Red Venom by Juraiprince

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Red Venom FAQ

Version 1.0
This guide is written primarily for personal use and is not meant to be 
distributed for profit (freely, yes, but not for profit/gain of any kind).
All rights reserved. This guide shall not be copied - whole, or in part 
- without express permission. Thank you.

Take Note, this is a very very premature FAQ. I have much to add, but 
much to do in the meantime as well. Bare with it for the time being. 

=			NORMAL MOVES OUTLINE	                    =
1)The standing weak punch is normal venomís standing weak punch, so itís 
no big a surprise
2)Crouching weak punch is a straight punch across to the opponent 
(a low punch, that is)
3)The air version of the weak punch is a quick jab which is used as 
Red Venom's aerial rave/Air combo starter (not launcher).

1)The standing medium punch is NOT, I repeat, NOT the same as normal venomís 
standing medium punch (strong). Itís actually a slower version of the 
standing WP. 
2)The crouching MP is similar to the crouching WP, but does slightly 
more damage. This can't be chained off into another punch/kick button
3)Red Venom sticks out his tongue while in the air. This works as an 
attack against opponents that are at the same level of height, or higher.
This can also be chained off of into a Fierce Kick/Roundhouse. 

1)The standing fierce is an uppercut slash used as a launcher. This can 
be chained off of a standing WP -> MP -> FP to start a combo.
2)The crouching Fierce is venom's primary long range normal attack. 
Venom uses his symbiote suite to reach across (little more than half the
screen length) and knock the opponent across the screen. This normal move 
beats out many normal and special moves, including that of Strider's
MP, FP and FK, and Wolverine's standing FP. 
3)For the air version of the FP, Red Venom creates snake-like creatures 
from his suite and aims them diagonally down, doing two hits of damage. 
This move works basically as the opposite of the aerial MP, in that, the 
MP hits opponents that are at the same level or higher, but this version 
hits best (but not limited to) opponent's that are lower than him. Surprisingly, this move has little priority 
as a jump-in, hence, a would be jump-in combo can be stopped with relative ease. 


1)A quick kick to the shin
2)Looks similar to the standing version, but RV is bending down lower. Can be blocked high.
3)The animation is the same as the standing version of WK except it's in the air

1)A slower kick to the shin, but still very fast.
2)Venom forms a blade from his suite and takes a quick poke at the opponent
3)Venom forms appendages from his suit which surround his body. Very good in hitting 
opponents that are behind or in front of him while in the air. 

1)Red Venom creates spawnlings in his leg which push forward for about a character length. 
This normal move can cancel into a Death Bite super move, which is arguably RV's stronger super move. 
2)Venom forms a ring shape with the symbiote suit and trips the opponent. After the trip, a venom 
fang or venom rush can be comboed in. 
3)Venom surrounds the front part of his body with a wave of symbiote spawnlings. It is 
IMPERITIVE(sp?) to note that this move is very fast in the air, and can beat the fastest of 
fastest normal moves (like Strider's). What's the downside? There is still room for another 
attack after this, but venom has no other real air finisher except for the FK. Unlike normal venom, 
who can finish it off with a venom fang. 
=			SPECIAL MOVES OUTLINE	                           =
1 = slow           C = Poor to moderate
2 = standard     B = Normal to moderately good
3 = fast             A = Very Good, if not best

Venom Fang
Venom uses the symbiote suite to create a bigger upper half, and lunges forward. He does 
not leap over, he just "pushes" himself forward while the suite takes several bites out of the 
opponent. Pushing the punch button repeatedly deems more hits.
Startup time: 3
Recovery time: 2
Priority: B
1)Motion once without punch : 3-4 hits(WP), 4 hits (MP), 5-6 hits(FP)
2)Motion once with repeated punches: 5-6(WP), 8 hits (MP), 9 hits (FP)

Venom Rush
Red Venom sends his suite through the ground, which then rises as a wave of hits. Regardless 
of the button used, the suite stays right next to RV, which is both a good, and a bad thing. 
Performing the motion more than once will make the suit rise as many times as the motion is done. 
Startup time: 3
Recovery time: 3
Priority: C
1)Motion once: 3 hits (All Punches)
2)Motion more than once: Multiply the number of motions by 3 (All Punches)

Venom Crash
Jump, QCF + AP
Venom creates the snake-like creatures from his suite and falls back to the earth in a diagonal direction.
Startup time: 2
Recovery time: 1
Priority: B
Number of hits: 5 hits (if hitting the opponent from the very beginning of the move)
		3 hits (anywhere else)
=			      SUPER MOVES OUTLINE                                 =
Venom Web
QCF + 2P
Venom leaps to the centre of the screen and creates a screen-filling web. Should the opponent 
not block the attack, they will be covered by webbings. Venom then rushes across and begins 
a 13 hit combo ending in the normal venom's Venom Fang. 
Startup time: 2
Recovery time: 1
Priority: C-
Number of hits: 13

Death Bite 
QCF + 2K
Venom sends his suit through the entire screen's ground. The suite then rises and rushes through 
the ground in the form of a medium-height tidal wave. Pushing the kick buttons repeatedly does 
slightly more damage, but not more hits.
Startup time: 3
Recovery time: 1
Priority: B+
Number of hits: 3-5 hits (if opponent's back is to the final wall, and venom is relatively close)
                        10-15 hits (if RV's back is to the final wall, and opponent is relatively close)
=		COMPLEMENTARY STUFF FOR RED VENOM                       =
What helpers help venom the most?
NOTE: I will only provide the code for the helpers that I use the most, because, I don't know 
them all. And besides, this is an RV guide, not a Helper guide. There are plenty of those that 
you can look for in terms of selecting a good helper. 

Saki - the blonde girl who shoots the ray of electricity (Start + FP)
How? - The beam of electricity allows RV to get in and start a short air combo, or a jump-in 
combo ending in the Death Bite.

Michelle Heart - The girl on wings who shoots a series of tri-arrows
How? - Not really for the damage (but that is part of the reason), but actually by the amount 
of area she covers. It can give RV time to retreat, or to go on the offensive. Michelle has the 
ability to turn the tides in a match for RV. 

Unknown Soldier - The techno-soldier with a plasma rifle and laser firing aide (Start + WP)
How? - The soldier fires multiple shots that deal a heap of damage and chip as well. He complements
RV's offense. For those times that you absolutely must chip to win, you should use Unknown 
Soldier, the amount of uses he has (5 or 6, don't recall very well) and the amount of area and how 
he covers it (covers the lower area, so charge-in combos or trips will be stopped) make him a great helper.

Iceman - The X-man who drops a horde of ice rocks
How? - The wide area he covers and the "push away" effect give RV time to retreat or go on 
the defense, which he so desperately needs. 

Dan...just kidding, but wouldn't it be cool?

Lou - The Elven hero who shoots 6 arrows and protects the user with Flame (Start + MP)
How? - If you're smack dab next to lou when you use him, you will be protected by the flames 
(which deal 13 hits on their own!). If not, the slow speed of the arrows really annoys the opponent, 
and, you can jump behind the opponent and attack them from behind (true to venom, or rather, the 
old venom). The number of uses really helps (8) because you might find that time after time, he may 
have just been wasted on a would be jump-in. 

Colossus - The iron powerhouse that charges down at the opponent
How? - The angle at which Colossus comes down at provides shielding for RV, not only 
that, but the offensive barrier he creates their after makes Colossus both a good shield, and a 
good offense. Plus, you can perform the Venom Web super if colossus manages to hit. 

How? - His strength makes up for Venom's lack of defense (which will definitely ride you to the end).
Jin's greatest complement to RV is the Jin dynomite team counter. 

Captain America
How? - He follows the trail of RV's Death Bite in the Dual Hyper Combo finish. Captain America is a 
well rounded character, so teaming him up with RV would definitely help RV in getting back lost energy 
and to retreat for a moment

How? - Her speed, strength and priority make her one of the top picks for RV users. Her speed complements
RV's (who is a tad too fast), and her strength makes up for his lack of defense. If doing the dual hyper combo,
it is wise to have chun-li start up so she can protect RV with her kikosho, otherwise RV will become a primary
target, so that Chun-Li is the only obstacle.

Who do I thank?
there's so many that I can't remember them all right now. To all my friends, regardless if they see this or 
not, and to Capcom for making such an overly hard character to use. 
Special thanks to SirOrion who continually thanks me in his FAQs.