  Stomp Kick, J.Fierce \/ C.Short, C.Forward, C.Fierce, Senretsu Kyaku
After the Stomp Kick, cancel immediately into the J.Fierce. Thanx to RichyRich
for this combo!


1.  USE COMBOS! Chun-Li is the combo queen of the game. Combo Punches and kicks
    into specials or Supers for good damage.
2.  If Chun-Li gets in an air fight, she'll definitely win. Her anti-air and 
    air defenses always come out on top.
3.  Use Chun-Li's Triple Jump to surprise opponents. Jump in and when your 
    opponent thinks you're going to attack, tap Up before you land to escape 
4.  Chun-Li is a devastating character in a master's hands. She very quick and
    very powerful. Once you master her, you'll whoop everyone's ass!
5.  Chun-Li's best chance of victory is to use combos.


Vs. Chun-Li
Don't jump in too often. She'll nail you with her Rising Bird Kick or she'll 
jump up and use her air throw. Watch out her combos too. Never underestimate 
her.  She is a very tough comeback character. She'll definitely jump in, so 
use your anti-air moves, like the Rising Bird Kick.

Vs. Ryu (in all modes)
If you're close enough, jump over his Hadokens and nail him. Don't jump in if 
he's just standing, or you'll get a Shoryuken in the face. He'll definitely jump
in, so, once again, use your anti-air moves. If he switches into Akuma, nail 
him! He takes hits pretty bad in this mode. Go all out offensive! Use combos 
ending in Supers for maximum damage.

Vs. Zangief (in both modes)
The best thing to do would be to keep Zangief away. Chun-Li is not a very good
keep away fighter, however. The best thing to do is use hit-and-run tactics. 
This is slower but you'll more than likely win.

Vs. Morrigan/Lilith
Morrigan takes hits like a baby, so get in there and combo her! A few combos 
ending in Supers should finish her off!

Vs. Captain Commando
Don't jump in or you'll eat a Captain Corridor. Make CapCom come to you. Just 
like Morrigan and Strider, he doesn't take hits too well. If he's close enough,
combo him! Always end the combos with Supers if you can. The best thing to do 
is stay on him if you get close enough. Don't let him play keep away, or you're
as good as dead.

Vs. Megaman
Megaman can be trouble. Just like Captain Commando, he can play keep away all 
day! Let him come to you, then combo him. Finish him off as fast as you can so 
you don't have to deal with his keep away tactics.

Vs. Roll
Roll is very, very small and hard to hit. If she shoots a Mega Buster, just 
jump over and nail her. If she gets close, use a C.Roundhouse.

Vs. Shadow Lady
Chun-Li's evil double! When she uses the Shadow Drill, just block and counter.
The recovery time is just long enough for you to combo her. Also watch out for
those missiles. She shoots a lot of them. Just Super Jump over her and attack.

Vs. Strider Hiryu
Strider is a piece of cake for Chun-Li. Strider is not a good keep away 
character. He has to get in close to do good damage. Block his attacks and 
counter. Stay on him. A few well-placed combos will finish him quickly, since 
he takes hits like a wuss.

Vs. Spider-Man
Simple! Whenever Spidey jumps in, just nail him with a Rising Bird Kick or 
Hazan Tenshou Kyaku. You could also use the Kiko-Sho. Just use every single 
anti-air move Chun-Li has in her arsenal and Spidey will cause you no more 

Vs. Jin
Jin is very powerful and can finish you off very quick. His moves have bad 
recovery time, so block and crouch block, then counter. Most importantly, be 
relentless! Stay on him! Don't give him a chance to do anything!

Vs. Captain America
Once again, stay on Cap! Don't turtle, because he gets very tough! If you stay
on him, he should be very easy to beat.

Vs. Venom/Hyper Venom
Don't let Venom combo you first. Block and counter! Venom is a good keep away 
character, so let him come to you. Then let him have it! Hit-and-run tactics 
might also work. Go all-out offensive against Hyper Venom. He's is a big wuss.
Just use one combo ending in a Super and he's dead.

Vs. Hulk/Orange Hulk
I hate this guy! Hulk does lots of damage and takes very little! Use 
hit-and-run tactics. It's the best thing to use on the Hulk.

Vs. Gambit
Gambit can be very tough. Watch out for his Fierce Cajun Slash, Royal Flush 
combo. He uses it quite often. Let him come to you. Then stay on him! If uses 
a Fierce Cajun Slash, try to execute a Kiko-Sho before he reaches you. He'll 
move right into the Super if you timed it right!

Vs. War Machine/Mega War Machine
WM is a good keep away player. Air Dash over his Shoulder Cannons. If he uses a
Proton Cannon, nail him while the Cannon disappears. He is extremely
vulnerable at this point. If he starts flying, jump up and nail him with a 
Shichisei Senkuu Kyaku. If he uses a Fierce Repulsor Blast, block and counter 
with a Senretsu Kyaku while he's in his stun animation. Use hit-and-run 
tactics against Mega WM.

Vs. Wolverine
Punish misses Tornado Claws with an anti-air move! Counter Drill Claws and
Berserker Slashes with something quick, like a Kiko-Sho.

Vs. Onslaught
First Form: I'm told that Chun-Li's launcher will neutralize the Hyper Gravs. 
If it doesn't, use a Helper to neutralize them for you. Psylocke and Juggernaut
are excellent examples.
If he does a Mega Optic Blast, duck into that little hole and use this combo: 
C.Jab, C.Strong, C.Fierce. Repeat until the Blast ends. Use Kiko-Shos if he's 
close. I would save the Kiko-Shos for the Second Form, however.
Or you can do this: Before the match starts, walk right next to him and use 
this combo: C.Forward, C.Roundhouse. You must do it slowly, just barely 
comboing it. They both make Onslaught reel back, so you can do this 
infinitely. Just keep on doing this for a sure victory. Thanx to Novowels for 
this strategy!

Second Form: When he's on the ground, execute the Kiko-Sho. It will kill off 
this bad boy pretty quick. If you don't have any levels of Super, just 
jump up and smack his ugly face with a J.Roundhouse. You could try a Lightning
Kick if you're fast enough. It's better to use Kiko-Shos.


Zangief: Good match. Chun-Li is speed, Zangief is power!
Venom: Same as Zangief, only better!
Hyper Venom: Same as Venom, only faster!
Hulk: Same as Venom, only better!
Strider Hiryu: Good combo team!
Wolverine: Great combo team!
Spider-Man: Best combo team!
Gambit: Okay match. Both have good strength, good power. Their team super is 
 best. Always start it with Gambit.
Captain America: Same as Gambit, only a little better!
Ryu: One of my personal fave's! Great strength, great power. Excellent team.


At this time, I'd like to thank:

Dogshell and Jedah
They helped me out on Chun-Li's taunt!

Rich, Ed, & Novowels
They helped out with Chun-Li's best partners.

Migs Rustia, the webmaster of Capcom Crossovers: The Site!
I took all the combos and the Onslaught strategies from his page. Got the move
descriptions from his page as well. Without his site, this FAQ wouldn't be 


I worked very hard on this FAQ, so listen up:
c. 1998 by RYU.  No rip-offs and no making money off this FAQ.  If you take 
anything  from this FA Q, please give me credit. This is for personal use only.
This FAQ has no affiliation with Capcom whatsoever.  Chun-Li and the Capcom 
characters are trademarks of Capcom.  Spider-Man and the Marvel characters are
trademarks of Marvel Comics.

Thanx for reading my FAQ! I hope you found this FAQ very helpful. Now go out 
there and kick some ass! Good luck and happy gaming!

Please send all your questions, comments, flames, and any tips or combos I've 
missed to:

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