Venom by SilverGear

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.::SilverGear's Guide to Venom ver. 3.5::.
 By: (please feel free to e-mail on any idea's on 
Combo's or anything else)
 Copyright Nathan Roach 2000
 Please do not Copy this FAQ or any of the info within it without my permission. 
I don't care who you are or who you work DO NOT copy this FAQ or 
anything in it and place it in a magazine or sell it for money! If your going to 
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made if for the fans and for those who want to learn. So if you want something 
on Venom do your own stinkin homework!  Thank you.


I. Intro
II. Legend
III.Moves (Regular/Basic)
V. Special Moves
VI. Hyper Combos/Supers
VII. Combos
IX. Tag Team Partners
X. Vs. Computer & Vs. Human
XI. Vs. Onslaught
XII.Bonus Goodies
XIII. The End....
XIV. Credits.


-==Updates May 17th: Geez...It's been a REALLY long time since I updated..sorry 
about that. Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure is eating up all of my time that I sorta 
forgot about this and some other FAQs I'm working on. I added a Bonus Goodies 
Section and an Index as well. Have a nice day...Master Dio is calling me ^_^ . 

-==Updates April 8th: Heh....Sorry for the lack of updates been busy working on 
other various FAQs. I Improved the Vs. Onslaught guide and also made various 
improvements to various Vs. guides. This might be the the last up-date for a 
while or maybe just the last up-date period!!! If I find anything worth while 
I'll let you know ^_- .==-

 -==Updates Feb. 16th: Well FINALLY I have word that the Sakura code was a 
joke....So, thank you for making me look like a total idiot! Now 
don't get me wrong is a very good site but I'm a bit pissed that 
they didn't check this so in return I made myself look like a total idiot. I 
guess there is something to be learned here.......and that is : To never believe 
what you read on the Web no matter how much faith you put into the source you 
got it from.......Oh and by the way.....Even if I make a mistake like that don't 
treat me like a retard...I'm human and humans make mistakes......So live with 
it! It's not my fault that she isn't in the game.......and don't insult me 
......Heck I have been probably been playing fighting games since you kiddies 
were nothng but little show some respect to your elders!.......I 
swear little punk kids these days...Think they know it all.....Plus I would like 
to add a BIG "SORRY!" to all those people who wasted their time in hopes of 
seeing the adorable school girl.....Once again I'm really sorry......Thank you 
for your time. SilverGear==- 
-==Updates Feb. 13th: It has come to my attention that I forgot to add Shadow 
Lady in this FAQ! Am I stupid or what? Thank you Dasrik for bringing this to my 
attention. Plus there have been doubts that Sakura is really in the 
game......Well I believe she is since the code is posted on and 
their pretty trust worthy. So don't cry about it unless you have done it 
yourself. Have a nice day everyone.....Once I get Sakura myself I'll let you 
know. (P.S. even IF there is the chance that she isn't in the game as a PLAYABLE 
character I do have to say that she IS in the game in at least one 
form.........In that one hot-house stage if you throw the opponent through the 
right wall you end up in the Hot-Tub area......In that area you'll see who I 
believe is Sakura in a towl (only) cheering on the fight (Looks cute lol)....But 
that doesn't mean she isn't in the game as a playable character.......Time will 
tell) Sayonara==-

 -== Updates: Added some more to Credits section, fixed some spelling errors 
(I'm sure there are still some more),fixed mistake on Onslaught strategy First 
form, added new strategy to Hyper Venom (Human),Gold War Machine (Human),Orange 
Hulk (both),Roll (Human),Zangeif (Human),Strider (Both I believe),War Machine 
(strategy goes for both), Chun-li (Computer and Human),Ryu(Human).Added on 
totally new Strategy on Venom (Human) Mirror match! Well these are all the up-
dates so I guess you can call it ver. 1.5. *Note: Still no Sakura info yet but 
will come with time! Still working on new combos for Venom and always working on 
improved strategies. Going to start to work on a Morrigan FAQ keep 
your eyes open for that! More up-dates will come I promise!*==-
   This FAQ is on Venom. Why pick Venom you ask? That's a simple question that 
has a simple answer.Venom is nothing but pure power and rage, he (or is it Them? 
I mean he says "We are Venom" in the beginning so you choose)doesn't use science 
(like Spider Man, just look at his Web Throw.) and he doesn't have to calculate 
the square root of 1,285 before he attacks (again like Spider Man (if you ever 
watched the cartoon series that is)).Plus, if your a good Venom user (or become 
one with the help of this FAQ and any other FAQ out there) you can probably take 
out opponents from just one spot (and I'm being serious here people ).So, 
Hopefully  you enjoy learning from this FAQ as much as I enjoyed making it. So, 
without any further delay onto the FAQ!

jp=Jab Punch
sp=Strong Punch
fp=Fierce Punch
sk=Short Kick
fk=Forward Kick
rk=Roundhouse Kick

sj=Super Jump(ing)
> =chain link basic attacks
~=Buffer regular to special/super
Moves (Regular/Basic)


(Standing) - Venom Thrusts out his fist fast enough that if you continue to 
press the punch button a couple of more times it will connect for 2 to 3 hits. 
Good for Starting Combos. Combos really good into Venom Fang.
(Crouching)-Same as the standing version except hits low (Duh!). Use to start 

(Jumping)/(Super Jumping)-This move comes out straight just like the other JP's. 
Use To start air combos OR follow up with a Roundhouse (while in the air).

(Standing)- Venom gives a brutal clawing motion straight up (almost like an 
upper-cut). This is his launcher use your imagination once you get them air 
born.  ^_-

(Crouching)- Venom stabs (?) the opponent with his tongue (yes you read right 
his tongue). Can be used in a combo (I'll get to the combos later).

(Jumping)/(SJ)- Again Venom attacks with his tongue going upwards. Great for 
attacking jumpers since they can't hit the tongue (that is without getting 
hurt).Use this to greet them in the air (but time it right cause timing is 

(Standing)-Venom turns the whole upper half of his body into a huge fang filled 
mouth. Has GREAT range covers like 3/4 of the screen. Use on rushing Characters 
(i.e. Wolverine).Takes out a good amount of Damage as well. One of the main 
moves you should use when fighting on the ground.

(Crouching)-Again Venom turns his the whole upper half of his body into a big 
mouth filled with razor sharp teeth and hits low. Range is reduced to like 1/2 
of the screen but still useful. Can also be combo'ed after the Venom Web super 
if close enough.

(Jumping)/(SJ)-Venom sticks out his arm out towards the opponent and leech like 
Symbionts(with teeth of course) come out of the palm of his hand to hit 2 times. 
Good starter for a Jump-in combo. Plus, if the person blocks there is a chance 
that they won't block the second hit , which in return leaves them open for a 
combo when the last hit connects and you land.


 *Note: Venom's kicks really don't look like kicks, BUT they are still very 
useful (In my opinion).*

(Standing)- Venom quickly kicks downward. It's not very useful and can't really 
be used to combo into something. Just stick with the jab.

(Crouching)-Same as above except it is even MORE useless!!! I mean this one is 
probably the only move I suggest you don't use AT ALL!

(Jumping)/(SJ)-Same as the other short kicks and has the same amount of use 
(which is close to none). Just avoid using it if you ask me.

(Standing)-Venom pulls back his arms and two little (but nasty) Symbionts come 
out (From his back or from his hips I'm not sure) to hit for 2 quick hits.You 
can use this after a Jab and then combo into some other things but thats later 
on in the FAQ.

(Crouching)-Venom gets low to the ground ( I mean real low he almost like laying 
down) with his back facing straight up and two blade like objects come out.You 
can experiment by yourself with this one I really don't use it that much. You 
could use it after a S. Jab or C. Jab.

(Jumping)/(SJ)-Venom puts his arms in the middle of his body to expose his 
shoulders and back while spike like objects come out of the Symbiont suit. 
Covers whole body so you can use this in after a launcher,to greet someone in 
the air, and much more! Try experimenting....... like I say," it's always good 
to experiment!".

(Standing): Venom exposes his whole body while 3 leech like Symbionts with razor 
blade like teeth come out of no-where and revolve around his body real fast 
protecting him.This is Great anti-air since no one can hit the Symbionts (unless 
they want to lose an arm... you have to see their teeth!).Hits 2 - 3 times.

(Crouching):Same as above but the Symbionts hit low to sweep the opponent off 
their feet. Has good reach. Can add after any ground jab (Like any other move). 
Use whenever needed or wanted. I'll talk about it some more in the combo 

(Jumping)/(SJ)-Same as all the others. Use to finish air combos, will hit for 3 
times. Use it almost every time in air. Good Jump-in as well.Also good for 
greeting people in the air.


Throws are always useful in a fighting game,their good to just use every now and 
then and also can help start up a combo! Throws are also great for punishing 
those lousy turtlers! So if someone decided to go to their little corner and win 
on a time out let them now what you think with a nice throw! They are listed 

Web Cocoon: (Up close ,Toward+Strong/Fierce) Venom Wraps his enemy in a Cocoon 
allowing him to attack in any way possible. This move is good for Starting a 
combo or for making sure your Special Move OR Hyper Combo connect. You must 
decide what you want to do fast cause they are not stuck inside the cocoon for 
long. Use when opponent is close.

Symbiont Slam: (Up close, Toward+Forward/Roundhouse) Venom turns his hand into a 
big pile of Symbiont slime that sticks on to the opponents upper half then Venom 
slams them into the ground causing them to bounce a little, giving you a window 
to begin a little combo.

Air Symbiont Slam: (Same as Symbiont Slam but while in Mid-Air) Venom does the 
same as the reguler Symbiont Slam but, it's in the air. The character that is 
being thrown will bounce higher and longer.You might be able to combo off of 
it....I'm not sure. If any of you have any combos for this move let me know.

Special Moves
 Special Moves are the main weapons to Venom. If you learn how to master these 
then you should have no problem taking out ANY enemy.They are listed below:

 Venom Fang: (b,bd,d,df,f + Any Punch): Venom turns his WHOLE body into nothing 
but a huge mouth full of razor sharp teeth. Look awesome and can hit multiple 
times (around 2-5). This move is too cool! Does some awesome damage and jumps 
fireballs (If timed right). Also a good way for traveling the screen (more on 
that below). Each different punch button has a different range I'll explain 

Venom Fang (Jab Version): Hardly goes anywhere. Good for connect to a S. Jab and 
if your really fast you can make 2 S. Jabs connect with J. Venom Fang (Hitting 
up to 4-5 times since each jab pushes back,BUT if in corner you can make it to 7 
hits I believe). Also does chipping Damage. Use for Basic combo not for Fire 
Ball jumping.

Venom Fang (Strong Version): Goes good length and goes over  fire balls well (if 
timed correctly ,again Timing IS EVERYTHING!). Does good damage and Chips. Since 
it hits multiple times you can tick with it too (just block after landing). Hits 
up to 5 times just like J. version. Again can be used in combos. *Note: also use 
for traveling like 1/2 way across the screen if you want to move fast.*

Venom Fang (Fierce Version): Goes full screen length so if you got a fireball 
throwing fool that thinks he has you at bay show him who's wrong with this BAD 
BOY!!!! Just like all the others but like I said earlier it just travels 

*Note: Venom Fang can also be used in the air and in air combos*


 Venom Rug (a.k.a. Venom Rush or Venom Bite) (b,bd,d,df,f+Any Kick): Venom sends 
out this black thing that rushes along the ground (thats why I call it Venom Rug 
cause the black thing looks like a black rug) and then when it's the spot chosen 
by the strength of the kick it lets out 3 nice sized leech like Symbionts that 
contain razor sharp teeth that hit 3 times and launches the opponent slightly up 
in the air (I have never been able to combo off of this but you can try for 
yourself). This is one of the moves that will allow you (when used right) to 
take out an opponent without even moving (along with the F. Punch).So learn to 
use these right and have fun!

Venom Rug (Short Version): Doesn't travel to far....good for hitting an opponent 
that is close (but not too close) to you. You can also use this for characters 
that are rushing/dashing at you, it's a nice surprise. The nice thing about 
Venom Rug is that it can suck in Characters that are close to it allowing for 
maybe only 1 or 2 hits to connect.

Venom Rug (Forward Version): Travels 1/2 of the screen length good for using on 
blocked Hyper Beam Style supers (once the Character finishes his Hyper Beam 
super and his that window open you can IF you want to hit him with one of these 
(that is if he is 1/2 a screen away) but make sure you block). Use wisely since 
if missed you'll be wide open for a second or two.

Venom Rug (Roundhouse Version): Travels FULL length of screen and good for 
hitting those turtlers (since it does Chipping Damage if blocked and I mean GOOD 
chipping Damage TOO!). Use wisely cause if the opponent dashes at you will doing 
this your gonna eat either a combo or a super. Use with Caution. Works great on 
slower Characters (i.e. Hulk).


 Web Throw (f,df,d,db,b+Any Punch): Venom shoots out a piece of webbing that if 
connects makes Venom go into a violent rage causing him to slam the opponent 
around like a freakin rag doll!!! Looks awesome and makes human opponents mad 
too! This move is great and does 2 things that you'll simply love (1.) It 
cancels fire balls as if another projectile and (2.) if close enough to the 
opponent it will connect making Venom going  into a total kill spree sort of 
mode I mean he just slams them everywhere with brute force (Unlike Spider Man 
who uses motion and speed to throw his opponent) and eventually just throws them 
into a wall (Note: In some levels you might actaully reveal a secret part by 
breaking a wall ......he throws them THAT hard!). Does great Damage and works 
good on rush-in characters or jump-in characters (you'll see what I mean in a 

Web Throw (Jab Version): Makes the web strand go out straight hitting opponents 
who are on the ground(Will be the one you'll probably use most). *Note this move 
will not connect if blocked*

Web Throw (Strong Version): Now you'll know what I meant when I said it was good 
for jump-in characters. The strong version makes the webbing shoot in a 45 
degree angle hitting opponents that are in the air and brings them back to earth 
(literally).*Note: This move bugs the crap out of Jumpers*

Web Throw (Fierce Version): Now what if your Character is right above you? 
That's simple....Just use the F. Punch version it goes Straight up and brings 
them right down! (hehehehe).

Hyper Combos
 Venom (like every other character in the game) has a Super Move (which is 
really called a Hyper Combo (but some characters have a Super Move that only 
hits once)). But, Venom's Hyper Combos are great! They take out tons of Damage 
and have almost no slow down (except for the Venom Web when started and if 
blocked you'll be open for a while). Use your Hyper Combos wisely and to time 
them right. I'll teach you how to do this bellow.

 Venom Web (b,db,d,df,f+ 3 punch...2 punch on DC I believe): Venom yells "Venom 
Web!" while flashing then jumps into the middle of the screen releasing a huge 
spider web! If the character doesn't block or super jump over it he/she will be 
wrapped up in a cocoon and then Venom will come down and almost literally rip 
them apart in a 12 hit combo that does massive damage. *Note after this move_ 
if_ fast enough you can connect a C. Fierce Punch* This is the Super you will 
usually use.It is also good to use this when an opponent just finished a blocked 
Hyper Combo of their own or after you helper has connected his/her attack (which 
will also add to the combo counter). 

 Death Bite (a.k.a. Super Venom Rug) (b,db,d,df+3 kick.....2 kick on DC I 
believe): Venom begins to laugh like a mad man while hundreds of little leech 
like Symbionts go into a wave like feeding frenzy. This move is great! loads of 
fun! I really enjoying pulling this move off in an opponents face when he is 
dashing at me (and if you really want to annoy them laugh with Venom). This move 
is cool for 2 reasons ....(1.) I "surfs" the opponent back to the corner if they 
block or not...(2.) It does great chipping damage! This is a great move to use 
on big bulky characters (i.e. Zangeif) or characters that depend on rushing at 
you (i.e. Wolverine). Really fun if you use it while your helping character is 
attacking as well. Use wisely though since it can be easily Super Jumped over.

 Combos are the main part of the game once you master combos along with 
everything else you'll be close to unstoppable! So here they are...learn them 
well and take your time..... you will not learn these over night so practice, 
practice, practice!

Basic Beginner Combos:

(1.) S. Jab > C. Roundhouse (2 hits easy)

(2.) S. Jab > S. Forward ( 3 hits or less)

(3.) S. Jab > C. Jab > C. Roundhouse (3 hits like 85% of the time but if not it 
will count for 2 hits)

*Note: These are the basics of ALL combos. Don't try to go pro. right from the 
beginning cause if you do your gonna fail.Don't be ashamed to start out simple 
that's how all of us started. So practice these over and over again until they 
become as natural as breathing.*

Semi-pro Combos:

(1.) S. Jab > C. Roundhouse ~ JP. Venom Fang /  SK. Venom Rug (3-5 hits)

(2.) S. Strong (character now launched up in the air) > SJ. Jab > SJ. Short > 
SJ.Forward ~ FP. Venom Fang (10 hits or less good damage none the less).

(3.) Any Helper ~ Venom Web (Must have at least Power Meter charged to Level 1). 
(Amount of hits vary  try experimenting with different helpers). One of my Fav. 
cause it's real easy and does good damage.

(4.) Any Helper ~ Death Bite (Must have at least Power Meter charged to Level 
1). (Amount of hits vary try experimenting with different helpers). Another fun 
and easy one just make sure your helper doesn't launch your Character (i.e. 
Devilot sends the character flying into the air) cause if they launch they miss  
a good half of the Hyper Combo.

(5.) S. Jab > C. Roundhouse ~ (any) Death Bite / Team Super (Amount of hits vary 
depending on what you do)

*Note: These are the combos next in line after you master the basic ones but be 
careful with numbers #1 and #5 since your opponent can roll from you and make 
you pay! But practice anyway cause it is good to master everything you can. #2 
is Venom's commen air combo so learn it and try to master it! It will come in 
handy believe me! #3 and #4 are good combos to use when timed right. Practice 
these and then you can move on to the....


(1.) S. Strong Punch ~ Strong Web Throw (2 hits and loads of fun!)

(2.) S. Strong (opponent now launched) > SJ. Jab > SJ. Short > SJ. Strong > SJ. 
Forward > SJ. Roundhouse ~ Strong Venom Fang (12 hits or less GREAT damage 

(3.) S. Jab > S. Forward ~ Death Bite/ Team Super (Amount of hits 
used in corner though).

(4.) C. Strong ~ Death Bite/ Team Super (Amount of hits Vary due to where your 
at on the screen and which one you use)

(5.) S. Jab > S. Forward ~ JP. Venom Fang (5 or less hit)

(6.) Semi-Pro Combo #3  > C. Jab > S. Roundhouse (in corner, very hard to do, 
hits vary.)

*Note: These combos are a real pain to learn and I am still trying to perfect 
them myself! Don't lose patience if you don't pull them off right away , these 
things take time and practice. You must have a sharp eye and a quick hand to get 
these combos right. Their a little easier if used in a corner by the way  ^_-  

Jump-In Combos:

(1.) J./SJ. Fierce (2 hits at most)

(2.) J./SJ. Roundhouse (3 hits easy)

(3.) J./SJ. Jab/Fierce > Roundhouse (while in the air remind you .... 2 to 5 
hits depending on what you use)

*Note: Jump-in's are good to start a round with (In my humble opinion)*

 Helpers are probably one of the best things in the game next to the Tag Team 
partner....they add flavor and can be used for tons of different things. So 
first I'm going to list who they are and what use they have then I'll get to 
some more stuff later. So onto to the Helpers for Venom!*Note: If you want the 
codes to get your helper go to (Just in case you didn't know)*:

Jubilee (Can be used for 8 times): She comes out sends out 5 or 7 sparks that go 
straight to your opponent hitting 5 or 7 times, then blows a bubble with her 
bubble-gum pops it then leaves. She is really useful since she hits 5-7 times 
and each spark goes straight to the opponent even if they Super Jump(I 
think)......Good if you need to get back for a second and replan your attack 
method......You can also use this then Combo into a Venom Web (if fast enough).

Psylocke (Can be used 5 times): She is a good helper for ground combos she hits 
5 times and can knock certain opponents out of the air if you are fast enough 
and can time it right. Her only down-fall is that one low kick can knock her out 
of the way!!!! Use her on characters that are charging forcing them to eat 
damage or block and eat the chipper.......but if they see her coming they can 
jump over her. Use her along with your Death Bite combo for some insane damage!

U.S. Agent (Can be used 5 times): He's pretty good just as useful as all the 
other rush in helpers (i.e. Juggernaut) hits around 5 times I believe ...another 
Character you can us for your Death Bite add on. Also good to just throw him out 
to confuse someone and give you some extra time to think of an attack.

Magneto (Can be used 7 times): He comes out and shoots a magnetic beam or pulse 
that knocks the character back or sweeps him off of his feet! I love this 
Helper.....he's just so tormenting he just comes out of no where blasts them 
then leaves before you can even blink..good for setting up the Hulk for a Web 
Throw. Does some pretty good damage too! Give him a try you won't be sorry!

Iceman (Can be used 4 times): He comes out and drops huge chunks of ice hitting 
4-7 times I believe. He's an O.K. character good for hitting characters that are 
jumping in or Dashing at you. Can combo into Death Bite I believe (if the 
Character is on the ground).

Ton-Pooh (Can be used 9 times): She comes out and quickly gives a very fierce 
looking kick to the opponent  almost in Mid-air. Never really tried to Combo it 
into anything so if you have anything you want to share let me know.

King Arthur (Can be used 8 times): He comes out and throws up to 5 lances then 
leaves. This is a pretty helpful Character....specially for those Dash-in (or 
Charge-in) Characters cause it hits them then while their stunned by pain he 
hits them again and again and again.....leaving the character open for a Web 
Throw or a Death Bite or whatever. Also good for chipping or for covering you 
while you dash-in yourself.

Saki (Can be used 7 times): She comes out fires some sort of Ray gun which stuns 
the opponent gives a thumbs up ,winks, and leaves (very cute). She is useful 
since the move not only does damage but stuns your opponent use her to your 
Advantage just like you would the Web Cocoon. She also does good Chipping 

Colossus (Can be used 5 times): He's big and is used to death by everyone around 
here! He's everyone's Fav. Charging Character down here since he chips like mad 
and does some crazy Damage. Use him in a Dash-in combo if you can.

Purr & Fur (Can be used 5 times) : She comes out says something then die 
(multiple for Dice) fall from the sky along with her pet Kitty. I love her to 
death she is so adorable! Use her like IceMan. 

Anita (Can be used 5 times) : She comes out with some odd looking objects 
floating around her and then sends them flying at you. She is very odd and yet 
useful....When people she what she is throwing at them they tend to panic and 
don't know whether to block or super jump. If they block they'll eat chipping 
damage (add more by using the correct Venom Rug length),if they Super Jump greet 
them with either a S. Roundhouse or a Web Throw or whatever you want......use 
your imagination.

Unknown Soldier (Can be used 4 times) : He comes out firing various weapons 
hitting a total of 7 times. He is very useful but limited so use him wisely! He 
has great combo abilities! He's a good Chipper too!

Thor (Can be used 8 times) : Does the same as Saki but isn't cute at all! (lol).

Storm (Can be used 6 times) : She comes out and makes a small Tornado (?). Not 
sure if you can combo off of it since I never really used her. Give her a try 
and let me know if you can.

Lou (Can be used 8 times) : Like King Arthur BUT he has a buddy with him that 
also breathes fire! Use the King Arthur combos on him.

Rogue (Can be used 7 times) : She comes out and jumps punching your opponent up 
in a 45 degree angle leaving them wide open for a Web Throw 

Shadow (Can be used ? times): Comes out and does a Guile or Charlie like series 
of Flash Kicks. You would have to experiment with him for yourself.

Michelle Heart (Can be used 6 times): She comes down from the sky firing a 
couple of shots that go in three different ways. You can combo off of her moves 
with no problem. Always fun to use.

Cyclops (Can be used ? times): Comes out shoots an Optic Blast. Use like Magneto 
or for a good Chipper.

Devilot (Can be used 5 times): She comes out on a platform looking all cute says 
something, points, then BOOM!!! The platform she is standing on explodes leaving 
her looking all shocked while your opponent in launched into the air on fire! 
Can be used to start an air combo or to end one (I think).(P.S. this helper is 
too Funny! the first time I saw it I had to  stop playing I was laughing so 

Juggernaut (Can be used 3 times): Comes out and Charges at your opponent. Isn't 
that great due to lack of use (ONLY 3 TIMES!!!!!!) pick someone else if you ask 

Sentinel (Can  be used ? times): ????? (I have never used Sentinel but have seen 
people use him before ....cannot remember what he did though....if you do E-mail 
me and let me know..... thanks.)

*Note: There are tons of Combos you can create with these helpers. It is up to 
you to decided who your most favorite helper is. The things you can do with 
helpers is almost like I always say : Experiment!!*
Tag Team Partners
 Now we come to a very important part.......Venoms partner for the game. Now I 
can't tell you which one to use , BUT I can help you choose the one that will 
fit you best!

Ryu: Ryu is the commen Capcom character....he is good and will keep thing 
balanced since he makes up for the 2 things Venom lacks (1.) a projectile and 
(2.) a Hyper Beam type super. Another nice thing about Ryu is that he can switch 
"Modes" when he has a Super Meter filled to Level 1 or higher. These modes are 
helpful since they almost totally change Ryu's style. First there is "Ken Mode" 
where Ryu's robe turns Red and gains a totally insane Hurricane Kick! Plus his 
Hyper Combos are Killer! Then there is "Evil Ryu Mode" (A.k.a. "Akuma/Gouki 
Mode") Ryu's robe now turns black and his Super And Regular Moves gain insane 
damaging power! But be careful cause he doesn't take Damage as good as regular 
Ryu or Ryu in "Ken Mode". A good choice if you want to mix in a little Shotokan 
Style in with Venom.

Captian America: He is a very good Character once you learn how to handle him 
correctly. When used properly he can do massive Damage and some awesome Air 
Combos, plus his Supers are killer (ever see his Final Justice? Man that move is 
awesome!). So, if you know how to use him good or are learning how to use him 
then you are going to have on heck of a team with Venom and Him...... their one 
amazing Power House!

Hulk: Now he is an over-powered character for sure! This guy is like a Tank! 
Very slow but Venom makes up with his decent speed. Hulk as Super Armor as well 
which means it takes forever to kill the gaint. He can also do some serious 
damage blocking or not! him and Venom make a pretty good team. 

Chun-li (a.k.a Crazy Legs): Now this team is awesome! Chun-li can do some pretty 
awesome combo's. Plus if you become really good with her you can do her infinite 
air combo. She can also do some crazy ticking as well! A very good choice if you 
ask me!

Gambit: Gambit alone can do some massive damage but with him and Venom together 
you can just go insane! Gambit has wicked supers and he can combo all day if 
being used right. Give him a try he might be the perfect partner for you!

Captian Commando (a.k.a. CapCom): This guy is pretty cool..... he has almost 
every single freakin area of the screen covered and can do some great chipping 
damage! He is good with Venom if you can handle the style change ....cause you 
have to use CapCom in an almost totally different way. But , still useful in the 
hands of a pro!

Spiderman: Man.....just hearing this name sends shivers up and down my 
spine...Spiderman can move so stinkin fast it isn't even funny! He could tick 
and combo all day long if you wanted him too. Very useful to Venom. Plus if your 
really good you can get it where when you do a Team Hyper Combo (the one where 
both of you come out and just beat the living day lights out of your opponent 
until the timer runs out) you can make it where Venom does his Web Cocoon and 
Spidey does his Web Ball making the character stuck inside the Cocoon until you 
attack it! Very cool but Very Very Hard! Give Spidey a try he's worth it.

War Machine: This guy alone is over-kill! I mean he has everything Super Armor , 
High Damaging projectiles, and INSANE supers! You can pick him if you want but I 
tend to keep away from him he just doesn't do anything for me.

Wolverine(a.k.a. Lord of the scrubs): Pick him if you want but you just might as 
well throw your Gaming honor out the window (Enough said).

MegaMan: This little guy can really be annoying and yet he can do some amazing 
combos! Give him a shot! You'll be surprised at how good he actually is.

Jin Saotome (a.k.a. The Spaz): This guy is insane! He is always yelling and 
screaming and his regular attacks do chipping Damage! His Supers are awesome 
too! Give him a shot I think him and Venom work well together!

Strider: He is another crazy combo character that is starting to beat Wolverine 
at his own game! I would however pick Strider over Wolverine any day.

Morrigan: She is my all time Fav.! I use her everytime I play. It helps confuse 
human opponents cause, first they adapt to Venom's speed and size then I switch 
and give them Morrigan who is small and fast and just shower them with Soul 
Fists and Jump-ins. Here Hyper Combo Soul Eraser is awesome and does massive 
chipping damage if blocked! Give her a try She works great with Venom their sort 
of like Beauty and the Beast! lol.

Zangief: IS slower then a Slug stuck in glue but very powerful..........some 
people say they(Venom and Zangief) are the ultimate power team.

Lilith: She is ok but Morrigan is better if you ask me.

Roll: The only really good thing about her is that she is so cute most people 
refuse to hit her lol. (I'm for real here too!)

Orange Hulk (a.k.a. Thing): He is a joke......but if you want a faster Hulk 
there you go!

Gold War Machine : He is faster then regular War Machine and can combo really 
good. A true menace in the right hands.

Hyper Venom (a.k.a. Blood Red/Ice Blue Venom/ Carnage): He is just like Venom 
except he no longer has the Venom Fang but something called the Venom Lunge I 
believe it is called. Is really fast and does some great combos....looks really 
cool as well. Only down-side is that he takes damage very poorly.

Shadow Lady : Just as good if not a little better then Gold War Machine.
Vs. Computer & Vs. Human
 Now this is where I tell you how I  defeat each character that is controlled by 
the computer or by a human. If you remember everything I say here you'll do 

Vs. Ryu (Computer): This guy is pretty easy to beat...just time your Venom Fangs 
correctly and use them to jump over his fire-balls which then in return hits 
him. Plus keep an open eye after a blocked super cause he'll be wide open for a 
Venom Web! If he goes into "Ken Mode" combo him before he does the same to you! 
Keep him in the corner and just continue to combo away he'll be dead in no 
time....Just be careful cause he is really fast! If Ryu goes into "Evil Ryu 
Mode" stay on him cause he has the health of a little old lady! Just watch out 
for his Demon Rage (which is un-blockable!) and if you block his super make him 
pay with a Venom Web! That will teach him! *Note: Ryu is mostly helpless in the 
air so try to launch him if he gets to close and follow up with an air combo!*
      Ryu (Human): Ryu players like to mix things up so be careful! They like to 
throw a fire-ball and then watch to see if you jump it...if you do you either 
eat three things (1.) a Dragon Punch or (2.) a Hurricane Kick or (3.) An Air 
Fire Ball. They also like to change "Modes" alot which is good because when they 
change modes they are open for a Venom Web so give it to them and make them pay! 
They are also open after they do a blocked Shin Shoryuken or Shoryu Reppa or 
Messarsu Gou Shoryuken (these are all types of Dragon Punches that vary for each 
mode) once they land they are open for a combo,Venom Fang,Venom Web, or Death 
Bite you choose! Launch when possible but never jump at him while he is jumping 
at you unless you want to eat a nice fire-ball! Play without mercy...once you 
have them never let them go.

Vs. Captian America (Computer): This guy is a piece of cake with the computer 
using him! Just don't get launched! When he tries to do a Final Justice greet 
him with a Death Bite! If he does a Hyper Stars & Stripes block and Venom Web 
him , or combo him has a really bad recovery time when blocked so use 
that to your advantage! *Note: Never try to connect a Web Throw when he is 
charging at you and he HAS his shield! But, if the shield is missing make him 

       Captian America (Human): Same as the computer but just watch out for his 
Shield Slash! Don't try getting him wrapped up in a Venom Web unless you just 
blocked his Hyper Stars & Stripes. If he tries to do a Charging Star let him 
charge right into a nice Venom Rug! That or Snap at him with your S. Fierce 
Punch! Just play it safe and stay your safe distance! When he gets close try to 
combo him first! And once your done comboing don't continue to keep near him 
just play hit-and-run!

Vs. Hulk (Computer): He's a real thorn in my side! Just keep him away with your 
S. Fierce punch and your Venom Rug (once you figure out how to use it right). If 
your going to use a Super Move use the Death Bite ...Venom Web never seems to 
connect since he always blocks. If your gonna try to Web Throw him your going to 
have to punch him first so he'll be wide open...other-wise it won't connect 
(thanks to that crappy Super Armor). Whatever you do, do not trade hits with his 
Gamma Wave with your Venom Rug his ground attack beats yours hands down, but 
your S. Fierce Punch is his nightmare. Venom Fang does wonders on the big guy as 
well ^_- .
      Hulk (Human): He's pretty easy since he is so slow. Never try a jump-in or 
you'll eat a gamma charge. Watch out for any of his Supers their deadly! Just 
keep him at bay with your S. Fierce and Venom Rug since his regular moves chip. 
Isn't that hard once you figure everything out.

Vs. Chun-li (Computer) : She is pretty easy just stay out of the air at all 
costs! That and avoid from being launched! If you see her getting ready to 
attack with her Senretsu Kyaku then give her a nice greeting with a Death Bite! 
If she is going to do her Hazan Tenshou Kyaku block and after she is done greet 
her with a Venom Web! She is good at ground combat but not that good so guess 
where you should keep her? On the Ground! Use combos if she is in a corner. And 
keep as FAR AWAY from corners as possible with her or your gonna have the crap 
kicked out of you!
      Chun-li (Human): Same as above but just watch out for the Kikosho you can 
see it coming a mile away so just block and when she is done give her a Venom 
Web! Again, try to stay out of the air as much as possible! She is also a whole 
LOT more deadly on ground combat just play it safe! (I know I use Chun-Li Myself 
when I want to try something besides Morrigan)

Vs. Gambit (Computer): A real pain in the neck! Can cause you alot of trouble if 
you don't pay attention. Never try to SJ his Royal Flush cause his stupid staff 
will knock you right into the stream of cards he is throwing! So just take the 
chipper and after he is done Venom Web the poor sucker! That and watch out for 
his Cajun Slash that thing can be the key to your down-fall

      Gambit (Human): Just when you thought Gambit being used by the computer 
was a pain wait til another person uses him! Good GOD it's a pain! Never get 
into a corner just rush in a beat the crap out of him! If you see him getting 
ready to let out a Cajun Explosion/ Royal Flush just take in the Chipping and 
then make that idiot pay with a Venom Web! Try to combo whenever possible.

Vs. CapCom (Computer): He has every area of the screen surrounded! If you jump 
you get hit by his knife wielding friend, if you get to close you eat a sword 
slash from his Ninja friend, staying far away? Well his Robot friend will 
happily send you a missile!Your going to dash-in on him? Well your gonna eat 
Captain Flame! But have no fear! There is still hope! Make him eat Venom Rug and 
whenever possible use your Web Throw and slam the crap out of him! He is also 
pretty weak in the air as well so try to beat him down while he's up there! Is 
he going to use Captain Storm? Well block it and make him eat a Combo or a nice 
Death Bite! Just watch out for his Captain Sword...that sucker will knock you 
out cold!

      CapCom (Human): Just as bad if not worse. But I noticed that alot human 
players are very open when up in the air. So try to launch them! Plus they seem 
to be more open to the Venom Web then the Computer which is GREAT! So if you see 
them open make them eat it! Just watch out for the stuff I mentioned before!

Vs. Spider Man (Computer): Just his name alone makes me scream "NOOOOOO!" this 
guy is a real nightmare! Thankfully he has to be real close to really hurt  you 
so when he comes at you give him a Venom Fang or a nice Web Throw. Watch out for 
his Web Ball (Spider Man's Fire-Ball in a way) cause if it connects it will 
Damage you AND leave you open for a combo/Super. Use Jump-ins and combo as much 
as possible and once you connect your hits keepin on hitting! Do not play keep 
away with him since he has great speed. Just let him rush at you make him eat 
anything you please, then follow up with a combo/super/anything. Just be quick 
with your hands and keep your eyes open.

      Spider Man (Human): These guys can be a real nuisance.....But you can be 
an even bigger one! Just NEVER  think you are better then them! Cause they have 
a great way of turning the tables on you! Just be really fast with your fingures 
and you'll be on top! Watch out for their Web Ball cause, I once got hit with it 
again and again and again and he didn't stop till my whole energy bar was 
totally gone! So beware of that! Punish missed Supers with the regular stuff. 
You know what to do!

Vs. War Machine (Computer): You really have to play defensive when going against 
him...cause if you don't your dead. Try to keep on the ground and avoid from 
being launched. Learn his weaknesses and you'll be fine. Try to aviod Venom Fang 
with him since his Shoulder Cannon can knock you out of the air with no problem. 
Keep a safe distance Venom Rug is real useful in this fight that and S. Fierce 
Punch.Use a Hyper Combo after a blocked super to punish him. When you see him 
getting ready to attack with Proton Cannon TRY to Hit him before the Cannon is 
formed!Plus just so you know his War Destroyer (Or Star Destroyer as i have seen 
some people call it) can be avoided by a simple dash! Use that to your 
advantage! Good luck!

      War Machine (Human): You think the Computer is hard try going against a 
GOOD War Machine user! These guys can be real nightmares! Just play it safe and 
use everything I mentioned above. If War Machine decides to go on a little air 
war-fare then just simply pull him out of the air with you Web Throw!!! Thats 
will teach them! Dash under their Shoulder Cannons and then beat them down if 
you are close enough. If the are hovering around in the air go up there and 
great them with an Air Venom Fang! Don't be afriad to attack! Remember your 
better then him most of the time!

Vs. Wolverine (Computer): He isn't that hard if you keep him away and thankfully 
Venom has the moves that do just that! He is real easy the only thing you really 
have to worry about are his Supers and their not even that great! When you see 
him rushing at you give him a nice Web Throw or a good S. Fierce Punch. Venom 
Web after a blocked Super. The best thing you can do if you have a Level built 
up in your Super Meter is when Wolverine Rushes at you make him eat a  Death 
Bite Super! Does great damage and throws the poor sucker back in the corner 
(While this happens I let out an evil laugh that goes something like this: 
MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!). You shouldn't really worry about this guy he is real 
easy. Just don't get too cocky or they'll make you pay!

       Wolverine (Human): Same as above except when you do that evil like laugh 
during the Death Bite Super they get mad and either walk off or pick a fight ^_- 

Vs. MegaMan (Computer) : This little bugger is actually very easy. Just Venom 
Fang over his little X-Busters and hit him. Block his Supers and make him eat 
any attack of your choice. For some odd reason when against the computer it's a 
whole lot easier to connect a Venom Web on him....go figure. Just don't worry 
about him too much and he'll be a piece of cake!

      MegaMan (Human) :  I haven't really met that many MegaMan players , BUT I 
do have to say this............Never ever let yourself get set up for a combo! 
Once a MegaMan player gets his/her combos going your finished (I remember 
actually being punished for a blocked Venom Web with a 46 hit combo!).  So be 
careful! Never use the Venom Web on them unless your SURE that it will connect!

Vs. Jin (Computer) : Jin is an old Character from the sleeper hit CyberBots 
(which never made it to America ..what a shame! You can however use Jin and his 
robot Blodia in Tech Romancer (as a secret  character for the DC version)). Even 
though he is an old Character doesn't mean he acts old! As a matter of fact it's 
the complete opposite! He is very strong...I mean his regular moves chip! His 
only downside is that he has some major lag time after he does his moves. So use 
that to your advantage since he doesn't take damage that well. Just watch out 
for his Blodia Punch and his Blodia Vulcan. If you can try to get a Venom Web in 
it will hurt him bad! Just be careful cause the computer has a way of just 
having him combo like mad, so be on the safe side and be ready to block.

      Jin (Human) : Jin users are pretty easy to beat. Just make sure you stay 
out of their combos they can be killer and even set you on fire! Just play it 
safe and you'll be fine.

Vs. Strider (Computer) : Strider is an opponent to fear not because of his 
Supers but because of his Combos! I really can't tell you how to beat him all I 
can really say is time everything right and keep him at a safe distance.

      Strider (Human) : Same as above except I suggest you block like mad and 
use the advanced gaurd that pushes them back....just wait for them to mess up 
then when they do mess them up!

Vs. Morrigan (Computer) : She is actually very easy just go for the 
kill........she takes Damage very poorly. Her only strong spot is her Supers and 
her looks, so I have to give you 2 tips (1.) Watch out for her Supers they can 
do massive Damage (i.e. Eternal Slumber ....which you cannot block) and (2.) 
Don't pay attention to her...just throw her around the screen like you would any 
other Character even if you feel guilty! I mean it's only a game! *Note: Venom 
Web does massive Damage on poor little Morrigan so use that to your advantage!*
      Morrigan (Human) : Since I'm a Morrigan user myself I can give more Detail 
into this part. Most Morrigan users prefer to use the hit and run tactic, since 
Morrigan cannot really take in damage that good. We usually jump in the air and 
shower th opponent with Soul Fists or when on the ground tries to launch the 
opponent to make them eat either an air combo or an Air Shadow Blade (Be careful 
of really good Morrigan Users....I once got an opponent stuck in a corner then I 
launched him and continuously juggled him with the Shadow Blade! It was almost 
an infinite attack!). So, if your smart you'll keep on top of a Morrigan user 
and show no Mercy! Watch out for the Soul Eraser....and try not to get hit by a 
Charging style helper (i.e. Juggernaut) when going against a Morrigan user cause 
they'll most likely use that to make their Darkness Illusion connect. So play it 
safe but remember you can rip her apart if you play offensive!

Vs. Zangeif (Computer) : Think of him as the Hulk except slower,a little weaker, 
and with no Super Armor. He is really easy... Just keep him at a safe distance 
with your Venom Rug and S. Fierce Punch....Add a Web Throw every now and then 
just for the fun of it! But remember keep him away from you!!! Thats the key to 
his defeat!

      Zangeif (Human) : Same as above but you might actualy end up dealing with 
Iron Body Zangeif (a.k.a. Evil Zangeif) even though he looks hard he is actually 
easier to hit since his speed gets reduced and he can't block! So just take them 
out with ease! *Note : Death Bite works great on this Iron Giant!*

Vs. Lilith (Computer) : Same as Morrigan but easier...Just don't back down and 
keep on attacking and you do just fine!
      Lilith (Human) : A whole lot easier since the Soul Fist is replaced with 
the really short traveling Soul Flash....just be careful cause it can do some 
good damage if it connects, but other then that don't worry about anything else 
(except Maybe the Supers).

Vs. Roll (Computer) : HAHAHA....This is a JOKE! Roll is really small so you have 
to crouch and jab if you want to hit her pretty little face (and don't be such a 
putz.....hit her anyway...she might be cute, but that doesn't mean she can't 
hurt you). Just take her out with a Venom Web and any other move she is SIMPLE!

      Roll (Human) : They like to taunt with her since she looks so adorable 
doing it.....But if your smart enough you won't watch it and say "Awww....thats 
cute" you'll be hitting her with a Venom Web saying "Hahahahahaha...what an 
idiot!". Just run up on her and smack her around and she'll be dead in no time. 
But be careful watch out for her launcher! Avoid from attacking in the air since 
she will attack you there really fast like a little bee. Never jump at her while 
she is up in the air unless you want to eat those exploding flowers! Use your 
advanced guard when she combos.....And never I mean never let her just walk up 
to you unless you want to be thrown! So be smart and don't get cocky!

Vs. Orange Hulk (a.k.a. Thing) (Computer) : The same as regular Hulk except a 
little faster and takes more damage in due to lack of Super Armor. Alot easier 
to beat. Just use the same tactics as you would with regular Hulk and you'll do 

      Orange Hulk (Human) : Same as above but just try to keep out of combos and 
you'll do fine.Plus I forgot to mention the fact that you can now connect your 
Web Throw since he has no Super Armor MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Vs. Gold War Machine (Computer) : You think Regular War Machine was a pain!?!?! 
Try Taking on this guy! He doesn't have Super Armor he has HYPER ARMOR!!!! In 
other terms no matter how man times you hit him he'll keep on going (i.e. GWM 
starts Proton Cannon and you do Death Bite..Well Guess what!?!?! HE is still 
going to do the Proton Cannon if you hit him or not!) He is a nightmare...I'm 
more afraid of him then Onslaught!!!! Just play keep away and try Fierce Venom 
Fang....and NEVER try Web Throw OR Venom Web cause they won't connect! Good luck 
in beating him!

      Gold War Machine (Human) : Just Pray and hope that Gambit is one your team 
(His Royal Flush Drains GWM energy dry!). Plus use your Fierce Venom Fang to 
cross them up!

Vs. Hyper Venom (Computer) : This version of Venom is EASY!!!!! He takes hits 
like a little old lady! I mean three/four regular Hadokens from Ryu can kill 
him! If you can't beat Hyper Venom then you need to pick a new Character to use.

      Hyper Venom (Human) : These can be hard cause Hyper Venom users focus on 
his increased speed.....But remember you are still better! Just keep away from 
his combos and if they try to use a jump-in on you use your Strong Punch Web 
Throw! Block their Venom Web and make them eat whatever you want. Very easy to 
beat......Just take your time and have a quick hand.

Vs. Venom (Computer) : Heh....I didn't realize you did fight Venom in the game I 
guess it slipped my mind. Anyways...This is easy...For some reason the Computer 
Controlled version of Venom is about as Bright as a Burnt-out light bulb...You 
can connect Venom Fang and Web Throw on him all day! Real simple just watch out 
for his Venom Rug cause he seems to have a tendency to put it out when your 
jumping and/or Turtling....But besides that he is a simple.

      Venom (Human) :  I suggest that you go to him/her fast and just pray your 
hits connect first. Block Venom Web and make them eat Venom Rug when they land. 
Air combo whenever possible. These fights are fun and interesting...really don't 
know how to describe them...just have fun and may the best Venom user win!

Vs. Shadow Lady (Computer): I can't believe I forgot to add her! Anyways....Just 
stay cool and just think of her as a Chun-li and Gold War Machine mix......She 
is pretty simple to beat nothing to sweat about....Just watch out for the Big 
Bang Laser! That sucker can do some crazy damage. So just be cool use your S. 
Fierce Punch and stay your safe distance BUT don't forget to use your long 
distance attacks to your advantage as well! Just play it safe and you'll do 

      Shadow Lady (Human): Now these can be tricky......If their a good Shadow 
Lady user you can be in trouble. Watch out for her Rainbow Missile and her 
rushing Drill attack. Never try to Dash-in at her or you'll eat the drill and 
thats not fun. BUT just simply walk to her and snap at her with your S. Fierce 
Punch and if you can get a combo to connect. Also when your walking at her she 
might try to make you eat those Rainbow Missiles.....Well if you can, try to Web 
Throw her before she gets them out.....if they do get out don't worry they do 
crappy damage just punish her for doing something stupid with your S. Fierce 
Punch. Never Venom Web cause if they block it you'll end up eating that painful 
BIG BANG LASER.......So play it safe and yet not TOO safe.
Vs. Onslaught
 Well if this FAQ was any good and you did everything I said you should now be 
fighting the boss himself......ONSLAUGHT! Onslaught is one tuff cookie in the 
first form, but if you do what I say you should be fine.....But the Second form 
geez....he's a real pain...So here is what you should try to do:

 Onslaught (1st form) : Ok this is the best way to take on Onslaught in his 
First form: First select Magneto as your helper (That is... if you continue 
there are tricks to do this on the web at and only use Strong 
Punch Venom Fang it will do decent damage on Onslaught....Anyways here is the 
Key: Get in a corner and just stay there and block....If Onslaught does his 
Supers from a Distance then make him eat Magneto's helper attack cause it does 
decent damage and stuns him.....But just stay put and don't go for the 
kill....Now if Onslaught is up close to you block and wait for him to do a Super 
then once you are done blocking it make him eat Strong Venom Fang....Plus if you 
happen to go through him with the Venom Fang and he starts doing his Hyper Eye 
beam attack while your behind him summon Magneto and while he is stunned Combo 
the Strong Venom Fang in...In a matter of moments he'll be dead.

 Onslaught (2nd form) : Ok after months of fighting him non-stop and trying to 
learn all his windows this is what I have learned: First of all keep your 
distance from him and only use the Venom Rug (a.k.a. Venom Rush) on him...Use 
the strength to determine the area where you want the symbionts to come out of 
the ground...They'll do decent damage! Plus use up your Magneto supply if you 
have any left...Also if you have some meter levels charged up then I suggest you 
do a Death Bite a couple of times while he is close to the ground they'll be 
helpful....Also if he re-leases a Hyper Grav. (the move where he sends out 4 
Magnetic energy balls to grab and hold you while he attacks) I suggest that you 
snuff them with a short Venom Rug they'll be out of the way. Plus when he uses 
his rushing claw attack just block and when he comes out of the corner hit him 
with a Fierce Punch....He'll be out of the way faster then you think!

 Well, Thats probably the most help I can give you since Onslaught is one heck 
of a character to kill........Just try your best and never give up and you'll do 
Bonus Goodies ^_^
 This is a Goodie section that gives you little tricks and extra's to pull off 
...Enjoy ^_^

10,000 Point Bonus:
 Now this is always a must do if your into getting your name to #1 on the Top 
Ten score list ^_^ here is what you do:

(1.) K.O. your opponent and once the victory screen pops up and Venom does the 
win pose automatically press start ; once you do Venom will be free and you can 
move him in any way you please.

(2.) Once you have gotten Venom out of the Win Pose quickly do either:
          (a.) Fierce Punch Venom Fang
          (b.) Roundhouse Kick Venom Rush
          (c.) Death bite 

And you will get 10,000 points if the Computer Freeze Screen catches you in the 
middle of it...and DO NOT try the Venom Web it will get you nothing.

Venoms infinite Attack:
  This is an easy and yet VERY cheap tactic...This will work if you time it 
right but it will also get you dubbed "scrub" but here it is anyways:

 Get your opponent into a corner and hit Standing Strong Punch (which will 
launch your opponent) and before he lands hit Standing Strong Punch again,and 
again,and again,and again...It will not add up on the combo counter but your 
opponent will have no way to get out of it...This has worked every time I have 
done it on a HUMAN keep that in mind when you meet a cheesy 
Gambit/War Machine player ^_^

Side Note: This will not work against the following Characters:
 Gold War Machine
 Iron Zangeif
 Jin (When in his Final glowing form)

But besides that enjoy ^_^
The End......
 Well, Hopefully you learned from this Faq...I have taught you almost everything 
I know about Venom.... I'll probably up-date soon. And if this Faq actually ever 
gets posted maybe I'll bless you guys with some other Faqs (Like a Faq on 
Morrigan,Jin,or maybe even look for my up-coming faqs for Street 
Fighter Alpha 3 and one Street Fighter Alpha 2 Faq (On Akuma/Gouki) so keep your 
eyes open). This is my very first Faq so please go easy on me if you didn't like 
it I'll Improve with time I'm sure. Thank you for choosing my Faq and reading 
the whole thing. Hope you Enjoy Venom!

 These go to those helped me with this FAQ and In over-all Video Game playing. 
So thanks goes out to:

Capcom: For making this wonderful game

Marvel: For signing a deal with Capcom to let them use their wonderful comic 
book characters in these wonderful " Vs."  games.

Psy (a.k.a. Dan the Man): For keeping me company while writing this and 
supporting me to write it.

Tigeraid : This is the man who gave me the inspriation to write this FAQ and 
also strengthened my love for Fighting games. Keep up the good work at if your reading this!

Christine (a.k.a. Noel): She is a very sweet girl that has kept me happy and 
probably mentally stable ever since I met her....Without her you probably 
wouldn't be reading this FAQ right now. (And yes Christine I do think the 
Red/Pink MegaMan looks cute!)

George,Kris,Freddy,and all my other gaming friends that actually took the time 
to talk to me about Video Games and actually challenge me to a fighting game or 

All my non-gaming friends: For wishing me the best of luck in writing this thing 
and hoping that it actually gets put up on a nice website (I think I did pretty 
good on the website part don't you?).

All those that wrote FAQs on Venom : You guys are the ones that turned me into a 
big fan of Venom! Thank you for taking your time and writing those wonderful 

All those who wanted to learn or master Venom: I wrote this for you...... the 
fans.......without you guys I would have probably kept everything to 
myself.....thanks for the inspriation!
Written by (please feel free to write about this or 
any other Faq I will write in the future)
Date Finished : February,1,2000  5:24p.m.