Ryu by Jedi Trunks

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                     === MU  MU    MUUUUU    ===
                  ====== MU  MU   MU         =====
       =================  MUMU     MUUUU     ================
                  ======  MUMU         MU    =====
                     ===   MU  MM  MUUUUU MM ===
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          LLLL     LL    LLLLL     LLLL      LLLL    LL   LL
        LL       LL  LL  LL  LL  LL        LL    LL  LLLLLLL
        NN       NN  NN  NNNNN   NN        NN    NN  NNNNNNN
          NNNN   NN  NN  NN        NNNN      NNNN    NN   NN
            ------------CLASH OF SUPER HEROES-------------
__________________               By JEDI TRUNKS (Jedi_Trunks@yahoo.com)
Version 6         ||
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Ryu FAQ           ||

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||||||||||||||||||||||        |  II.   System               |
 ||||||||||||||||||||||       |  III.  Special Partners     |
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 d:  down (crouch)
 u:  up (jump)
 b:  back (walk back/block)
 f:  forward (walk forward)
db:  down/back diagonal	(crouching block)
df:  down/forward diagonal (crouch)
ub:  up/back diagonal (jump back/air block)
uf:  up/forward	diagonal (jump forward)

         ,:  execute consecutively
         +:  execute in unison
         /:  execute either/or
        CH:  hold for two seconds (charge)
         G:  execute on ground
         A:  execute in air
       G/A:  execute in ground or air
     close:  execute close to opponent
    medium:  execute half-screen away from opponent
       far:  execute far from opponent
   level 1:  execute with at least level 1 on the Hyper Combo gauge
   level 2:  execute with at least level 2 on the Hyper Combo gauge
   level 3:  execute with at least level 3 on the Hyper Combo gauge

        JP:  Jab Punch          (lightest strength)
        SP:  Strong Punch       (medium strength)
        FP:  Fierce Punch       (hardest strength)
        SK:  Short Kick         (lightest strength)
        FK:  Forward Kick       (medium strength)
        RK:  Roundhouse Kick    (hardest strength)
        2P:  two punches simultaneously
        2K:  two kicks simultaneously
        3P:  three punches simultaneously
        3K:  three kicks simultaneously
       PPP:  tap punch(s) rapidly
       KKK:  tap kick(s) rapidly

360:  A technique where you rotate the stick once to perform a special
      move.  Also used to refer to a technique witha 360 in it.

Basic Attack:  An attack that does not require any special stick move-
               ment (i.e. a simple press of JP, SP, FP, SK, FK, or RK
               while the stick is neutral, crouching, or in mid-air).

Block:  To protect yourself from enemy attack while either in mid-air,
        grounded, or crouching.  Blocking does not entirely stop
        attacks, as your character is pushed back a little, and blocks
        are susceptible to minor damage from specials and HCs (i.e.
        chipping).  Blocks are innefective to throws.  Air blocks can
        block anything, standing blocks can block anything but low
        attacks, and crouch-blocks can block anything but top-down

Chip:  To take down your opponent's life little by little with blocked
       specials/HCs.  Only specials or HCs have the ability to chip.

Chain:  A combo that is initiated by a certain sequence of button
        presses (up to down, left to right, or zigzag from light attack
        to heavy and punch attack to kick).  Chains are extremely
        prevalent in Marvel Vs. Capcom, and are most notoriously used
        by the likes of Strider Hiryu and Wolverine.  Chains are often
        referred to as "Dial-a-Combos".

Cheap:  A strategy that allows a player to easily work their opponent
        into a situation where escape is difficult or impossible, and
        then ruthlessly exploits the opponent's helplessness.  This is
        often a last-ditch tactic to win by a desperate, inferior

Combo:  Short for combination.  Aptly titled, as it is a combination
        of several attacks.  There are several types of combos, ranging
        from chain to link, and mixtures of the same.

Corner Combo:  One of two types of combo that do not use a specially-
               programmed system to connect in succession.  Corner
               Combos utilize the corner to bounce the opponent off the
               wall and juggle them, and allow several hits to connect.

Cross-up:  An attack where you jump over the opponent's head and hit
           them in the back of the neck with an attack, thus tampering
           with their block.

Crouch:  To duck.  Your character is low to to the ground, and many
         standing attacks will go over your head.  Accomplished by
         holding either down, down-back or down-forward.

Dash:  A quick step when the character lunges forward or back.  Useful
       in getting in/keeping out, or following up with ground combos.

Deep:  A jump-in or cross-up attack that hits extremely late, and thus,
       very low on your opponent's body.  Easily blocked, but powerful.

Easy mode:  Selectable after your special partner is selected.  This
            mode allows specials and hypers to be performed with simple
            button presses, and your character automatically blocks.
            The downside is, your character suffers severe chipping
            damage.  Easy mode makes it easier for beginners to get in
            to the game, but ultimately you learn nothing and will stay
            a beginner.  For this reason, I will not explain easy mode

Gauge:  A meter on the screen of the playing field.  There are three
        types of gauge on the screen for each player, a life gauge,
        which monitors a character's vitality, a special character
        gauge, which is a counter that monitors how many special
        character attacks you have left, and a hyper gauge, which
        increases whenever you do something in a fight.  The hyper
        gauge stores up to three levels, and those levels can be put to
        a number of uses.  See system section for further on the hyper

Get in:  Any strategy used to get close to your opponent.

Ground Combo:  Any combo where the opponent remains either on the
               ground or juggled in the air.  Can begin jumping in or
               crossing up, but for the most part, your character will
               remain on the ground.

High:  Any attack that hits the opponent from upper-chest level to head
       level while in a standing position (either stick neutral, stick
       forward, or blocking).  Most standing attacks hit high.

Hyper Combo:  A powered up version of a special move that requires one
              gauge level.  Normally comprised of a special move motion
              and two buttons instead of one.

Juggle:  A ground combo or corner combo when your opponent is knocked
         into the air and hit repeatedly in order to keep them there
         until the combo ends.  Your character remains on the ground
         during a juggle.

Jump in:  An attack/combo that begins with your character jumping
          toward the opponent (usually in close).

Keep out:  The opposite of Get in.  Usually accomplished by a barrage
           of knockdowns and projectile attacks.  Cheap keep-out
           strategies are referred to as "turtling", where a player
           simply stays across the screen in the crouch-block position
           and pulls off keep-out moves constantly.

Knock down:  An attack that knocks the opponent to the ground.  Most
             hard attacks are knock-downs.

Launcher:  A basic move that knocks the opponent into the air.  Can be
           followed up with an air combo.  See system section.  There
           are three kinds of launchers:  normal launchers, which are
           standard for initiating air combos, weak launchers, which
           merely bounce the opponent into the air a little, and air
           launchers, which behave like normal launchers but only when
           the opponent is already in the air.  Weak launchers and air
           launchers are often used in conjunction with each other.  An
           example of a character that can do this is Spider-man.  He
           uses his weak launcher (crouching FK) to bounce them up a
           little, then standing RK (the air launcher) to launch them.

Link:  A combo with no particular sequence of button presses; the hits
       simply combo by being quickly-timed.

Low:  Any low hitting attack.  Low attacks must be crouch-blocked.

Mashing:  Slang for when a player desperately pounds on random buttons
          and wrenches the stick around in hopes of winning by luck.
          Some characters are more effective with mashing than others
          (e.g. mashers will have an easier time with Wolverine than
          they will using Zangief).  This is why, many times, the ones
          that can be used effectively with mashing are associated with
          people who either don't know how to play or refuse to learn
          how to play properly (i.e. "scrubs").

Motion:  A certain movement with the stick used in conjunction with a
         button or buttons for techniques such as specials or Hypers.
         An example is Ryu's hadouken (d, df, f+P).  This does not mean
         tap down, then down-forward, then forward.  This means roll
         the stick from the down position to the forward position.

Pop-up:  A form of reversal when your character is knocked to the
         ground.  As your character begins his/her animation of getting
         up, you immediately perform a special/Hyper motion.  This
         means that the second your character is to his/her feet, he or
         she will immediately do the move.

Push-away:  When you block, you can quickly tap all three punches.
            Your character will step forward, still blocking, thus
            shoving your opponent back.  A handy way of stopping hyper
            combos from chipping, and opening your opponent up for
            whatever you feel like dishing out.

Rapid-fire link:  A type of link when a weak attack with only two or
                  three frames of animation (such as Ryu's jab) is used
                  repeatedly to rack up multiple hits.

Roll:  A method of softening your character's fall.  The character hits
       the ground and immediately rolls, instead of simply flopping
       to the ground and getting up.

Special Partner:  After selecting your two fighters, you will receive
                  a third character who you can bring in quickly to
                  perform an assist.  You have a limited amount of
                  special partner attacks, explained later in the
                  special partner section.

Special move:  A move that requires directional input along with any
               button or series of buttons.  Some special moves require
               the use of motions with the stick.

Super jump:  A form of jump where the fighter flies up several screens
             worth of distance.  Particularly useful after a launcher,
             since that is the perfect time to initiate an air combo.

Sweep:  A low kick which automatically knocks down.  Usually a low RK.

Tag:  Switch between your two fighters.  There are multiple ways to do
      this, explained later in the system section.

Taunt:  A move that does not affect the fight in any way except it is
        a good way of making fun of your opponent in-game.  The fighter
        will say/do something, usually directed at the player or in-
        game opponent.  Particularly insulting if the character makes
        it all the way through the taunt, since he/she is left open to
        attack.  Some taunts, such as Chun-li's, hit if close enough,
        but do crap damage.

Tech hit:  Method to break away from a throw.  The moment the character
           is grabbed, he/she performs the Tech hit motion and flips
           out of the opponent's arms.

Throw:  A type of attack where you grab your opponent and either toss
        them away or hold them and pound them repeatedly.  The pounding
        type of throw can have an increased number of hits by pressing
        the buttons repeatedly.

Tick:  Use a weak attack multiple times to slowly take down the other
       character's vitality little by little, to keep them at a certain
       distance (I.e. zoning), and/or frustrate the player into getting
       them to do something stupid (or simply annoy them).

Top-down attack:  An attack where the character hits downward.  Must be
                  blocked high.

Turbo mode:  Alongside normal or easy mode, you can select normal or
             turbo mode.  In normal mode, the characters move at a slow
             pace, allowing for people to plan their moves out ahead of
             time and perform combos and motions easier.  Turbo is more
             in line with Marvel Vs. Capcom's nature:  it allows fast
             gameplay, and you have to be much quicker in your planning
             and performing your motions to play effectively.  There is
             not much a beginner can do in this mode to win, short of

Two-in-one:  A form of combo where the player performs a basic attack,
             then the special move motion while the character is still
             in the midst of the basic attack.  The special move will
             come out the moment the basic attack hits.  This is
             referred to as "cancelling" the basic attack into the
             special move.

               super jump:  d, u
                push away:  3P (while blocking)
             dash forward:  f, f/3P
            dash backward:  b, b/b+3P
                 tech hit:  b/db/d/df/f+button (while being thrown)
            recovery roll:  b, db, d+button
   taunt (arcade version):  press the start button
taunt (Dreamcast version):  press start+JP

To switch between your characters, you must tag.  There are different
ways of accomplishing this.

Press FP+RK.  Your character will taunt and automatically will become
invincible to attack.  At this point, your other character will fly in
at a shallow downward angle in a flying kick, covering about a screen's
distance with this attack.  Your older character will jump out, and the
newly-tagged in character will taunt.  For a split second, the new
character is vulnerable to attack.

Press d, df, f+FP+RK.  Your character will begin their first hyper
combo, and be joined shortly with the second character's hyper combo.
This double hyper combo requires two gauge levels.  When the attacks
end, the original character will leave and the second character will
now be in the fight.

Press d, db, b+FP+RK.  This behaves like a normal tag, except the first
character doesn't leave.  For a limited amount of time, whenever you
input a command, both characters will do the attack implemented (i.e.
if Wolverine and Ryu use this ability, if you input d, df, f+P, Ryu
will do his hadouken simultaneously with Wolvie's berserker barrage).
After the time runs out, the game will return to normal with two people
onscreen at a time.  This requires two to three HC levels.  The more
HC power you have at the start, the longer the team-up lasts.

While blocking an attack, press b, db, d+P.  The blocking character
will taunt and be invincible while the other character jumps in to do
a special.  The blocking character will leave the countering character
in the battle, hence the tag.  This requires one level of hyper gauge.

While the new character is in, the old character can heal some of the
damage he/she sustained in battle (the bit they can heal back is shown
in red).  The healing begins a moment after the character leaves the

Combos can be easily performed, from any position (standing, crouching,
jumping, etc.).  Press the buttons in a left-to-right pattern, punch to
kick, weak to heavy, and you can skip buttons in between.  If you
launch an opponent from the ground (with Ryu or his many alter egos, a
launcher would be d+FP), tap up.  You will super jump and you can meet
the opponent in midair to continue the combo (before they have a chance
to recover).

Please note: unlike with other characters, such as Wolverine, it is NOT
possible with Ryu to cancel a punch into a kick of the same strength.
This puts only a slight damper on his combo abilities, but then again,
Ryu/Ken/Gouki was never really big on combos.

Another easy combo is a normal move, and a special/hyper move in the
middle of it for an easy 2+ hit combo, like the 2-in-1 combos from
classic Street Fighter games.

Last but not least, we have the classic link, which is two normal moves
that combo one after the other, but aren't real combos (merely two
moves that hit next to each other really fast).  The easiest is a weak
hit linked to a weak hit (like JP, JP).  Harder ones involve slower
ones, which hit harder.  Twice the pain for twice the effort.  Capcom
has this system down pat.

On to the basic combos.
note: these are only some possibilities; intermix and link these or
other examples of combos like these, and create your own (though you
won't squeeze anything close to Wolverine-like magnificence from Ryu).
character=Ryu, Gouki, Ken...  standing: JP, FK, FP
character=Ken...              standing: SK, SP, RK
character=Ryu, Gouki, Ken... crouching: JP, FK, FP
character=Ryu, Gouki, Ken... crouching: SK, SP, RK
character=Ryu, Gouki, Ken...  standing: JP, SP, FP

character=(Ryu, Gouki ???  If you're really fast) Ken... 
standing: SK, FK, RK <===Note about this combos and other combos with
                         similar basic moves in it: whether or not the
                         entire combo can be strung together depends on
                         the range of the moves.  Some hits, may not
                         connect, so you may want to break some of the
                         really big combos you've been planning for
                         into smaller ones, so the opponent won't be
                         pushed too far away.
character=Ryu, Gouki, Ken... 
(any button, any position), (any special move/hyper combo)

Now for air combos.

(any ground combo that ends in the d+FP launcher), u, (any of the
 combination types shown in the examples above)

Experiment, create, and use trial and error on what moves have good
enough range to be included in what combos you want to make.

Many abilities and moves require hyper combo levels.  Abilities that
require one level are denoted with a "level 1".  This applies for level
2 and level 3.

The third character in your arsenal during a battle is your special
partner.  Moments after you select your two main characters, the
special partner grid appears.  Special partners are selectable by
holding down a certain combination of buttons before the grid appears
until your third partner's name is said.  If you do not select a
specific partner, one will be chosen by the computer.  The special
cursor flashes over every square on the grid and picks one at random.
You can stop the square partway by hitting a button.  Special partners
have a limited number of uses, varying from character to character.  I
have placed the info on each partner below.

# uses: 5
select by holding: Start+3P
Anita is the small girl that appears with Donovan in Vampire Hunter.
She walks on-screen, surrounded in a variety of floating objects, a la
Rockman's leaf shield.  When she makes it to mid-screen, she waits a
moment then launches, again like Rockman's leaf shield.  The field of
objects is bigger than the leaf shield, but a wee bit slower.  This
would be good if Anita did not take so long to launch.

# uses: 5
select by holding: Start+JP+SP+FK
Colossus is likely the most solid helper.  He comes in at a moderately
quick speed, flies to about 1/4 screen at a downward angle and charges
straight with his shoulder out.  If you're cornered and your opponent
jumps in and throws out an attack, call Colossus in and watch as they
get juggled across the screen.

# uses: 7
select by holding: Start+JP+SK+SP
Cyclops jumps in like a partner counter and throws out a low optic
blast, like the one he has in X-Men Vs. Street Fighter and X-Men: CotA.
This takes out incoming non-beam projectiles and dishes out three hits,
but it isn't very strong.

# uses: 5
select by holding: Start+SP+FP
Devilot is a little psycho from Cyberbots (aren't they all psycho?).
She appears below your feet in a mech, and after a few moments a man-
sized, unblockable explosion occurs.  This is good as long as your
opponent doesn't see it.  Devilot provides you with enough time to draw
your opponent to the mech as if it were a mine, or to knock your
opponent into place for the explosion.  Unfortunately, it's very easy
to spot, and to make matters worse, you can hear Devilot's voice as she
appears.  Try pulling it out while your opponent is super jumping in
the screen above.

# uses: 4
select by holding: Start+SP+FK
What do you call a superhero that used to be with the X-Men but isn't
anymore?  An Ex-X-person?  If so, that's what Iceman is.  He appears on
screen and drops an avalance of ice on you.  It appears to be a blue
palette-swap of Hulk's gamma quake, albeit with less range.  This is
a good attack, and even better, it works as a smoke screen to either
escape or rush the enemy under cover of the falling ice.  Only use if
absolutely necessary, though, because you can only use Iceman 4 times
per fight.

# uses: 8
select by holding: Start+SK+SP+FP
Jubilee, the youngest X-Person, appears, says "Fireworks!", and fires
a few of her signiature firecracker bursts.  These don't quite track
your opponent, but they seem to move in their general direction.  The
individual bursts aren't very strong, but they add up.  Unfortunately,
though they have relatively good speed, Jubilee takes a twitch too long
in firing them.

# uses: 3
select by holding: Start+JP+FK
Juggernaut's like Colossus, only better.  He rushes across the battle
field, as tall as the screen in his Juggernaut Headcrush attack.  He
does not leave a small gap for small characters to duck under in the
corner as he starts, but unfortunately, he only does a couple of hits.
If it weren't for his three-usage limit, he would be the best helper
to use.

King Arthur
# uses: 8
select by holding: Start+JP+SP
A knight-type character from Ghouls 'n' Ghosts.  He jumps onscreen
and throws three large-tipped javelins at you in a line.  There's a bit
of a time gap between javelins, but it doesn't matter since by the time
the opponent recovers from one, Arthur has thrown another.  He fires
them a bit low, unfortunately, and they're slow coming out, making
Arthur easy to avoid.  On the bright side, he has comic value, since as
he gets hit, his armor flies off and he flies offscreen in his trunks.

# uses: 8
select by holding: Start+SP
Lou is a midget-ish guy from something called "Chariot" (don't ask me).
He appears and shoots three quick arrows at your opponent's legs (not
his fault he's too short to score a torso shot).  He also has something
that looks like a flaming crystal ball near his head that damages if
the opponent touches it.  Since he's so small, it's hard to hit with
him, and the damage he dishes out really sucks.

# uses: 7
select by holding: Start+SK+FP
Magneto is the villain from X-Men that fuses with Professor X to form
the game's boss, Onslaught (how very Dragon Ball-ish).  He fires an
Electromagnetic Disruptor, like the one he has in X-Men: CotA, Marvel
Super Heroes, and X-Men Vs. Street Fighter.  He's pretty much Cyclops,
but he fires higher and isn't so good countering projectiles.  Magneto
may look open to attack, but he's actually very hard to hit while his
beam's onscreen.

Michelle Heart
# uses: 6
select by holding: Start+JP+SK
Michelle Heart is from Wings of Ales, and she looks a bit like an
angel, for lack of a better term.  She appears at your opponent's level
on the screen and fires three shots at once, one curving up, one going
straight, and one curving down.  If the opponent is at the peak of a
jump, Michelle's lag time will cause her to miss (she appears at the
peak of the opponent's jump level, so by the time she fires, the enemy
is well out of the danger zone).  She's good for firing at second-form
Onslaught's head, though.

# uses: 5
select by holding: Start+FK
Psylocke is a female member of the X-Men who has ninja abilities and
psychic powers.  She flies horizontally, close to the ground, doing
her Psi-thrust from Marvel Super Heroes and X-Men: CotA.  She's fast
and dishes out good damage, but since she hugs the ground, she can be
jumped.  Use her if you're cornered and open, and when it hits, use a
shinkuu hadouken (or something equivalent).

Pure and Fur
# uses: 5
select by holding: Start+SK
Some obscure Capcom mascot.  Pure and Fur are probably the worst helper
when it comes to range.  Use Pure and Fur like you would a shinryuuken.
Even then it's not useful, but when it comes to vertical range, Pure
and Fur's rain of dice covers the entire screen distance.  Use it when
an opponent jumps over your head, preferably a super jump.  To put it
bluntly, Pure and Fur don't make a very good helper.

# uses: 7
select by holding: Start+3P+SK
Rogue flies in downward at a 45 degree angle throwing out punches, then
flies up 90 degrees to her previous line of fire.  The point of change
is about half screen.  They either have to be far away and airborne or
close and grounded to be hit by this, but if Rogue hits, the opponent
is lifted and vulnerable to follow-up.

# uses: 7
select by holding: Start+FP
Saki is from Kiseki of Nigiirochou, and she sports a lightning gun.
Her attack isn't all that disimilar from Cyclops', so use her beam

# uses: 6
select by holding: Start+JP+SK+FP
She flies in and stops alongside your character and fires a vertical
typhoon that moves forward about 1/4 screen.  It does good damage IF
and ONLY IF it connects, so make sure you're close.  It's good to use
if your opponent is throwing out all sorts of close basic attacks.  Try
to catch them by surprise.  The opponent gets lifted for good damage,
and you can follow up with a super jump.  It does decent chipping as

# uses: 7
select by holding: Start+SK+SP
Thor is the "other Marvel Super Hero".  He fires a beam like Saki's,
albeit much higher.  It'll go over most characters' heads, unless the
opponent is big, like 'Gief, Hulk, or Venom.  Use it on an opponent
if they do a normal jump.  Thor is a big character himself, so he can
be used like Iceman:  distract someone with Thor, and set up your own
attack while they busy themselves with avoiding the attack.  If the
beam connects, it does decent damage, and you can use Thor multiple
times.  It's a shame he's a bit slow firing.

# uses: 9
select by holding: Start+JP+FP
Ton-Pooh is one of the goon-type characters from the original Strider
arcade sidescroller.  She appears and does a flying sidekick with the
same broad "light streak" effect as Strider's cipher sword.  She has
around the same range as Strider's gram (the long-range sword swing),
except like the gram, it takes far too long coming out, so you likely
won't be using her much.

BONUS!!!  My old Ton-Pooh description, where you can see my erroneous
"Ton-Pooh=Male" typo.
(verbatim)  "from Strider, he performs a jump-kick"  (end verbatim)

Unknown Soldier
# uses: 4
select by holding: Start+JP
A character from Forotten World, he fires a few bullets along with a
beam that comes from around his ankle.  He has good damage and fires
quick, and he takes out incoming fireballs.  He also covers a good-
sized chunk of the screen.  He's high enough in the air where he'll hit
most any character (except the ultra-short Roll), and he's distracting
enough to occupy your opponent while you get ready for an attack.  The
only problem with Unknown Soldier is, you can only use him four times
and you're spent.

U.S. Agent
# uses: 5
select by holding: Start+FK+FP
U.S. Agent is Captain America's hidden palette swap from Marvel Super
Heroes Vs. Street Fighter.  He comes in doing a RK charging stars, and
makes it about one-screen's worth of distance into the playing field.
He'll go through fireballs (though they do slow him down a bit), so he
can shield you while you whip out a projectile HC.  Unfortunately, he
pauses a moment in the starting animation, so actually hitting your
opponent is only a slim possibility.

Ryu is unique in that he has the ability to switch among different
fighting styles, his own, Ken's, and Akuma's (more on that later).  So
instead of the colors of his gi changing if you simply select him with
a kick instead of a punch, they also change when you switch styles.  I
have created a chart to show which colors occur when...

Primary: (punches)
Honorable             |     Reckless      |Satsui no Hadou ni Mezameta
White gi, red         |   Red gi, brown   |            Black gi, brown
wristguards, red      |    Wristguards,   |        wristguards, orange
headband              |   brown headband  |                   headband
Secondary: (kicks)
Honorable             |     Reckless      |Satsui no Hadou ni Mezameta
blue gi, red          |  yellow gi, brown |       brick red gi, yellow
wristguards, blue     |    Wristguards,   |     wristguards, brick red
headband              |   brown headband  |                   headband

chouhatsu (headband/wristband tighten): start (arcade)
                                        JP+start (Dreamcast)

In Marvel Vs. Capcom, Capcom excluded the idea of bringing Ryu, Ken,
and Gouki all back in favor of only bringing back Ryu with Ken and
Gouki's styles.  Rather than load Ryu down with a slew of different but
similar special moves, they instead opted to make the different styles
interchangeable, at the cost of one HC level per change.

Ryu to Gouki: d, db, b+FP   level 1   G
Ryu to Ken:   d, db, b+SP   level 1   G
Gouki to Ken: d, db, b+SP   level 1   G
Gouki to Ryu: d, db, b+JP   level 1   G
Ken to Gouki: d, db, b+FP   level 1   G
Ken to Ryu:   d, db, b+JP   level 1   G

basic moves:
RYU MODE (default)
JP:  Jab
     This is a quick left-handed punch, a standard jab.  This can be
     used in a rapid-fire link, but not much else other than a basic
     combo-initiater.  Most useful as a poke.
SP:  Upper
     This is a left-handed uppercut that behaves like the close
     standing fierce from Street Fighter II.  It can be used in juggles
     and in combos, or as a poke.
FP:  Seiken Tsuki
     This is a powerful right straight punch.  Use this at the end of
     simple ground combos, and combo specials/hypers off of it.  Knock
     down with this also.
SK:  Low Kick
     A quick kick aimed at the shins.  Not useful for much except to
     initiate combos.  Use the JP instead of this for pokes, as the SK
     is slower.
FK:  Nerichagi
     Ryu kicks straight upward, then drops his foot down to about torso
     level.  Good for a quick two hits, but it has crappy range.  The
     SP would be better, rangewise.
RK:  Mawashi Geri
     Same old Ryu RK from the days of Street Fighter II.  It swings up
     at an arc for decent damage, but unless your opponent is jumping
     in, you really can't do much about its range.  Like the FK, it is
     not very useful in combos.
JP:  Jab
     This is essentially Ryu's standing JP, except it hits low (groin
     level on most characters).  Use accordingly.
SP:  Straight
     This is Ryu's standing FP, hitting at about groin level, quicker,
     and a touch weaker.  Useful in combos, but doesn't have very good
     poke value.
FP:  Tsukiage Upper
     A powerful uppercut.  It's not very good in combos unless you
     perform it directly off of a weak attack.  This move is Ryu's
     launcher, so if it connects, be sure to follow up with an air
SK:  Kick
     A quick, left-footed kick on the ground, directed at the enemy's
     feet.  Good combo initiater and poke, and it can be used in rapid-
     fire links.
FK:  Kurubushi Kick
     It's slower and it kicks out farther than the SK, and it's useful
     in combos.  Use this more often than you would the RK.
RK:  Kaiten Ashibarai
     This is a powerful ankle kick.  It's too slow to be of any real
     use, but if it does hit, it'll knock down and should be followed
     up with a top-down attack.  Use it only in combos unless you're
     insane and/or your opponent's an idiot.
JP:  Jab
     A mid-air version of a normal JP.  Good as an air combo initiater,
     but it's not so good for jump-ins unless you want to do a quick
     jump-in combo on a big character.
SP:  Sukui Tsuki
     A mid-air uppercut that does two hits if it connects properly.  If
     you time it right, you can jump in with this and set up combos,
     but in general, use it only in air combos.
FP:  Straight
     One of Ryu's best jump-ins, it's a downward-angled mid-air version
     of his standing fierce.  Powerful, and doesn't push the enemy too
     far away, so it's good to combo off of.  Good for ending air
     combos, too.
SK:  Hiza Geri
     A quick mid-air knee.  It's not as good as the mid-air jab, but
     it's good for initiating air combos.
FK:  Tobi Sokuto
     A pretty standard flying kick.  It's well-rounded, but not
     particularly special.  It's good for cross-ups, and for adding
     extra meat to air combos.
RK:  Tobi Sokuto
     It's very much the same as the mid-air FK except the time it's out
     is lessened greatly, and it's stronger, hence smaller window of
     time to attack.  Good for jump-ins and combo enders.
--mid-air holding up--
JP:  Jab
     This move is identical to Ryu's normal mid-air jab.
SP:  Straight
     This is identical to Ryu's mid-air FP, except it's out longer and
     it's slightly weaker.  Pretty generic, but good for adding a hit
     to air combos.
FP:  Straight
     This is identical to Ryu's normal mid-air FP.
SK:  Maegeri
     A strange-looking mid-air upward kick.  Pretty useless.
FK:  Maegeri
     Same as the SK version, only this one's semi-useful.  Simply added
     into air combos, no more, and even then it's a bit lackluster.
RK:  Senpuu Kyaku
     Like one individual spin of the tatsumakisenpuukyaku.  It's a good
     air combo ender, and you can jump in with it, but it isn't very
     helpful in that situation.

Ryu in normal mode and Ryu in Gouki mode have the same basic moves (Ryu
is the base from which the character Gouki was developed), but Ryu in
Ken mode has a few different kicks.  The kicks give Ken a more stylish
air and add heavily to his reckless attitude.  Not to mention, they're
a welcome addition to his arsenal.  Ryu in Ken mode inherits the kicks
Ken originally had, and I have explained them below:

HIZA OTOSHI (Ken's jumping MK)
This kick isn't much different from the Tobi Sokuto.  Cosmetically, Ken
kicks a little higher, keeping his leg horizontal.  His other leg is
tucked behind him, with his foot underneath and behind him.  In game,
the way he keeps the non-kicking foot matters more than it would seem.
The foot sticking out the back makes this kick great for cross-ups,
moreso than Ryu's normal jumping MK.

KAMABARAI GERI (Ken's standing MK)
This kick is very versatile.  Ken kicks up with his knee at a diagonal
angle for one hit, then extends his leg fully for a second.  The kick
finishes with Ken completing the spin back to a standing position.  The
kick hits a bit high, so only the knee may hit on a character like Roll
without making a second hit, so plan wisely.  On the other hand, a high
kick benefits Ken with its anti-air ability, and it's very good in a
ground combo (provided you wait for both hits).  You can cancel into a
hyper off of either hit, so it's a good way to keep your opponent on
his or her toes.

ICHIMONJI GERI (Ken's standing RK)
Ken's standing roundhouse is far better than Ryu.  It has more range,
it knocks the enemy across the screen, and it deals the same damage as
Ryu's RK (which is mediocre, range-wise).  It's a good combo ender, but
unfortunately, it lacks the one option Ryu's original RK has.  There is
no way to combo a special/hyper off of the RK effectively, since it
knocks the opponent so far away.  There's always the standing FP for
that situation, though.  It kicks out more horizontally than Ken's MK,
so keep range in mind.  It has less anti-air ability, but it covers
more ground.


RYU MODE (default)...
hadouken: d, df, f+P     G/A

Ryu's standard fireball, and like all others, it's enlarged from its
previous incarnations.  Standard long range attack; use wisely.  It's
effective, but the lag may be your undoing.  And don't use it to try
and negate beam attacks...

tatsumakisenpuukyaku: d, db, b+K     G/A

This is a mid-air spinning kick that covers about 2/3 screen's worth of
ground as the RK version, and like normal, the jumping version follows
the arch you jump at.  The tatsumakisenpuu kyaku not only knocks down,
it sends the victim flying across the room.

shoryuuken: f, d, df+P     G

Ryu's infamous invincible rising uppercut.  It ain't quite so
invincible anymore, and is no longer very effective as an anti-air
technique (no thanks to infinite air blocking).  Believe it or not,
it's good as an anti-air technique.  It, like the tatsumakisenpuukyaku,
sends the unfortunate opponent flying far out of close range.

sakotsu wari: f+SP     G

The requisite top-down attack of Ryu, it hits twice.  Use it when the
opponent is crouched or getting up.  It hasn't got much range, so only
use it up close.

senpuukyaku: f+FK     G

It's like the tatsumakisenpuukyaku, but only spins .5 times.  It's
weaker, and doesn't knock down.  Use it for a quick surprise, escape,
or just to chip at your opponent's life meter.

maegeri: u+SK     A

This is a mid-air kick, angled upward, so use it in air combos or mid-
air fights.

maegeri2: u+FK     A

Same as above, but stronger and quicker.  Though that sounds good, it's
actually not very good in certain situations... like a mid-air fight.

senpuukyaku2: f+FK     A

It's the same as the other senpuukyaku, but stronger, and due to less
range and the fact that it can only be done in mid-air, there's less
situations to effectively use it in.

hyper combos:
shinkuu hadouken: d, df, f+2P     G/A, level 1

This is a big multi-hitting beam attack.  Quite a funky change from the
now seemingly flea-sized Zero/Alpha super projectile.  It's a long-
range attack that can cancel out any non-beam projectile.  The mid-air
version is largely the same as the one on the ground, except, of
course, you do it high in the air.

shinkuu tatsumakisenpuukyaku: d, db, b+2K     G, level 1

A many-hitting version of the normal tatsumakisenpuukyaku.  It covers
no ground, sucks opponents in from around 1/3 distance, can juggle an
airborne opponent, and gives the opponent the smakkin' around they

metsu-shoryuuken (multi-hit shoryuuken, short range): f, d, df+2P
                                                       G, level 1
This has nearly no range, and results from an attempted shin-shoryuuken
that either misses or is blocked.  Except in veeery rare situations
when the opponent is either at .5% health or no health at all, a shin-
shoryuuken will turn into this if blocked.

shin-shoryuuken (good 'n' painful): f, d, df+2P     G, level 1
Oh, yah, this is sweeet!  When in throw range with an opponent that's
open for attack, execute this and feel the victim's pain as Ryu
uppercuts right,  uppercuts left, and performs a left-handed Shoryuuken
that catapults the opponent through the air.  It doesn't look as
painful as it does in Three, nor does it do as good damage, but

seoi nage: f/b+SP/FP     G, close (Ryu lifts the opponent over his
                                   shoulder and slams them to the
tomoe nage: f/b+FK/RK     G/A, close (rolls back and kicks the opponent
                                      far over his head)
counter: hadouken
team-up Hyper Combo: shinkuu hadouken

KEN MODE (d, db, b+SP)...
hadouken: d, df, f+P	G/A

It's a lot like Ryu's but stops midway across the screen, and the air
version is angled down.  It doesn't seem like much of a change, but it
forces you to improve on your long-range game.

tatsumakisenpuukyaku: d, db, b+K     G/A

It's a MUCH different version than normal Ryu's.  The SK version is the
one to use; they all hit five times, with the last hit flinging the
opponent to the ground, but it flies up at an angle.  With the SK, all
five hits are near ground level, so they have the most chance of
hitting.  The FK version flies upward a bit more, so the first or
second hit would have to land, except for with huge characters like
Hulk and Zangief.  The RK version has the least chances of connecting;
use it like a fierce shoryuuken.  It's close to the same angle (I.e.,
use it in combos).

shoryuuken: f, d, df+P     G/A

Use the LP shoryuuken to counter jumpers, use the MP version less
often, since it's okay for both jumpers and combos, and use the FP in
combos only.  This move is the same as in previous games, except for
increased height and an enormous flame on all versions.  The jumping
version performs exactly the same as on the ground.  It's different
than Ryu's in that the angle of rise is more severe, it does three weak
hits that add up to slightly more powerful, it doesn't knock away as
far, and of course, it creates a bonfire on the opponent's back.

inazuma kakato wari: f+FK     G

An overhead similar to Ryu's Sakotsu Wari, except it's an axe kick.
The same strategies apply (i.e., when the opponent gets up).  It moves
a little slower, but the upside to that is it's more powerful.

hyper combos:

shoryuureppa: d, df, f+2P     G, level 1

This move is basically two JP shoryuukens and one FP shoryuuken strung
together.  It has great range, but does mediocre damage and can be seen
coming a mile away.  Use this primarily on grounded opponents and in
combos.  It's lost its priority from Zero, which is a shame, since
it has so much nostalgic appeal from SSF2X.

shinryuuken: d, df, f+2K, KKK     G, level 1

Okay.  Imagine the shinryuuken from Zero.  Now, imagine it scrolling
upward for the height of the entire stage, accompanied by a golden
vertical beam and a spiralling flame the size of Honshu.  Does eighteen
hits MINIMUM if it hits a grounded, open opponent.  Don't be fooled,
these bells and whistles disguise terrible range, less even than in SF
Zero.  Still, it's a solid hyper, hard to see coming if it's executed
at the right time, and has a lot of combo ability if you juggle.

On a side note, has anyone seen Dragon Ball Z movie 13?  Eh heh... yah,
you see it too, don't deny it... and if you chop the "shin" off the
name, look what you get.  Coincidence?  Umm... probably...

shippujinraikyaku: d, db, b+2K     G, level 1

It has about 2/3 the range of the shoryuureppa.  It does about 4/5 the
damage of the shinryuuken.  It looks really goofy seeing a Zero-style
character doing this move (Street Fighter 3 Ken looked sweet doing this
yet in Marvel Vs. Capcom, it looks like a bunch of basic moves and a
tatsumakisenpuukyaku all strung together).  It's got good range, but
unless the first few hits connect, you'll go flying right over the
the other guy's head.  If the knee kick is blocked, the TMSK won't
occur, unlike in SF3, where it absolutely must connect.  An average
hyper, but useful in that when it starts, it's invincible.  It'll even
dodge around beam hypers as long as you're in sweep range.

jigoku guruma: f/b+SP/FP     G, close (does good damage quickly, but
                                       the opponent has a long window
                                       of time to tech-hit)
tsukami hizagen: f/b+FK/RK, KKK     G, close (each knee kick takes off
                                              crap damage, but they add
                                              up slowly.  Opponent
                                              cannot easily tech-hit)
jigoku fuusha: f/b+SP/FP     A, close (a midair jigoku guruma.  Same
                                       strategies apply)
counter: shoryuuken
team-up Hyper Combo: shoryuureppa

GOUKI MODE (d, db, b+FP)...
gouhadouken: d, df, f+P	G/A

This is slightly faster and smaller than Ryu's hadouken, used less
against jumpers and more against grounded opponents.  Note, the mid-air
version is called kuuchuu gouhadouken, and it works the same as Ken's
mid-air hadouken, save that it does not disappear moments after firing.

tatsumakizankuukyaku: d, db, b+K     G/A

This attack is much like Ken's TMSK from X-Men Vs. Street Fighter,
except with electric bolt effects.  If the first hit connects, it
juggles for five hits.  If the second hit connects, it juggles for four
hits.  You do the math from here on out.  Very useful in combos,
especially corner combos.  The air version is the same as Ken's.

goushoryuuken: f, d, df+P     G

The goushoryuuken is the same as Ken's shoryuuken, but with a violet

ashura senkuu: f, d, df/b, d, db+3P/3K

This move's good for escapes, quick movement, and annoying turtlers to
the point where they cry.

f, d, df+3P=slide forward, far past the opponent
f, d, df+3K=slide forward for a short distance
b, d, db+3P=slide far back from the opponent
b, d, db+3K=a short slide back

Gouki's dash is quicker, but the ashura senkuu has more escape

zugai hasatsu: f+SP     G

This attack is almost exactly the same as Ryu's sakotsu wari.  The same
strategies apply.

senpuukyaku: f+FK     G

This move's a carbon copy of Ryu's senpuukyaku.  Use it the same way.

tenma kuujin kyaku: d, df, f+K     A

Use this against grounded opponents.  The higher you jump, the more
hits, but if you go too high, your opponent would be stupid not to see
you coming.  It looks like a diving kick, and it's good for starting
combos in mid-air.  It's like the one from Zero (d+FK), except this one
maegeri: u+SK     A (see Ryu's section)
maegeri2: u+FK     A (see Ryu's section)
senpuukyaku2: f+FK     A (see Ryu's section)

hyper combos:

messatsu gouhadou: d, db, b+3P     G, level 1

A purple [!] version of the shinkuu hadouken that normally does less
hits.  Even so, tapping the buttons quickly will tack many more on.
For the most part, the same strategies apply, though it's a bit slower
coming out.  Beware.

tenma gouzankuu: d, df, f+3P     A, level 1

Take his midair gouhadouken, add ten or twenty extra fireballs to it,
and you get this hyper.  Use it only on an opponent who is grounded and
not expecting attack, unless the guy standing next to you is a total
baka.  Use it in situations similar to the ones you would use the tenma
kuujin kyaku in.

messatsu goushoryuu: d, df, f+3P     G, level 1

The messatsu goushoryuu is the same as Ken's shoryuureppa, but with a
frooty purple flame, like the rest of his frooty attacks.  Hmm... I'm
starting to see why people find the Shotokan gang monotonous...

shungokusatsu: JP, JP, f, SK, FP     G, medium, level 3

Gee, not much to say here.  Use ONLY against a blocking opponent at
throw distance or, if you're quick enough and they don't recovery roll,
after a sweep.  Looks pretty cool, though, Gouki/Ryu slides in on one
foot, a la dashing or ashura senkuu, grabs the poor opponent, screen
goes blank, light bursts ensue, and poof!  A rather unhealthy chunk of
your enemie's life bar is missing.  Too bad it's a real piece of crap
waste of three hyper meters.

seoi nage: f/b+SP/FP     G, close (similar to normal Ryu's, but instead
                                   of being slammed into the ground,
                                   your opponent is flung across the
                                   screen.  Be slightly more careful
                                   with this version, though, it's
                                   easier to tech hit)
tomoe nage: f/b+FK/RK     G, close (see Ken's)
jigoku guruma: f/b+FK/RK     A, close (see Ken's)
counter: goshoryuuken
team-up Hyper Combo: messatsu gouhadou

Here are some of my favorite exhibition combos (I.e. combos with more
flash than they have punch).  If you can pull these off, watch your
challenger's jaw drop in awe (or at least, listen to them whimper).
combos   combos   combos   combos   combos   combos   combos
RK tatsumakizankuukyaku, crouching SP, crouching FP, u, SK, FK, tenma

combos   combos   combos   combos   combos   combos   combos
WHEN DEMONS ATTACK, level 3 (23)
(in corner) u+SK into kuuchuu gouhadouken, RK, (land) SK, FK, d+RK,

combos   combos   combos   combos   combos   combos   combos
cross-up FK, FK, d+RK, dash in (should be in corner), SK, d+FP, u, SK,
SK (link), FK, RK tatsumakisenpuukyaku

combos   combos   combos   combos   combos   combos   combos
(in corner)  jump in deep, SP, FP, (land) crouching SP, crouching FP,
u, SK, FK, RK tatsumakisenpuukyaku

combos   combos   combos   combos   combos   combos   combos
(in corner) crouching SP, crouching FP, u, SK, FK, RK, crouching SP,
crouching FP, (IMMEDIATELY) shinryuuken, (as opponent lands) SK, FK,

combos   combos   combos   combos   combos   combos   combos
RYU'S FLYING HADOUKEN, level 1 (25+)
(dash in) crouching JP, FK, crouching FP, u, mid-air tomoe nage,
shinkuu hadouken

combos   combos   combos   combos   combos   combos   combos
(in corner) JP, jump JP, RK, (land) JP, d+FK, d+FP, u, SK, SP, RK into
shinkuu hadouken

Oh, and in case you can't tell by now, I love Dragon Ball Z.  And the
name of that last combo is actually one of Vejiita's famous phrases,
adapted a bit to fit the new context (Ryu's combos, duh).

Coming soon:  new and improved strategies.  Hold on, and I'll have it
out real soon in the next update.  Promise.

In these codes, on the character select screen, move the cursor in a
series of straight horizontal and vertical lines, indicated in the
individual codes listed below.

HULK (Orange)
Start on Chun-li.  Go to Zangief.  Go down to Jin.  Go over to Strider.
Now move to Jin again.  Move down to Wolverine.  Go to Gambit.  Move
up to Chun-li.  Move back down to Strider.  Go to Jin.  Move up to
Zangief.  Go down to Wolverine.  Go back to Zangief.  Move to Ryu.  Hit
up and press a button to use Hulk in orange.

Start on Zangief.  Move to Chun-li.  Next, go to Strider.  Now, go to
Jin.  Move back to Zangief.  Go down to Wolverine.  Go to Gambit.  Now,
move up to Chun-li.  Move to Ryu, then back to Chun-li.  Go back down
to Gambit.  Move to Wolverine, then back up to Zangief.  Go to Chun-li.
Go down to Gambit.  Go to War Machine, and press down.  Lilith-Morrigan
is now selectable with the touch of a button.

Start on Zangief.  Go to Chun-li, then down to Strider.  Move to Jin.
Next, go to Wolverine.  Move to Gambit.  Go up to Captain America, then
go to Venom.  Move up to Captain Commando and over to Rockman.  Press
right and Roll's hidden square will appear to the right of Rockman's.

SHADOW LADY (Dark Chun-li)
Start on Morrigan.  Go to Chun-li, then to Zangief.  Move down to
Wolverine.  Go to Gambit.  Move up to Chun-li.  Go to Zangief again.
Move back to Chun-li.  Go down to Strider.  Move over to Jin.  Go down
to Wolverine.  Move to Gambit.  Go up to Strider and back to Jin.  Move
up to Zangief.  Go to Chun-li, and back down to Gambit.  Press down on
Gambit's square to get Shadow Lady.

Start on Chun-li.  Move onto Ryu.  Go down to War Machine.  Now, go to
Gambit.  Next, go back up to Chun-li.  Move over to Zangief.  Go down
to Jin.  Move to Strider.  Go down to Gambit, then over to Wolverine.
Go up to Zangief.  Go back to Chun-li, and press up.  Your cursor will
move to an invisible square above Chun-li's, and you will see Venom's
portrait in red.  Press a button to select him.

Start on Zangief.  Next, move to Chun-li.  Next, move down to Strider.
Next, move over to Jin.  Now move down to Wolverine.  Next, go over to
Gambit.  Now, go back up to Chun-li.  Go over to Zangief.  Go back to
Chun-li.  Go back down to Gambit.  Move over to Wolverine.  Move up to
Jin.  Move over to Strider.  Go down to Gambit.  Go back to Wolverine.
Move back up to Zangief.  Now tap up, and your cursor will move onto an
invisible square above Zangief, and press a button to get War Machine
in gold armor.

Not everyone who plays Marvel Vs. Capcom is Japanese.  Some Americans
may understand Japanese, but a great deal don't, so I've written up a
little Japanese to English glossary for the move names and phrases
associated with Ryu-tachi.  BTW, "tachi" is a suffix for "and family"
or "and others" or "and company".

                   JAPANESE <-> ENGLISH
               ashura senkuu = (fighting demon) warp
                 gouhadouken = great surge fist
               goushoryuuken = magnificent rising dragon fist
                    hadouken = surge fist
                               (hadou can also be wave-motion)
                   hiza geri = knee strike
                 hiza otoshi = knee something (don't ask me)
              ichimonji geri = beeline strike
         inazuma kakato wari = lightning heel split
               jigoku fuusha = hell windmill
               jigoku guruma = hell spin
            kaiten ashibarai = turning trip-up
              kamabarai geri = (don't know) strike
         kuuchuu gouhadouken = air great surge fist
              kurubushi kick = ankle kick
                     maegeri = forefoot kick
                mawashi geri = (a sumo's loin cloth) strike
           messatsu gouhadou = murder great surge fist
         messatsu goushoryuu = murder great rising dragon
            metsu-shoryuuken = destruction rising dragon fist
                   nerichagi = hell if I know
                sakotsu wari = collarbone split
                seiken tsuki = (don't know) thrust
                 senpuukyaku = whirlwind kick
                   seoi nage = (something) throw
            shinkuu hadouken = vacuum surge fist
shinkuu tatsumakisenpuukyaku = vacuum tornado whirlwind kick
                 shinryuuken = dragon god fist
             shin-shoryuuken = true rising dragon fist
           shippujinraikyaku = kick with lightning speed
                  shoryuuken = rising dragon fist
                shoryuureppa = rising dragon defeat (?)
               shungokusatsu = instant hell murder
                 sukui tsuki = aiding thrust (weird, ne?)
        tatsumakisenpuukyaku = tornado whirlwind kick
        tatsumakizankuukyaku = tornado (something) kick
             tenma gouzankuu = demon great (something)
          tenma kuujin kyaku = demon (something) kick
                 tobi sokuto = don't know
                  tomoe nage = overhead throw
             tsukami hizagen = grabbing knee
              tsukiage upper = rising upper
               zugai hasatsu = skull (something)

This is all from my own head, and since my grasp of the language is far
from perfect, a great deal of it may be wrong (and as you can see, many
gaps on the above list symbolize the gaps in my knowledge).  Feel free
to email me the meanings of the words I don't know/screwed up on (as
long as you're sure your meaning is correct).

MYSELF (Jedi Trunks), who wrote this ten-legged monster

MAT and JON, my guinea pigs for new combos

ADRIAN RATLIFF, who suggested various things against 'Gief and Wolvie

SIR 0RION, who gave me the idea of writing versus strategies

STRIDER HIRYU, who pointed out the typo of Ton-Pooh being a "he"

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 5th, on 11/5/99:  added a bit to each special/HC description, did a
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                   a few errors, fixed a few typos (yes, Ton-Pooh is a
                   female).  Added all sorts of fancy ascii art, which
                   is meant to distract you and confuse you to make you
                   go back and read this FAQ again and again and again.
                   Added some of my favorite combos.

                   And if it seems like I updated a little soon (a mere
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